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     Over the years since Let There Be Light Ministries was established in 1986, various individuals have arisen with an intense desire to fight against me (elder robert) or this Ministry.  I have been accused of all kinds of evils, and all with the malicious intent to assassinate my character; cast doubt on my motives; paint me as an intentional deceiver; wicked person; etc., so that the influence of the Ministry and the present truth I stand for would be weakened or destroyed in the eyes and hearts of others.
     In the past I have mostly refused to take the precious time away from the ministry work which my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has given me to do and some 15 of my home church brothers and sisters have ordained me to perform in order to answer these accusations.  I have instead left my reputation in the hands of God to do with as He pleases.  But with some of these more recent attacks being publicly broadcast far and wide over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and especially when I see dear friends and brethren believing what they see me or this Ministry portrayed as, then with the most serious of these accusations I need to make an exception.

Dog Attack Video and Internet Smear Campaign

Ministry Incorporated With the State Falsehood

 Dog Attack Video and Internet Smear Campaign

Some Background:
     My family and I have been living on our beautiful mountain property since 1995.  When we moved here there were no fences, and our dogs had free access to all parts of our property.  Since we have an orchard and garden, our dogs would be on guard day and night for any signs of deer or other animals intruding on the property so that they could chase them out of their territory and protect it.  This continued to be the case until after the property next to us sold in 2004.
     Our new neighbors were a man named Wolfgang E. Nebmaier and his companion or wife Judith Lynn Piquet who calls herself Vajra Ma.  Mr Nebmaier was born and grew up in post WWII Germany.  Ms Piquet is a high priestess of her own version of a pagan/wiccan religion, and Mr Nebmaier was studying to be, or has already become by now, the high priest of this religion.  They even intentionally requested the state to issue their license plate for their car with the numbers “666” on it!
     Once our pagan neighbors found out that we were keepers of the Bible Sabbath from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, we heard that they thought we were Jewish.  We also heard from one of our other neighbors that our pagan neighbors had then talked to them about not having any further friendship or contact with us.  One morning we even found that someone had drawn swastikas on our white truck using a black permanent marker!  It also appeared to us that our pagan neighbors would go out of their way to try and disturb our peace when the Bible Sabbath came around.
     For instance: On one Sabbath in 2004 Mr Nebmaier used a chain saw to cut down a wooden support post to our metal gate that happened to be located on BLM property, then tied a chain to the gate, placed the other end of the chain onto the bumper of his Isuzu SUV and dragged it up the road across our property and onto his property.  It made so much noise that even the other neighbor some ways away raced up the road to see what was going on.
     On another Sabbath in 2004, Mr Nebmaier drove up the road with a tractor he had just purchased and then intentionally trespassed across our property and used its front bucket to tear down a cable gate across a road on our property that he wanted to use, but which he did not have any legal right to do so.  Later in 2004 I walked up the road to talk to Mr Nebmaier about trying to see if we could come to some sort of a solution on problems between us, and during our conversation he told me “If you do not like what I’m doing, sue me!”  Or in other words, these same type of actions against us would continue to occur.
     With these and other questionable incidents occurring towards us, which of course our neighbors flatly denied any wrong doing, some at the Sheriff’s Department as well as two different attorneys advised us to video tape our neighbors while they were on our property so that these type of aggressive actions could be documented and they be held accountable for.  Video taping on the Sabbath made us uncomfortable, but we could not find any instance where it broke the Sabbath to do so.

     When our pagan neighbors walked down their easement road on our property, they were occasionally greeted by one or more of our three dogs (one an elderly spayed medium sized chow-mix female, and two young adult neutered large sized males – one being a black Labrador and the other a brown Boxer/Labrador mix).  Our dogs were always friendly to them, especially the two males as they love to be petted.
     Our three dogs have never bitten or harmed any neighbor, visitor, friend, relative or any other non-family member at any time.  They are not under voice or hand commands to attack.  We have never had them professionally trained or put through obedience schooling.  We have been trying to train them ourselves to obey simple voice and hand commands like sit, stay, go home, and when we are in front of them and have their attention they are fairly obedient.  But if their attention is focused upon chasing an animal it is quite another thing altogether to try and get them to obey.  It is like they are in the zone.

