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Spiritual Gifts, vol 1, p 168-169 (Early Writings, p 258-259)
     I saw a company who stood well guarded and firm, and would give no countenance to those who would unsettle the established faith of the body. God looked upon them with approbation. I was shown three steps--one, two and three--the first, second and third angels' messages. Said the angel, Woe to him who shall move a block, or stir a pin in these messages. The true understanding of these messages is of vital importance. The destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which they are received. I was again brought down through these messages, and saw how dearly the people of God had purchased their experience. It had been obtained through much suffering and severe conflict. Step by step had God brought them along, until he had placed them upon a solid, immovable platform. Then I saw individuals as they approached the platform, before stepping upon it examine the foundation. Some with rejoicing immediately stepped upon it. Others commenced to find fault with the laying of the foundation of the platform. They wished improvements made, and then the platform would be more perfect, and the people much happier. Some stepped off the platform and examined it, then found fault with it, declaring it to be laid wrong. I saw that nearly all stood firm upon the platform, and exhorted others who had stepped off to cease their complaints, for God was the masterbuilder, and they were fighting against him. They recounted the wonderful work of God, which had led them to the firm platform, and in union nearly all raised their eyes to heaven, and with a loud voice glorified God. This affected some of those who had complained, and left the platform, and again they with humble look stepped upon it.

Signs of the Times, 10-29-85
     Jesus compared the man who hears and obeys his words to the one who built his house upon a rock. The floods of temptation may come and the tempests of trial beat; but he remains unmoved, for his foundation is sure. But the man who built his house on the sand, where it had no firm foundation, but was quickly undermined and overthrown, fitly represents the one who hears the words of Christ and disregards them. Will we let this lesson impress our hearts, and have an influence on our character building? Will we plant our feet upon the truth of God--the sure foundation, or will we trust in erroneous doctrines, which are but sliding sand? Holiness and sin are opposed to each other. "Sin is the transgression of the law;" therefore the "doers of the word" are not those who are making void the law of God. "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." The blessing is pronounced on those that obey, not on those that transgress, the holy law of God.

Notebook Leaflets, vol 1, p 128
     The laborers must learn to bear a firm, decided testimony, in humility of mind. The truth [must be] unadulterated with cheap matters which are never a help, but always a hindrance to the truth. Carry the people upward and forward positively, step by step, from strength to strength, to the firm foundation of sound Bible doctrine. The laborers should have an intense interest in their work, and as they advance, call for decided action. While the spirit of conviction rests upon the hearts of the people, fasten upon their minds the importance of deciding for and living out the truth. While they are obtaining gems of truth, lead them out to give practical expression to their faith and their gratitude for every ray of light. Let them see that the truth is a living reality to those who are holding forth the words of life. Impress upon them the importance of walking in the light that shines upon them from the Word of God.

Spalding-Magan Collection, p 340 (Medical Ministry, p 97-98; This Day With God, p 324)
     Pretenders will arise with theories that have not foundation in the word of God. We are to hold aloft the banner bearing the inscription, the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. We are to hold the beginning of our confidence firm unto the end. Let no one attempt to dilute truth with a mixture of sophistry. Let no one attempt to tear down the foundation of our faith, or to spoil the pattern by bringing into the web threads of human devising. Not one thread of pantheism is to be drawn into the web. Sensuality, ruinous to soul and body, is always the result of drawing these threads into the web.--Letter 249, 1903.

Youth's Instructor, 10-22-96
     God wants us to build securely upon the eternal Rock, the word of God. We have been only hearers long enough. Let us now put the important lessons of Christ into practice. He who is a hearer and not a doer of the word, Christ compares to the man who built his house upon the sand. It needs only the storm of temptation to break upon such, and the foundation they supposed so secure is swept away. How great is the loss to these souls! They might have had eternal life--a life that measures with the life of God--had they built upon the firm foundation.

Signs of the Times, 07-26-83
     The Reformer found in Christ a hiding-place from the storms of opposition, wrath, and hatred that threatened to overwhelm him. In Christ alone was peace and strength and security. Such will be the experience of every Christian. Amid all the changes and agitations of the world, the Rock of our salvation stands firm. It has been assailed by the combined hosts of earth and hell. For centuries have active minds planned, and strong hands labored, to remove this great corner-stone, and lay another foundation for the faith of the world. The papal power most nearly succeeded in this blasphemous work. But God raised up Luther to cry day and night, as he built upon the walls of Zion. "Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." That great corner-stone, the Rock of Ages, stands to-day unshaken. Amid all the tumults and conflicts of the world, Christ still offers rest to the weary, and the water of life to the thirsting soul. Through the ages his words come down to us,--"I am the way, the truth and the life."

