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May - June, 1997

"There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is `PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com

Dear brothers and sisters,
     1 John 3:1.

     "The secret of unity is union with Christ.  Christ is the great center.  We shall approach one another just in proportion as we approach the center.  United with Christ, we shall surely be united with our brethren in the faith." Paulson Collection, p 153.

     "The secret of unity is found in the equality of believers in Christ.  The reason for all division, discord, and difference is found in separation from Christ.  Christ is the center to which all should be attracted; for the nearer we approach the center, the closer we shall come together in feeling, in sympathy, in love, growing into the character and image of Jesus." Selected Messages, book 1, p 259.

     "Jesus Christ is the one great Unity; He possesses the attributes that harmonize all diversities." Youth Instructor, 8-19-97. (See also AH 179, 5BC 1148, DA 660, TDG 51, UL 36, LHU 292, 296, 1888 Mat 1092-93.)

     Christ desires His people to be thoroughly united with Him, so that through the Holy Spirit we can know and understand the truth and follow it unerringly.  Then we can spread Christ and the truth to a perishing world.  And in doing this we would be eliminating all barriers that keep us from uniting one with another in the same faith!  God is calling for there to be TRUE unity among His people.
     As there is to be "true" unity among God's separated people, there is also a "false" unity which we are to avoid.  We cannot seek "true" unity with any of the fallen churches, or with those who support and uphold them, because we would have to hide our distinctive faith and message in order to do so.  Any unity based upon the ignoring of major theological differences is ecumenical in nature and builds up Satan's kingdom!  This is absolutely true regarding the differences between those who view the SDA church as being Babylon fallen with the necessity of willingly removing our membership from her, verses those who do not hold to such.  There cannot be a true God-endorsed unity based upon anything less than the full truth of God's word!
     Many seem content to work towards a unity with those who compromise, ignore, downplay, hide, or even reject the present truth message of willing and complete separation from sin and sinners (5T 505).  Even those who have completely separated themselves from the corrupt SDA church and its membership records, are willing to support or even work with other ministers or Ministries who preach part of the three angel's message, but who are not in agreement with the loud cry message applying to the church.  Where is the eyesight and discernment of our separated people?  If you work with or support any minister or Ministry who is not calling the SDA church Babylon fallen and calling all of God's honest people to willingly and completely separate from her--membership and all--then you are held guilty by God of aiding Satan in keeping souls bound to a corrupt structure heading towards destruction!  Why?  Because you, a separated individual who believes that people will be lost if they remain connected to a church of Babylon (Jeremiah 51:6), are lending your influence to ministers or Ministries who do not believe such, and thus you are furthering their work of keeping souls connected to Babylon to the loss of their eternal life!
     What then is the basis upon which we are to seek "true" union with one another and give our support to?
     "If we walk in the light, as He [Christ] is in the light, we have fellowship [union] one with another..." 1 John 1:7.

     We are to only seek union with, and only give our support to, those individuals and Ministries who are standing, preaching, and teaching the full present truth found in the complete three angel's messages--which includes the separation message of Revelation 18!  To do anything less than this, is to be found compromising our distinctive faith which eventually leads to apostasy from it!
     In seeking "true" unity with one another in the same separated faith, we would be fulfilling Christ's command to be "All ye are brethren!" (Matt 23:8).  God did not say "all ye are clones" or "all ye are puppets," but "all ye are brethren."  But how do we become such, being so widely different in personality from each other?
     "The apostles differed widely in habits and disposition.  There were the publican, Levi-Matthew, and the fiery zealot Simon, the uncompromising hater of the authority of Rome; the generous, impulsive Peter, and the mean-spirited Judas; Thomas, true-hearted, yet timid and fearful, Philip, slow of heart, and inclined to doubt, and the ambitious, outspoken sons of Zebedee, with their brethren.  These were brought together, with their different faults, all with inherited and cultivated tendencies to evil but in and through Christ they were to dwell in the family of God, learning to become one in faith, in doctrine, in spirit.  They would have their tests, their grievances, their differences of opinion; but while Christ was abiding in the heart, there could be no dissension.  His love would lead to love for one another; the lessons of the Master would lead to the harmonizing of all differences, bringing the disciples into unity, till they would be of one mind and one judgment.  Christ is the great center, and they would approach one another just in proportion as they approached the center." Desire of Ages, p 296.

