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     When confronted with this startling question, most professed Seventh-Day Adventists will refer to an article written by Ellen White in 1893, to “prove” that the SDA Church is not Babylon, nor will ever reach that corrupt spiritual condition.  This article is found in Manuscript Releases, vol.1, p. 348-357.  

     However, Ellen White’s reason for writing this testimony was in opposition to a group of people who, in 1893, wrongly accused the SDA church of being Babylon then.  She even uses the words “at the present time” in her assessment of the state of the SDA Church in 1893.  Never, in any other place or at any time before or after 1893, does she say not to call the church Babylon.  Nor did she make any unconditional promise that the SDA Church could never become Babylon!  Using common sense as well as researching her comments in context, one can clearly see that her testimony has no bearing on the current state of the SDA Church organization.  

     Why?  Because “God's promises are all made upon conditions.” Faith and Works, p. 47.  If His people remain faithful and obedient to His will, he will bless them and keep them.  But if they are unfaithful, they have no right to expect that God will still preserve them as His chosen (see Upward Look, p. 131).  Just look at the Israelites if you doubt this!  They are no longer God's chosen people, because they apostatized from Him!  So the idea of "once a chosen church always a chosen church” is a falsehood---a Babylonish lie taught in Daniel’s day and also by the Jewish church in proclaiming that God can only dwell in a church structure, when God plainly tells us differently in Acts 17:24; Matthew 18:20.

     We are also told: “Jerusalem is a representation of what the church will be if it refuses to walk in the light that God has given.Testimonies vol.8, p.67-68.  And did you know that Jerusalem also became part of Babylon?
     “Babylon is also charged with the sin of unlawful connection with ‘the kings of the earth.’  It was by departure from the Lord, and alliance with the heathen, that the Jewish church became a harlot; and Rome…receives a like condemnation.” Great Controversy, p. 382.

     And Ellen White herself plainly warned the SDA Church that it would likewise become Babylon if ever it were to meet the conditions of Babylon:  “The world must not be introduced into the church and married to the church. Through union with the world the church will become corrupt, ‘a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.’Review and Herald, Feb.26, 1895, vol.3, p. 233, col 2. (See also Testimonies to Ministers, p. 265.)  A “cage of every unclean and hateful bird” is how Revelation 18 describes Babylon!  
     “We are in danger of becoming a sister to fallen Babylon, of allowing our churches to become corrupted, and filled with every foul spirit, a cage for every unclean and hateful bird….” Manuscript Releases, vol. 21, p. 380.

     “Babylon is said to be ‘the mother of harlots.’ By her daughters must be symbolized churches that cling to her doctrines and traditions, and follow her example of sacrificing the truth and the approval of God, in order to form an unlawful alliance with the world.” Great Controversy, p. 382-383.  

     Sadly, her warnings went unheeded.  The SDA church apostasy began with the leaders--the General Conference--relying upon themselves and their own ideas in place of God’s authority.  In 1888, they rejected a great light that God had given them.  They then began establishing a kingly centralizing power just like the Catholic popes through the Vatican!  In doing so, they went directly against God’s will, and God rebuked them for it:
     “That these men should stand in a sacred place to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be, that is past….God wants them to be removed.
     “God has not put any kingly power in our ranks to control…” GC Bulletin, April 3, 1901, p. 23-26.

     “Consider, my brethren and sisters, that the Lord has a people, a chosen people, His church, to be His own, His own fortress, which He holds in a sin-stricken, revolted world; and He intended that no authority should be known in it, no laws be acknowledged by it, but His own.” Testimonies to Ministers, p. 16.

     “As for the voice of the General Conference, there is no voice from God through that body that is reliable.Manuscript Releases, vol. 17, p. 178.

     Then in 1903, the church voted in the beginnings of a hierarchy that would eventually control all institutions and SDA interests.  As a result of this arrogant, unrepentant transgression, God’s divine presence and glory departed from the corporate body of Adventism.  God Himself, through His prophet, confirms this in Testimonies, vol 8, p. 248-250 (April 21, 1903):  “Why is there so dim a perception of the true spiritual condition of the church?….I saw our Instructor pointing to the garments of so-called righteousness. Stripping them off, He laid bare the defilement beneath. Then He (Christ) said to me: 'Can you not see how they have pretentiously covered up their defilement and rottenness of character? 'How is the faithful city become an harlot! My Father's house is made a house of merchandise, a place whence the divine presence and glory have departed!’”

     Despite these God-given admonitions, the SDA Church continued on its downward spiral toward the world, mingling and replacing God’s sacred fire of truth with common traditions of men -- just like the Jewish church (see 3RH, p 466).  The SDA Church of today continues to grow more closely united with the world, and for a more thoroughly-detailed study of the history surrounding the SDA church apostasy and other important events in a year-by-year setting so you can see the evidence of this yourself, please visit: www.LightMinistries.com/SDA/Books/id94.htm or write to the address at the end of this tract.

