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Volume #25                      July - December, 2020                        Issue #116

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is 'PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     It is becoming more and more obvious that SDA people and churches are becoming Catholic!  Seventh-day Adventists are not only being conditioned to accept Catholic thought and beliefs, but are even being openly told that they are Catholics!

     In the Spring of 1992, members of the Smithers SDA church in British Columbia, Canada, were engaged in a question and answer period with their Conference president Ron Watts.  During this period Harry Kurulak quoted two Spirit of Prophecy testimonies warning against Catholicism.  Harry relates what Conference president Ron Watts stated in response:
     "He attacked me by saying I was treading on very dangerous ground to go against the Catholic Church or its system.
     "He told us the word Catholic means universal, and then told us he was also a Roman Catholic and that we all are Catholic." Signed Statement by Harry Kurulak and Curtis Kurulak.

     This is not only happening in Canada, but especially in the United States.  On Sabbath, November 9, 1991, in the LaGrange SDA church in Georgia, pastor Gale Gabbert stated during his sermon:
     "But just think: if you were a Catholic, what time does Mass begin?  What?  6:00 a.m.  And Catholic means universal.  So you really are a Catholic--Adventist Catholic, a Roman Catholic..." Transcript of Taped Sermon by SDA pastor Gale Gabbert, November 9, 1991, p 1.

     Not only are SDA members being told that they are really Catholic, but the SDA church itself is being called Catholic as well!  In 1981 then President of the General Conference, Neal C. Wilson, stated:
     "There is another universal and truly catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church." Adventist Review, March 5, 1981, p 3.

     But this great change of the SDA church to image the Roman Catholic church should not be a great surprise, because we were already warned that this very thing would amazingly occur!

     Sister Ellen White warned that the General Conference leadership were "pursuing a similar course to that of the Roman Catholics" (Manuscript Releases, vol 9, p 179--Letter 53, 1894); that they were trying to make the General Conference "like Rome, the great head of the work" (Manuscript Release #133, p 27--Letter 71, April 8, 1894); and that they were already "following in the track of Romanism" (Testimonies to Ministers, p 362).

     Not only was Sister White sounding the warning, but so did other faithful brethren--such as Percy T. Magan.  During the General Conference Session of 1903, before the new constitution was officially adopted, brother Magan obtained the floor and warned:
     "The proposed new constitution reverses the reformatory steps that were taken...in the constitution of 1901....but I want to say to you that any man who has ever read Neander's History of the Christian Church, Mosheim's, or any other of the great church historians...can come to no other conclusion but that the principles which are to be brought in through this proposed constitution, and in the way in which they are brought in, are the same principles, and introduced in precisely the same way, as they were hundreds of years ago when the papacy was made." 1903 General Conference Bulletin, p 150.

     For those who find this a little hard to believe, Sister White clearly wrote that "Our religion would be changed....A new organization would be established" (Selected Messages, book 1, p 204-05).  She also issued a warning to every SDA about the great changes that would take place in the SDA church.
     "I am charged to tell our people, that do not realize, that the devil has device after device, and he carries them out in ways that they do not expect.  Satan's agencies will invent ways to make sinners out of saints.
     "I tell you now, that when I am laid to rest, great changes will take place.
     "I do not know when I shall be taken; and I desire to warn all against the devices of the devil.
     "I want the people to know that I warned them fully before my death." Manuscript 1, February 24, 1915.

     Have these "great changes" taken place yet?  Has this "new organization" already been established?  Most definitely!

     In order for the SDA church to catholicize our people, they must adopt the same type of Catholic church organization--or a hierarchy.  Has the SDA church adopted this Catholic hierarchy or "new organization" of apostasy?  We will let the leaders of the SDA church themselves answer this question so that there will be no possible doubt.
     "The Seventh-day Adventist Church is essentially a hierarchical system..." Record, June 23, 1990, p 2.

     "The session [55th General Conference Session in 1990] has demonstrated the hierarchial nature of the church's administrative structure." Record, August 4, 1990, p 2.

     "Others have so identified structure with policy and the official hierarchy of the church that change is often viewed as unfaithfulness." Adventist Review, Special Edition, October, 1994, p 51.

     And Walter Scragg, president of the SDA South Pacific Division, admitted:
     "...the structure of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is essentially hierarchical...The pyramid of church organization maintains equilibrium and sustains growth as it reflects the people who comprise it." Record, June 23, 1990, p 4-5.

     But not only did the leadership admit that the SDA church structure is definitely hierarchical, but they also finally admitted that it resembles Roman Catholicism!
     Douglas Devnich, president of the SDA Canadian Union, stated:
     "The Seventh-day Adventist Church follows a model of organizational order in the church which is modified from the orders of Roman Catholicism, but it retains the same notions of clerical order which separates the members of the Church into two classes--clergy and laity." Messenger, December, 1993, p 2.

     But how could such a specious apostasy and departure from God be allowed to take place in a church which was one of the greatest "protesters" against Catholicism and the man of sin?
     "Although it is true that there was a period in the life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church when the denomination took a distinctly anti-Roman Catholic viewpoint, and the term `hierarchy' was used in a pejorative sense to refer to the papal form of church governance, that attitude on the church's part was nothing more than a manifestation of widespread anti-popery among conservative Protestant denominations in the early part of this century and the latter part of the last, and which has now been consigned to the historical trash heap so far as the Seventh-day Adventist Church is concerned." Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs Pacific Press Publishing Association and General Conference of SDA, Civil Case #74-2025 CBR (1975), Reply Brief for Defendants, p 4.