     It was only after the disciples came into complete harmony and unity with each other in love that the Lord recognized the fact by pouring out His Holy Spirit upon them in early rain power.  In like turn, we will not have any hope of receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in latter rain power until we come into complete loving harmony and unity with each other in the same separated faith.
     "I would that I had the power to present the subject to others as it has been presented to me.  Just before He descended to the greatest depths of humiliation, the Saviour lifted up His eyes to heaven, and prayed that His disciples might be one.  He said, [John 17:20-23 quoted].  The church will never as a whole receive the latter rain unless they shall put away all envy, evil surmising, and evil speaking.  Those who have cherished hatred in the heart until it has strengthened and become part of their character, must have a different experience if they would share in the latter rain.  Many are not awake to the fact that the Lord is testing and proving them to make it manifest whether or not they really love Jesus.  The spirit and attitude manifested to their brethren, tells their spirit and attitude toward God.  Great dishonor is done to Jesus Christ by those who claim to be His disciples....it is impossible for one to have the love of God, and fail to have compassion for his fellow men.  The love of Jesus in the heart will always be revealed in tender compassion for the souls of those for whom Christ paid so dear a price." Home Missionary, 8-1-96. (See also TM 399.)

     All envying, evil surmising, bearing false witness, gossiping, character assassination, spreading rumors, disunity, dissension, etc., must be put away from the separated brethren and our separated home churches with all speed, and be replaced with loving harmony and unity with each other.  Unless this occurs among our separated people and churches, we will be left without the latter rain--watching others being chosen to finish God's work, watching others receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and watching others take our heavenly crowns, while we wither and dry up without Christ ready to be burned!  We must be "All ye are brethren"!
     But what does it mean to be "All ye are brethren"?
     "`Ye are not your own, ye are bought with a price' (1 Cor 6:19-20).  Our owner is God.  The same blood that purchased one brother, purchased the next also, and the next.  All are born of God by the same Spirit.  All are members of the same body, and are worked by the same Spirit....The sustenance of all comes from the same source.  We must not think it a virtue to differ.  We are in close bonds of relationship one with another.  If the same vitalizing current is flowing through our minds and hearts, we shall act in harmony.  In failing to do this, we deny the Source of all spiritual life." Manuscript Releases, vol 8, p 69.

     "Men often commit wrong through ignorance or want of judgment.  In many instances there is no premeditated wrong; it is caused through a lack of thoughtfulness.  The one who treats this as sin is himself a sinner.  There is many a keen imagination that makes them offender for a word or action.  But often the one judged is innocent in the sight of God.  The accuser, who has permitted the tempter to ruffle his feelings, needs to humble his soul before God, to be purified and refined by the Holy Spirit, to love as brethren, be kind, be courteous....If one errs, remember that this is no more than you yourself have done.  Put away evil surmisings." Manuscript Releases, vol 11, p 371.

     "The Lord in His providence has permitted these brethren who have been doing His work to make some mistakes.  For what reason?  To reveal what is in the hearts of men who have also made mistakes, and whom God has repeatedly graciously pardoned.  God is testing and proving them to see what manner of spirit they are of." 1888 Materials, p 1249.

     "The most essential work now to be done is to consider the words of Christ, `All ye are brethren.'  Each must stand in his lot and place to do the work appointed him, in perfect harmony with his brethren." 18MR 8.

     "All ye are brethren" means that no one is to be kept from expressing his or her opinion (1888 Mat 1680-81).  No one is to set himself up in kingly power and authority (Bible Training School, 5-1-03).  All are free moral agents and are not to be forced or compelled into any course of action, and we are to have an interest in our brother (5BC 1098).  It does not matter to what race we may belong, each one of us is our brother's keeper (RH 1-21-96).  We are not to excuse anything in ourselves that we would condemn in others (Pamphlets #66, p 8-9); there is to be no secret societies in our churches (RH 7-9-95); and if a brother errs in his ministerial work, remember that you have all erred (Spalding and Magan, p 60).  There will be no first and last, no less respected or less important ones (5BC 1097-98).  We are not to place dependence upon man, nor expect homage from our fellow-men (RH 7-22-90), and God does not require His servants all to work in precisely the same way or to measure ourselves among ourselves, nor to estimate the value of the workers according to human judgment (SpM 410).  We are to avoid all contention among ourselves, we are to restrain the unsanctified words that are ever upon the tongue, we are to be true to one another (RH 1-6-03; 18MR 66).  The wealthy are not to be honored above the poor--no distinction is to be made (16MR 49).  And the desire to have one's own way, is to find no place among us (Medical Ministry, p 172.--see also SpM 62, 67-68, ST 7-16-96, TDG 192, GCB 2-25-95, 4-5-01, TM 224, 362, UL 74, Southern Work, p 11, TDG 356, RH 10-6-91, 7-11-99, 12-11-1900, 5BC 1135, YI 3-22-1900, Ministry of Healing, p 166, 1888 Mat 1639-40, 1759, ST 10-17-95.).
     But how do we preserve unity in an `All ye are brethren' atmosphere?
     "Every heart renewed by the Spirit of God would not only love God but love his brother, and if that brother made mistakes, if he erred, he must be dealt with after the gospel plan.  Every step must be followed according to the directions given in the word of God." Ellen G. White in Europe, p 276.

