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March - April, 2010

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is 'PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     Amazing as this sounds, yet it is an undeniable fact of truth that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is giving up and rejecting the Sabbath of the Lord, in order to embrace Sunday worship instead!  This blatant apostasy of the Adventist Church in growing rejection of God’s Sabbath day is not being practiced behind closed doors by the church leadership, nor is it being kept secret.  But this great apostasy is plainly being declared in print, and is openly being practiced for all to see.
     Yet many are unaware of this apostasy, and believe that the SDA church is not and could not betray our Lord with such traitorous actions.  For the many honest-hearted souls who are not aware of this great apostasy taking place in the Adventist Church of today, we dedicate this Newsletter.
     The Sabbath is the great testing truth found in the third angel’s message.  This truth states that the Seventh-day or Saturday is the only Lord’s day of worship as the Sabbath (Genesis 2:2-3; Revelation 1:10; Testimonies, vol 6, p 128); that it is a special holy day of rest in which we are to cease from all secular labor, from all business and worldly affairs, and devote this 24 hour day to God (Exodus 20:8-11; Isaiah 58:13-14; Nehemiah 13:15-22); that it is the sign or seal of God (Ezekiel 20:12, 20; Exodus 31:13-17), and that there is no biblical truth supporting a change to Sunday as the Lord’s day (Exodus 20:8-11; Deuteronomy 5:12-15; Hebrews 4:3-11; Ezekiel 20:12-
20; 1 Chronicles 17:27).  Thus we must keep the Sabbath holy in obedience to God if we want to make it to heaven (Early Writings, p 37; Desire of Ages, p 206; Testimonies, vol 8, p 196-198; Great Controversy, p 455; Testimonies, vol 6, p 349; Prophets and Kings, p 182; Bible Commentary, vol 7, p 949; Testimonies, vol 3, p 392; Evangelism, p 290; Testimonies, vol 1, p 532; vol 2, p 705; Life Sketches, p 117-118), because the Sabbath will be the great test and dividing line between those who follow God and are saved, versus those who follow Satan and are lost (Revelation 13:17-18; Testimonies, vol 1, p 353-354; Bible Commentary, vol 7, p 983).

     Many believe that the Seventh-day Adventist church could never give up the truth regarding the Sabbath. They reason that since the very name of the church contains the words "Seventh-day" in it, then the church can never belittle the Sabbath until they would change their name. Others believe that the Seventh-day Adventist church will remain true to the Sabbath until the Sunday law, and then overnight the church will give it up for Sunday.
     Both of these beliefs are erroneous, yet they are accepted as truth by thousands of SDAs.  Thus these beliefs allow Adventists to remain in willing ignorance as to what is going on in their church, and some even refuse to investigate into what is openly occurring in regards to God’s Sabbath.  But is there really any evidence that the SDA church is belittling and downgrading the Sabbath truth of the third angel and actually exalting Sunday instead?
     What about the truth that the seventh-day or Saturday is the Lord’s only day of worship as His Sabbath? What does the SDA church now state about this?
     "While the Sabbath commandment has a distinct practical value, the specific day, in and of itself, doesn’t. Thus...keeping any other day could ‘work’..." A Pause For Peace: What God’s Gift of the Sabbath Can Mean for You, p 114, by Clifford Goldstein, published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association in 1992.

     "God is glad for us to go to church both days [Saturday and Sunday]. He wants us to worship Him both days....Anybody who takes a whole day out of every week to spend with God will have more of God’s power in his life, and God can do more through him and in him." Signs of the Times, March, 1990, p 22-23.

     What about the truth of the Sabbath being a day of rest from our secular labors, business and worldly affairs, etc. What does the SDA church now believe about this?
     "The truth about God’s day of rest and the truth about rest from our own efforts to overcome [sin] are closely related....
     "But I invite you today to enter into God’s rest, to cease from your own works in trying to obey and overcome and be victorious." To Know God, p 100, by Morris L. Venden, Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1983.

     "...despite our unfinished characters we stand complete in Christ. His accomplishment at Calvary counts as our atonement. We enter His [Sabbath] rest." When God Made Rest, p 21 by George Vandeman, published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association in 1987.

     "We can be delivered from the slavery of sin and grow in grace only by resting from our own works [of obeying God’s law] and entering His [Sabbath] rest." We Still Believe: after 150 years of waiting, watching, and hoping, p 62-63, by General Conference president--Robert S. Folkenberg, published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association in 1994.

     So instead of the Sabbath being a day of rest from all our work and business affairs, the SDA church now believes that the Sabbath rest means to stop trying to overcome sin!

     What about the truth that the seventh-day Sabbath is the only sign or seal of the living God? What does the SDA church now believe about this?
     "...the Sabbath is the seal of our love and allegiance to a loving heavenly Father." Adventist Review, May 5, 1994, p 18.

     "...salvation by faith versus salvation by works...The book of Revelation describes this conflict in terms of the seal of God versus the mark of the beast: [Revelation 14:9-12 quoted]...the Sabbath...as a sign of God’s completed work in us for salvation." We Still Believe, p 65-67.

     So instead of the Sabbath being the seal of God, the SDA church now believes it to be the seal of our love, as well as salvation by faith!

     What about the truth that there is no Biblical support whatsoever for the claim that the Sabbath has been changed, or that Sunday is the Lord’s day? What does the SDA church believe about this now?
     "What Do Seventh-day Adventists Believe? Hear pastor/evangelist Jere Webb present a fresh look at ‘The Truth.’ Subjects include...‘Christ centered reasons for Sunday worship’..." Pacific Union Recorder, June 4, 1990, p 27.

     "All busy people yearn for a day of rest. God Himself gave His permission, a command even, for a day to allow the soul and spirit to be refreshed. This is God’s gift to us. He will take care of us physically and spiritually if we follow His plan. Our systems need the replenishment. Sunday is a special day for this worship and refreshment....
     "Thoreau said, if you want to destroy the Christian faith, first take away Sunday. He was right; it’s a holy day, for those who know Jesus Christ as Saviour it cannot be a holiday. For those of you who have gathered around the cross and have been saved and washed clean by His blood, it is a sacrilege to do anything else on that day except to celebrate what God has done.
     "If we abuse Sunday, we’re going to destroy something beautiful that God has given. No Sunday means no church; no church means no worship; no worship means no religion; no religion means no morality; no morality means no society; no society means no government; no government means anarchy. That s the choice before us." Confessions of a Nomad: What We Learned in Sinai’s Shadow, page 86 and 120, by Carolyn and William Self, copyrighted by the SDA Ministerial Association and published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1998.

     What about the truth that God’s people must keep the Sabbath if they want to make it to heaven? What does the SDA church now believe about this?
     "Seventh-day Adventists do not rely upon their Sabbathkeeping as a means of salvation or of winning merit before God. We are saved by grace alone." Questions on Doctrines, p 153, by Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1957.