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 05-03-06
     Christ saw the meaning of Satan's wiles, and till the end of his test and trial, he stood firm in his resistance, refusing to swerve from allegiance to God. He took his stand on the foundation of truth, and from this foundation he would not move, even for the offer of the whole world and the glory of it, which Satan promised should be his if he would fall down and worship him.

Selected Messages, book 1, p 206-207
     Many of our people do not realize how firmly the foundation of our faith has been laid. My husband, Elder Joseph Bates, Father Pierce, [OLDER BRETHREN AMONG THE PIONEERS ARE HERE THUS REMINISCENTLY REFERRED TO. "FATHER PIERCE" WAS STEPHEN PIERCE, WHO SERVED IN MINISTERIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE WORK IN THE EARLY DAYS. "FATHER ANDREWS" WAS EDWARD ANDREWS, THE FATHER OF J.N. ANDREWS. --COMPILERS.] Elder [Hiram] Edson, and others who were keen, noble, and true, were among those who, after the passing of the time in 1844, searched for the truth as for hidden treasure. I met with them, and we studied and prayed earnestly. Often we remained together until late at night, and sometimes through the entire night, praying for light and studying the Word. Again and again these brethren came together to study the Bible, in order that they might know its meaning, and be prepared to teach it with power. When they came to the point in their study where they said, "We can do nothing more," the Spirit of the Lord would come upon me, I would be taken off in vision, and a clear explanation of the passages we had been studying would be given me, with instruction as to how we were to labor and teach effectively. Thus light was given that helped us to understand the scriptures in regard to Christ, His mission, and His priesthood. A line of truth extending from that time to the time when we shall enter the city of God, was made plain to me, and I gave to others the instruction that the Lord had given me.

Selected Messages, book 2, p 389-390
     Those who passed through these experiences are to be as firm as a rock to the principles that have made us Seventh-day Adventists. They are to be workers together with God, binding up the testimony and sealing the law among His disciples. Those who took part in the establishment of our work upon a foundation of Bible truth, those who know the waymarks that have pointed out the right path, are to be regarded as workers of the highest value. They can speak from personal experience, regarding the truths entrusted to them. These men are not to permit their faith to be changed to infidelity; they are not to permit the banner of the third angel to be taken from their hands. They are to hold the beginning of their confidence firm unto the end.

Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 11-27-83 (Evangelism, p 223; Faith I Live By, p 208; Life Sketches, p 278; Maranatha, p 247)
     Our faith in reference to the messages of the first, second, and third angels was correct. The great way-marks we have passed are immovable. Although the hosts of hell may try to tear them from their foundation, and triumph in the thought that they have succeeded, yet they do not succeed. These pillars of truth stand firm as the eternal hills, unmoved by all the efforts of men combined with those of Satan and his host. We can learn much, and should be constantly searching the Scriptures to see if these things are so. God's people are now to have their eyes fixed on the heavenly sanctuary, where the final ministration of our great High Priest in the work of the judgment is going forward,--where he is interceding for his people.

Gospel Workers (1915), p 307 (Review and Herald, 03-03-04; Testimonies, vol 8, p 297)
     Did not the first disciples have to meet the sayings of men? Did they not have to listen to false theories; and then, having done all, to stand firm, saying, "Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid"? So we are to hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end.

Special Testimonies on Education, p 17-18 (Fundamentals on Christian Education, p 393; Mind, Character, and Personality, vol 1, p 97; Review and Herald, 02-25-96)
     If the mind is set to the task of studying the Bible for information, the reasoning faculties will be improved. Under study of the Scriptures the mind expands, and becomes more evenly balanced than if occupied in obtaining general information from the books that are used which have no connection with the Bible. No knowledge is so firm, so consistent and far-reaching, as that obtained from a study of the word of God. It is the foundation of all true knowledge. The Bible is like a fountain. The more you look into it, the deeper it appears. The grand truths of sacred history possess amazing strength and beauty, and are as far-reaching as eternity. No science is equal to the science that reveals the character of God. Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, yet he said, "Behold, I have taught you statutes and judgments, even as the Lord my God commanded me, that ye should do so in the land whither ye go to possess it. Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes, and say, Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people. For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for? And what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day? Only take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently, lest thou forget the things which thine eyes have seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them thy sons, and thy sons' sons."

Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 71 (Great Controversy, p 66)
     God had provided for his people a sanctuary of awful grandeur, befitting the mighty truths committed to their trust. To those faithful exiles the mountains were an emblem of the immutable righteousness of Jehovah. They pointed their children to the heights towering above them in unchanging majesty, and spoke to them of Him with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning, whose word is as enduring as the everlasting hills. God had set fast the mountains, and girded them with strength; no arm but that of infinite power could move them out of their place. In like manner had he established his law, the foundation of his government in Heaven and upon earth. The arm of man might reach his fellow-men and destroy their lives; but that arm could as readily uproot the mountains from their foundations, and hurl them into the sea, as it could change one precept of the law of Jehovah, or blot out one of his promises to those who do his will. In their fidelity to his law, God's servants should be as firm as the unchanging hills.

Great Controversy, p 93
     Wycliffe came from the obscurity of the Dark Ages. There were none who went before him from whose work he could shape his system of reform. Raised up like John the Baptist to accomplish a special mission, he was the herald of a new era. Yet in the system of truth which he presented there was a unity and completeness which Reformers who followed him did not exceed, and which some did not reach, even a hundred years later. So broad and deep was laid the foundation, so firm and true was the framework, that it needed not to be reconstructed by those who came after him.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 02-27-08 (Lift Him Up, p 165; Prophets and Kings, p 623)
     More than two thousand years have passed by since Ezra "prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it;" yet this long lapse of time has not lessened the influence of his pious example. Throughout the centuries, the record of his life of consecration has been an inspiration to many who have determined to "seek the law of the Lord, and to do it." His steadfastness of purpose, his careful methods of study, his diligence in teaching the Holy Scriptures to the common people, his unwavering trust in God, his abhorrence of sin, his patience and kindly consideration in dealing with the erring,--these and other striking characteristics of his life have had an ennobling influence on the lives of many who have been impressed by the Holy Spirit to emulate his example. Ezra's motives were high and holy; all that he did was actuated by an intense love for souls. And to the end of time, the compassion and tenderness that he ever revealed toward those who had sinned either wilfully or through ignorance, should be an object-lesson to all who seek to bring about reforms. God desires his servants to be as firm and unyielding as a rock, where right principles are involved; and yet, withal, they are to manifest the kindly sympathy and the forbearance revealed in the lives of Ezra and of Christ. Like Ezra, they are to teach transgressors the words of life, which contain principles that are the foundation of all right-doing.

Lift Him Up, p 367
     During the waking hours, the mind will be constantly employed....There may be some spasmodic flashes of thought; but the mind is not disciplined to steady, sober reflection. There are themes that demand serious consideration. They are those connected with the great plan of redemption, which is soon to be finished. Jesus is about to be revealed in the clouds of heaven, and what manner of characters must we have to enable us to stand in that day? By dwelling upon these themes of eternal interest, the mind is strengthened, and the character developed. Here lies the foundation of that firm, unswerving principle which Joseph possessed. Here is the secret of growth in grace and in the knowledge of the truth.

Maranatha, p 127
     The Lord will have a people as true as steel, and with faith as firm as the granite rock. They are to be His witnesses in the world, His instrumentalities to do a special, a glorious work in the day of His preparation.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 05-09-99 (My Lift Today, p 73; Mind, Character, and Personality, vol 2, p 688-689)
     In "Pilgrim's Progress" there is a character called Pliable. Youth, shun this character. Those represented by it are very accommodating, but they are as a reed shaken by the wind. They possess no will-power. Every youth needs to cultivate decision. A divided state of the will is a snare, and will be the ruin of many youth. Be firm, else you will be left with your house, or character, built upon a sandy foundation. There are many who are on the wrong side, when the Lord desires them to be faithful men, who can distinguish good from evil.