     Has the SDA religion been changed since 1915?  Very definitely!  Every major principle of truth contained in the three angel's messages of Revelation 14 and 18 have been changed by the SDA church! (For proof of this amazing fact, please write for the booklet Transmutation of the Three Angels.  Or for a more in-depth study examining the history of the SDA church from its inception to the present day, including Spirit of Prophecy warnings of what the church was doing and would continue to do, please write for the book The Abomination of Desolation and Church History: Enlarged Second Edition.)
     This changing of the SDA church system into another "catholic organization" and its membership into "Adventist Catholics" has been going on, slowly but surely, for decades.  And it is now to the point that even Catholic priests recognize the similarities!
     On September 14, 1996, "father" Benedict O'Cinnsealeigh presented a talk on Sabbath morning to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kettering, Ohio.  His talked centered on and was titled "The Similarities of Adventism and Catholicism."

     Not only do Catholic priests recognize that the SDA church is "another universal and truly catholic organization", but so do the people of the world!
     Judge William T. Hart handed down a decision against Derrick Proctor and in favor of the SDA church.  He stated:
     "Church documents that prescribe the church's structure and governance confirm that all parts of the church are parts of a single entity.  Next to the Roman Catholic church, the Adventist church is the most centralized of all the major Christian denominations in this country." Derrick Proctor vs General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, case #81 C 4938, Findings of Fact, Section B, Church Objectives and Structures, p 22.

     In fact, this Ministry has compared the Roman Catholic Church with the Seventh-day Adventist church and has found 40 major similarities!  We will be presenting these major similarities in our next Newsletter.  But truly, "as is the mother, so is her daughter" (Ezekiel 16:44).
     The Seventh-day Adventist church is no longer the same church that it was raised up to be.  It has been taken over and changed into an image of the Roman Catholic Church--in fact the closest image of this beast of any church in America!  And God, ever merciful to His people, has already revealed this astounding possibility over 100 years ago!  Please carefully read this amazing vision found in Testimonies, vol 1, p 578.

     If the SDA church members cannot realize that their beloved SDA church is no longer the true church of God in any way or sense, but has become an image of the Catholic church, and if they don't do all they can to distance themselves from this corrupt apostate church, then they will be lost within the church they love and worship more than following the will of God!

     As every Catholic owes their spiritual allegiance to the Vatican and the Pope and not to Christ--by virtue of the fact that they belong to the Catholic church as members; and since the SDA church has been formed into "another universal and truly catholic organization," then every member of the SDA church owes their spiritual allegiance to the General Conference and not to Christ--by virtue of their continued membership in the church!  You say "impossible."  Yet read closely what your SDA church and General Conference leadership states under oath:
     "The General Conference, then is the Seventh-day Adventist church....the embodiment of the remnant church as a Christian denomination, in a unified worldwide organization, to which all baptized Seventh-day Adventists owe spiritual allegiance." EEOC vs PPPA, Civil Case #74-2025 CBR, p 17, Opening Brief.

     Why can't our people realize that their beloved SDA church is no longer the church God raised up and established in the beginning?  Why can't our people realize that their SDA church has apostatized and is working against God and the kingdom of heaven?  Why can't they realize that the leaders of their church have shut God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit out of the entire church (see Testimonies, vol 8, p 250; Battle Creek Letters, p 55-56)!  And why can't they realize that the church is just another deceptive Catholic system with the name Seventh-day Adventist on it?
     The third angel's message warns ALL people on the earth--including SDA's--not to be connected with the Roman Catholic church or any image of this beast, or they will "drink of the wine of the wrath of God," being a "partaker of her sins," and receive "of her plagues" (Revelation 14:9-11, 18:4).  And if any church members, especially SDA's, believe that they can remain connected to and part of their apostate church and yet still make it to heaven, they will find themselves suffering the plagues of the wrath of God, and thus wake up when it is too late for salvation!  Why?  Because God will never take to heaven those who rebel against His will because they stayed connected with sin--whether personal or corporate!

     Any who refuse to disconnect themselves completely from any Romanist church, whether the beast itself or one of its images--including the SDA church--will fall with their harlot church into the lake which burns with fire and brimstone suffering the second death!  While any who choose to separate from their harlot Romanist church will be gathered into the loving arms of Jesus who waits outside and calls His own sheep to Him (see Hebrews 13:12-13; John 10:4-5; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; Isaiah 52:11).
     "The first, second, and third angel's messages are to be repeated.  The call is to be given to the church: `Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird....come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.'" Review and Herald, October 31, 1899 (vol 4, p 109, col 3).

     There are only two paths to choose from: the path of compromise and death with the apostate church, or the path of the cross of separation and eternal life with Christ.  The choice is up to you and you only.  WHICH PATHWAY WILL YOU CHOOSE?

     In our next Newsletter we will be showing 40 major examples wherein the SDA church has been converted into another Catholic Church.



     The Health and Medical Missionary work in the Central African nation of Zambia is progressing forward.  To the glory of God, precious souls are receiving valuable instruction on health, as well as natural treatments for various ailments.  Praise God that His healing grace is being manifested, and testimonies are being given to the glory of God.  Some of these can be read in the Zambia section of our Correspondence From Foreign Workers.
     We again solicit and greatly appreciate your prayers and continued support in furthering this great Medical Missionary work, especially for precious souls to be won to Jesus Christ through this mighty entering wedge of Health Reform.