     "If we consider Sabbath keeping a requirement for salvation, we have turned the commandment on its head. We are not entering into God’s rest at all. Rather, we are depending on ourselves and our works." We Still Believe, p 64.

     "If you don’t worship on the Sabbath, are you going to hell? No!" SDA Evangelist Kenneth Cox representing the SDA church on "Central Florida Live" TV talk show, hosted by George Crossley, Central Florida TV station WTGL, channel 52, February 8, 1993.

     What about the Sabbath being the great test and dividing line between the followers of God who are saved, versus the followers of Lucifer who are lost? What does the SDA church now believe?
     "If the question [of God’s true Sabbath] is merely a matter of choice between two days, it hardly seems significant enough to become the dividing line between the saved and the lost at the end of time...Just to be able to prove from the Bible that we are right doesn’t seem a point important enough to die for....
     "So in the end time, the real issue will not be Saturday versus Sunday. It will be salvation by faith versus salvation by works." We Still Believe, p 65.

     The “Seventh-day” Adventist church states that God’s seventh-day Sabbath – His 4th commandment – His holy day – is not important enough to die for!  And they also state that the real issue in the end time which divides the followers of God from the followers of Satan – between the saved and the lost – will not be Saturday verses Sunday!  Dear ones, do you believe that this is the truth what the SDA church states here?  God sure doesn’t believe it!  His inspired word is too plain and clear to be misunderstood.
     "In the warfare to be waged in the last days there will be united, in opposition to God’s people, all the corrupt powers that have apostatized from allegiance to the law of Jehovah. In this warfare the Sabbath of the fourth commandment will be the great point at issue; for in the Sabbath commandment the great Lawgiver identifies Himself as the Creator of the heavens and the earth." SDA Bible Commentary, vol 7, p 983.
     "The decree will go forth that they [God’s commandment-keeping people] must disregard the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, and honor the first day, or lose their lives; but they will not yield, and trample under their feet the Sabbath of the Lord, and honor an institution of [the] papacy." Testimonies, vol 1, p 353-354.

     “Be sure the Sabbath is a test question, and how you treat this question, places you either on God's side or Satan's side.” 1888 Materials, p 477.

     “All will be judged according to the light that has shone upon them. If they have light upon the Sabbath, they cannot be saved in rejecting that light.” Historical Sketches, p 234.

     So now, who exactly are you going to believe and follow?  God, or the SDA church?  If you should choose to follow the SDA church and its leadership in downgrading God’s Sabbath, you will without a doubt receive the mark of the beast and lose eternal life!

     So far we have seen that the SDA church and its leadership have already been disregarding the Sabbath of the Lord, but will they also begin to exalt the false sabbath of the devil as the Lord’s day!  Many SDAs refuse to believe that the SDA church could turn traitor against God and do such a blasphemous evil as to exalt Sunday above God’s Sabbath.  They believe that such blatant apostasy by a Sabbath-keeping church has never occurred before in history, and thus it never will.

     But history clearly reveals that such blatant apostasy from God has indeed occurred before when the Sabbath-keeping early Christian church united with their pagan neighbors. This union caused this Sabbath-keeping church to become corrupt, which in turn gave birth to Roman Catholicism.  As a result, the apostate church gradually lost its respect for the true Sabbath, and then its leadership decided to give it up for Sunday.  The apostate church leadership then implemented two major steps that was calculated to lead their Sabbath-keeping membership into also losing respect for the Sabbath, and to begin worshiping on Sunday. Would you like to know what these two major steps were?
     "In the first centuries the true Sabbath had been kept by all Christians. They were jealous for the honor of God, and, believing that His law is immutable, they zealously guarded the sacredness of its precepts. But with great subtlety, Satan worked through his agents to bring about his object. That the attention of the people might be called to the Sunday, it was made a festival in honor of the resurrection of Christ. Religious services were held upon it...
     "Another step must be taken; the false Sabbath must be exalted to an equality with the true....the bishop of Rome conferred on the Sunday the title of Lord’s day." Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 55.

     Thus the two major steps of the apostate Sabbath-keeping Christian church and its leadership in calling the attention of their members away from God’s Sabbath to Sunday, and then exalting Sunday worship were (1) to start holding religious services in honor of the resurrection of Christ--or Easter Sunday services, and (2) to start calling Sunday the Lord’s day.

     Is this same history being repeated today? Is the SDA church implementing these same two steps within their church system?  And if so, what documentation is there to prove it? Because if these same two steps are occurring within the SDA church, it is proof positive that the SDA church has apostatized from God and has already decided to worship the sun, because the church leadership are now trying to lead the entire membership of the church to follow them in doing likewise! So are these same two major steps being followed by the SDA church today? YES!
     Easter Sunday services and celebrations are already occurring throughout SDA churches for many years now!  In fact, one of these Sunday services was even nationally televised from within a SDA church!
     "Good Adventist news for Easter--For the first time in denominational history a television network--CBS--will broadcast an Easter Sunday service from a SDA church. The program, ‘Festival of Hope,’ will originate from the Camarillo Adventist Church in California. The speaker will be Elder Roger Bothwell, pastor of the College Church at Pacific Union College. WCBS, New York City, will carry the service this Sunday [April 22] at 11 a.m (8 a.m. Camarillo time) as will CBS affiliates in Roanoke, Boston, Tampa, Bismark, Minot, Madison, Williston, Cincinnati, Champaign, San Antonio, Columbus, Huntsville, St. Louis, La Crosse and Tuscaloosa. Some 20 other affiliated stations will carry the program on a delayed basis. Unfortunately, the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., WDVM, will not carry the program." General Conference Weekly Press Relations Newsletter, Spring, 1984. (See also Adventist Review, March 29, 1984, p 31.)

     Another televised Easter Sunday Sunrise service took place atop Georgia’s Stone Mountain.
     "Bob Hunter, pastor of the Stone Mountain, Georgia, [SDA] church, delivered the Easter message at the sunrise service atop Georgia’s Stone Mountain. The Service was attended by some 4,000 people and was covered by three of the local Atlanta television stations. The service was videotaped and aired on Stone Mountain church’s television program, ‘Discovery.’" Southern Tidings, August, 1985, p 19.
     But these were not the only televised Easter Sunday Sunrise service which SDAs were involved in. In 1992, several Southern California SDA churches joined together, and provided musical entertainment at the "72nd annual Easter Sunrise Service at the Hollywood Bowl." This Sunday Sunrise Service was "televised internationally by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and was carried by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network" (Pacific Union Recorder, July 20, 1992, p 16).

