(The Abomination of Desolation Stands)
(The Character of God)
(God's True Church)
(Controversy Over Revelation 18)
(The Glorious Everlasting Gospel According to God's Word)
(The Golden Calf Apostasy)
(Identifying and Escaping Laodicea)
(The Image of the Beast)
(Jeremiah: the Message Then is the Message Now!)
(The Last Message of Mercy)
(The Latter Rain and Loud Cry of the Angel of Revelation 18)
(Protestant History: 1840-1844 and Beyond)
(Why Are Protestants Bowing to the Pope?)
(Why Are We Held Responsible for Personal, Social and Corporate Sins?)
(Sunday Worship: Twelve Reasons Given!)
(Transmutation of the Three Angels)
(The Will - Your Power of Choice)
(The World Council of Churches and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church)