     Many of our present truth videos are currently on the world-wide web for anyone to freely watch and study through.  All these videos can be found listed on our website under Online Videos (http://www.LightMinistries.com/SDA/id1245.htm).  You can also find these present truth videos on our YouTube channel - Let There Be Light Ministries (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfJdqkw4QDXEuSyEQe7SgQ).
     Currently we have over 4,700 people who have viewed these videos, and over 60,000 minutes have been logged, and with God’s blessing and your prayers many more to come.  Please keep this great evangelistic outreach endeavor in your thoughts and prayers, and may God lead 1000's more precious souls to watch these and become convicted on the Present Truth before it is too late!


     You are invited to come and join with us in fellowship, and you can do so over your computer, smart phone, iPad or even Kindle.  To fellowship with us, type or paste the following link into your browser: https://zoom.us/ and download the Zoom App.  Once it is downloaded, then go to: https://zoom.us/j/4663248724, follow the simple instructions and you should be logged into the room - it's that simple! But if you happen to have outdated computers/devices then instead use this link: https://zoom.us/wc/join/4663248724?pwd=.  If you have any problems, visit our Technical Support page at: http://www.lightministries.com/HC/id20.htm.
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     We praise God for allowing us to gather together as one Home Church family in Christ Jesus, and look forward to having you also join with us!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is not using your prayers and donations to build itself into a kingdom, but is concerned with getting the Present Truth into the hands of the common people quickly, effectively, and wisely. Instead of working towards acquiring expensive video and T.V. production equipment, satellite or shortwave facilities, we would rather use the Lord's money in publishing and distributing materials which give the full present truth gospel, as well as supporting many full-time foreign ministers and workers around the world who have proven themselves to be reliable and stable. With their monthly support and present truth materials supplied them, these ministers and workers then have the ability to more effectively spread the spoken and printed truth, establish the people in it, and carry this precious truth into the very homes of those who sit in darkness. This is how the Loud Cry of the Third Angel will be spread, and is now being spread! If the Lord impresses you to help in these endeavors, your donations will be greatly appreciated--not just by this Ministry, but by many others as well! MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is committed to the spreading of the full present truth gospel message worldwide, and has been doing so since 1986.  This Ministry has operating expenses covering the areas of: printing, publishing, and writing of present truth books, booklets, tracts, and other literature; DVD, video and audio taping, production, and distribution; supporting several ministers and workers in foreign Countries; mail order – both domestic and foreign; traveling to hold meetings – both locally, nationally, and internationally; answering correspondence and questions regarding the message of truth; offering National and International Bible studies; sending free present truth literature to contacts in many poor Countries; etc.
     Your gracious prayers and support is greatly appreciated and needed.  Without the Lord's guidance, blessings, and your support, this Ministry could not continue to reach out worldwide with the precious message of Revelation 14:6-12 & 18:1-5.

     May our God and Saviour continue to lead and guide all those who have helped us reach souls who sit in darkness with the precious light of gospel truth.  May our supporters remember that they share in each and every soul who has been reached by this Ministry and converted to the Lord and His present truth!


     We are currently supporting several workers in many different Countries on a monthly basis.  We check into the economy of each area and supply a base support which is adequate depending on their situation, but not extravagant.  This base support is to ensure that the monthly needs of each worker and family is met for that month so that the worker may devote full time to the ministry work.  In addition to this, we are sending extra materials for evangelism, and money for printing, publishing, holding meetings, traveling, and other necessary areas in spreading the Present Truth in their Country.  And as the work extends, especially will the expenses for evangelism expand.  Whatever you can send to help in this necessary and vital area is greatly appreciated.
     The work of spreading God's present truth is not to be limited, but must extend world-wide to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before our Saviour can come (Matthew 24:14).  What better way of spreading the Present Truth Gospel than by having workers who speak the native language, who reside in that particular Country, who can live and preach the truth, visit the interests in their homes, and spread the printed truth translated into their native language!
     "Our publications should be printed in other languages, that foreign nations may be reached.  Much can be done through the medium of the press, but still more can be accomplished if the influence of the living preacher goes with our publications....The Lord has moved upon men of other tongues and has brought them under the influence of the truth, that they might be qualified to labor in His cause." Testimonies, vol 3, p 204-205.

     Please financially help us to continue supporting our current ministers and workers on a consistent basis, so that the spreading of the truth will not be interrupted but can quickly lighten this dark world with the glory of God.
     "Every opportunity should be improved to extend the truth to other nations.  This will be attended with considerable expense, but expense should in no case hinder the performance of this work.  Means are of value only as they are used to advance the interest of the kingdom of God.  The Lord has lent men means for this very purpose, to use in sending the truth to their fellow men."  Testimonies, vol 3, p 208.


KENYA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Kenya.
     M Projector, screen, and evangelistic film for non-SDA outreach.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Purchase of printing machine to aid in publication of present truth--$3,500.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to PNG.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in PNG.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Used SOP books.
     M Clothes to pass out to naked villagers.

M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Philippines.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Philippines.
     M Printing 100,000 tracts in Philippines--$1,450.

UGANDA, East Africa:
M Monthly operating expenses for the publication work already established there.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
M Monthly operating expenses for the publication work already established there.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Monthly operating expenses for Herbal and Health Clinic.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zimbabwe.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Zimbabwe.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Mailing cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Donations of any amount to help purchase a vehicle–$6,000 total cost.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


Dearest Elder Bob,
     I pray that all is well with you and your family. Praise the Lord that the message is spreading to all corners of the earth.
     I thank the Lord that you are here to give the message in such a time as this. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help the ministry, or if there was anything that you needed help with, that I could invest some of my time into? The Spirit impressed me to ask, dear Elder.
     I always look forward to the beautiful sermons you always give. They have brought me so much closer to God. Praise the Lord indeed!
M.C., CA.