     And many other SDA churches are holding Easter Sunday services as well – such as:
California’s Burbank SDA church (see Pacific Union Recorder, March 6, 1989, p 26).
California’s Elmshaven SDA church (see Recorder, June 16, 1986, p 21).
California’s La Sierra Collegiate church (see Recorder, July 18, 1988, p 22).
California’s Riverside SDA church (see Recorder, June 16, 1986, p 16).
California’s Santa Ana Spanish SDA church (see Recorder, June 1, 1987, p 8).
California’s Sunnyvale SDA church (see Church Bulletin, April 11, 1987).
California’s Thousand Oaks SDA church (see Recorder, June 3, 1991, p 21.
California’s White Memorial SDA church (see Church Bulletin, April 11, 1987).
Hawaii’s Aiea SDA church (see Recorder, June 20, 1988, p 17).
Montana’s Jordan SDA church (see Gleaner, June 16, 1986, p 18).
Ohio’s Toledo First SDA Church (see Church Bulletin, April 3, 1993).
Oregon’s (Portland) University Park SDA church (see Gleaner, May 5, 1986, p 17).
Oregon’s Mount Tabor SDA church (see Gleaner, July 7, 1986, p 24).
Washington State’s Pasco Riverview SDA church (see Gleaner, May 19, 1986, p 13).
Washington, D.C.’s Review and Herald (see Adventist Review, April 27, 1989, p 7).

     And each year more SDA churches follow suit! Clearly the SDA church is implementing and following the first step in exalting Sunday, and leading its entire membership into open Sunday worship.

     But what about the second major step? Is the SDA church involved in teaching its membership that Sunday is the Lord’s day, when clearly the seventh-day Sabbath is the only Lord’s Day?  Would the SDA church really allow the false sabbath of the devil and the man of sin to be taught to its members as being  the Lord’s day? YES!

     Samuele Bacchiocchi was a SDA church member, and was also the only supposed Protestant to have graduated from the highest Catholic Jesuit training school--The Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He graduated there with the highest honors in his class, and it was there that he wrote his thesis that was afterwards made into a book titled: From Sabbath To Sunday.  The pope gave his approval for its publishing, and it was then published by the Pontifical Gregorian University Press in 1977.  After it was published, this book then became highly praised by SDA church leadership and ministers, and was allowed to be sold throughout SDA Book and Bible Centers.
     But if From Sabbath to Sunday contains only the truth of God and no Catholic error, then why does this book contain the word "IMPRIMATUR"--which is only given to those books which specifically teach Catholic doctrine, being a "sign of safety" for all Catholics to read?  Pope Paul VI even gave Bacchiocchi a gold medal! Yet when have you ever heard of the pope blessing a heretic?
     This alone should warn Adventists to beware.  Yet the SDA church instead allowed Bacchiocchi to become the Professor of Church History and Theology at SDA Andrews University, and then retained him in this exalted position for many years allowing him to teach future SDA ministers exactly what and how to believe on various important church doctrines such as Sunday worship.  Not only this, but the SDA church also chose to highly exalt this book From Sabbath to Sunday, and even allowed Bacchiocchi to hold what was called "Lord’s Day Seminars" for many years throughout all SDA churches where he then promoted and sold his book to all the membership.  Since this book is so popular with the SDA church and its leadership, let us examine some of what it teaches.

     In From Sabbath To Sunday, the "Lord’s day" is referred to as being Sunday and not Saturday. This great error of the Lord’s day being Sunday, occurs over 51 times in just the first 160 pages of this 369 page book!
     In reference to Revelation 1:10--"I [John] was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day"--Bacchiocchi argues that the "Lord’s day" is one of three things: either it refers to a weekly Sunday, or an Easter Sunday, or it refers to the time of Christ’s second coming--the parousia, but not to the seventh-day Sabbath (From Sabbath To Sunday, p 122-123).
     Yet what does inspiration plainly declare the "Lord’s day" to be?
     "...the sabbath...my holy day..." Isaiah 58:13.

     "The Lord’s day mentioned by John was the Sabbath, the day on which Jehovah rested after the great work of creation, and which he blessed and sanctified because He had rested upon it." The Sanctified Life, p 74.

     "‘I [John] was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day...’ The Lord’s day is the seventh-day, the Sabbath of creation. On the day that God sanctified and blessed, Christ signified ‘By His angel unto His servant John’ things that must come to pass before the close of the world’s history..." Testimonies, vol 6, p 128.

     This book From Sabbath to Sunday also calls the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath to be nothing more than "Jewish tradition" (p 13), and a "Jewish religious institution" (p 163).  This book also declares that "the eighth day" of creation, or the Sunday following the Sabbath, "far surpassed the seventh day" (p 283).  It also declares that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment was part of the ceremonial feast days which ended at the cross (p 360), and that Paul warned against those who would promote Seventh-day Sabbath keeping "as indispensable aids to Christian perfection" (p 356).
     And in the very last sentence of this book it declares:
     "...Paul rejected the Sabbath as a means of salvation but accepted it as a shadow pointing to the substance which belongs to Christ." From Sabbath To Sunday, p 369.

     But God plainly declares:
     "The moral law was never a type or a shadow. It existed before man’s creation, and will endure as long as God’s throne remains. God could not change nor alter one precept of His law in order to save man; for the law is the foundation of His government." Selected Messages, book 1, p 239-2

     So has the SDA church really changed her historic position on the Sabbath as being the only Lord’s day? What does the church now believe?
     "...the phrase ‘the Lord’s day’ in Revelation 1:10....More attention should be given to the possibility that the phrase refers to an annual resurrection celebration." The Sabbath in Scripture and History, p 127, published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association in 1982.

     Truly, the SDA church and its leadership have changed their position on the Lord’s day. To them the Lord’s day no longer means, unquestionably and only, the Seventh-day Sabbath, but now it could mean Easter! Undeniably then, the SDA church and its leadership have lost their respect for the Sabbath of the Lord, are indeed working to exalt Sunday as the Lord’s day, and are also leading the SDA people to do the same thing!
     Why else would the SDA church allow Bacchiocchi the freedom to promote this Sunday exalting book throughout SDA churches? Why else would they allow him to remain a professor at Andrews University, teaching future SDA ministers these Catholic errors for so many years--until he decided to retire? Why else would they invite him to give "Lord’s Day Seminars" and deceive the SDA people? I’ll tell you why: because the SDA church has indeed apostatized from God and His truth, its leadership have indeed lost their respect for God’s Sabbath, and they have indeed given it up to exalt Sunday worship instead!

     Now the majority of SDAs will probably refuse to believe what I have just stated.  So are these evidences we have already examined the only areas in which the SDA church is exalting Sunday above God’s Sabbath?  NO!
     The vice-president of the British Union Conference of SDAs, has given "Adventist support" to the Sunday law in England! Vice-president W. John Arthur wrote two letters supporting the Sunday law when it was in danger of being repealed in England.  One letter he sent to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (dated March 27, 1986), and the other he sent to then General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance, Clive R. Calver who was one of the major supporters of England’s Sunday laws (dated February 27, 1986).