Our High Calling, p 341
     Be firm, else you will be left with your house, or character, built upon a sandy foundation....Manifest decision at any cost....Those who would walk in the path cast up for the chosen of the Lord, must not be swayed in the matters of conscience by men who have often been zealous for the wrong. They must show moral independence, and must not be afraid to be singular.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 10-16-13 (Conflict and Courage, p 213; My Lift Today, p 328; Prophets and Kings, p 162)
     Into the experience of all there come times of disappointment and discouragement, days when sorrow is the portion, and it is hard to believe that God is still the kind benefactor of his earth-born children,--days when troubles harass the soul till death seems preferable to life. It is at such times that many lose their hold on God, and are brought into the slavery of doubt, the bondage of unbelief. Could we at such times discern with spiritual sight the meaning of God's providences, we should see angels of God seeking to save us from ourselves, striving to plant our feet upon a foundation more firm than the everlasting hills; and new faith, new life, would spring into being.

Manuscript Releases, vol 13, p 216 (Publishing Ministry, p 144-145)
     The work has been begun in Nashville, and it should be placed on a firm foundation, that the light of the truth may shine forth from there to the regions beyond. It is God's purpose that the work shall thus be carried forward.

Signs of the Times, 01-14-86 (11-09-91; Reflecting Christ, p 168)
     A well-ordered Christian household is an argument that the infidel cannot resist. He finds no place for his cavils. And the children of such a household are prepared to meet the sophistries of infidelity. They have accepted the Bible as the basis of their faith, and they have a firm foundation that cannot be swept away by the in-coming tide of skepticism.

Special Testimonies, Series B#2, p 51 (Selected Messages, book 1, p 201; Counsels to Writers and Editors, p 52)
     As a people, we are to stand firm on the platform of eternal truth that has withstood test and trial. We are to hold to the sure pillars of our faith. The principles of truth that God has revealed to us are our only true foundation. They have made us what we are. The lapse of time has not lessened their value. It is the constant effort of the enemy to remove these truths from their setting, and to put in their place spurious theories. He will bring in everything that he possibly can to carry out his deceptive designs. But the Lord will raise up men of keen perception, who will give these truths their proper place in the plan of God.

Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 158
     If this decree became a law, the Reformation could neither be extended where as yet it had not reached, nor be established on a firm foundation where it already existed. Liberty of speech would be prohibited. No conversions would be allowed. And to these restrictions and prohibitions the friends of the Reformation were required at once to submit. The hopes of the world seemed about to be extinguished. The re-establishment of the papal hierarchy would inevitably cause a revival of the ancient abuses; and an occasion would readily be found for completing the destruction of a work that had already been shaken by fanaticism and dissension.

Testimonies, vol 1, p 323-324
     When those who have witnessed and experienced false exercises, are convinced of their mistake, then Satan takes advantage of their error, and holds it constantly before them, to make them afraid of any spiritual exercise, and in this way he seeks to destroy their faith in true godliness. Because they were once deceived, they fear to make any effort by earnest, fervent prayer to God for special aid and victory. Such must not let Satan gain his object, and drive them to cold formality and unbelief. They must remember that the foundation of God standeth sure. Let God be true, and every man a liar. Their only safety is to plant their feet upon a firm platform, to see and understand the third angel's message, to prize, love, and obey the truth.

Testimonies, vol 4, p 117
     Lay the foundation of your Christian character upon the eternal Rock of salvation, and let the structure be firm and sound.

Testimonies, vol 4, p 310-311
     An honest man, according to Christ's measurement, is one who will manifest unbending integrity. Deceitful weights and false balances, with which many seek to advance their interests in the world, are abomination in the sight of God. Yet many who profess to keep the commandments of God are dealing with false weights and false balances. When a man is indeed connected with God, and is keeping His law in truth, his life will reveal the fact; for all his actions will be in harmony with the teachings of Christ. He will not sell his honor for gain. His principles are built upon the sure foundation, and his conduct in worldly matters is a transcript of his principles. Firm integrity shines forth as gold amid the dross and rubbish of the world. Deceit, falsehood, and unfaithfulness may be glossed over and hidden from the eyes of man, but not from the eyes of God. The angels of God, who watch the development of character and weigh moral worth, record in the books of heaven these minor transactions which reveal character. If a workman in the daily vocations of life is unfaithful and slights his work, the world will not judge incorrectly if they estimate his standard in religion according to his standard in business.