Dog Incident:
     On Tuesday January 13, 2009, Ms Piquet unexpectedly walked down the easement road with a shepherd mix dog on a leash that was named Tapa.  This was the first time any of them had walked down with a dog, yet Ms Piquet did not bother to call or alert us beforehand of her intentions, but just began walking down with her dog unannounced.  My wife stopped what she was doing and quickly went outside.  At the time we believed the easement agreement between our two properties did not allow our neighbors the legal right to walk any dog on the road, and so my wife mentioned this to her, but she just ignored my wife.  As our dogs had never before attacked another dog on the property we were uncertain what would happen, and so my wife also warned Ms Piquet of the possibility of a confrontation occurring between the dogs.  Ms Piquet’s response was somewhat surprising.  She said that the dogs would work out their own territorial issues between themselves just fine.  Yet she also had a spray bottle of a natural cleaner in her hand which she sprayed onto the head of our curious female dog when the distance between it and her dog got to be about 6 feet apart.  Then she continued walking down the road without incident, and walked back up without incident.
     A few days later, on Sabbath January 17, 2009, Ms Piquet again without notice walked her dog down the road without incident.  My wife, son and I quickly went outside.  I was standing on our deck filming, while my wife and son were down along side the road some 50 feet away from me.  As Ms Piquet was walking back up, my wife, with my son close by, again talked to her, and Ms Piquet’s response back was to just leave her alone, and then she continued walking up.
     When Ms Piquet and her dog were a little ways up the road, or about 50 feet farther away from my wife and son and some 100 feet away from me, is when I saw our female dog in the camera’s view finder already running up the road to confront Tapa (Ms Piquet’s dog) followed by our other two dogs.  My wife had tried to grab one of our dogs as it ran by her, but was unsuccessful.  When I first saw the incident I was somewhat surprised at what was taking place, and I ended up just watching the scene in the small camera’s view finder while remaining inactive.  But as the video shows it was not Ms Piquet that was being attacked by our dogs as our neighbors maliciously and falsely claim, since only their dog was being confronted.
     This first incident was also not much of an “attack” at all as most all of it was just barking and running around.  In fact, Ms Piquet herself backed this up by later admitting to the Sheriff deputy that there were no injuries discovered upon her dog!  So our dogs were not seeking to kill or maim Tapa but were apparently just letting it know it was in their territory.  The main confronter in this incident was our female dog who only made physical contact with Tapa a few times, the brown male possibly once or twice engaged in brief contact, but mostly ran around barking, while the black male did not have any physical contact with Tapa.  Neither I, my wife, nor my son had encouraged our dogs to confront Tapa in any way, nor did we intentionally allow them to run up the road.  It was just something that spontaneously happened.
     After the incident was over and Ms Piquet and her dog had walked up the road, about 20 minutes later my family and I were completely shocked to see both Ms Piquet and Mr Nebmaier walking back down the road with their dog.  I was in front of our dogs and told them to stay which they did.  When our neighbors got close enough Ms Piquet was filming and then she began angrily yelling at me as to why I didn’t help her.  At that moment all I could think of to say was “you were warned”, which of course was true.  They then continued walking down the road and back up without incident.

     After these events were all over and I had time to review what had occurred, and to also see how I could have handled things differently, how I wished I would have put down the camera and ran to break up the incident.  Yelling at the dogs would have been fruitless as only physically intervening would have ended the confrontation.  But I am truly sorry and sincerely apologize to Ms Piquet for not doing anything to help at that time.  I also am truly sorry and sincerely apologize to any and all who have seen the video or heard about the incident for any and all negativity and problems that have been caused because of my lack of action.  Being in the moment, somewhat surprised at what was taking place and with my eye fixed on the scene unfolding in the small camera’s view finder, I simply didn’t act.
     What struck me strange though was that when the neighbors came walking their dog back down shortly after that dog incident, Ms Piquet’s anger was not directed towards my son or my wife who were the two people closest to help her, but all her anger was solely directed towards me even though I was the farthest one away from being able to help.  In addition, Ms Piquet herself had said that it was something the dogs needed to work out between themselves and that we were to leave her alone, but now she is full of angry complaints about the dog incident occurring and not being helped!