Hello sir,
     This is ____ from ____ (India), actually near my places I have almost visited all the churches, but none of them were really teaching who is true God. My uncle used to teach us, he always mentioned about E.G White and about 1843, but unfortunately he is no more. So our family started to search for really true church and followers of true God. And I finally ended to this website. I am glad and happy that finally I found. I read the sermons, prophecy charts, which was exactly what I was looking for. It was like my uncle teaching to me. Even though I am very far, I am always listening to your audio sermons sir....
S.H., India.

     Hello, just discovered your ministry a month or so ago following a link to a couple articles including Laodicea that someone on a group posted. Downloaded tracts/books, listened to months of sermons & messages and so far have not seen anything the Lord says to depart from. Really enjoy the singing & positive comments & how everyone addresses each other. A love & respect for each other. So refreshing.
     Your discussion a few weeks ago about when saved caused me to do some more digging as a friend has been asking this question of me. I tend to run across things that hit home different from what originally started me digging. God has been good to me that way. Things that don't come up in search engines show up when reading other things. Anyway, I was reading about when saved & Lord presented some answers to a question that has been on my mind of late...where to send current funds. Haven't directed through organizations for many years but to local publication outreach. Since areas Lord wished covered have been done I've been searching direction as to where send His current moneys....
     Sorry so much in this email but thought reach out. Have limited bandwidth so probably won't be joining live much. More likely phone in future. For now enjoying the messages that I can download.
     Sabbath joy & blessings to you
S.G., Internet.

     Thank you brother Robert for the information. Let us stay awake because time is really out for the church.

(Combination of 2 letters) None of the other churches have had light sent from heaven to them. This statement is telling about the SDA church experience. No other people are giving the third Angel’s Message but the true SDA people who no longer agree with the GC. The little flock will stand and give the final message. The GC is teaching Spiritual Formation (spiritualism) in all 13 regions of Adventism.
     God’s true SDA church flock will never be Babylon. The Jesuit filled GC does not belong to God anymore for they have changed leaders.
     The structure will be swept away....
     “...the message of the third angel will be proclaimed. As the time comes for it to be given with greatest power, the Lord will work through humble instruments, leading the minds of those who consecrate themselves to His service. The laborers will be qualified rather by the unction of His Spirit than by the training of literary institutions. Men of faith and prayer will be constrained to go forth with holy zeal, declaring the words which God gives them. The sins of Babylon will be laid open. The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power – all will be unmasked. By these solemn warnings the people will be stirred. Thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these. In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from heaven. As the people go to their former teachers with the eager inquiry, Are these things so? the ministers present fables, prophesy smooth things, to soothe their fears and quiet the awakened conscience. But since many refuse to be satisfied with the mere authority of men and demand a plain “Thus saith the Lord,” the popular ministry, like the Pharisees of old, filled with anger as their authority is questioned, will denounce the message as of Satan and stir up the sin-loving multitudes to revile and persecute those who proclaim it.” GC 606-607....
     Let us be faithful and Jesus will come soon.
     Have a blessed Sabbath.
     Romans 11:5; Joshua 24:15; Revelation 14:12,
E.C., Zambia.

Dear brethren in Christ,
     Greetings in the name of our Saviour.
     We have been doing the work of our Lord here in Uganda for almost twenty years, but there are a lot (of) confusion on the way we as Remnants are performing our duties.  We are so disorganized, each ministry is working as an independent denomination, yet we have the same message....
     For how shall we remain in such confusion?  Can’t we work together as a team?  When shall we organize ourselves as a church of Christ?  Our disorganization has paved way for fanaticism to attack our ranks and many of our church members have died spiritually.  Therefore there is a need of an immediate action to save the church from fanaticism.
     May the grace, peace and mercy of our Father be with you as you minister.
B.A., Uganda.

     Thanks for this Wonderful emails. God bless you.
In love, p.d., Internet.

Dearest Brother Roberts,
     Thanks for the wonderful News Letter.  Keep the fire burning till eternity.
B.J., Internet.



(Combination of 3 letters) Sorry for having taking a little long to respond.
     However, we are fine here. For three months plus church gatherings had been suspended, though we nevertheless could meet in families. This has now changed though with tough Covid-19 protocols. Public meetings are still prohibited. But we are still doing house to house ministry and I can say this is an opening that is left for us to share this last message of mercy to a decaying world.
     We have long looked forward to such times as this, and many faithful servants of God wished to live in this time, but could not. Now that it has come, let us look up for divine help to execute our duties. For this time we came into the kingdom....
     We've been having our camp meetings after the pandemic subsided, and we praise God for that. I just came back from the last one last Sunday.
     Rom. 13: 11. Indeed, our salvation is nearer now than we first believed as we see the fast-fulfilling events to usher in the great second advent. I hope the Lord is keeping you healthy in this horrible times, and praise God, He is faithful in all His promises. Let's pray for one another most earnestly bro....
     Hopefully we'll have two major end-year meetings - one revival (at ____) and another camp (in Western), with others as the Lord will be opening ways....
     We have a had a good Camp meeting in western where brother ____ ministers. Though large meetings are for now, because of Covid-19, forbidden, but we managed to have one with attendance of close to 100. Our brothers from Uganda, who usually join us at this time, could not allowed to cross the border. Nevertheless, we had a good meeting at the end of which 5 were baptised.
     My brother ____ sister ____ and I are on our way to ____ for a week-long revival meeting. Well be joined by brother ____ from _____. We look forward to divine protection. Pray for and with us that God see us through the week...Remain blessed.
Isa. 4:5-6, B.I., Kenya.


