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Volume #27                      April - June, 2022                        Issue #120

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is 'PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com

Biden  Urges  America  to  Lead  Out  in  the  New  World  Order!

     On March 21, 2022, president Biden was speaking at the Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting, and near the end stated the following:
     "We're at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy – not just the world economy, in the world.  It occurs every three or four generations.  As one of – as one of the top military people said to me in a secure meeting the other day, 60 million people died between 1900 and 1946.  And since then we've established a liberal world order, and that hadn’t happened in a long while....And now is a time when things are shifting.  We’re going to – there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we've got to lead it.  And we've got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.” WH.GOV video posted on YouTube on March 21, 2022, Time stamp 14:14-14:53, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFn8_ESsffI&t=46s, accessed 6-28-22.

     But what is this New World Order that America should lead out in?

     A Plan has been developed and already put into action for many years now that will unite the whole world together into a One World Order.  This One World Order will consist of a One World Government, a One World Economy, a One World Educational System, and especially a One World Religion.
     With a One World Religion, the goal is to break down all separating barriers between all churches and religious groups – both Christian and non-Christian – so that they will unite together on a common platform of brotherly love and unity in the spirit, without the true God or His Law or His Bible. This One World Religion would be united with a One World Government, thus welding church and state together.

     The United Nations was established to try and bring about this One World Government, but what many do not realize is that the UN is also involved in trying to bring about this One World Religion.
     The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General was Robert Muller, and He stated:
     "The time has come to obtain peace on this planet...the United Nations Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws....
     "I think that what is wrong...[is that] we have forgotten...we have a cosmic evolution and [spiritual] destiny." Robert Muller, quoted in The Seduction of Christianity, p 53-54, by Dave Hunt.

     Not only is the United Nations involved in trying to establish a One World Religion, but so are many other groups - including the New Age Movement.
     The high-priestess of the New Age Movement declares:
     "The Workers in the Field of Religion...[are] to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and it will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit....The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ..." Discipleship In The New Age, Vol 1, p 38, by Alice Bailey.

     The “Christ” being spoken of here is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth - the Son of God the Father in heaven, but is Lucifer claiming to be Christ.  And the "eternal purpose of the Lord of the World" is that Lucifer will come to “this planet in order to carry forward His fixed designs" so that "all lives in all kingdoms" will be the "vehicle" for the “expression of...himself”! The Rays and the Initiations, p 242, by Alice Bailey.

     This means that the main purpose of the devil is to have all people of the earth become like him in character!  But how is this to occur?  This is to be accomplished through "initiation" in which a "special state of consciousness" is achieved, enabling you "to grasp more and comprehend more of His divine purpose." The Rays and the Initiations, p 242, Alice Bailey.

     Now who is the one who "initiates" people into this "special state of consciousness?"
     "[Lucifer is] the great initiator....Lucifer works within each of us to bring us...to that point which I term the Luciferic Initiation...it is an initiation into the New Age." Reflections of the Christ, p 44-45, New Age leader David Spangler.

     Consequently Satan's or Lucifer's main plan is to have all of humanity initiated into the ancient Mysteries of Babylon – or "illuminated" – so that they will become changed into the express image of himself.  After this change has occurred then they would become his representatives and witnesses in the earth, declaring that Lucifer is God, and all opposition to this idea will be targeted for elimination.

     At the same time, the main plan of the God of heaven is for our salvation (see Luke 1:68-79; 2 Corinthians 6:2; 2 Thessalonians 2:13); that humanity will behold, through the Word of God, His glory or character and will become "changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." 2 Corinthians 3:18. It is through the faith and precious gift of the Righteousness of Christ that we might be "filled with the fruits of righteousness" and become changed into the express image of God (see Philippians 1:11). In other words, to be Christ-like. Thus we would become the representatives and witnesses of God in this dark wicked world, declaring that He is God, and not Lucifer (see Isaiah 43:11-12).

     The will of God is for our "sanctification" unto "righteousness...and redemption" through "the Spirit unto obedience" of God's commands, and thus inheriting eternal life (see 1 Thessalonians 4:3; 1 Corinthians 1:30; 1 Peter 1:2-5; 1 John 5:11-12; Jude 21). In contrast, the will of Satan is for us to hold God's "truth in unrighteousness," and to be "filled with" the fruits of "all unrighteousness" becoming the children of darkness in disobeying God's commands, and thus reaping eternal death and destruction (see Romans 1:18, 29; Ephesians 2:2; 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9, 2:8-12).

