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part 1 - The Plan quotes
(Click here for the Handout of Pope Benedict XVI statements exalting Sunday)

1)     The main "eternal purpose of the Lord of the World" is that Satan will come to “this planet in order to carry forward His fixed designs" so that "all lives in all kingdoms" will be the "vehicle" for the “expression of...himself”! The Rays and the Initiations, p 242, by Alice Bailey.

2)    This is to be accomplished through "initiation" in which a "special state of consciousness" is achieved, enabling you "to grasp more and comprehend more of His divine purpose."The Rays and the Initiations, p 242, Alice Bailey.

3)   "[Lucifer is] the great initiator....Lucifer works within each of us to bring us...to that point which I term the Luciferic Initiation...it is an initiation into the New Age." Reflections of the Christ, p 44-45, New Age leader David Spangler.

4)   "Benjamin Creme (spokesman for the Maitreya or the false Christ of the New Age Movement) has declared that `revitalized' Christian churches as well as Masonic lodges will be used for purposes of giving these `mass planetary initiations.'" The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p 140, by Constance Cumbey.

5)   "The Workers in the Field of Religion...[are] to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and it will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit....The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ..." Discipleship In The New Age, Vol 1, p 38, by Alice Bailey.

6)  "The time has come to obtain peace on this planet...the United Nations Charter has to be supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws....
     "I think that what is wrong...[is that] we have forgotten...we have a cosmic evolution and [spiritual] destiny." Robert Muller, quoted in The Seduction of Christianity, p 53-54, by Dave Hunt.

7)   "Once complete unity has been achieved, Christ--who will be the Omega Point--will appear; man will then be more than man, will be what Teilhard called Ultra-Human; the cosmos will be transformed; and the glory of it all will be established." The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, p 288, by Malachi Martin.

8)   "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name" Revelation 14:9-11.

9)    "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus" Revelation 14:12.

10)  "A new papal encyclical on social and economic rights endorses religious liberty and the rights of conscience but also reiterates church support for Sunday legislation.
     "The document, Centesimus Annus, was released by Pope John Paul II last May in observance of the 100th anniversary of Rerum Novarum a major Vatican encyclical on economics and worker's rights....
     "Ironically, at the same time the papal document called for religious liberty guarantees, it also called for government recognition of Sunday as a day of rest and worship. `[Pope Leo XIII] affirms the need for Sunday rest so that people may turn their thoughts to heavenly things and to the worship which they owe to almighty God,' said John Paul II. `No one can take away this human right, which is based on a commandment.'
     "`In this regard,' the pope continued, `one may ask whether existing laws and the practice of industrialized societies effectively ensure in our own day the exercise of this basic right to Sunday rest.'" Church and State, July/August, 1991, p 21.

11)    The Pope even urged fellow Catholics to "strive to insure that civil legislation respects their duty to keep Sunday holy," and that "the State must guarantee" Sunday rest. Dies Domini, July 7, 1998.

12)    – 5-29-05: Sunday “is the identity of the Christian community and the center of his life and mission”, that “we cannot live without joining together on Sunday”, that only those Christians “who lived in accordance with Sunday” have “attained new hope”, and that “the Christians of today will rediscover the crucial importance of the Sunday Celebration”. (Pastoral Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Bari for the Closing of the 24th Italian National Eucharistic Congress, Homily of Pope Benedict XVI, Esplanade of Marisabella, Sunday, May 29, 2005.)

     – 7-25-05: Saturday is “no longer” the worship day of God, only on Sunday can we become part of the body of Christ in the world, only by worshiping on Sunday can we avoid “egoistic isolation” and instead be united “in a great community...a universal community” becoming “related to everyone in the world.” (Meeting with Diocesan Clergy of Aosta, Address of Pope Benedict XVI, Parish Church at Introd (Aosta Valley), Monday, July 25, 2005.)