     The neighbors reported this dog incident to both the Humane Society as well as the Sheriff’s Department.  On the day that the animal control officer of the Human Society named Bill Powell came to talk with me, which was Wednesday January 21, 2009, the neighbors had walked their dog down to meet him about 1/10 of a mile away from our house.  After meeting with them Mr Powell drove up and began talking to me about the incident.  While in the midst of talking to him our dogs began barking and when I turned around I saw that the neighbors had walked their dog back up the road and were just standing there watching both of us talking, most likely hoping for another dog incident to occur and this time in front of an animal control officer!  As I was in front of all of our dogs I quickly pointed home and then commanded our dogs to stay, and praise the Lord they obeyed.
     After the neighbors had walked up the road and were out of sight, Mr Powell told me that he now understood more of the situation, and said that it was unfortunate that the easement road was directly in front of our house.  He also told me that he would talk to the neighbors about calling us on the phone before they walked their dog down the road so that we could then secure our dogs beforehand and prevent another dog incident from occurring.  Mr Powell told me on Friday January 23, 2009 that he had talked to Mr Nebmaier and had asked him to phone us ahead of time, but that Mr Nebmaier did not tell him that he would do so.
     When the Deputy Sheriff named Jeff Iles drove up to talk with me on Friday January 30, 2009, he asked for my side of the dog incident which I told him.  I also told him that if you just dealt with the amount of time the dogs were actually physically in contact with one another it would amount to just a few seconds as most of the incident was just the dogs barking and running around each other.  The Deputy then stated that none of our dogs had any right to be on the easement road even though it was on our property, and since all three dogs were on the easement then he could ticket me for them all running at large, with the fine being something like $300 for each dog.  But he also stated that since this was the first time something like this had occurred then he was only going to ticket me for just one dog, and then he issued me a citation to that effect.  I challenged this ticket in court, arguing that our dogs had the right to be on all of our property – including on the easement road, since they were guarding our garden on the other side of the road, as well as our orchard that is located on both sides of this road.  The judge agreed with me and then dismissed the ticket, which was a big praise the Lord!
     As both our neighbor’s dog as well as our dogs each had the right to be on that easement road then the easiest and simplest way to prevent any further dog incidents would be for our neighbors to call us ahead of time so that we could then secure our dogs which would allow our neighbors to then walk their dog down and back up in peace.  And it has not just been the animal control officer and ourselves who have recognized this simple fact and have then asked our neighbors to please alert us ahead of time.  Deputy Sheriff Iles told me on January 30, 2009 that he would ask them to phone us ahead of time; an acting bench judge (judge Pat Wolke) asked them directly in front of me at the court building on May 27, 2009 to phone us ahead of time; and an Arbitrator (retired bench judge Gerald Neufeld) also suggested in writing that they give us “advance notice” as a way to solve this problem and prevent any further dog incidents from occurring (Decision of September 16, 2009, p 3).  But throughout this whole dog affair, both Mr Nebmaier and Ms Piquet have flatly refused to warn us ahead of time even though all these official people, as well as ourselves, have directly asked them to do so.
     In looking at this whole affair, it seemed to us that the intentions of our pagan neighbors was not to try and prevent any dog incidents from occurring, but instead was to try and cause as many dog incidents as possible for some specific purpose and premeditated agenda, and that I happened to be the main focus or target of such a devious plan.
     Having seen that our neighbors flatly refused to call us ahead and that they desired to continue walking their dog down unannounced and at any given time of day, we decided after this first incident to gate in our deck area so that when they came down with their dog we could then secure our dogs behind the gate, and keep them on the deck until after our neighbors had finished walking their dog.  So even though our dogs had every right to be on the easement road, yet we decided instead to humbly put our dogs behind a gated area so that we at least could try and prevent any further dog incidents from occurring.

