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April - June, 2007

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is 'PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com

The Battle Over the Name “Seventh-day Adventist”
–part 3: Never Be Ashamed of the Name

     Many of our dear brothers and sisters have been taught that they must continue to cling to the name “Seventh-day Adventist” after they have chosen to completely disconnect themselves from the SDA church denomination.  Even though Bible and Spirit of Prophecy evidence has already been given showing that we are in a new Movement, that it is God’s will for His people to distinguish themselves in name from past churches of apostasy, and that God will call His servants today by a different name, yet many may still be confused.  It is for their sakes that we will now address the last major objection raised against calling ourselves “Seventh-day Remnant” instead of “Seventh-day Adventist”.

     The third major objection to calling ourselves by a different name is because many have been taught that it is a command of God that individual believers must never be ashamed to call themselves “Seventh-day Adventist” to the end–even if they have separated themselves from the SDA church.
     The foundation for this belief seems to be based upon the following testimony:
     “The banner of the third angel has inscribed upon it, ‘The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.’  Our institutions have taken a name which sets forth the character of our faith, and of this name we are never to be ashamed.  I have been shown that this name means much, and in adopting it we have followed the light given us from heaven.” Selected Messages, book 2, p 384.

     Now who, in the above testimony, were never to be ashamed of the name “Seventh-day Adventist”?  Was this testimony directed to single individual believers?  No.  The context of this testimony was directed to the institutions within the SDA denomination.  Thus you can see that all parts within the corporate church structure were instructed to never be ashamed to identify themselves as being “Seventh-day Adventist”.
     Many may be unaware of the situation which arose that called forth from Ellen White most all of these statements on not being ashamed about the SDA church name. To help understand this point, the following testimony is submitted:
     “It has been stated that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is not denominational.  But if ever an institution was established to be denominational, in every sense of the word, this Sanitarium was....
     “We are not to take pains to declare that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is not a Seventh-day Adventist institution; for this it certainly is.  As a Seventh-day Adventist institution it was established, to represent the various features of gospel missionary work, thus to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.
     “We have come to a time when God has been greatly dishonored.  Those who have long known our belief, and what we teach, have been surprised by the statement that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is not denominational.  No one has the right to make this statement....In the name of the Lord we are to identify ourselves as Seventh-day Adventists.” Battle Creek Letters, p 51-52 (Letter 128, 1902).

     The context of the testimony was in relation to the institutions of the corporate SDA denomination needing to identify themselves as “Seventh-day Adventist”.  Thus you can see that all parts within the SDA corporate church structure were instructed to never be ashamed to identify themselves by this name.  But what about individual believers?
     All parts within the SDA structure should also include each and every member of this corporate denomination.  So then are there statements that declare that each and every SDA church member should identify themselves as “Seventh-day Adventist”?  Yes.
     “We are Seventh-day Adventists.  Are we ashamed of our name?  We answer, ‘No, no!  We are not.  It is the name the Lord has given us.”  Selected Messages, book 2, p 384 (Letter 110, 1902).

     “We are Seventh-day Adventists, and of this name we are never to be ashamed.  As a people we must take a firm stand for truth and righteousness.” Selected Messages, book 2, p 384 (Letter 106, 1903).

     You will notice that Ellen White does not use words that indicate single individual believers, but always uses words such as “we” or “our” or “us” which refer to the corporate group of believers within the body of the SDA corporate denomination.  Therefore you can see that the context of all these testimonies are directed only to those people who were within the SDA corporate structure.  So basically what Ellen White was declaring was that if you are a member in the SDA denomination, or if you are an institution, or local church, or any other part of the corporate structure, then you should not be ashamed to identify yourself as “Seventh-day Adventist”.
     Also, in all the testimonies dealing with this issue of not being ashamed of the name “Seventh-day Adventist”, you will notice that these were not written counsel to any believer who was outside of the corporate SDA denomination; nor were they written counsel to any individuals who should embrace the same Advent faith, but who were not joined in membership to the SDA church.  But you will discover that every one of these testimonies were written counsel to only that which composed the corporate body and structure of the SDA denomination!
     So while it is true that Ellen White wrote that SDA’s were never to be ashamed of the name “Seventh-day Adventist”, the context of all of these testimonies is quite different than what many may believe.  These statements were all written counsel to the SDA corporate denomination and its membership, that they were not to hide or be ashamed of their name in order to gain more favor with the world.  But not one of these testimonies were written counsel to any individual believer, or to any group of individuals, who would choose to be separate from, or who would choose to work outside and independently of, the corporate body of the SDA church!