     – 8-15-05: Every Sunday is to be dedicated and given to God. (Mass on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Homily of Pope Benedict XVI, given in Parish Church of Castel Gandolfo, Monday, August 15, 2005.)

     – 11-12-05: “Social disorder, war, injustice and violence” can only be countered “by renewed appreciation and respect for the universal moral law [Sunday observance], that only by recognizing that law can the world have “dignity, life and freedom” with “conditions of justice and peace” in all the communities of the world, and that the promotion and defense of this law is what “must govern relations between nations and peoples in the pursuit of the common good of the human family...within the international community.” (Address of Pope Benedict XVI to H.E. Mr Francis Rooney, New Ambassador of the United States of America to the Holy See, Saturday, November 12, 2005.)

     – 1-27-06: Sunday is a day of rest for all workers. (Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Italian Christian Workers' Associations (A.C.L.I.), Clementine Hall, Friday, January 27, 2006.)

     – 11-27-06: People cannot be sanctified except on Sunday, that Christ transferred Sabbath sacredness to Sunday, that only those who keep Sunday belong to Christ, that only on Sunday does “the risen Lord makes himself present among his followers”, that only these “worship God properly”, and that may Sunday “regain all its importance.” (Letter of Pope Benedict XVI to Card. Francis Arinze on the Occasion of the Study Day in Honour of the 43rd Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, From the Vatican, November 27, 2006.)

     – 2-22-07: Sunday is an “obligation for all the faithful” which brings “authentic freedom enabling them to live each day”, that it is the Lord’s day, that it is “a day to be sanctified”, and those who do not keep it suffer “the loss of an authentic sense of Christian freedom” and the loss of being “the children of God”, that Sunday is the “primordial holy day” and “is meant to be kept holy”, “a day of rest from work”, which hopefully “will also be recognized by civil society” by law. (Sacramentum Caritatis: Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on the Eucharist as the Source and Summit of the Church's Life and Mission, Given by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome, at Saint Peter's, February 22, 2007, the Feast of the Chair of Peter.)

     – 3-28-07: “It is necessary” “to hold Sunday in special high regard” in order “to remain united to Christ”, as “it is the day dedicated to the Lord.” (Message of Pope Benedict XVI to the Participants in the 9th International Youth Forum (Rocca di Papa, 28-31 March 2007), from the Vatican, March 28, 2007.)

     – 5-13-07: Only on Sunday can we experience “a personal encounter with Christ.” (Apostolic Journey of Pope Benedict XVI to Brazil on the Occasion of the Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Carribbean, Inaugural Session, Address of Pope Benedict XVI, Conference Hall, Shrine of Aparecida, Sunday, May 13, 2007.)

     – 9-9-07: “Without the Lord’s day, we cannot live”, that meeting with the Lord only occurs on the “specific day” of Sunday, that life does not flourish without Sunday, and that Sunday is a day of rest, of freedom and equality for all the world. (Eucharistic Celebration Homily of Pope Benedict XVI , Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, Sunday, September 9, 2007.)

     – 2-29-08: Encouraged America to exercise “its leadership within the international community” based on “the common moral law [Sunday holiness].” (Address of Pope Benedict XVI  to H.E. Mrs. Mary Ann Glendon, New Ambassador of the United States of America to the Holy See, Friday, February 29, 2008.)

     – April, 2008: The world has greater need of hope for peace, justice and freedom, which “can never be delivered without obedience to the law of God [Sunday holiness]”. (Video-Message of the Pope Benedict XVI  to Catholics and People of the United States of America on the Occasion of the Upcoming Apostolic Journey,  April 15-21, 2008.)

     – 4-18-08: The RCC “makes its contribution (in the ethical and moral sphere) according to the dispositions of international law, helps to define that law, and makes appeal to it”, that we live in a time when little groups of independent people threaten the unity of the world, and that the only way to combat this problem is by establishing law and then ordering all of society according to this law, thus promoting “peace and good will throughout the earth.” (Apostolic Journey to the United States of America and Visit to the United Nations Organization Headquarters, Meeting with the Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, Address of Pope Benedict XVI, New York, Friday, April 18, 2008.)