Testimonies, vol 4, p 360-361
     It has been difficult for you to feel that your heavenly Father is still your kind benefactor. Your troubles and perplexities have had a tendency to discourage, and you have felt that death would be preferable to life. But at a certain time, could your eyes have been opened, you would have seen angels of God seeking to save you from yourself. The angels of God led you where you could receive the truth and plant your feet upon a foundation that would be more firm than the everlasting hills. Here you saw light and cherished it. New faith, new life, sprang up in your pathway. God in His providence connected you with His work in the office of the Pacific Press. He has been at work for you, and you should see His guiding hand. Sorrow has been your portion; but you have brought much of it upon yourself because you have not had self-control. You have been very severe at times. You have a quick temper, which must be overcome. In your life you have been in danger, either of indulging in self-confidence or else of throwing yourself away and becoming despondent. A continual dependence upon the word and providence of God will qualify you to exert your powers wholly for your Redeemer, who has called you, saying: "Follow Me." You should cultivate a spirit of entire submission to the will of God, earnestly, humbly seeking to know His ways and to follow the leadings of His Spirit. You must not lean to your own understanding. You should have deep distrust of your own wisdom and supposed prudence. Your condition demands these cautions. It is unsafe for man to confide in his own judgment. He has limited capacities at best, and many have received, as their birthright, both strong and weak points of character, which are positive defects. These peculiarities color the entire life.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 06-13-93 (This Day With God, p 119)
     Every one engaging in the work needs these words framed and hung in memory's hall, "We are laborers together with God." Then there will not be so many decided failures in the efforts made to win souls to Jesus Christ. There is need of bringing them to the foundation, and building them into a firm structure, that will abide the fires of the last great day. The people cannot be reached, and their hearts broken, except by God's divine power. 1 Cor. 3:9-15.

Gospel Workers (1892), p 420
     By dwelling upon the themes of eternal interest, the mind is strengthened, and the character developed. Here is the foundation of that firm, unswerving principle which Joseph possessed. Here is the secret of growth in grace and in the knowledge of the truth.

Great Controversy (1888), p 199
     If this edict were enforced, the Reformation could neither be extended where as yet it had not reached, nor be established on a firm foundation where it already existed. Liberty of speech would be prohibited. No conversions would be allowed. And to these restrictions and prohibitions the friends of the Reformation were required at once to submit. The hopes of the world seemed about to be extinguished. The re-establishment of the papal worship would inevitably cause a revival of the ancient abuses; and an occasion would readily be found for completing the destruction of a work that had already been shaken by fanaticism and dissension.

Gospel Herald, 08-01-06
     Abraham had a special interest in the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world. To him it was revealed that in Christ his hopes of eternal life were centered. Through his sacrifice his salvation was complete, and Abraham's heart was filled with comfort, hope, and assurance, which was to him a firm foundation, a solid rock, upon which he rested in confidence that could not be shaken. The very truth that came down from heaven, was welcomed into his heart. He was not an occasional Christian, and an apparently devout worshiper. God said, "I know him." He could trust Abraham.

Pacific Union Recorder, 01-28-09
     No knowledge is so firm, so consistent and far-reaching as that obtained from a study of the Word of God. This is the foundation of all true knowledge. The Bible is like a fountain. The more you look into it, the deeper it appears. The grand truths of sacred history possess amazing strength and beauty, and are as far-reaching as eternity. No science is equal to the science that reveals the character of God.

Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 12-02-75
     Dear Brother and Sister: I had hoped to meet you again before we crossed the plains, but this may not be. I have thought much of our interview at your house, and have prayed that you both may have strength to walk in the path of obedience. You have had light, but Satan will not let you pursue the narrow road, and become loyal and true to all God's requirements, without contesting every inch of ground. He has his agents in men who profess, as did Satan when he tempted Christ, to be ministers of righteousness. They would belittle in your minds God's holy commandments. Satan is at war with that law which is the foundation of God's government in Heaven and in earth. God has let his light shine upon you. Will you, dear friends, cherish the light? Men may come in the garb of holiness, having error and truth mixed together, and many be deceived. Satan quoted Scripture to Christ, showing that he could use Scripture to work his deception upon minds. Those who are acquainted with their own hearts know the necessity of being closely connected with God in order to have divine wisdom to discern the wiles of Satan and to cling, with firm, unyielding grasp to Jesus.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 05-01-00
     Now, just now, is our great opportunity to study the word of life. The hearts of many in this world are hungering for the bread of life and thirsting for the water of salvation. They desire to know the Scriptures; they desire to know what the word of God says to them. The Holy Spirit is impressing their hearts, drawing them to the bread of life. They see everything around them changing. They come to hear the Word just as it reads. They desire to build upon a firm foundation; and therefore Christians are counseled to be always ready to give a reason of the hope that is in them, with meekness and fear.