     But why would God depart from His once faithful SDA church?  Because the church and its leadership forsook God and united with the world back then, and today have even joined with the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, as well as the Ecumenical Movement!  (For proof, please visit www.LightMinistries.com/SDA/Booklets/id123.htm).

     “By choosing the world and its attractions, they divorce themselves from God.” Review and Herald, July 13, 1897 (vol 3, p. 481, col 1).

     “The church and the world are standing on the same ground in transgression of the law of God. The church prefers to assimilate to the world rather than separate from its customs and vanities.” Manuscript 44, 1900 (Last Day Events from the Letters and Manuscripts of E.G. White, p. 55).

     “Daily the church is becoming converted to the world.” Testimonies, vol 8, p. 118-119. (See also Christ's Object Lessons, p. 315-316).

     “The central power of the earth is a demon. His throne is in the midst of the world, where should have been seen the throne of God. He has been patronized by the church, for the church has been conformed to the world, and is living in transgression of the Holy Law of God.” This Day With God, p. 28 (1900).

     “…the term ‘Babylon,’ which prophecy (Revelation 14:8; 18:2) applies to the world-loving churches of the last days.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p 124.

     And did you know that even the SDA Church herself agrees with this declaration?  In SDA Encyclopedia, vol. 10 of the Bible Commentary Reference Series, p. 410-411, the SDA church clearly states to all her members that any church connected with the ecumenical movement and united with the WCC becomes part of Babylon the great, and that all who choose to serve God must separate themselves from that church.  So, in effect, the SDA church has declared herself to be part of Babylon by both definition and judgment, and has told all her members to separate from her!

     This separation is exactly what needs to happen!  “Come out of her, my people,” God calls, “that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4 (see also 2 Corinthians 6:17).
     We must come out from all that is corrupted by Babylon, because while we knowingly remain a part of Babylon, we cannot be saved!
     “It is impossible for you to unite with those who are corrupt, and still remain pure….God and Christ and the heavenly host would have man know that if he unites with the corrupt he will become corrupt.” Review and Herald, vol.4, p.137 (see also 2 Corinthians 6:14-15; Matthew 6:23).
     “A blessing or a curse is now before the people of God--a blessing if they come out from the world and are separate, and walk in the path of humble obedience; and a curse if they unite with the idolatrous, who trample upon the high claims of heaven.” Testimonies, vol.1, p. 608-609.

     “If we turn from the testimony of God's Word, and accept false doctrines because our fathers taught them, we fall under the condemnation pronounced upon Babylon….” Great Controversy, p. 536-537.

     Now, does this mean that we just need to separate from those SDA churches blatantly in apostasy, and join some out-of-the-way SDA church which appears to be safe?  No!  As diseased blood infects every part of a body, so does corruption at the heart of the work affect the whole church system! (see Testimonies, vol.4, p. 210).  

     Furthermore, the SDA church will never repent; there will be no great reformation to God before the end, as some claim.  Judgment has already been pronounced, as it was upon the Jewish church in Christ’s time! (see Matthew 23:38).  The foundation of the entire SDA church system is built upon the sand of human reasoning rather than the solid rock of Christ, and it is plainly declared by Ellen White in SpT Series B#7, p. 57 (December 4, 1905): “One thing it is certain is soon to be realized,--the great apostasy, which is developing and increasing and waxing stronger, and will continue to do so until the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout. Thus there is no hope of ever having a revival and reformation within the SDA church!

     A solemn prophesy regarding these very times can be found in Spirit of Prophecy vol. 4, p. 424-425, and is taking place before our eyes now!  “Thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these.  In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from heaven." Great Controversy, p. 606-607.

     Please examine the fruits your church is producing and see for yourself, as Christ told us in Matthew 7:16-20.  “Not by its name, but by its fruit, is the value of a tree determined.  If the fruit is worthless, the name cannot save the tree from destruction.” Desire of Ages, p. 107.  Christ cannot dwell in our hearts if those hearts are under bondage to sin or to men.  We must study for ourselves to discern what is truth from error (Isaiah 8:20; 2 Timothy 2:15), and then follow what is right: “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29.

     Don’t remain ignorantly bound to a doomed and sinking Laodicean ship--open your eyes, follow Christ’s call and jump into that other boat! (see Testimonies, vol. 5, p 571-572).  Let His shining light cut through the fog of deception and guide you away from the crafty snares of the devil.  Go to be with Him where he waits, calling you outside the gates of the church! (see Hebrews 13:12-13; Isaiah 52:11; Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4).  Time is almost over and probation is closing--God will not wait much longer!  Will you stand for or against Him?  Your choice will decide your eternal destiny.

     “Flee out of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul.  Be not cut off in her iniquity.” Jeremiah 51:6.

     “Turn ye, turn ye….for why will ye die?” Ezekiel 33:11.