     Inevitably, the whole world will be ranged into 2 different groups: 1) - those who follow and worship Lucifer and will thus represent him in character, versus 2) - those who follow and worship God and will thus represent Him in character.

     But where will most of these Luciferic "initiations" take place?
     "Benjamin Creme (spokesman for the Maitreya or the false Christ of the New Age Movement) has declared that ‘revitalized' Christian churches as well as Masonic lodges will be used for purposes of giving these ‘mass planetary initiations.'" The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p 140, by Constance Cumbey.

     This Luciferic Plan has been and is continuing to be carried out masterfully, and it will soon be achieved. Then all the world will be united into a One World Order, prepared for Lucifer to come personating Jesus Christ returned to earth.

     Former Jesuit, Malachi Martin, writes:
     "Once complete unity has been achieved, Christ--who will be the Omega Point--will appear; man will then be more than man, will be what Teilhard called Ultra-Human; the cosmos will be transformed; and the glory of it all will be established." The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, p 288, by Malachi Martin.

     Since this unity is quickly being accomplished, and all major religions - both Christian and non-Christian - are coming together into a Luciferic One World Religion, then which particular day will be chosen as the universal day of rest for the whole world? It will not be the Sabbath of the Bible or Saturday - the 7th day of the week, which is the special day which God Himself has chosen to bless and commands His people to worship Him on (see Genesis 2:2-3; Exodus 20:8-11; Isaiah 58:13-14;  Hebrews 4:4-11). But it will be the day of the Sun or of Lucifer – the Blazing Star – the real king of Babylon and the coming One World Leader. This day of the sun is the first day of the week or Sunday, the day which Satan himself has blessed and commands all his people to worship him on!

     This issue – on which day we will choose to worship God on – will be one of the main deciding factors on whether we will receive the seal or mark or sign of God (Ezekiel 20:12, 20) and thus receive eternal life, or whether we will receive the seal or mark or sign of the Beast and thus receive the last plagues and eternal death!
     "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name". Revelation 14:9-11.

     In contrast to those who are lost, because they chose to disobey God's commandment and instead obeyed the commandment of Lucifer to worship on his day of the sun, Revelation pictures those who are saved as saints:
     "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus". Revelation 14:12.

     This issue of which day we choose for worship will reflect our choice of sides in the final battle between Christ and Satan. If we choose to worship on Saturday – the Bible Sabbath – then we show that we choose to follow God and desire to become part of His Heavenly Kingdom. Thus we refuse to be a follower of Lucifer, or to be part of his New World Order. But if we choose to worship on Sunday – Lucifer's sabbath – then we show that we desire to follow Satan and want to become part of his New World Order. Thus we refuse to be a follower of God, or to be part of His Heavenly Kingdom!

     This great test which all the people of the world will face, is just waiting for Sunday to be made the official day of rest.  Almost all religions and denominations today support Sunday as the only day of worship.  The Supreme Court of the United States of America has already decided in 1961 that laws favoring Sunday as a day of rest does not violate the US Constitution!  And many Countries around the world also have laws dealing with Sunday rest (not working, selling or buying): these include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain. Even England passed a Sunday law, and SDA church leaders supported it!

     This reveals that world-wide Sunday legislation is just around the corner, and the whole world will be ranged into two groups.  One group rejecting the commandments of men and standing separate from the New World Order and its one religion.  The other group rejecting God's Word to follow the commandments of men and be in union with the New World Order and its one religion. Each and every person in the world will be forced to make this decision for, or against, God!

     Dear reader, could you make this decision to stand for God even though your life is at stake?  Many are spiritually asleep and are unprepared for the crisis and their Lord's return!  But we need not look into the future for the time of crisis to occur, because it has already begun!

     Prepared or unprepared, the crisis is here and will only grow worse!  Ready or not Lucifer’s One World Order is being established!  Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do to prepare today.  Tomorrow is not your day of salvation, today is, because tomorrow may be too late!

     But what will happen to those who refuse to go along with Lucifer’s New World Order, its One World Government, Education, Economy and Religion?  This is what we will discover in our next Newsletter.