13)    "We, the undersigned ministers and Christian workers [representing the Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist churches], appeal to the Christian Community...to protect the Lord's Day by using it as a time for worship and service to the Lord Jesus Christ." Handout entitled, "An Open Letter to the Christian Community", Brandon, IL., 1988.

14)    "...a bill (S. 2983) to secure to the people the enjoyment of the first day of the week as a day of rest, and to promote its observance as a day of religious worship..." Congressional Record, 50th Congress, 1st Session, vol 19, Part 5, May 21, 1888, p 4455.

15)    "Sunday is a traditional day of rest. It is a day of worship. Sunday is a day to be together as a family. Sunday is not a mandatory work day!...Six days already belong to the employer to use his employees as desired (24 hours per day). The Sabbath day belongs to the worker....
     "Solidarity is vital to the labor movement, and your help is needed. Please shop at other union stores...until our labor dispute is settled." Handout entitled, "Solidarity: All Union Members Must Unite", 1988.

16)    "The Lord's Day Alliance of the United States was founded in 1888 to maintain and promote the Sabbath as a day of rest, worship, Christian education and spiritual renewal...
     "I, Joe Frank Harris, Governor of the State of Georgia, do hereby proclaim the day of February 12, 1989 [Sunday], as a special day for THE LORD'S DAY ALLIANCE OF THE UNITED STATES as they celebrate their 101st anniversary, and for placing emphasis on the importance of observing Sunday as the Lord's Day." Copy of A Proclamation: By the Governor of the State of Georgia, signed and sealed on January 25, 1989, by Governor Joe Frank Harris.

17)    "In his first act as president Friday [January 20, 1989], Bush signed a proclamation making Sunday a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving..." The Star News (Pasadena, California), January 21, 1989, p A-4.

     "I, George Bush (Sr), President of the United States of America, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 22, 1989 [Sunday], a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving and call upon the citizens of our great Nation to gather together on this day in homes and places of worship to pray...Let all Americans kneel humbly before our Heavenly Father..." Copy of Proclamation: By the President of the United States of America, signed on January 20, 1989, by President George Bush, Sr.

18)    "Germany plans to make Sunday the official day of rest for the EC's 320 million citizens...have met with unexpected support from other community countries...
     "Herr [Franz] Berger's scheme could...transpose German rules against commercial activities on Sunday...to every other country in the community....
     "All EC countries except Britain believe workers should be automatically entitled by law to at least one day off in seven, and Germany is pushing for Sunday to be officially designated." London Daily Telegraph, September 29, 1990.

19)    "The people of God are not ready for the fearful, trying scenes before us, not ready to stand pure from evil and lust amid the perils and corruptions of this degenerate age.  They have not on the armor of righteousness, and are unprepared to war against the prevailing sin and iniquity around them.  Many are not obeying the commandments of God; yet they profess so to do." Review and Herald, September 7, 1886.

20)    "God desires His people to prepare for the soon-coming crisis.  Prepared or unprepared, they must all meet it; and those only who have brought their lives into conformity to the divine standard, will stand firm at that time of test and trial." Acts of Apostles, p 431-432.

21)    "The Lord is coming very soon, and we are entering into scenes of calamity.  We need not say: The perils of the last days are soon to come upon us.  Already they are come....We are in the shaking time, the time when everything that can be shaken will be shaken." Faith I Live By, p 336.

22)    "Those professed christians who come up to the time of trouble unprepared, will, in their despair, confess their sins in words of burning anguish, while the wicked exult over their distress.  The case of all such is hopeless....[For] there will be no atoning blood to cleanse from sin and pollution." Spiritual Gifts, book 3, p 134.