     This plan worked well enough to prevent any further dog incidents until on March 27, 2009 Mr Nebmaier walked his dog down the road unannounced, and our female dog took off to confront their dog with our other two dogs following her before we could get them secured on the deck and behind the gate.
     Not wanting to repeat my previous lack of action, I began yelling at the dogs to stop while I ran the 150 or so feet to where Mr Nebmaier and his dog were in order to physically break up any fight.  What surprised me was that after the dogs began fighting one another Mr Nebmaier grabbed his dog and ended up sitting on the ground holding his dog in his lap and arms while his dog and one or two of our dogs were still fighting.  When I got there I ignored my own personal safety and grabbed hold of our dog and pulled it away from fighting with his dog, which successfully broke up the fight.  I then secured all our dogs behind the gate on our deck.  While doing this my wife had ran up to where Mr Nebmaier was to ask and to see if he and his dog were alright.
     After securing our dogs I quickly went back up to Mr Nebmaier and asked him in front of my wife if he and his dog were ok.  He was talking to Ms Piquet on his ear piece and handless cell phone, and I heard him telling her that only my wife had come up to help him.  Once he was done talking I again asked him if he was alright only to again be ignored.  I again asked him the third time if he was alright and this time he said that I was only to speak to him when he would acknowledge me standing there.  I also told him that if he would just call us ahead of time we would be glad to secure our dogs which would prevent another incident.  But he just ignored me.  Shortly afterwards Mr Nebmaier got up and continued walking his dog down the road and then back up showing that he and his dog were both ok.
     I thought it very strange for Mr Nebmaier to grab his dog and sit down on the ground with it in his lap and arms while the dogs were still fighting together, and then also that he would refuse to acknowledge to Ms Piquet on the phone that I was there to break up the incident and also came back up to see if he was ok and to help him.
     But this type of strange behavior was not just an accident or coincidence as the very same thing occurred about 4 months later on Friday July 10, 2009.  While walking his dog down unannounced once again, our dogs ran and confronted his dog before we could even get out of the house.  My son ended up getting to Mr Nebmaier first and had grabbed hold of two of our dogs.  I then arrived after quickly getting dressed and again ignored my personal safety by grabbing and holding back our other dog while it was still fighting.  I again noticed that Mr Nebmaier was sitting down on the ground and had his dog in his lap with his arms around it.
     While in the process of getting our dogs up on the deck and behind the gate, Ms Piquet had arrived.  After securing the dogs I went back down and asked Mr Nebmaier if he was ok, and I then noticed that one of his fingers was bleeding.  At this point Ms Piquet began yelling and cursing at me and came forcibly up to me and slapped me two times.  She was also claiming that I had intentionally allowed our dogs to attack Mr Nebmaier, which was not true.  Then my son and I heard Mr Nebmaier tell Ms Piquet to calm down a few times, and then he told her that “It was Tapa, it was Tapa” who had bitten his finger.  This most likely occurred when he had grabbed Tapa and sat down.  After Mr Nebmaier had told Ms Piquet that it was Tapa she calmed down somewhat, but then angrily told me to “get out of here”, and began taking pictures of his injury.  So I was unable to help Mr Nebmaier or tend to his injured finger.  A while later, even though it was his own dog who had bitten him, I told Mr Nebmaier that I was sorry about his finger being injured.  Mr Nebmaier just looked at me and then said “What an a--hole” I was, and then walked away.
     But why would both of our neighbors flatly refuse to alert us beforehand that they were walking their dog down?  It now seemed to us that it was because they were hoping that one of them would get bitten or injured by one of our dogs.  Yet our dogs were not interested in attacking, biting or injuring them but were only interested in their dog.  And further, why was Mr Nebmaier purposely grabbing his dog in his arms and then sitting down on the ground thereby placing his body in jeopardy of being harmed?  It now seemed to us that Mr Nebmaier was doing so in hopes that while the dogs were fighting each other he just might get bitten by one of our dogs by mistake!  If what we thought was indeed true, then we understood that our pagan neighbors would continue on with such an aggressive pre-mediated and devious plan to try and get injured by one of our dogs until it finally succeeded.
     At this point both my wife and I understood that in order to completely prevent any further dog incidents we could no longer allow our dogs to freely roam on our property and protect our orchard and garden even though they had every legal right to do so, but that we needed to fence in our dogs at all times.  We then decided to purchase and install strong and secure fencing all around the front and back part of the property where our house was located, and also install a permanent gate.
     Once this fencing and gate were completely installed and our dogs could no longer get down to the road at all, what a great and huge relief it brought to us and our family!  No longer did we have to be on edge wondering if or when our pagan neighbors would unexpectedly walk down with their dog!  No longer did we have to jump up every time one of our dogs barked to look out the front window to see if it happened to be the neighbors!  No longer did we have to immediately stop whatever we were doing, whether we were eating, or bathing, or talking on the phone, or doing ministry work, or having worship, or sleeping, etc., and then quickly go outside and secure our dogs!  Since our dogs could no longer get to the easement road then no more dog incidents could occur.  We finally no longer felt terrorized, but were able to relax and had gained most of our peace back!  We then thought to ourselves and even reproached ourselves as to why we had not spent the money and done this sooner?