     The Health and Medical Missionary work in the Central African nation of Zambia is progressing forward.  To the glory of God, precious souls are receiving valuable instruction on health, as well as natural treatments for various ailments.  Praise God that His healing grace is being manifested, and testimonies are being given to the glory of God.  From time to time some of these can be read in the Zambia section of our Correspondence From Foreign Workers.
     We again solicit and greatly appreciate your prayers and continued support in furthering this great Medical Missionary work, especially for precious souls to be won to Jesus Christ through this mighty entering wedge of Health Reform.


     Many of our present truth videos are currently on the world-wide web for anyone to freely watch and study through.  All these videos can be found listed on our website under Online Videos (http://www.LightMinistries.com/SDA/id1245.htm).  You can also find these present truth videos on our YouTube channel - Let There Be Light Ministries (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfJdqkw4QDXEuSyEQe7SgQ).
     Currently we have over 6,850 people who have viewed these videos, and over 90,000 minutes have been logged, and with God’s blessing and your prayers many more to come.  Please keep this great evangelistic outreach endeavor in your thoughts and prayers, and may God lead 1000's more precious souls to watch these and become convicted on the Present Truth before it is too late!


     You are invited to come and join with us in fellowship, and you can do so over your computer, smart phone, iPad or even Kindle.  To fellowship with us, type or paste the following link into your browser: https://zoom.us/ and download the Zoom App.  Once it is downloaded, then go to: https://zoom.us/j/4663248724, follow the simple instructions and you should be logged into the room - it's that simple! But if you happen to have outdated computers/devices then instead use this link: https://zoom.us/wc/join/4663248724?pwd=.  If you have any problems, visit our Technical Support page at: http://www.lightministries.com/HC/id20.htm.
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     We praise God for allowing us to gather together as one Home Church family in Christ Jesus, and look forward to having you also join with us!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is not using your prayers and donations to build itself into a kingdom, but is concerned with getting the Present Truth into the hands of the common people quickly, effectively, and wisely. Instead of working towards acquiring expensive video and T.V. production equipment, satellite or shortwave facilities, we would rather use the Lord's money in publishing and distributing materials which give the full present truth gospel, as well as supporting many full-time foreign ministers and workers around the world who have proven themselves to be reliable and stable. With their monthly support and present truth materials supplied them, these ministers and workers then have the ability to more effectively spread the spoken and printed truth, establish the people in it, and carry this precious truth into the very homes of those who sit in darkness. This is how the Loud Cry of the Third Angel will be spread, and is now being spread! If the Lord impresses you to help in these endeavors, your donations will be greatly appreciated--not just by this Ministry, but by many others as well! MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is committed to the spreading of the full present truth gospel message worldwide, and has been doing so since 1986.  This Ministry has operating expenses covering the areas of: printing, publishing, and writing of present truth books, booklets, tracts, and other literature; DVD, video and audio taping, production, and distribution; supporting several ministers and workers in foreign Countries; mail order – both domestic and foreign; traveling to hold meetings – both locally, nationally, and internationally; answering correspondence and questions regarding the message of truth; offering National and International Bible studies; sending free present truth literature to contacts in many poor Countries; etc.
     Your gracious prayers and support is greatly appreciated and needed.  Without the Lord's guidance, blessings, and your support, this Ministry could not continue to reach out worldwide with the precious message of Revelation 14:6-12 & 18:1-5.

     May our God and Saviour continue to lead and guide all those who have helped us reach souls who sit in darkness with the precious light of gospel truth.  May our supporters remember that they share in each and every soul who has been reached by this Ministry and converted to the Lord and His present truth!


     We are currently supporting several workers in many different Countries on a monthly basis.  We check into the economy of each area and supply a base support which is adequate depending on their situation, but not extravagant.  This base support is to ensure that the monthly needs of each worker and family is met for that month so that the worker may devote full time to the ministry work.  In addition to this, we are sending extra materials for evangelism, and money for printing, publishing, holding meetings, traveling, and other necessary areas in spreading the Present Truth in their Country.  And as the work extends, especially will the expenses for evangelism expand.  Whatever you can send to help in this necessary and vital area is greatly appreciated.
     The work of spreading God's present truth is not to be limited, but must extend world-wide to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before our Saviour can come (Matthew 24:14).  What better way of spreading the Present Truth Gospel than by having workers who speak the native language, who reside in that particular Country, who can live and preach the truth, visit the interests in their homes, and spread the printed truth translated into their native language!
     "Our publications should be printed in other languages, that foreign nations may be reached.  Much can be done through the medium of the press, but still more can be accomplished if the influence of the living preacher goes with our publications....The Lord has moved upon men of other tongues and has brought them under the influence of the truth, that they might be qualified to labor in His cause." Testimonies, vol 3, p 204-205.