     In these letters, John Arthur stated that:
     "...Adventist support [was being given] to those in opposition to the proposed repeal of the British Sunday trading laws....
     "[Then during an interview] Elder Arthur was asked whether any of the [SDA] field leaders he had consulted had been opposed to sending the letters. His answer was no, there had been no opposition, all reaction received was positive." Prism, May, 1986, p 6, 12. (Prism is the paper of Newbold SDA College in England.)

     After Elder Arthur sent these official SDA church letters giving support to England’s Sunday laws, he was not fired or even reprimanded by the British Union or the General Conference at all.  In fact, the leadership promoted him from vice-president to the Presidency of the British Union Conference of SDAs about 6 months later!   But this is not the extent of proof showing the SDA church exalting Sunday.

     In New Zealand, the SDA church held a Sunday worship church service, and it was not being held in honor of Easter! Neither was this Sunday worship service kept secret, but was televised nationwide! And who do you suppose was the SDA official permitting and even endorsing this nationwide televised Sunday worship church service in the SDA church?  Was this official just some obscure church leader?  No, he was the highest leader of the SDA church–the General Conference president!
     "ON SUNDAY, MAY 19, our oldest church in New Zealand, Ponsonby, has been chosen as the venue for a nationwide televised church service--one of only six such services in NZ in 1985. This will be the occasion of Pastor Neal Wilson’s visit, and plans for the music and youth scripture reading are under way--not to mention working bees on the church!" Record, April 13, 1985, p 16.
     Also in Watsonville, California, the SDA church held a Sunday church service on January 12, 1986, in which nine other Sunday-keeping churches participated in this ecumenical worship service. The other Sunday-keeping churches were: “the First Christian, United Presbyterian, Freedom United Methodist, Episcopal, All Saints Episcopal, Westview Presbyterian, La Salva Beach Community, Watsonville Parish, and the Catholic Social Services.”  Register-Pajoronian Newspaper, January 11, 1986, p 6; also the Watsonville SDA Church Bulletin on Sunday, January 12, 1986.
     And many other services are being held on Sunday by SDA churches, and the excuses used to try and justify such abominable and blasphemous practices are as varied as the color of a chameleon. Sunday exaltation and worship is becoming more and more common place and less and less of an abomination in the eyes of Adventists.
     In fact, did you know that all of the SDA churches on the Islands of Tonga are not worshiping on Saturday, but on Sunday – along with all the rest of the Babylonian churches?
     In an article from an SDA church paper, titled "Why Tongan SDAs Worship on Sunday" and subtitled "Tonga’s Common Day of Worship" the SDA church states:
     "In the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga, Sabbath and Sunday keepers observe the same day of rest." Record, January 30, 1988, p 6.

     Truly the SDA church and its leadership have turned their backs on the Lord, have chosen to give up God’s Sabbath and to worship the sun in the east, and they are far into the process of exalting Sunday worship among SDA members. In fact, the SDA church leadership are not afraid to tell the entire SDA membership that they have decided to worship the sun!

     In the new official Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal you will find a song that was not found in any other Adventist church hymnals previously published. This song was purposely placed in this hymnal, and was then intentionally kept there even though strong protest arose from concerned members to have it removed.  So what do you suppose this song is all about?  And what specific teaching does this song declare that was considered so important by the SDA church that it would intentionally expose every single SDA church member to the specific message contained in its words?
     "Let us praise God together - on our knees.
"Let us praise God together - on our knees.
     "When I fall on my knees - with my face to the rising sun,
"O Lord, have mercy on me." Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, "Let Us Break Bread Together," p 403-404, and published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association in 1985.

     This blasphemous song makes it very clear that the SDA church and its leadership have indeed turned their backs on the Lord and His Sabbath in order to worship the sun!  But did you know that God had already warned His people that such an unbelievable abomination as this would indeed occur?
     "And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east." Ezekiel 8:16.

     "There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls...Her priests have violated My law, and have profaned Mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from My sabbaths, and I am profaned among them." Ezekiel 22:25-26.

     The SDA church and its leadership have indeed turned their backs to the Lord; they are indeed violating God’s holy law; they are indeed putting no difference between the holy and profane, and are indeed hiding their eyes from God’s Sabbath, thus proving that they have indeed rejected God as being profane among them – just as was prophesied!  The SDA church and its leadership are indeed repeating the same two major steps of the apostate early Christian Church, thereby leading the SDA membership directly into Sunday worship.  This fact plainly shows to all who will see that the SDA church has blatantly chosen to apostatize from God.
     All this evidence which we have examined reveals that the SDA church has given up the great truth of the third angel’s message on the Sabbath, and is leading all its membership directly into Sunday worship.  In fact, some SDA churches are already worshiping on both Saturday and Sunday – such as the Mountain View SDA church in Las Vegas, Nevada!  Please visit www.SDAapostasy.org for proof of this sickening apostasy.
     So to the SDA church it doesn’t matter in the least that the Sabbath is one of the greatest truths of the three angel’s message; it doesn’t matter in the least that God Himself raised up the SDA church to herald this truth to the world; it doesn’t matter in the least that the Sabbath truth will be the dividing line between the saved and the lost in the end of time.  This is because the SDA church has changed the truth about the seventh-day Sabbath as only being the Lord’s day, into there really is Christ centered reasons for Sunday worship; that there is no reason why we need to rest from all our labors, or cease from doing business on each Saturday; that the seal or sign of God is not the Sabbath, and thus there is no necessity of having to keep God’s Sabbath holy in order to obtain heaven because the church now teaches that the Sabbath will not be the dividing line between the saved and the lost in the end of time.

     Now, in this Newsletter you have seen undeniable evidence from the SDA church’s own mouth and writings proving that she has rejected the third angel’s message regarding the Sabbath of the Lord, and is instead exalting the Babylonian day of Sunday worship.  The question is: are you going to continue to give this apostate church God’s tithe and your offerings and gifts, which allows her to further her betrayal of the Lord of the Sabbath?  Will you continue to fellowship with this apostate church, and by your presence thus encourage her to move onward towards complete Sunday worship?  Will you continue clinging to and retaining membership in this apostate church while she drags you down along with her in rejecting our Lord and His holy day of worship?  Will you continue to identify yourself as a Seventh-day Adventist while the Seventh-day Adventist church openly embraces in harlotry the Devil and his Babylonian day of worship in front of the whole world?  I hope and pray not!

     It is time for all of God’s true followers to no longer sheepishly remain dumb and silent when our Lord is being betrayed!
     “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” Isaiah 58:1.

     It is time to no longer fellowship with an apostate church believing that God will miraculously remove away all the evil.
     “I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers.  I have hated the congregation of evildoers; and will not sit with the wicked.” Psalms 26:4-5.