     So we must deal with erring brothers and sisters after the gospel plan or after gospel order.  But why do we need gospel order in the first place?
     "The Lord desires...us to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of His will, that there may be unity with His people.  And what an influence there is for good when brethren are in harmony; and what an influence it has for evil when there are strife and dissension among those who profess to believe the truth of God!" Review and Herald, 7-2-1889.

     God wants His people to be under His plan of gospel order so that His church will not be an influence for evil, but for good!  But there is another reason why God wants His people under gospel order.
     "Unless there was church discipline and church governments, the church would go to fragments.  They could not hold together as a body." Manuscript Releases, vol 15, p 130.

     Even more importantly, God wants gospel order so that His separated church will not fall apart, and He be forced to choose others to take their places.  If God's separated movement would just come together under gospel order, what a power for God we could be!
     "I saw [that] if Israel [God's people] moved steadily along, going according to Bible order, they would be as terrible as an army with banners." Manuscript Releases, vol 13, p 301.

     What then is Gospel Order?  The underlying principle of gospel order is clearly spelled out when we look at the kingdom in heaven:
     "Were there no justice, no penalty, there would be no stability to the government of God." SDA Bible Commentary, vol 6, p 1072.

     Not only is this true in the government of heaven, but it is also necessary in the God's loud cry separation movement and home churches.
     "...it is necessary to have order and discipline..." Review and Herald, September 4, 1888.

     There must be a biblical system of gospel order upon which God's separated people are to abide by today.
     "The Lord has shown me that gospel order has been too much neglected and feared.  That formality should be shunned; but in doing so, order should not be neglected.  There is order in heaven.  There was order in the church when Christ was upon the earth; and after His departure, order was strictly observed among His apostles.  And now in these last days, while God is bringing His children into the unity of faith, there is more real need of order than ever before; for, as God unites His children, Satan and his evil angels are very busy to prevent this unity and to destroy it." Early Writings, p 97.

     "Christ would have His followers brought together in church capacity, observing order, having rules and discipline, and all subject one to another, esteeming others better than themselves.  Union and confidence are essential to the prosperity of the church." Testimonies, vol 3, p 445.

     "...the members of the church of Christ should be united in one symmetrical body, subject to the sanctified intelligence of the whole....Many do not realize the sacredness of church relationship and are loath to submit to restraint and discipline.  Their course of action shows that they exalt their own judgment above that of the united church...Every believer should be wholehearted in his attachment to the church." Testimonies, vol 4, p 16-18.

     The separated home churches will not get right with God, until they are under gospel order!
     "I hope the church will soon get right--when they can move in gospel order." E.G. White Biography, p 174.

     We must have gospel order or we will not be able to move and advance forward in God's will.
     "The order that was maintained in the early Christian church made it possible for them to move forward solidly as a well-disciplined army clad with the armor of God.  The companies of believers, though scattered over a large territory, were all members of one body; all moved in concert and in harmony with one another." Acts of the Apostles, p 95-96.

     There must be order in our separated ranks or we will not be able to shut Satan out from among us, and we will continue to be plagued with troubles and dissensions.
     "I saw that this door at which the enemy comes in to perplex and trouble the flock can be shut.  I inquired of the angel how it could be closed.  He said, `The church must flee to God's Word and become established upon gospel order, which has been overlooked and neglected.'  This is indispensably necessary in order to bring the church into the unity of the faith." Early Writings, p 100.

     In shutting Satan out, all evil would be shut out with him: fanaticism would be shut out, division would be shut out, evil speaking would be shut out, character assassination would be shut out, etc.
     "...satanic policy cannot succeed if the people of God will bar the doors against the enemy, and work harmoniously to carry out the divine will.  The foe cannot enter unless the gates are thrown open by traitors within.  If we are but loyal and true, every attack of the enemy will lead us to a firmer reliance upon God, and to more determined effort to carry forward His work, against all opposing influences." Signs of the Times, December 13, 1883.