     Thus there is no inspired support to the belief that all who are separated from the SDA denomination must continue to identify themselves by the name of “Seventh-day Adventist”!  There is no inspired validity to the belief that all who embrace the Advent faith, but who are not members in the SDA church, must adopt and identify themselves by the name “Seventh-day Adventist”!  And there is also no inspired backing to the belief that all believers in the three angels’ messages, irregardless of whether or not they are connected with the corrupt SDA denomination, must fight that apostate church for their individual right to publicly identify themselves as “Seventh-day Adventist”!
     I sincerely hope and earnestly pray that all can understand that the foundational support given for the belief that all of God’s followers must never be ashamed of, and must always identify themselves by, the name “Seventh-day Adventist”, is not in agreement with the weight of evidence provided by a “Thus saith the Lord.”
     This article was written not to cast down, or to needlessly cause any embarrassment or pain to, anyone who chooses to call themselves “Seventh-day Adventist” and thereby be identified with this apostate and corrupt church.  But to show all those who have  completely disconnected themselves from this Babylonian church that there is no command from God, nor is there any directive from the Spirit of Prophecy, that they must continue to cling to and identify themselves by the name “Seventh-day Adventist”.

In Conclusion

     In this series, we have discovered that there is no church or group name, no matter how sacred or exalted it may be, which can bring any people into any favor with God if they choose to disobey Him–and this includes a name which was chosen by God Himself!  This is because God is more concerned with character than with what name we call ourselves by.
     We have discovered that after all the followers of Christ separated themselves from their corrupt churches of Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism, that they all chose a completely different name to identify themselves by.  These followers of God clearly saw the wisdom of avoiding needless confusion by making the distinction plain between themselves and the corrupt church they had separated from.
     We have discovered that the foundational support given for the belief that we cannot call ourselves by a different church name today because the name “Seventh-day Adventist” is written on the banner of God, which is to be borne before the whole world to the end, is not in agreement with the weight of evidence provided by a “Thus saith the Lord.”
     We have discovered that the foundational support given for the belief that we cannot call ourselves by a different church name today because the name “Seventh-day Adventist” was given by God only to individual Advent believers and not to the SDA corporate denomination, is not in agreement with the weight of evidence provided by a “Thus saith the Lord” as well as history.
     We have also discovered that the foundational support given for the belief that we cannot call ourselves by a different church name today because all of God’s followers, including those outside of the SDA denomination, must never be ashamed of, and must always identify themselves by, the name “Seventh-day Adventist”, is not in agreement with the weight of evidence provided by a “Thus saith the Lord”.
     And we have also discovered that because of the rebellion and apostasy of the SDA church, God foresaw that the once chosen name of “Seventh-day Adventist” would become defiled.  So He clearly revealed that all of His people who have chosen to separate completely from the SDA church would need to be called by another name.

     Since all of this is true, then what name should we call ourselves by?  What name could be more appropriate to use to identify ourselves by than the name “Seventh-day Remnant”?
     This name of “Seventh-day Remnant” upholds the Sabbath of the fourth commandment.  It brings before the people the subject of the Remnant, and thus opens the way for them to study and understand that God will have a people who will keep all of His commandments, who will follow the testimony of Jesus–or the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10), who will have the faith of Jesus, that Satan and all of his agents will make war against them, and that this select group of faithful people are prophesied to appear in these very last days just before Christ comes (see Revelation 12:17, 14:12).  Thus this name “Seventh-day Remnant” still upholds God’s Sabbath before the world, but avoids any confusion and negative drawbacks associated with the name of the SDA church.