Signs of the Times, 08-30-83
     So stands this righteous man upon the sure foundation, the prophets and apostles, Christ himself being the chief corner-stone. Firm and fearless at his post of duty is the great Reformer. Faithful among the faithless, unheeding the storms of malice and revenge, he stands a mighty cedar of Lebanon among the trees of the forest. While the passions and pollutions of the multitude surge around him like waves of the great deep, he stands, a Heaven-sent beacon, to warn the imperiled mariner of the hidden shoal and the rocky shore.

Signs of the Times, 09-18-84
     But remember that the "fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom," and lies at the foundation of all true greatness. Integrity, unswerving integrity, is the principle that you need to carry with you into all the relations of life. Balanced by religious principle, you may climb to any height you please. We would be glad to see you rising to a noble elevation. Jesus loves the precious youth, and he is not pleased to see them grow up with uncultivated, undeveloped talents. They may become men and women of firm principle, fitted to be intrusted with high responsibilities, and to this end they may lawfully strain every nerve.

Signs of the Times, 01-20-88
     If these men had no reason of their hope within them, their hearts would not have responded to the world's Redeemer as he strove to fasten their trembling faith upon the testimony of the prophets concerning himself. As it was, the evidences of the truth needed only to be revived in their minds. The very clouds that darkened their faith grew luminous with assurance as they saw the harmony of prophecy and its fulfillment. As the mists began to lift, the betrayal, trial, and crucifixion stood like great waymarks promising the fulfillment of the word of God, witnessing to his providences, and telling the story of the unutterable love and truth of their Saviour. Again their feet stood firm on the sure foundation.

Signs of the Times, 08-18-90
     How precious to the believer are the rich promises of God! Jesus himself endured the penalty of the law in his own body upon the accursed tree, that he might make it possible for all the human family to keep the commandments of God. Without the merits of the blood of a crucified and risen Saviour, fallen man could never meet the claims of the law, God could not sustain his holiness and justice, and justify the sinner; but how glorious is the truth of the atonement! what a firm foundation have the saints of the most high God upon which to rest their salvation! Not one of the promises can fail; the condemned sinner may be purified and made white through the righteousness of Christ. Those who love Jesus will love the law of God, because it is a transcript of his character. Through the merit of Christ the transgressor is freed from the charges the law held against him. The world's Redeemer has carried the burden of guilt and woe that rested upon the sinner, and he is able to strengthen him for the conflicts he will meet day by day in his pathway to heaven. Why should not the Christian rejoice always? By faith the followers of Christ may view the eternal glory of their Redeemer. The thought that we are privileged to commit the keeping of our souls to God as unto a faithful Creator, is a most precious thought; for he says that those who love him shall be his when his jewels are made up. Oh, what love God has manifested for his church, that he has purchased with his own precious blood!

Signs of the Times, 03-18-03
     Without the help of the Saviour, fallen man could never keep the law of God. But how glorious is the truth of the atonement? What a firm foundation have the saints of the Most High on which to place their hope of salvation! Not one of God's promises can fail. Through the righteousness of Christ the condemned sinner may be purified and made white. The Redeemer has carried the world's burden of guilt and woe, and He is able to strengthen His children for the conflicts that day by day they will meet in the path to heaven.

Southern Watchman, 03-01-04
     The record of Christ's contest with Satan was chronicled for the help and encouragement of the people of God to-day. In this contest Christ worked no miracle and gave no sign. His only dependence was God and his word. In the future, Satan is to come down with great power, to work signs and wonders. He will bring down fire from heaven in the presence of his devotees, and, to those who have allowed themselves to be led away from the only true foundation,--the word of God,--will give proof of his authority. He will deceive if possible the very elect. Those who are standing firm upon the word of the everlasting God will meet Satan with the weapon with which Christ met him,--"It is written." This will be of more power than the working of miracles. The people of God will conquer through the Holy Spirit's working, which is stronger than miracles or aught else. It is from the Lord that we are to obtain power.

Special Testimonies, Series B, #7, p 38 (Battle Creek Letters, p 80)
     I was instructed to call upon our physicians and ministers to take a firm stand for the truth. We are not to allow atheistic, spiritualistic sentiments to be brought before our youth. God has led us in the past, giving us truth, eternal truth. By this truth we are to stand. Some of the leaders in the medical work have been deceived, and if they continue to hold fanciful, spiritualistic ideas, they will make many believe that the platform upon which we have been standing for the past fifty years has been torn away. These men need now to see with anointed eyes, with clear spiritual vision, that in spite of all men can do, "the foundation of God standeth sure," and "the Lord knoweth them that are His."