Dearest elder Bob,
     1 John 3:1....
     More than 50 lay workers participated in the missionary training school held at ____ Health Retreat site, ____ EHP.
     For the first time after many years, Lay Workers retreat training was arranged at ____ Water Way Clinic Center in November 03rd –– 16th 2019 and 57 field workers from the two (2) major regions attend the training class. The teachers were selected from the field workers who taught these students the basic gospel principles like; Art of Preaching, Evangelism, Tithing & Offerings, New Logo Sign and many other questions asked brought forward for discussion. I really felt the presence of God during the training and learned more lessons from the lecturers and attendees as well....
     More than 300 people from ____ and ____ attended the camp meeting hosted at ____ District. Local missionaries and pastors do run the meetings and sessions. Message presented brought conviction, that more local people turned each night and morning to listen to the last day (exposing the) deception message. Despite some major disturbance and attack from Satan but we continued till the end of the program. And on the Sabbath day 18 souls baptized, those who were on ready class for a year or two and about 50 new interests stand beside newly baptized candidates promised to join God’’s family in the next baptism.
     At the end of the meeting, we held a combine business meeting and the ____ administration requesting ____ mainland admin to give them one pastor and two missionary with their families to  reside   in  ____  mission  fields   as  fulltime   worker.   We  have   seen  it   and  believed   that God is in control that the work is progressing well and so fast covering PNG, but still the workers are few. We are appealing for yours daily prayers to seek God’s mighty hand in this final work....
God’s rich blessings to you all.
B.K., PNG.