     It is my earnest prayer that you will take the time to study into this issue of what name God would have His separated people identify themselves by today, because God does indeed want His true followers to organize and work under some name other than Seventh-day Adventist!
     "To those who have been engaged in this work I would say: Continue to work with tact and ability.  Arouse your associates to work under some name whereby they may be organized to co-operate in harmonious action." Testimonies, vol 6, p 267.

     Dear ones, many of our separated brothers and sisters are realizing the “curse” as they see their witness spoiled as soon as they identify themselves as “Seventh-day Adventist” because the people connect them to that apostate church!  Many are therefore awakening to the fact that God is today calling “his servants by another name," and that they need to unite and work together under a new name in order to promote harmonious action and help in finishing the work.  I earnestly pray that you will be led to join with all the rest of us and become part of this new last day Movement of God listed in Revelation 18.


     Dear ones, thank you so very much for all of your support given to this Ministry through your prayers and gracious donations.  It has strengthened and encouraged my heart to see and to know that I am not alone, but that there are others who are helping this work to continue spreading the present truth around the world.  Since the work is expanding, more call is made upon the available funds to keep the work moving forward.  As such, for the past few months we have not been able to send the needed funds to our workers in various countries, and they have had to cut back on their ministerial duties, not being able to visit interested people in sharing the truth, and even have had to do without family necessities.  So as I make this call to our readers to come up to the help of the Lord, understand that the work is growing and not stagnating, and please help us financially to be able to continue pushing the battle to the gate.

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     For those who are not able to have a home church to attend and who miss the benefit of fellowshipping together with others of like faith, there is an on-line present truth home church which meets every Sabbath at 12:00 noon Central Time.  This is a live broadcast of one of our separated Home Churches in Indiana which is pastored by brother Nicholas.  Please feel free to come and fellowship with others of like faith and enjoy the spiritual uplifting experience, and also be able to chat with them after church!  If you would like to fellowship, go to www.RemnantofGod.org/pogmchat.htm.

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     "Our publications should be printed in other languages, that foreign nations may be reached.  Much can be done through the medium of the press, but still more can be accomplished if the influence of the living preacher goes with our publications....The Lord has moved upon men of other tongues and has brought them under the influence of the truth, that they might be qualified to labor in His cause." Testimonies, vol 3, p 204-205.

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Dear Bro Bob,...
     May God's richest blessings continue to rest upon His sealing, pure, unadulterated truth as we seek to hasten His return.
     Life is full of heartache, distress and disappointment, yet His presence gives us comfort and mercy, and His Spirit thrills our souls with light and truth.
     May we radiantly glorify and praise His holy name.
     In 7A in the Appendix is a precious thought to my soul (many wonderful things about our Saviour are there), Ms 49, 1898 - 7A 458:
     "Hanging upon the cross Christ was the gospel....This is our message, our argument, our doctrine, our warning to the impenitent, our encouragement for the sorrowing, the hope of every believer.  IF WE CAN AWAKEN AN INTEREST IN MEN'S MINDS THAT WILL CAUSE THEM TO FIX THEIR EYES ON CHRIST, WE MAY STEP ASIDE, AND ASK THEM ONLY TO CONTINUE TO FIX THEIR EYES UPON THE LAMB OF GOD."
     We pray God's blessings may continue to be with your ministry.
     Love in Christ, B., R. & C.K, MO.

Dear Bro Bob,
     Greetings to you in Jesus' precious name.
     Its been some time ago since I've written to you, but the ministry is always on my mind, and thank you so much for the Newsletter for January - March, 2007.  I've read most of it, and let me assure that I have no problem not being identified with the S.D.A. church.  Thanks to the study you presented about 4-5 years ago, with wonderful references from the Bible & Spirit of Prophecy.  However, I do hope that Christ's character is fully reproduced in my life....
     May the good Lord bless and keep you and Let There Be Light Ministry always.
     J.V., Canada.