     “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?...Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing...” 2 Corinthians 6:14-15, 17.

     It is time no longer to remain a member in an apostate church believing that your membership in a once chosen but now corrupt church will save you from destruction.
     “Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.” Micah 2:10.

     “And ye shall leave your (SDA) name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name.” Isaiah 65:15.

     But its definitely time to stand up in the strength of the Lord and take a plain and open stand against all such wickedness being practiced in the apostate church.  Let it be clearly known that you will no longer support or encourage the SDA church in her betrayal of God with money, or with fellowship, or with membership, or even with a church name!  Live instead by this righteous, godly counsel:
     “I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.” Psalms 119:63.

     I hope and pray that you will let it be clearly known to the apostate church and to all the world that you have chosen to remain loyal and true to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone, that you will keep His Sabbath day holy, and will not countenance apostasy in any manner!
     “It is time for thee Lord to work: for thy have made void thy law.  Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yet, above fine gold.” Psalms 119:126-127.


     The Lord is continuing to bless our TrueChurchofGod.info website.  In the month of January we had 9,178 hits, which were generated by 868 visitors.  In these Visitor Sessions, 2,826 documents of Present Truth were viewed, and over 334 million bytes of information were downloaded.
     In the month of February we had 8,586 hits, which were generated by 636 visitors.  In these Visitor Sessions, 3,159 documents of Present Truth were viewed, and over 352 million bytes of information were downloaded.
     So for these past 2 months, over 686 million bytes of information were downloaded from our Gospel Truth website by over 1,500 visitors!

     The Lord is also abundantly blessing our LightMinistries.com website!  In the month of January we had 120,055 hits, which were generated by 14,962 visitors.  In these Visitor Sessions, 24,081 documents of Present Truth were viewed, and over 27.4 billion bytes of information were downloaded.
     In the month of February we had 108,863 hits, which were generated by 12,688 visitors.  In these Visitor Sessions, 22,277 documents of Present Truth were viewed, and over 16.4 billion bytes of information were downloaded.
     So for these past 2 months, over 43.8 billion bytes of information were downloaded from our Gospel Truth website by over 27,600 visitors! MAY GOD'S HOLY NAME BE INDEED PRAISED!!

     We would like to encourage our readers to check out a website that is dedicated to providing a “voice” to the people who have joined the separation movement out of the SDA church, as well as out of all the other churches of Babylon.  The website is www.SDRVoice.org.  This site also publishes an excellent Magazine called “The SDR Voice”, and on the site you can view past articles of interest, and can also request to be added to their mailing list to receive future copies for free.

     For those who are not able to have a home church to attend and who miss the benefit of fellowshipping together with others of like faith, there is an on-line Home Church which meets every Sabbath at 12:00 noon Central Time.  This is a live broadcast of one of our separated Home Churches in Indiana which is pastored by brother Nicholas Patula.  Please feel free to come and fellowship with others of like faith and enjoy the spiritual uplifting experience.  You can also stay after the church service and be able to chat with brothers and sisters, as well as visitors, from around the world.  Many come away with their questions answered, their hearts uplifted and filled with gratefulness for all that God has and is doing for His people!  If you would like to fellowship with us, go to www.RemnantofGod.org/pogmchat.htm.

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     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is committed to the spreading of the full present truth gospel message worldwide, and has been doing so since 1986.  This Ministry has operating expenses covering the areas of: printing, publishing, and writing of present truth books, booklets, tracts, and other literature; DVD, video and audio taping, production, and distribution; supporting several ministers and workers in foreign Countries; mail order – both domestic and foreign; traveling to hold meetings – both locally, nationally, and internationally; answering correspondence and questions regarding the message of truth; offering National and International Bible studies; sending free present truth literature to contacts in many poor Countries; etc.
     Your gracious prayers and support is greatly appreciated and needed.  Without the Lord's guidance, blessings, and your support, this Ministry could not continue to reach out worldwide with the precious message of Revelation 14:6-12 & 18:1-5.

     May our God and Saviour continue to lead and guide all those who have helped us reach souls who sit in darkness with the precious light of gospel truth.  May our supporters remember that they share in each and every soul who has been reached by this Ministry and converted to the Lord and His present truth!


     We are currently supporting several workers in many different Countries on a monthly basis.  We check into the economy of each area and supply a base support which is adequate depending on their situation, but not extravagant.  This base support is to ensure that the monthly needs of each worker and family is met for that month so that the worker may devote full time to the ministry work.  In addition to this, we are sending extra materials for evangelism, and money for printing, publishing, holding meetings, traveling, and other necessary areas in spreading the Present Truth in their Country.  And as the work extends, especially will the expenses for evangelism expand.  Whatever you can send to help in this necessary and vital area is greatly appreciated.
     The work of spreading God's present truth is not to be limited, but must extend world-wide to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before our Saviour can come (Matthew 24:14).  What better way of spreading the Present Truth Gospel than by having workers who speak the native language, who reside in that particular Country, who can live and preach the truth, visit the interests in their homes, and spread the printed truth translated into their native language!
     "Our publications should be printed in other languages, that foreign nations may be reached.  Much can be done through the medium of the press, but still more can be accomplished if the influence of the living preacher goes with our publications....The Lord has moved upon men of other tongues and has brought them under the influence of the truth, that they might be qualified to labor in His cause." Testimonies, vol 3, p 204-205.

     Please financially help us to continue supporting our current ministers and workers on a consistent basis, so that the spreading of the truth will not be interrupted but can quickly lighten this dark world with the glory of God.
     "Every opportunity should be improved to extend the truth to other nations.  This will be attended with considerable expense, but expense should in no case hinder the performance of this work.  Means are of value only as they are used to advance the interest of the kingdom of God.  The Lord has lent men means for this very purpose, to use in sending the truth to their fellow men."  Testimonies, vol 3, p 208.


FIJI Islands:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Fiji.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Fiji.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.

KENYA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Kenya.
     M Projector, screen, and evangelistic film for non-SDA outreach.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Computer to help with the printing work– $600.  (This need has been met!  Thank you!)

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to PNG.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in PNG.
     M A small portable speaker system for street preaching.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Used SOP books.
     M Clothes to pass out to naked villagers.

M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Philippines.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Philippines.
     M Printing 100,000 tracts in Philippines--$1,450.