     Please financially help us to continue supporting our current ministers and workers on a consistent basis, so that the spreading of the truth will not be interrupted but can quickly lighten this dark world with the glory of God.
     "Every opportunity should be improved to extend the truth to other nations.  This will be attended with considerable expense, but expense should in no case hinder the performance of this work.  Means are of value only as they are used to advance the interest of the kingdom of God.  The Lord has lent men means for this very purpose, to use in sending the truth to their fellow men."  Testimonies, vol 3, p 208.


KENYA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Kenya.
     M Projector, screen, and evangelistic film for non-SDA outreach.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Purchase of printing machine to aid in publication of present truth--$3,500.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to PNG.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in PNG.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Used SOP books.
     M Clothes to pass out to naked villagers.

M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Philippines.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Philippines.
     M Printing 100,000 tracts in Philippines--$1,450.

UGANDA, East Africa:
M Monthly operating expenses for the publication work already established there.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
M Monthly operating expenses for the publication work already established there.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Monthly operating expenses for Herbal and Health Clinic.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zimbabwe.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Zimbabwe.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Donations of any amount to help purchase a vehicle–$6,000 total cost.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


     Dear Elder and Brother Sessler,
     Greetings with John 13: 34, 35. I trust that this email finds you and the family well. I wish, at the outset, to thank you for the great work that you do, of taking pains to share with us the Quarterly newsletters. We look forward to receiving more of this bread of life.
     I am ____, one of the elders in the Namibian Home Church of the separated brethren. We haven't met yet in person, but I know you through your evangelistic pursuits for many years now. We are doing well this side of the world, and we are trying our best to reach out to many souls with the last message of mercy, particularly in these trying times in which every prophecy is fulfilling before our eyes, which give us hope to hold onto the truth, for our redemption draweth nigh.
     Of late, besides sharing the word of God, I have embarked upon publishing work. I believe that the combination of Bible study and the literature materials (the silent preachers), can advance the work of God in many lines....
     Waiting to hearing from you soon, and Happy Sabbath in advance.
May the Lord bless. E.F., Namibia.

Dear brothers and sisters.
     Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus. First of all I thank God for the wonderful work you are doing to give Him glory. The world has become like dry bones as Ezekiel 37:4-5 says. But God will give the nation new life. Please pray for our ministry as we try to reach people of all categories and win many souls for Christ. Your website was a big blessing to us and the ministry here.
     We have 5 working congregations plus other small sturdy groups serving many souls as home churches. Our request to get more of your teachings and sometime you come to visit us and teach us face to face. We put all these to God in Prayer and with great fasting as we trust all will be possible through Him....May His will be done and nice to hearing from you.
Blessings. S.M., Kenya.

Hello beloved in Christ.
     Much greetings from my family, members, my staff and my board those are so happy to have this humble time to send you their greetings to your desk in Jesus name, Amen.
     What I request you to pray for to have Bibles in our church...More so receive my much greetings from my family, tell yours we are saluted in the light (and) name (of) our Lord.  Thank you so much as we are waiting to hear from you soon, Amen.
P.A., Kenya.

     Thanks for sharing! Continue the tremendous work you are doing by proclaiming the PRESENT TRUTH MESSAGE which is needed in these last days of the Earth's history. SDAs have ignored Three Angels' Messages, by ignoring it they rejected it.
EZEKIEL33:6-9. S.C., Zambia.

     Thank you for your mail sir. I was always searching truth, that's where I come across your website, still now I am following it, and in future also I will follow it.
     Thank you for your guidance.
S.H., Internet.