     Thankx for the good words.  We love to read the truth.  Please put this money where it is needed most.
     D.W., CA.

Dear Brother Bob,
     Only a line this morning.  It seems I just don't get the time anymore to sit down and write, as we are getting older time seems to rush away under us and we don't get things done as we use to.  ____ is past 95 years of age and I'm 12 years behind him so I try to help him with things as much as I can -- that's life.  Any way, we hope for the best and with God's help we are still up and about....we read in Early Writings and in the Testimonies, we can see we are coming to the end.  Time is running out.  Soon Jesus will come and we want to be ready to meet him.
     It was so good to get your Newsletter, and to see that the Lord's work is going ahead in far away lands....
     We have you in our prayers, and please remember us here.  Soon, we hope, we'll meet in the earth made new where we'll need no more money.  We long to see our Lord and Saviour, who is soon to come....
     Yours in Christ, M. & L.K., Canada.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let us be true and faithful to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  He has done everything for us.  I pray that we will love Him more than anything in this world till the end.
     Your sister in Christ, P.B., FL.

Dear Brother Robert,
     Just thought you could use a little for your Ministry.
     I see you are doing a good job -- & God is using you in a mighty way.  I've used several things off your website for myself and others.
     Thank you for your faithfulness (Editor's Note: to God be the glory for His grace and tender regard which keeps us steadfast in our weakness!)
     Your sister in Christ, P.L., WA.

Dear Bro. Sessler,
     I pray that all is well with you and your family.
     Please keep my husband and children in your prayers.  We are like a house divided against itself.  (Editor's Note: I sure will, and keep looking to Jesus for the grace and sympathy to continue forward.  Remember 1 Corinthians 7:13-17).
     I pray for you and the ministry....
     Your sister in Christ, FL.

Hi brother Sessler,
     Hoping you and family are well.
     Thank you for the monthly Newsletters that you are sending to us, as well (as) new info.  Thank you and the Lord.
     We wish you many blessings from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
     A.V., CA.

Dear Brother,
     Greetings from the Lord Jesus and the Father in heaven.  Thank you for the messages & the mission reports....
     Thank you, H.B., UT.

Hello folks,
     How are you all?  Besides being busy.  Life sure speeds along, doesn't it?...
     Use this $ where it is most needed.  We want more people to learn about God & learn to love Him (which) = obey Him.
     Love ya, G. & W.R., TN.

Dear Robert,
     Thank you for sending copies of your tracts.  I will have some of them printed for handing out.  (Editor's Note: Praise God and I will indeed pray that the Lord will impress and interest hearts to take the tracts and study them, as well as granting you His wisdom on how to give them and what to say if needed.)  Hopefully God will use them to call some to the Truth....
     May God bless you in your work.
     In Christ, C.S., FL.



Dear Bro Bob,
      May I greet you once again in His wonderful name and may His peace, love and joy be with you always.
     Sorry for the delay in sending my report. Translation is going on well and right now I am up to page 24 to the last paragraph and I thank the Lord for giving wisdom and strength and especially the time, I find it more peaceful and quiet in the early morning hours, before going about my chores in the morning.
     The Image of the Beast Booklet, are going like Hot Cake amongst the S.D.A. people here, and we are getting the feed back through the blindman Jack.  They say that the (SDA) Church is dead and it has no message, and they believe the message (we preach), but that remains to be seen. Anyway, I went to the ____ Hospital to visit my granddaughter, and I distributed some tracts and booklets there.
     Even though I know that time is short, but I know that God will help us in doing His work so that souls can be saved here in Fiji.
     We are worshiping here at home, me and my children and my only sister every Sabbath.  We were been praying for a piece of land, so that we can move there, its out of the city and I thank the Lord for answering our prayers, the process is going on now....
     Thank you once again for your support and prayers and may you continue to be a source of blessings to us in all matters.
     S.K., Fiji.