UGANDA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets to Uganda.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Uganda.
     M Printing 100,000 tracts in Uganda--$1,600.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Copier machine for quick production of tracts and booklets–$2000.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
M Monthly operating expenses for the publication work already established there.
     M Start up costs to open a Health Center and Herbal Store--$6,000.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Donations of any amount to help purchase a vehicle–$6,000 total cost.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zimbabwe.
     M Printing of booklets and tracts in Zimbabwe.
     M Donations of any amount to help with construction of a home–$12,000 total cost.
     M Cartons of KJV Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books.
     M Donations of any amount to help purchase a vehicle–$6,000 total cost.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


(An Open Letter) Dearest brethren,
     May the grace of the Almighty God be with you all and the members of the church in your entire home churches as Separated Brethren. The great God is so wonderful, He has made it possible that we are living even today. Look, some of us have been in this message for the past 12 years now and are still going on in the same light. What a great privilege the Lord has given us to be called His workers in the last days. How wonderful we should embrace this opportunities working hand in hand with our loving Saviour.
     As united brethren, I have a high feeling that we should continue to (move forward) in the unity we started with, according to JOHN 17. Through this will the world know that King Jesus is the Saviour and will be a big sermon to many. The time is running out so fast that the more we get united the bigger the field we shall cover in spreading the message. Many of our neighbours are dying without receiving the truth which we have, and when the angels checks the people with the truth near the deceased (end of life), they see us and cases are written against our names in the books as unfaithful workers. One lesson we have learnt for many years is that “a prophet has no honour in his own land”. So then how do we witness to these neighbours?  It is through material distributions and mainly by other co-workers visiting each other and introducing them to these families; this works well.
     Therefore, it is a high time that we plan for a United Brethren Seminar in a country that will be suggested by us all. The year 2006 was the beginning of this great work. It is now four years, and we seem to be un-united as I have noticed that since then others have not communicated to each other and our love for each other is growing cold. How then shall we do that which is acceptable in His sight if we do not unify as the Disciples did before receiving the Spirit? We are waiting or receiving the later rain now, and for us to receive we need to be united and work together regardless of where we are.
     It came to my attention that we have lost our first love of unity. If you remember very well there was a book written by brethren in the USA, which was distributed by br. Jim Snipes [titled] “UNITED BRETHREN”.  This book came out at the very correct time when we needed this unity.  For sure we started working towards it and 2006 was the year when brethren from 8 countries met in Zambia. The Lord allowed us to gather for 10 days, and fruits of unity came up that has brought loving unity and formation of SDR churches, or disunity to others. Let us look at what happened to the early workers.
     “In these first disciples was presented marked diversity. They were to be the world's teachers, and they represented widely varied types of character. In order successfully to carry forward the work to which they had been called, these men, differing in natural characteristics and in habits of life, needed to come into unity of feeling, thought, and action. This unity it was Christ's object to secure. To this end He sought to bring them into unity with Himself. The burden of His labor for them is expressed in His prayer to His Father, ‘That they all may be one; as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in Us;’ ‘that the world may know that Thou has sent Me, and hast loved them, as Thou hast loved Me.’ John 17:21, 23. His constant prayer for them was that they might be sanctified through the truth; and He prayed with assurance, knowing that an Almighty decree had been given before the world was made.” Acts of the Apostles, p 20-21.

     “You have not received that education which it is the will of God that you should have. You have not been depending upon the Bread of Life which came down from heaven. Had you studied the word of God diligently, you would have been convinced that unity, and harmonious action are always to be preserved if one would advance in grace and the knowledge of the truth. Could your understanding have been with an eye single to the glory of God, your own selfish ideas would have been dispelled and your eyes would have been opened to the secrets of the great spiritual agencies in the church. Your drawing apart–one small church from another small church–has grieved the Holy Spirit of God. For years the plan of Heaven has not been met, and time has weakened the influence of the message. The commission to you who have come to knowledge of the binding claims of the law of God, is that you are now to reach a higher standard than that which has hitherto been reached.” Atlantic Union Gleaner, January 8, 1902 par. 2.

     Brethren with these few words I pray that the great Lord will give a proper explanation to your hearts that we find a time this year to meet somewhere as a United Brethren (UB) especially all ministers and elders.
     Finally, but not the least, I would love to say thank you for the all your prayers towards the registration of our SDRCZ (Seventh Day Remnant Church of Zambia). We just received the certificate two weeks ago after struggling together with the help of SDRPA Treasurer Br. ____ who helped us corresponding with the registrar here, and the entire board of SDRPA of USA for the all great contributions you made in all the ways....
     Therefore, my request to you all brethren is that let us plan for another extraordinary Leader’s Camp Meeting in a country which we shall all agree.
     May the grace of God be with you all as we labour in the last days!
Your br. in faith, W.M., Zambia.



Dear Elder Bob,
     I greet you once again in the name of our Lord and may His peace, love and joy be with you always.
     Firstly, I want to thank you for the support which you sent...I am sorry for the delay in my report. I am only traveling to the city once a month, so when I do, I then check my e-mails and open our mail box.
     Another year has gone by and I’m always thankful to the Lord for giving me life and strength each morning when I wake up....
     Work here in Fiji is moving on, through booklets and tracks that have been given out to the people.  Right now I’m running out of tracks “Gods Last Message of Mercy to the World” and the translated ones, so I will photocopy it again and have it distributed.
     Sometimes I get frustrated with even my own family, but I am so thankful to the Lord Almighty who encourages me in His word, and I know that He wants to bring them to repentance, but they will not listen while times are good, and now I hope they will, because we are experiencing a current and worsening financial crisis here in Fiji.
     I thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  May our good Lord richly bless you.
Psalm 27:14, S.K., Fiji.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear brother,
     1 Jn 3:1.
     Thanks be to the Father of all mercies for His constant love toward us. We received the support...
     The contact in Kiswahili is from ____ and is requesting for the translated booklets. I have replied him to be a little patient before he can receive them. In this I hope you have some in store for we have none here. If you do then I think you can send him even a few.
     Please may it be registered with your children that we have greatly appreciated their concern and support. On behalf of the others I once more thank them....
     There is an opening that seems to be coming from ____.  Join us in prayers for if the Lord opens the way for us visit them. We are waiting for their communication any time soon. I will keep you well posted as detail avails.
     We shall be in ____ between Feb 24 and 28 with our brethren from Western, for consideration of a few things that we have noted don’t harmonize well with what we believe. Two are outstanding: God does not kill, and one-cup in the Lord's supper. Also the issue of one-man messenger. If you some material on these areas and any other concerning Sabbath Rest you can please relay to us.
     Brother ____'s wedding went on without problem. Thank you and may God bless you.  
Happy Sabbath to all.  B.I., Kenya.