Manuscript Releases, vol 4, p 59-60
     I am required by God to bear testimony against Living Temple decidedly. Whatever your associates may say concerning this book, I take the position now and forever that it is a snare. No union will be formed by our people as a whole upon the theories that you have begun to present in that book. You may regard this forever decided. As a people we shall stand firm on the platform that has withstood test and trial. We shall hold to the sure pillars of our faith. The principles of truth that God has revealed to us are our only foundation. They have made us what we are.

Manuscript Releases, vol 14, p 195-196
     The lessons of Christ are a firm foundation, an elevated platform. Let nothing that is presented by Sister Phillips induce any soul to apply to the human agent for light to be imparted through that channel. The words spoken by the human agent are Oh so much weaker and more feeble than the words of the Great Teacher. In comparison with the words of Jesus they are as chaff compared with the wheat. Symbols are manufactured and interpreted by the human agents, which are false from beginning to end. Things have been misconstrued in your minds by the artful power of the deceiver, and you do not discern the outcome. Let every soul come to the cool, snow waters of Lebanon, and no longer drink of the turbid streams of the valley.

Manuscript Releases, vol 15, p 258 (Battle Creek Letters, p 111)
     I have a most earnest desire that you shall stand free in the Lord. I pray that you may have the moral courage to stand firm for the truth, and to hold fast the beginning of your confidence unto the end. Do not allow yourself to be led away from truth to receive fables. It is of no avail to bring to the foundation material represented by wood, hay, and stubble. Such material will be utterly consumed. Let us remember that we have been bought at an infinite price by the Son of God. Our physicians must not allow themselves to be held in control by another man's mind, as they have been, fearing to open their lips to differ with their chief.

Spalding-Magan Collection, p 328-329 (Manuscript Releases, vol 8, p 425)
     I was instructed that there was danger of Dr. Kellogg becoming unsettled in regard to the truth, that he was not standing firm upon the true foundation. He has labored so hard to make the medical missionary work the whole body that he has lost sight of the spirit of the message. I was instructed that he was allowing his mind to depart from the faith, and was giving heed to seducing spirits, and that, unless he righted himself, all associated with him would be in danger of being led away by theories that greatly dishonored God. I was instructed that unless a change came, Dr. Kellogg would discard the testimonies of God's Spirit in order to establish theories of his own, and would bring upon himself the condemnation of the Lord.--Letter 214, October 9, 1903

Notebook Leaflets, p 45
     I have to work carefully and not feel too deeply over the known position of our brethren who are not disentangling themselves from erroneous science and making sure that they are on the firm foundation. I carry a burden continually because of the souls who know the truth, but have not manifested its sanctifying power in their lives and characters. I should suffer much if I could not lay my burden upon the great Burden Bearer.

Pamphlet #167, p 5-6
     There will be agents of Satan who will induce to sin; but the steady soul who loves and fears God, will be as firm in his Heaven-inspired purpose as was Daniel, and will not be swerved from his convictions of duty. There will always be those in high places who have never subdued and overcome self. These Satan uses as decoys. They flatter the pleasure-lovers by uniting with them. They court their approval. God has a work for his faithful ones to do, to stand in defense of the truth like faithful Noah. They will warn and entreat, and show by their works their faith. They stand as God's agents, as Noah stood, in noble, whole-souled fidelity, the moral character untarnished. They are saviours of men like their Master. They will be exposed to hatred and reproach as was their Master. Enmity will be aroused, hatred and false accusations will pour like a torrent around them to wrench them from their high moral position, but they have their foundation on the Rock, and remain unmoved at their chosen post of duty, warning, entreating, rebuking sin and pleasure-lovers by their moral rectitude and circumspect conversation. God's servants who will hear the "Well done" from his divine lips, will be heroic ministers of righteousness, although they may not preach in the desk. They are constantly ministering, loyal to their sense of God's claims upon them, jealous of their own selves, lest they shall dishonor the Lord that taught them to stand in defense of right and duty at any loss to themselves. This is the work of the Christian soldier. That which will stand under the pressure of temptation is heart religion. The whole heart must be given to God; if any portion of it be withheld, we have no right to claim the promise of being the favored sons and daughters of God.