     What is very interesting in all this issue, and actually reinforced our belief that this whole thing was a pre-meditated and maliciously planned agenda of our pagan neighbors against us, was because after we had installed this secure fencing and gate and our dogs could no longer confront their dog at all, both Mr Nebmaier and Ms Piquet ended up stopping the walking of their dog down the road!
     Before we had installed this fencing, our pagan neighbors would walk their dog down unannounced about 1-3 times a week.  But after we had it installed, and our neighbors had tested its security for a while by doing what they could to rile our dogs up (such as by poking sticks through the fencing at our dogs, or allowing their dog to stay near the fence so as to encourage our dogs to run down there and try and confront their dog, etc.), and still our dogs could not get through the fencing, then they finally stopped walking their dog down the road altogether.  Now if they happen to walk down the road it is without their dog with them, and if they happen to take their dog off their property it is only by having it secured in their car.  This plainly indicated to us that since no more dog incidents could occur, then our pagan neighbors saw no further need to continue walking their dog down the road!
     It was only at this point – when no more dog incidents could possibly occur – that our pagan neighbors then went public with an internet smear campaign to try and paint me as being an unloving, inhuman and evil man, and placed the video of the dog incident on You-Tube and elsewhere to try and prove this.  There was even a Facebook page opened up with my name in the title to more quickly spread their smear campaign against me to a wider audience.  Before this internet campaign began, we just thought that our pagan neighbors were trying to harass and terrorize us so that we would move away, or that they were trying to get injured by one of our dogs so that they could then turn around and sue us for as much money as they could get.  But after our neighbors went public with their malicious internet campaign we finally understood that their pre-meditated agenda was focused upon me to try and discredit me as a minister of God and to weaken or even destroy my ministry work for Him!