     Under gospel order, we are no longer separate and independent from our brethren in the same faith, but we are united brethren.  We no longer can follow our will against the will of our united brethren.  We must give up self and be under restraint to God and to our united brethren.  Thus no one can continue to cling to sin and still be united with his brethren.  This is one of the greatest reasons why there is so much opposition to unity among us--because sin and self would have to be given up if we had unity!
     "Dear self is the most obstinate person the follower of Jesus has to contend with.  There must be humility and forbearance in the church.  Self must be overcome, and those looking for Christ's appearing must possess the power of endurance and self control if they would have God's Spirit with them....
     "Then God's people were presented before me.  Oh, the lack of forbearance and patience with one another, the lack of brotherly love, of meekness, of self control, while professing to be followers of Christ, subjects of His special grace!  Oh, what a reproach to Christ!  What a reproach to God's cause!  Brethren and sisters professing His name suffer evil traits to appear in their lives, and they are stumbling blocks to those who have not professed to be Christ's followers." Manuscript Releases, vol 15, p 124-25.

     "Christ gave Himself to the world that He might `purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.'  This refining process is designed to purge the church from all unrighteousness and the spirit of discord and contention, that they may build up instead of tear down, and concentrate their energies on the great work before them....Many do not realize the sacredness of church relationship and are loath to submit to restraint and discipline....they are not careful to guard themselves lest they encourage a spirit of opposition to its voice....Dissensions, unhappy differences, and petty church trials dishonor our Redeemer.  All these may be avoided if self is surrendered to God and the followers of Jesus obey the voice of the church.  Unbelief suggests that individual independence increases our importance, that it is weak to yield our own ideas of what is right and proper to the verdict of the church; but to yield to such feelings and views is unsafe and will bring us into anarchy and confusion." Testimonies, vol 4, p 17-19.

     But what kind of gospel order are we to have?
     "The world must see in the church of God true order, true discipline, true organization....There is to be no schism in the body of believers" Kress Collection, p 76.

--Our next NEWSLETTER (July - August) will focus on Part 3--What type of "true" simple church order and organization does God want established among His people?


     During these past 2 months we have been sending many requested packages of present truth materials overseas to various countries.  The Lord is greatly blessing in opening honest eyes to His precious message of the loud cry!  It is most definitely time for this message to be proclaimed now--even before the Sunday law (see PK 187-88; UL 277; 4SOP 424-25; FCE 362-63), and the Lord is spreading it far and wide filling the earth with His glory!  But, just as history has proven, we are finding that this message is spreading many times faster in the rural, country areas as compared to the more populated city areas.  The message is gladly being received among the poor who feel their necessity, while it is struggling to take hold among those who are much better off financially.  May God help our professed people to have their hearts completely emptied of self and filled with Christ that when the truth of the loud cry blazes upon them they will accept it because it is truth and not test its validity by how it affects their pocket book or popularity!
     We also have just reprinted the book Last Day Events from the Letters and Manuscripts of E.G. White.  This is not the Conference edition, but a much more complete gathering of published and unpublished Testimony material.  So for those who have wanted to order, but who heard that this book was out of print, you can now send in your orders.  The cost is still a $13.00 donation.
     We have also recently purchased reasonably priced video recording and production equipment, with the gracious thoughtful help of dear brethren, and are planing on video-taping many of our sermons that are presently only available on cassette tape or in booklets.  We are eager to begin, and will keep you informed as to what, and when, these video taped sermons become available.
     We also have two more of our booklets translated into Spanish!  The Character of God: Stern Justice or Loving Mercy; and The Last Message of Mercy are now available.  Two more are about ready for paste- up and then printing, and more will follow.  Our gracious appreciation extends to the dear bretheren for unselfishly using their talents in this needed area!
     Also our full time translator in the Philippines has finished translating our booklet Last Message of Mercy into the Cebuano dialect (Cebuano is the largest Filipino dialect spoken, while Tagalog is second)!  It is currently being proofed and checked, and will soon be printed and available--not only in the Philippines, but here in America as well.  He is already planning on translating another booklet.  We are also having our booklets translated into Tagalog: Let There Be Light: Bible History of Separation, Part 1, is about 1/2 finished.  While there are many Filipinos who understand English, many do not comprehend it as well as their native language, and many do not speak it.  So please keep this urgent and needed translation project in your prayers.
     Thank you to those who have responded to our Philippine Mission Project for printing equipment and transportation needs.  We still need about $3,000 for the printing equipment, and still have several thousand dollars to go on the vehicle.  Please keep this in your prayers as well.
     We extend a most grateful thank you to all of those who have unselfishly supported this Ministry with their donations and especially with their prayers.  These, along with the Lord Jesus, keep this Ministry going.  Also know that you have played an important part in helping us to reach out to those who sit in darkness, and you will also share in all the souls won to the Lord Jesus through this Ministry.  MAY GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY IN ALL HIS MARVELOUS WAYS!