(Combination of 4 letters) Dear Brother Bob,
     3 John 2.
     Hello! Brother Bob how are you? How is the situation there during this time of crisis of Covid-19? I am hoping and praying that you are all fine through the guidance and protection of our Lord.
     As of us here, we are fine too. We are lockdown here in our country site, with some of our young missionaries, and with our children, still doing the work of the Lord. And since we can't travel to inter-provinces but must stay where we are, we still use this time to share to our relatives and the people here the signs of Christ soon coming and the importance of preparation, that we need to seek the Lord now than ever before while there is still time. Because of this crisis, the people are more open to hear the message. And they are more careful now with what they eat, and they now learned to plant their own vegetables and fruits. We also do gardening, planting more fruits and vegetables, at the same time, harvesting rice for it is the time of harvest. We also have more time to study and trained our children and some of the young people here in some line of work. We are also teaching some of the little children here about Jesus.
     Brother Bob, we know that this crisis is just the beginning and it will become more and more worse and disastrous as we near the time. The Sunday law crisis is coming, and we really need to work fast as we never did before so that we will reach and teach and preach to the people the message of the third angel that they will be prepared also to stand in the day of test.
     After our lockdown here on May 15, we have already made a plan for the work of the Lord. We will start our training and church school here for both children and youth, because it is not safe to send them to the public school especially the little children. We have already here 3 volunteer teachers who are willing to be used in this work.
     We are also planning to start our livelihood program as part of the training for the young people and even to the old if they want to join. It is to help and support our young people and our brethren as means of living. It is not for us or to benefit us but them. We are just helping and guiding them with the blessing of the Lord. Our first livelihood program is planting vegetables and fruits and then sell it. And we started already the planting. We are planning also to make and sell soya products (like tofu, soymilk, soy coffee, taho, and anything made from soya), ginger and turmeric tea, different herbal products that we can use also for our medical missionary work. And we are also planning to make our own herbal soap.
     Along with our plan, we have also our schedule of our continued aggressive evangelism and tracts distribution from town to town, and to enter new fields and dark places.
     Brother Bob, we just have a problem with our missionary car. We need 12,000 pesos to fix it (about $250 USD). It needs allignment. Having a car is like having a child for its maintenance. But this car that the Lord gave is a great blessing and help for our work.
     Brother Bob, please include all this plan and all our work in your prayers. I believed that we have a very few days left, and we need to do all we can for the progress of God's cause. May He guide and bless us and use us is this last work and may He find us faithful....
     Brother Bob, I am so thankful that the Lord is so good and merciful.to us for guiding and protecting us in this fearful crisis and for giving us a little more time to work and prepare for Christ's soon coming. As what the testimony said, "The Sunday movement is now making its way in darkness. The leaders are concealing the true issue, and many who unite in the movement do not themselves see whither the undercurrent is tending." 5T 452.
     As we see in the events that is taking place now, the image of the beast is now being formed and we will soon experience the compelling power to bow to the child of the papacy. It is really now time as never before to be more zealous and do aggressive evangelism to warn the people for what is coming and that they also may be ready.
     "God has revealed what is to take place in the last days, that His people may be prepared to stand against the tempest of opposition and wrath. Those who have been warned of the events before them are not to sit in calm expectation of the coming storm, comforting themselves that the Lord will shelter His faithful ones in the day of trouble. We are to be as men waiting for their Lord, not in idle expectancy, but in earnest work, with unwavering faith. It is no time now to allow our minds to be engrossed with things of minor importance. While men are sleeping, Satan is actively arranging matters so that the Lord’s people may not have mercy or justice." 5T 452.
     Brother Bob, during this Covid-19 crisis, the people is more open and willing to hear God's word. And we take this opportunity to work for them and share to them God's message of love and warning. We worked to those former SDA members who backslide from the faith and now they are actively serving the Lord and spending Sabbath with us. Also those who are in darkness, those who do not even know God, are now seeking to know Him. To every people we've met, we try to extend to them the message of salvation especially the message of the soon coming of Jesus. We have now new more members to our church here, spending Sabbaths with us. And also twice a week, every Wednesday and Thursday, we have our schedule of Bible study to several young people here who really wanted to know the truth and our doctrine.
     We are also doing medical missionary work here to those people who are closed to the gospel, we are trying to work for them through the right hand of the message. Their prejudices to the message are now gone. And their minds are now open to know the truth. Brother Bob, we are doing all we can to use every opportunity we have to warn and talk to the people about the truth especially about Jesus soon coming, about the third angel's message, the beast, image and mark of the beast, so that they may be warn and if the Sunday law comes, they might believe.
     Brother Bob, this is the effective time for our leaflets and tracts to fall like the leaves of autumn, since the people are scared for communication, it is the effective way to just hand them out tracts to read. And this what we are doing and still doing it. The problem for us now brother Bob is that our ink for the printer is now gone. Our printer have four colors, and we already bought the one color but we still need to buy the 3 colors. The price for just one color is 3,100 (about $65 USD). So we will still be needing 9,300 pesos (about $195 USD) for our printer to operate again and print thousand copies of tracts. This printer is a cartridge and the print is not easily erase even though the water fell on it. It print very fast. I am praying that you can help us for this. We are going to every barangays to distribute tracts to every homes. So please pray for us.
     Brother Bob, A lot of people are now scared to go to the doctor and to hospitals for fear of Covid 19, and some are approaching us for help. So it is our opportunity to do the work. Some also who are prejudice to the message, we approached them through the right hand of the message.
     We helped several people already and undergo cleansing and liver/kidney flushing. To some, we did hydrotherapy and poultices and helping them to understand the importance of following the laws of health if we want to gain health. And through this work, we are having a chance to share to them the gospel.
     Brother Bob, our brethren here are encouraging us to start our church school, since even the education here is being affected because of covid 19. Our brethren who has children don’t even wants to let their children enrolled in the school of the world. They wanted their children to received Godly education and to be trained for the Lord. And we are planning to do it this year. We ask for your prayers that all our plans for the progress of God's work be done according to His will.
     Brother Bob, I have a lot to say about our work here but I can’t enumerate them one by one. But I assure you that we don’t stop to work, we are doing a lot of work here for the Lord with His approval especially now that ee know that His coming is nearer than we first believed. And through this work we need your prayers that God will send us His Holy Spirit that we may do it effectively and with power....
     Thank you so much for your support. It is really a great help and assistance not only for us and for our work here but for those missionaries who also depend on us. Please pray for all our plans in God's cause, to start our church school soon for the primary, to continue what we are doing now-the schooling and training of our youth, our plan of distributing tracts and that we can buy an ink for our printer, and may God continue to bless our livelihood program that we are doing here now, that all the branches of God's work He may bless and prosper. Especially, please pray that our new converts here will continue to serve the Lord and be established in the truth....