Hello elder Bob,
     Warm greetings.
     For 3 days we have a problem with the internet connection, and yesterday I gave you 2 missed calls on the phone and one on this morning, but you weren’t there, just to let you know about the Pidgin booklets.
     Many thanks for your genuine support to print 1000 Pidgin booklets from the ____ Press. Tuesday I made the payment and the printing work is already under progress. Hopefully 1000 booklets will be ready for to pick-up next week....
     Just to let you know, my dad sold a piece of land to a business man (10 hectares), and he gave my share, I’m holding little funds in my hand. I made my choice to look for a used vehicle for the ministerial work, but I need to raise some more extra funds. So now I am whispering in your ear, if you can help me with little funds. Please let me know if you can raise some funds for me.  We (SDR) need vehicle at this present time because we spend a lot of money in hiring the trucks in the past years. Now the things are getting double worse as economical crisis unsettled.
     We pray to God for the answer because He can read our hearts and motives, and knows our future. My brother I need your prayer and support in this area.
Concern in God’s work, B.K., Papua New Guinea.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Bro Bob,
     3 John 2.
     May this letter reaches you in good health and in strong faith always. I received your support already, and thank you so much brother.
     Since last weeks of Nov up to the few weeks of Dec, we went back and forth and sometimes I stayed in ____ City to continued giving follow up studies to those people who are interested to hear our message, and also established the church there. At first there are several persons who attended our meeting there, but time came that only few remains. We know that our only work is to spread and sow the seeds that people may know the truth and may [be] warned. Though we haven’t seen the fruit yet, but we are hoping and praying that those seeds will remain and grow in their hearts, and we’re hoping that we will see these people when we get in heaven.
     We are still doing our work here in our place and in the nearby towns. Also in the month of Dec, we were able to share and give Bible Studies to the family of our young sister who's just new in the faith, and were able to spend three Sabbaths in their place. We were able also to share our faith and stand to an Adventist lady, and thank God that now she's attending and observing Sabbaths with us. Just last Jan 9, I visited our brethren in ____ and spend Sabbath with them. And this last week we were able to share also to our Adventist uncle and he spend Sabbath with us also. He is inviting us to go to their place and share the present truth also to his family, especially to his wife and also to his friends in the SDA church. Please continue to pray for our work here. We know that Lord is coming very soon, and may God continue to guide and bless us as we lift the burden that He entrusted to us. May God find us faithful and ready for His soon appearing....
     I just read your email yesterday, we just came back from ____. We visited our new brethren there and those we've been sharing there for the past months and spend Sabbath with them. We also visited our co-worker there who is sick.
     I already got the money today. Thank you so much bro Bob for all your support and for the concerned that you have for our work here. As of now we'd been sharing the truth to an Adventist lady here, and she observed her first Sabbath with us already. She is very anxious to know why we separated from the church, and we shared to her already the reasons of our separation. Also the other lady that I told you in my former letters has decided already to join us in this movement, and she and her daughter are regularly attending Sabbath with us. She was visited by their pastor and the brethren in the church, telling her some bad things about us and encouraging her to go back to the church.  But she told them that she learned many things especially on doctrines by attending our Sabbath meetings [more] than by attending their church services. Praise God for this! May this soul continue in walking in the path that God is leading.
     Bro Bob, we are planning to have our mini-camp meeting here in our place for the benefit of our brethren who were not able to attend the camp meeting that was held in ____ and in ____ last year, and especially for the new believers in the faith here, from ____ and ____ and for those people that we'd been sharing. The schedule of the camp meeting is on the last week of ____. I am asking for your prayers that God may help and provide all of us our needs so that all may be able to come and attend the camp meeting. For you know bro Bob that life here is so hard. But I know and believe that God sees and know all our needs. SO PLEASE include this camp meeting in your prayers.
     Till here for now. May God continue to use us in His cause that other souls that are in darkness may be enlighten and that we may see Jesus at last. May God bless you, your ministry and your family.
In Christ, s.b., Philippines.