L"We cannot swerve from the truth, we cannot depart from right principles, without forsaking Him who is our strength, our righteousness, our sanctification." Review and Herald, vol 6, p 53.

L"Reformers are not destroyers.  They will never seek to ruin those who do not harmonize with their plans and assimilate to them.  Reformers must advance, not retreat.  They must be decided, firm, resolute, unflinching; but firmness must not degenerate into a domineering spirit.  God desires to have all who serve Him firm as a rock where principle is concerned, but meek and lowly of heart, as was Christ." Testimonies, vol 6, p 151.


Dear Brother Bob,
     My wife picked up our ministry mail earlier today and we received the information you sent regarding STL [Steps To Life] activities in the Philippines.  We spent a considerable amount of time reading through it and discussing these things together as we have a great burden for this message; as well as, for Christ's flock....
Bob, I also want you to know that both of us appreciated the Christ-like spirit you maintained at the beginning of your paper - and we said a hearty "amen" by the time we reached the conclusion of your position paper!  Thank-you for sharing this info - by God's grace I will do all I can to warn the brethren to take heed and to continue working to establish all upon the solid platform of eternal truth....The honest in heart are still answering the call to come out and be separate from the fallen structure(s) - but the call must be given in the spirit of Jesus not with sarcasm and hatefulness.  We have seen this condemning spirit turn many away from the Babylon message and right into the arms of ministries who aren't preaching the loud cry but who manifest a more compassionate love for souls.  This breaks my heart...
     Not a day goes by that I do not plead at Jesus feet for wisdom to know how to deal with the minds of souls for whom Jesus has shed His own blood - and so many have been in darkness and bondage for so long, as I once was.  Then I praise God as I see how Christ sheds light as the truth is preached and brands are plucked from the burning fire!  Then the honest people see how absolutely wonderful this separation message is and they are anxious to have us assist them in writing their letters to ask for their membership to be dropped from the corrupt body of the harlot.
     May God be with you in your labors - lets hold one another up in prayer.
Your brother in the faith of Jesus, JS, PA.

Dear Friends In Christ,
     Someone of our church shared one of your booklets with me a few days ago "The Golden Calf Apostasy" and I have learned more of God's wonderful truth!  I must have more!
     Please send all of your booklets you have available as quick as you can.  Praise God for pastors like you who have been faithful watchmen for the wondering sheep.
     He is coming so very very soon.  We can by His grace be ready to meet Him in peace!
Thanks & God bless you all in your ministry, JB, AR.

Dear Brothers,
     Thank you for the "Truth".  Thank you for the "light" and thank you for your "ministry."  As a whole, I know the Lord will richly bless you as you continue do His Father's will.  Regards to everyone.
Your Servant in Christ, AV, Fiji Islands.

Dear Bro. Bob,
     Thank you so much for sharing your light and blessings from God to the work in the Philippines.  May He continually bless you and your work, as you continue to impart to others.  May many more souls will be found and bring to fold of Jesus.  Thanks and may God bless you.
Your Brother in Christ, JB, CA.

Dear Saints,
     I am writing this letter to you so that you can be of help to us here.  We can be very much thankful if you can send us more of your tracts and books...Please kindly assist us with more materials you're our only hope in our work for the Lord....
     We do not belong to any denominational church, but meet in home on the Sabbath day.  All churches have fallen away from the truth of the Bible and we want to be among 144,000 who are not defiled by woman (in Bible Prophecy woman = church) as it states in Rev 14:4....
     May the Lord bless and protect you all is my prayer and may each one of you keep faithful.  The signs of Christ's second coming are fast fulfilling.  Strive to be amongst the 144,000.  Work while it is day for the night cometh when no man can work.  Pray that the Lord will send workers into the vineyard.  The harvest is ripe.
Yours Sincerely in the Master's Service, KZ, Zambia, Central Africa.