     Since lockdown....we transfered here in the country here in our farm in ____ province that my father gave us and left our home in ____ closed. For five months now, we became so extremely busy because of the country life and for a lot of work here for the Lord. Since March we developed this place, we do clearing and cleaning operation and started to plant lots of vegetables. Although there’s a lot of fruit trees here already but we still plant additional fruit trees. We are now harvesting our vegetables. Since lockdown we also do aggressive evangelism here. We do both gospel and medical missionary work. In our gospel work, it resulted for the converts of several families and individuals and young people, turning back the backslidden to the Lord and reviving the faith of the old brethren here. The most happy thing for me that happened is that my parents and relatives who are a backslide SDA's for a long time are now turn back to the LORD and joining us now serving the Lord actively.
     Last time, I told you about that we are doing medical missionary work, and we helped some people who are sick by using natural way of healing. One of this is my cousin (a catholic) who was suffering from severe liver problem and has a tumor on his colon, he has also a gallbladder stones the doctor told him that it needs operation.  I share to him that he needs to change his lifestyle especially his diet if he still wants to live. We gave lecture to him and taught and assisted him how to begin. We also did liver flushing and colon cleansing for him and used herbals that is good for him. It helped him a lot through the power of God. The stones for his gallbladder and the tumor in his colon were gone and feels better now. Before he can’t go to work anymore. He just stayed home for several months, but now he go back to work already. I am praising and thanking God for hearing our prayer and for healing my cousin. I hope and pray that he will continue to change his lifstyle and his diet that the healing will continue. He is so thankful for what happened to him and he told it to others.
     And you know brother Bob, the people here knew about it. And one of his lady neighbor went to him and asked him what he did. He told the lady about me, and send her to me. The lady told me that her husband who work in Saudi Arabia was diagnosed by the doctor there having stones in the gallbladder too and needs to go on operation. They worry because her husband is a diabetic too. So this lady is pleading to me to help her husband and asked me to tell them what to do and said that he will pay me. I share to her and told her what her husband will do, but I never accept her payment. I just remember the experience of Elisha and just told her that its not me that will bring healing to her husband, but the Lord. After she went home, she called to her husband and relate to him what I told her. Her husband immediately did what I said. From time to time they are calling me, asking me and updating me about the progress of her husband situations. And finally after a week, her husband went back to the doctor and undergo ultrasound and thanks God that the stones in the gallbladder were gone! They are so happy and so grateful that they can’t express. Her husband instructed her to express their gratitude to me, but I told them that it is not me that brought the healing but the Lord God of heaven. Their children are so happy for what happened to their father and even told to some people that they want to enter to our religion. So now we are visiting their families and starting to share to them the gospel of Christ. We hope that God will not only bring physical healing to these souls but spiritual healing as well. I am also teaching them how to deal with the diabetes of their father.
     Also brother Bob, every Tuesday and Thursday we gather young people here and teaching them some songs and about Jesus and his life and truth. Several of these young people are now joining us every Sabbath worshipping the Lord.
     Another thing that we are doing now and keep us busy is the establishment of the livelihood of the church here to benefit all especially the poor brethren and the new converts who has no job because of Covid. We started already the making and selling of soymilk and tofu. Some brethren are doing and cooking it and some sells it. It really help the brethren to survived during this crisis, aside from that we have also our harvest of vegetables. We put up and build a small food production here so that when the sanitary inspection will visit us, it will pass to their inspection.  It is still not yet finish, we just started it. We sell some of our belongings that we don’t need and used the money for this livelihood of the church.
     Brother Bob, please continue to pray for our work here especially those people that we are visiting and giving Bible studies....We are also doing a house visitation and giving series of studies every Wednesday to SDA's about the apostasies of the church. We pray that all our effort will be blessed and bring fruits for the glory of God...
     Till here for now. May God continue to bless and used us in this closing work and help us prepare for the soon appearing of our Lord. God bless.
Your sister in Christ, s.b., Philippines.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler.
     Moments are speeding up and our blessed Redeemer thorough Isaiah 25:9 KJV says: “And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the Lord; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation.“
     The nations are easing the lock-downs save those neighboring the boarders are still under lock-downs in East Africa.
     “If we would at last share the reward of the righteous, we must wisely improve the time of our probation. Moments are more precious than gold....If precious opportunities are slighted, it will result in eternal loss. We need a close connection with God. We are not safe a moment unless guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit.” OHC 187. Let the precious months remaining be devoted to earnest soul labor for our Master.
     We have seen people come to my house for Sabbath meeting which was not the case before Covid 19....And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
     There have been /are multiple effects from the pandemic, measures taken are biting to others whilst some few it has resonated to massive accumulation of wealth, but the world should stand warned.
     1 Timothy 6:17-19 KJV: “Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; [18] That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; [19] Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.”
     Psalms 31:19 KJV: “Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!” Last Sabbath we visited neighbors they were glad some said almost three months no Christians have visited them. O want a great joy!!! We need to seize the opportunities of sharing eternal truths to hungry souls....
     On 10th/September/2020 Mr ____ and family visited (and) they were given SOP books and some booklets by Let There Be Light Ministries.
     By God's grace I keep sharing the good news and I (thought) of the view that if pick-up van/car is obtained we would mount Loud speakers and move in different places in open spaces and give the Last Message of Mercy.
     The silent messenger /Risograph is still (down). But since the government has slowly opened the Lock Down, though with tight restrictions, travel bans have been lifted; places of worship have been opened with a minimum number of seventy adult's (and) children are still out of bounds, but with strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) hand washing, sanitizing and wearing a mask is the new normal. I will need to get a service person to put it right....
     Thanks so much for your prayers and the support God bless you and the entire ministry. I remain yours (in) the blessed Saviour.
B.K., Uganda.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Elder Bob,
     Hope you are well together with the brethren in faith.
     I write to report to you about my missionary trip I took to ____ and ____ in ____ province within ZAMBIA.
     This trip was indeed one of the great trip I have ever had, traveling for over 9hrs starting at 06:30 am from ____ city arriving ____ around 5:30 pm. There I had found Br. ____ with another brother waiting for me at the bus station. I was then taken to the lodge where I spend two nights.
     During these two days, I had meetings with church leaders, handed over 20 local language Bibles and over 300 mixed booklets (Separation, parts 1&2; Time of Trouble and What is Behind the New World Order)...
     Moreover, I visited home church members, and conducted Bible studies with them. I also meet three orphans who stays with their grandmother.