How a Copy of the “Dog Attack” Video Got Online:
     As our pagan neighbors kept walking their dog down the easement road against our protests, were continually refusing to warn us beforehand so that we could secure our dogs and prevent another dog incident, and we realized that they were not going to stop, we then sought an injunction to legally prevent them from continuing to do so.  Mr Nebmaier opposed this injunction, and a hearing date was scheduled so both sides could argue their case.  Mr Nebmaier then submitted a Discovery request to us for all evidence relating to dogs on the easement road which included our copy of this “dog attack” video.
     We questioned our attorney about this Discovery request, and he assured us that all our evidence submitted to Mr Nebmaier was strictly limited to this particular case and could not be legally used by Mr Nebmaier beyond the limits of this case, and to do so would be illegal.  All our evidence submitted to Mr Nebmaier – including the images on this video tape – still remained our property, but Discovery legally allowed him to obtain such evidence in our possession so that he could be able to knowledgeably defend as well as present his case at the hearing.  So under these conditions we submitted our copy of this video to Mr Nebmaier, and we have not submitted any other copies of this video to any other person or agency, including the Sheriff’s Department or the Court.  The Arbitrator ended up denying our request for an injunction stating that in his opinion our neighbors could lawfully walk their dog down the easement road without breaking the terms of the easement agreement.
     After we had completely fenced in our dogs and no more dog incidents could occur, our neighbors then unethically used our property without our permission and according to our attorney illegally posted this “dog attack” video on the internet, and this video continues to be available for viewing to this day.  This just shows to what lengths our pagan neighbors will go in their malicious efforts to publicly smear me and try to destroy this Ministry.

     Another thing our pagan neighbors bring up in their internet smear campaign against me is their claim that the money my wife and I have been forced to use in legal affairs dealing with them has possibly been funded with Ministry money.  This is not true!  Every single bit of money we have spent in these legal issues, or in fencing the property, has been from our own personal funds, mainly derived from refinancing our home, and I solemnly declare before the Godhead as my witnesses and also before anyone else reading this that we have not used any money at all from Ministry funds to pay for any of this.  All of our personal issues have been solely and strictly paid from our personal resources, and not any pennies or dollars of Ministry money has been used in anything dealing with these unfortunate issues.
     Also, we have not spent nearly the amount of money our pagan neighbors are claiming that we have.  Any time you refinance your property the remaining amount of the previous note is always included in the refinanced amount plus any additional fees.  Also those whom we have used to legally represent us have recognized what was really going on with our pagan neighbors and God softened their hearts so that they graciously reduced their fees and even then settled for much less than they could have charged us, and we are ever grateful to them for this kindness!  It is true that we would have liked to use our own personal money for a better purpose.  Yet it is another thing to stand idly by and allow another to sue you to obtain various portions of your property for no compensation, or to continually harass and terrorize you and others you love without trying to do something to legally stop them from continuing such aggressive actions.

Actions of Aggression Towards Others:
     It has not just been me and my family that have experienced and suffered through what we see as harassing and aggressive actions from Mr Nebmaier and Ms Piquet.  Our other neighbors relate that they have also experienced similar actions against them from these two.  There have also been others in our local community, as well as in the community next to ours, who relate experiencing similar actions against them from one or both of these two as well!  So this is not just an isolated and localized problem occurring between ourselves and our pagan neighbors.  For those who may doubt this, we can provide names and contact information for verification.

     I realize that what I have honestly stated here will probably not do anything to better the situation between us and our pagan neighbors.  They will most likely endeavor to pick apart, twist and color what I have written so that they can gain new fuel to continue their public malicious agenda and smear campaign against me and this Ministry.  I also realize that what I have honestly stated here may not change the minds of others who have already formed negative opinions about myself.  Yet both of these groups are outside of my ability to change beyond what I have already stated herein, and so I have to leave them with the God of heaven.
     All of God’s followers, including myself and my family, are increasingly being involved in the ongoing warfare between Christ and Satan.  Since all warfare the devil uses is based upon deception in order to succeed, then you can understand that he and all of his agents will exaggerate or misstate or twist facts, or will even use outright lies, as weapons to further their warfare against Christ and all those who have chosen to follow Him.  Whereas Christ and His followers cannot use such evil tactics for their weapons, but instead can only use the truth in this combat.  Those who speak lies will always gain more listeners and sympathizers than those who speak the truth, and it is no different in this particular issue.
     I also know that God is in control, and even though this public attack against me and this Ministry is difficult to endure, yet God will arrange it so that precious souls will be awakened by this controversy and led to check out the truths contained on our www.LightMinistries.com website who would not have otherwise visited it.  So even though the devil is attacking and trying to destroy the Ministry, yet God will turn all these well planned attacks around so that they instead will lead to the spreading of His truth and a victory for His cause.