Dear Elder Sessler.
     Christian greetings from this way.  Acts 15:23: “And they wrote letters by them after this manner; the apostles, and elders, and the brethren, to the brethren who are of the Gentiles Antioch, Syria, and Cilicia...”
     Reporting to the Brothers and Sisters: it is not that we look to gain anything out (of) this, but it is simply to share the love of God and His wondrous working through the human instrumentalities/vessels, thereby continue the Acts of the Holy Spirit.  It is for the good of the work, for we gather courage, faith and strength, renew our resolutions, press to the mark of our high calling.
     We live an age where exchange of information is a necessity to elevate our Redeemer, for Satan is exalted in daily mass media. It is fellowship with those of the same faith who are thousands of miles away from us, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” Romans 10:17. So Christ’s labor in a brother or sister, is point of contact for others to know that there is still a living Father amongst the children of men. Here we may be called to earnest prayers for those who are in difficulties, the persecuted, the sick, the needy, the hungry, the naked are brought to our realization (and then their) questions are answered.
     We had end of year camp-Meeting at ____, Elder ____’s place (and) it started on 27th Dec to 2nd Jan 2010. Got some brothers (who) were arguing on the issue of Tithe: how it needs to be gathered, who receives it, those from ____ because it is clearly stipulated in Spirit of Prophecy.  Their stand (was) of putting aside S.O.P. for the Bible, and they were saying there is no need of pastors or priests to receive the tithe...Selected deacons decide on a place and who to give the money it is the general teaching from the home churches from Congo or Rwanda, which was a direct contradiction of Spirit of Prophecy! We gave our stand as per Spirit of prophecy and the Bible (and left them with God).
     Testimony time was one of the most precious seasons at the camp this time. Brother ____ of ____ testified of the changing power of the Gospel.  His life the last 15 years while a teacher was only self abuse and abuse of the profession and opportunities.  He made sure that after getting salary it is deposited in bars, he never went home with any money, (and) he was in and out of prison...Students nicknamed him DJ (Drink a Jerricun daily), but now he is a new creation. Old things have passed away; behold, all things are new at 55 years.  By God’s grace he thinking of marriage, otherwise he was married to booze or alcohol. He is now DJ – the Disciple of Jesus Christ.
     Another testimony was by ____ by opening Jeremiah 8:22 “Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered.” Verse 15 “We looked for peace, but no good came; and time of health, and behold trouble.” Isaiah 1:6 “from the sole of the foot even unto the head there is soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises,…” only rottenness. Jeremiah 30:12-13 “for thus saith the Lord, thy bruise is incurable and thy wound is grievous…thou hast no healing medicines.”  In humanity it is not possible, but with God all things are possible. Exodus 34:6 “And the Lord passed by before, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth.” “He sent his word, and healed them. Delivered them from their destructions. Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for wonderful works to the children of men” Psalms 107:20-21(Mt 8:5-9, 13) “Behold, I will bring it health and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them of peace and truth.” Jeremiah 33:6 “for I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: for the Lord dwelleth in Zion.” Joel 3:21.
     ____ gave a testimony with documented facts about his H.I.V. status before, and how He was (on) oxygen 3 (separate) times, (and how) there was a time when they (found) him with only 4 T-cells and over 67,000 virus (in his blood test results) and the doctors where wondering how he would still be moving and not bed ridden. Recently when all medications on AIDS failed (him) they counseled him to go and rest. But thanks are to God that after the wisdom of the wise failed God comes in (and healed him), and when they made another test to highest stretch they found no trace of the virus! The Doctors could not believe the results. But thus says the Lord, “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee and I will save thy children” Isaiah 49:25. “When the Lord turned the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dreamed” Psalms126....
     Bought some 10 Bibles (with the special donation you sent), of which some copies were given at the camp meeting. Teachings were given on the subjects (of)  Fellowship, False Unity, and Readiness for the 2nd Advent. It was a blessing to meet again.
Yours in Christ Jesus, H.K., Uganda.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Greetings to you in Jesus name. First and foremost allow me to say sorry for the great delay in sending the reports. I have been so busy moving up and down chasing up and pushing up the certificate. Br. Sessler I want to be open to you and others there that the certificate issue was a hard thing to be done. Despite doing all the payments needed there was a lot to be spent. Praise God this is history now, the paper is with me and am making copies for other churches to have. Finally, it is with us and a copy has been taken to ____ home church where we had a strong opposition last year when we lost one of the sisters in faith.
     I humbly want to say long live SDRPA board members in USA for the great support that you gave in this matter. Kindly be blessed and may the Almighty God add more blessings to all who took part in contributing to our request. Brethren you have really shown a peculiar spirit in this country, and it is my prayer that this same spirit be used to others in the same faith.
     Moreover, even when there was a struggle in getting the certificate I could not rest on this but had time to visit other home churches that needed encouragement. We praise God the leaders in ____ are hard working people in the spreading of the gospel. For a long time we had waited to open up other homes churches in some areas due to restrictions from the govt, but from the time we received the paper, the board members of SDRCZ (Seventh Day Remnant Church of Zambia) had two strong meetings to reorganise (as) well (as) on how we are going to enter the unentered areas where we have the calls.
     Last month January, I asked the Lord to help me sort out the car problems so that we reach the areas which needs our transport, but am still waiting for the Lord to give this help so that I can service the car and start moving around. Please I humbly ask all the brethren around the world (and) those willing to help us with $500 to get new spare parts that have broken down.
     Elder Bob, God willing I need to fulfil the Malawi trip this year. Many calls have come up for the past three years to go and organise the new home churches where Sr. ____ is assembling. I need support for this trip. I am praying that King Jesus will give me strength and power to do that which I can as I live. My Lord is willing and if the right time come I know He will provide.  But right now we are asking each home church to contribute any little means so that we can do some more printings as we are down with the materials. At the same time am again request the supporting brethren around the world to help us with any dollar to add to what we are organizing so that we can print many materials. As workers in Zambia we are now ready for the work, and we are coming out openly in all our churches that those who doubted about our truth may find access to this light.
     God be with you and pray with us now because the enemy is annoyed with me because of this work, and others who have gone back to SDA have became bitter to our SDRCZ leadership. Please pray for us. We know the devil is annoyed with us because of the certificate that is out to allow us (to) work openly and in many places....
     Br. bob, the CD ROM you sent for (of) Sister White (writings) is a great tool in the church now. I will tell you what it is doing so far and I also humbly request for the DVDs of all your messages we really need them.
     The God we worship is a true God, what has happened here in Zambia where we were chassed with a gun is a great tragedy. More in the coming report.
God be with you till I hear from you again. B.M., Zambia.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     “Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:3....
     I hope I find you well this time of the year. Since February, I have been very busy arranging for an Evangelistic Effort scheduled for the 2nd  of May, 2010. Of course I am still in a dire need for affordable accommodation. I am therefore appealing for financial help especially designed for this event to be successful. Please treat this appeal as special or as a matter of emergency. Therefore, the little that I am requesting is estimated at $100, for hiring the tent, PA system and for power. I have very little tracts for distribution. I have also invited my fellow minister to help me share the subjects to be presented. I have not included even the cost of traveling of some of my fellow brethren, of food as I shall be hosting them all. By the grace of God I hope I shall be able to cover some of these expenses. The crusade is expected to run for about 3 weeks. Pray together with me for the success of this work. Will you please send this money before the end of this month, if possible. (Editor’s Note: God allowed the money to already be sent!)
     I am overwhelmed by your selfless dedication to this work when I saw your e-mails for corrections (on the translations).  I hardly believed how you managed to locate some of the serious (translation) misses I had made. I have therefore managed to look into all the areas and have made proper translation corrections. Were I have highlighted are the exact areas where corrections have been made. I have and shall continue to look for opportunities to present this present truth messages. So far I have won one brother to the truth, being a former Pentecostal, despite studying with more than 4 individuals, 3 of them being Adventist.
     My brother, I wish if you can briefly update me of the possible developments of organization, taking place in your area and around the world....
     Once more it’s my pleasure to meet with you this time of the year. I am very happy through the manifold blessings that the infant church here is receiving. I do not forget the privilege of being found worthy to have a part in the completion of this great work of the gospel also.
     I must apologize for taking too long without giving you an update. This is because by the opening of this new year I have been experiencing accommodation problems (affordable housing) to an extent that I have been forced to move to another place on an emergency. The cost of accommodation rose to an unprecedented level that I could not afford to pay such a cost of renting a house. I have therefore reluctantly moved to another place where I am currently lodging with my family. Once more I lament the need to have our own accommodation with immediate effect if we are to see our work successfully moving forward.
     Nevertheless, I have left quite an infant church indeed which still needed my services. I had done all that I could to work that area for the past three years, but the results were very little. Especially toward the close of last year, the Lord had opened the way for me to work more successfully (with) my fellow brethren that are still in the harlot SDA church through canvassing. Out of the 14 households that I have visited and have had Bible Studies with, 11 of these are of the SDAs who have since been prejudiced against me or my message....
     I also took a follow up visit to my fellow brethren that are in ____ on a document I had written to them on the Name Issue early in December. Certainly, the document had been circulated to some other brethren elsewhere and even though it has helped, many still I have sensed a gradual decrease of cohesion among us, and if the Lord shall not intervene, another drawing apart of some of our brethren from among us is looming.
     The place that I have currently moved to at the moment is preferable to the two major former areas of my ministry, and I hope I shall be able to complete more successfully the circuit of serving these areas. The only setback is that in this area I am a well known figure to the SDA church and the Conference leaders. I have since my arrival been handed a report on how the SDA church has so far cemented its ties with the state and the traditional leaders in assassination of my character as a way of thwarting my ministry.
     To conclude this report, let me remind you of my need of being supported financially to hold at least two Evangelistic meetings this year. Remember the list that I wrote to you in my previous report of what I am expecting to have to quick start this work. Our lack of organization as a separated people is yet another setback in this great work. What are you doing on your part? May the grace of God attend you also.
In the name of our beloved friend Jesus, B.K., Zimbabwe.