     From my observations and consultations at this place; this home church separated 7 yrs ago, and from Br ____'s home church history, the membership has reached 45 including children....
     We have arranged for another trip in both places.  This time Br. ____ will accompany me. Elder Bob, this is the first report, expect another one dealing with ____ soonest. Thereafter, will give you a full picture of the whole missionary works in ____ and ____ districts. I will love to go there again to help them establish a full church Organization....
     Thank you for your email, Yes this report was being prepared separately as below. Firstly and foremost I want to appreciate you more for every support being sent here for our health/herbal clinic. May the great Lord be with you.
     The herbal clinic is doing well by His grace, when support is sent I buy herbal medicine and natural supplements. These do not take enough days because many brethren in faith and others from the community. Am receiving many people who even just need more advise on what to use in case of covid-19. Moreover, as a family we are using it for our prevention. The herbal remedies has help my friend who had kidney problems and he is still on treatment. Am also getting treated over my neck pains due past accident I had. I have started feeling pains again.
     The present challenges with our clinic is, 1- less herbal medicine and, 2- Supplements. If support be provided evenly or very after two months then I will be able to run the clinic well.
     In this same respect I have managed to acquire 5 hectares land along stream where I have to grow natural vegetables, fruits and potatoes also herbs.
     May the Lord open ways of support for this project to work well so that in future i will prepare herbs and juices from this farm and have good income to support the missionary works. Looking forward to hear more and receive support for medical missionary works....
     Firstly and foremost I want to praise God for His kindly mercy and love He has continued to give me that I should have the love for His work and that you and your ministry are still working towards supporting His work in Zambia and Africa at large. Please, may this love continue even as we near the Lord's soon second coming.
     Many booklets were printed last month and this month we have distributed over 1600, like last Friday brother ____ with the team of Elders from ____ city came to join me and we traveled to visit home churches at ____ at the campmeetings site area where over 600 booklets and GC, SC books were distributed to churches. And Bibles studies were conducted too.
     Right now we are again in the process of reprinting many booklets including GC and SC books for our brethren in ____ and ____ districts home churches where I had traveled in August. Moreover, we have received a request to take these booklets and Bibles to our neighboring country Tanzania.
     Praise the Lord after a long discussion on Whatsapp call with brother ____ of Burundi.  He has requested me to visit his country Burundi to take more materials on separation and to study with the church members on separation messages and true church organization.
     I will be traveling to meet Br. ____ tomorrow for a good plan on this trip. We need to travel together and perhaps invite br. ____ of Namibia so that we go the three of us. I will attach Bro ____'s church pictures so you see the works in this country. Praise God to open up this works. Please inform brethren to help or support the printing project so that we print more materials. Will update you on this plan soon.
     Moreover, medical missionary works needs a lot of support. I do not have herbs or Health supplements at clinic now. And we have many of our brethren in need of help in these supplements for many home churches.
     I appreciate your support to this fact and pray that it will increase by His grace.  I have found a source of natural Honey and I have made an order for 20 litres to be paid soon after I receive the support. Henceforth, I humbly pray that the Lord bless you more to help out purchase more herbs.
     A full treatment and testimony report from the patient will be sent next month to close up for the year.
     Will patiently wait to hear from you.
     May the Lord bless you more and increase our faith and support for His last works. Amen.
B.M., Zambia.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear elder bob.
     Greetings: 1 Corinthians 16:22 “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema. Maranatha.”
     I hope I find you well, amid the confusion and disturbing experience of the Corona virus pandemic. Although the truth surrounding the origin of this pathogenic particle is yet shrouded and buried in a mass of secrecy, we are, however comforted with the thought that God, Our Father is in control over earthly affairs.
     We are fine in Zimbabwe although the work of God seems not to progress as I think because the nation is currently under lockdown. We have had close to a two month national shut down which still continues to an indefinite period. Despite this, the fact that nearly everyone in our localities and on social media platforms is asking whether the prevailing signs that are now occurring one after the other, are doing a lot to send the message home to the minds of man that Christ‘s return is imminent.
     “The time of trouble has already begun. We hear continually of riots and accidents, of murders and robberies. Human life is no longer safe unless under the protection of God. God’s servants must not be surprised that they meet with great difficulties and persecution at this time. In His day, the world’s Redeemer, the Son of God, was shamefully treated by the people He came to bless. He had to go from city to city to ensure His safety, and this persecution followed Him until His work on earth was accomplished.“ Manuscript Releases, Volume 21, page 101, written September 3, 1907....
     The above...giving me a bit of comfort, but much needs to be done to try to unlock current events. However, progress of work on the Platform of eternal truth )WhatsApp group( is amazing as more and more postings are being sent leading to enquiring minds to search more for the present truth. I have also taken an opportunity of posting some of LTBL Ministries tracts, booklets and even books to this platform.
     Although religious meetings have been banned, we have managed to meet with our brethren only twice for religious services at my home. Since movements are being restricted, most of our brethren are afraid to make movements and thereby risk contracting Covid 19. Most of our efforts at home have been entirely devoted to praying for most of the time for the brethren and calling them as much as possible to keep informed of their conditions. I have had to endure answering questions that have to do with the prevailing situation in world....
     We are not able to travel to far places due to government restrictions. However because last time I had to endure answering questions that have to do with the prevailing situation in world, I have done a lot of work in translating some of the LTBL Ministries tracts into our native tongue that our people may read for themselves. I have also prepared some which I am attaching together with this report....
     For the past two months, I have seen the marvelous hand of the Lord as I have continued with the thrust of taking the gospel to the rural areas. I have witnessed that most people in the rural areas are hungering and thirsting for the word of life. There are great turn outs of people on each and every Sabbath meetings and consequently a promising field to work in. I have since managed to present the first angel’s message and currently presenting the second angel’s message. Those who are invited only may number up to 30 individuals who come to listen to the word of God besides our good and regular standing followers. The Lord has in a great measure lifted religious prejudice which the devil often cast in the pathway of those who wish to break the bread of life to needy souls. As I compare this field in which I am working in now and the previous fields I can happily testify that this current fields is a potentially fertile one.
     I have posted some of the photos below on Sabbath outings to show how wonderfully the Lord has blessed us in our evangelistic work in ____ district. My prayer is that the Lord may work through His Holy Spirit for the conversion of many in this region. However my greatest challenge in this field of work is that most these souls do not read in English and yet most of our literature is in English. It therefore behooves me to translate most literature that we may feed the souls with the message for this time. But printing costs have risen to unprecedented levels these days....
     I hope you will continue remembering me in your moral support as I do the same here. Fare ye well in Jesus Christ. Many greetings from the Zimbabwean church.
Yours faithfully, B.N., Zimbabwe.