     I thank you for taking the time to read through this.  I thank you also so very much for your prayers in these very last days of earth’s history just before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ returns in power and great glory.  I also thank our supporters, friends and loved ones for understanding that there was more to this internet attack than just what was portrayed and deviously stated was true by our pagan neighbors, and especially for also remaining united with me and not pulling away.  I urge those who have been misled or have taken a different course in regards to me or this Ministry to not be so willing to believe what you read or view on the internet.  After all, can you really believe what someone states to be true if they serve the father of lies?
     I also ask that you all please pray for our pagan neighbors, and that they will soon realize that if they truly desire eternal life that this life can only be found in accepting and serving the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:36; 1 John 5:11-12), and if they choose to serve the author of sin and deception then he can only bring them death (Romans 6:23).  I also ask that you please continue to keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers because the Devil is doing all he can do to discredit me as a minister of Christ, destroy my ministry work for God and bring the present truth into disrepute.  I know one of the major reasons behind why our pagan neighbors purchased and moved onto the property next to us at the time they did, why this issue has all come up in the first place, and then why it has been so largely made public throughout the internet!  And I will reveal this major reason at the proper time.

 Ministry Incorporated With the State Falsehood

     Contrary to what some are claiming, I have not Incorporated Let There Be Light Ministries with the State of Oregon in which we reside. And just to be clear, I also have not registered this Ministry with the US Federal Government, and we do not have a 501c3 status with the IRS.  We have nothing to do with being part of an Image of the Beast.  All that I have done is to obtain an ABN (Assumed Business Name), also referred to in some States in the USA as a DBA (Doing Business As), license with the State of Oregon.

Why Obtain an ABN?
     Here in the USA, people who conduct business (purchasing or selling) under a name which is not their own personal name (whether a Business, Ministry, Organization, etc.) are required by law to be open and honest with the public and disclose to them who is the actual person or persons operating it.  This openness is very simply accomplished by obtaining a ABN or DBA license, which, here in Oregon, is kept on record at the Secretary of State Corporation Division - Business Registry.  So in order to open a bank account under the Let There Be Light Ministries' name, and be able to write checks, deposit checks and purchase or sell items under this Ministry name, Oregon law required that I obtain an ABN, which I did. (Click here to see the Oregon Law  /  Click here to see a copy of the original ABN Application which was filled out at my bank).  After obtaining this ABN, the public could now freely discover who is operating Let There Be Light Ministries by visiting the Oregon State Business Registry website, type in this Ministry name and they could quickly see that I am the person operating this Ministry, and then knowing this information they could decide whether to deal with this Ministry or not.  

     If LTBL Ministries was registered as a Corporation then the Oregon State Business Registry would clearly list us as such under those particular class abbreviations.  But we are not Incorporated, but are clearly publicly listed as only having an ABN (Assumed Business Name) (Click here to see Oregon State's Business Registry public listing).  Now we also discovered that there is a free non-State public listing/directory of Oregon Businesses that wrongly lists this Ministry as being Incorporated, and we have contacted them, told them that we are not Incorporated and also asked them to please change their listing in order to correctly match the Oregon State's listing.  Hopefully they will do so.  But this just goes to show that you cannot trust everything you find on the internet as being 100% correct, especially from websites that hope you will purchase their offered services when visiting their free listing/directories.
     So again, I have not Incorporated this Ministry with the State of Oregon or registered it with the US Federal Government.

     May God open the eyes and understanding of our precious Remnant people to recognize what is really taking place, and to not believe all that they see on the Internet or publicly hear from any who are clearly following Satan's plan to attack and discredit those who are preaching the full present truth Loud Cry message in these last "windy" days just before our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ returns.