Dear brother Bob,
     3 John 2.
     Hi! brother Bob, how are you doing?  I hope and pray that you are fine. We too are doing great and fine by God's grace.
     By the way, thank you for your continues support. I'm sorry for my delayed report. We just came home. There's no signal or internet connection where we came from.
     Anyway, thank God for His guidance and protection especially for helping us in our work, in sharing and spreading the gospel of salvation to the people, through voice and printed literature. We are doing also church visitation and establishing and nurturing those that are new in the faith, and seeking or reaching out those former brethren.
     Last month of March, we went to ____ to reach out (to) brethren from Grover's group, since we have already started comparing our stands on our faith and beliefs with their brethren who separated already from their group, so we are laboring also with their other brethren. And all are getting well through the help of God. Many are now open their hearts and minds for (to see) the error of the teachings of Grover. Some of new Grover's doctrine and major errors are: that there's no sanctuary in heaven; that they knew already the exact hour and day of Jesus second coming on May 2026 according to them; they also believed and teaching their group to eat flesh and those that are trying to be health reformer are called fanatics and they disfellowship them. God has honest children from their group, and He is waking them up now and calling them out from their group.
     These brethren, aware that what Grover's teachings are no longer true, tried to dig the truth for themselves and found out that they are far from the truth and they seek the truth and also the true church of God. Last April 30, we held our fellowship here for the entire ____ and these brethren from Grover's group attended. We are so happy and grateful to God that we met and see again these brethren that was separated from us for almost 23 years. We hope and pray that they will continue to stand for the truth and with us and will not be again separated from us until Jesus comes.
     Brother Bob, till here for now. Please continue to pray for us and for our work here. May we continue to be faithful and zealous in doing His work through the grace of God. God bless brother Bob and take care always.
In Christ, s.b., Philippines.


Dear elder Sessler
     Christian greetings.
     With heavy heart we have watched the invasion of Ukraine and the devastation of every things, from human life to total disruptions (of) human settlements. Untold suffering of the poor & innocent soul's. Just like Wuhan “plandemic” and all other devastating events begins from small issues then spread all over. The world is faced with food shortages and fuel prices are increasing morning after morning, cruel poverty is affecting the largest population of the earth.
     Yesterday a brother (____) appeared to me in rags or torn clothes, told me “you think (I lost my mind and did) this...intentionally (in) damaging (my) clothes, but is (really the) level of abject poverty that I have come (to) after losing a promising harvest of tomatoes to a terrific flood.
     Solomon once prayed - Proverbs 30:7-9 “Two things have I required of thee; deny me them not before I die: Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.”
     He (this brother in rags) was candid, there is great fear of losing faith and break out to do the averse.  We are believing God for special favor upon His people that their needs are supplied.
     He is Great and Almighty - Psalms 136:5,25 - “To him that by wisdom made the heavens: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who giveth food to all flesh: for his mercy endureth for ever.”
     Psalms 145:15-16 - “The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”
     Psalms 145:10-13 - “All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power; To make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom. Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.”...
     Thanks for your prayers, counsel and support.  I apologize for any delay in writing that side, hope you people are doing well.  We have experienced nasty after effects of Covid 19 disease, sore throat, fast multiplying malaria parasites, bowel complications etc.
     All-in-all we thank our heavenly Father for His mercies.  My phone has been crashing, keep us in earnest prayers.
     May God reward you (and) enlarge His kingdom.
Yours faithfully, B.K., Uganda.


Dear Elder Sessler,
     Since my departure from the southern province in February this year, I have not found peace in my heart as I kept on my knees praying for the church to remain united. But only by April the neighboring SDA church which was very vigilant, having realized that I had left, began visiting our fellow church members with the hope of influencing them to abandon the movement. They were gently repulsed with the exception of a few elderly members who were easily enticed into planning an outreach meeting with the SDA without my knowledge.
     It came to my knowledge after the two-week outreach meeting had already commenced. I was troubled to know of this development and I thought to myself that the church had been overtaken by the fallen SDA church. I just do not know exactly what is on the ground because I have not yet managed to visit the church. I am currently planning to go there so as to try to guard the church from the ravaging “wolf”.  What I have only done is to present the case to the owner of the church to tend for himself the flock. I am however confident that the church will remain standing because of the truth that we presented whilst we were still there.
     Meanwhile it has not been rosy in the new urban set up that I am trying to evangelize since April. May the Lord indeed help me to win souls to Christ in the now hot beds of vanity and lawlessness. Keep remembering me in your prayers for the work in Zimbabwe and indeed keep the faith.
Christian regards, B.N., Zimbabwe.