Dear Elder Bob,
     Receive my Christian greetings in Him in whom we live and move and have our being, our soon coming Saviour Christ Jesus. How are you getting on Brother? I hope that all is well with you and your fellow workers.
     I am fine too only advancing in the cause of God, for I have no other primary work than to work for the glory of God.
     Brother Bob I thank you greatly for what you done to me in the past two years, you never know but eternity will tell. Through your support I was able to run too and fro conducting effort meetings and seminars, etc. I advance now but slowly for I must work in my little garden of pineapples and vegetables in order to support my family and to advance the cause of God. Nevertheless I am on my knees praying that our loving Father who sees the end from the beginning may open the way again, that the work I was doing in His vineyard may continue forward. For now brother I rest in Romans 8:28 and Psalms 27:14, I know that the sky is not always blue despite there is clouds, but there is the sun beyond the clouds....
     Farewell brother, may our loving Father bless you abundantly. Share my greetings with others.
     Yours in His love and in the blessed hope, B.S., Kenya.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Brother,
     1 Jn. 3:1.
     To God be glory for ever and ever for His goodness. Work is getting tough! but the tougher it proves the greater God's grace becomes. Opposition to the name waxed great between Oct and Dec, but God's true people are getting the more united. Brethren ____, ____ and ____ visited ____/____ brethren and very encouraging have been the results. The churches there committed themselves to this position. Today we are scheduled for ____ for arousement and encouraging some whom we have been told have recently been put out of the (SDA) church. Praise be to God. More details on ____ later.
     Thank you for the available support, and our prayers are that God might supply more to help the extending work. Glory to God for the aid to put up a church building. This will (go) a long way to verify (that) God hears His people's prayers. Thank all that have made this possible....
     Thank you for this report. We have been at ____ till yesterday: ____, ____ and myself. Brother ____ was called to another urgent attention elsewhere.
     We carried out week long indoor studies on the whole present truth, at the end of which brethren covenanted to walk together as a church under the name Seventh day Remnant. (Editor's Note: May God be praised!) O! What a joy it was on Sabbath! This a very committed set of brethren we have met, and studied together calmly to end. We look forward to climbing greater heights by the grace of God (Ps 43:3)....
     Brother ____ is going through a hard time meeting this many calls, but we have come in to assist wherever possible. He is such a talent in the movement (and would hate) to lose (him) at this critical time when all power is needed together against Sisera....
     That all that have heeded the call of Rev 18:4, may let the Lord gather them as He seeks to gather His remnant (EW 74), and all come together on the platform of eternal truth, seeing that our COMMON ENEMY is ready to charge at us, is my humble prayer in Jesus.
     Ps 43:3, B.I., Kenya.
Dear elder Robert,
     Greetings from ____ in the name of Jesus. The work in ____, the Lord is blessing it as many people have come to see clearly the apostasy which has engulfed the system of SDA...
     In ____, there are few men who have accepted the message of separation; they have hired a house where to worship on every Sabbath. They are planning for the effort of one week, but economy is worse now. Through God’s providence we hope it is going to be done....
     Yours in the Lords vineyard, S.N., Kenya.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Robert,
     General Christian Greetings In Jesus Name.
     It has taken a long time since I communicated due to the work which does not allow so much. Last week we had a wonderful meeting in western (area) where I had told you earlier that we were there -- I, ____ and ____.  I told you that they wanted us to return for further studies so we have been there the whole of last week. The message was highly accepted and they have already signed the covenant of unity under the name SDR.  Thank God for that. From there today I am traveling to Eastern ____ for the accomplishment of a project I had told you last time. After coming from there I will tell you how it went on....
     My journey to ____ was fine. They were very much grateful for the dollars you sent for the shelter. They have used the money to buy a ground for the church building and those dollars were sufficient for that purpose. We had sent them few shillings to add on top of what they had so that we can buy iron sheets for the structure. l think by June we will raise a structure for worship. l have returned back home for the preparation of the camp meeting on April, which will take place in my home church.
     May God bless you for the work you are doing.
     Yours, B.N., Kenya.


     Elder Bob, Thank you very much for your best support to move the Lord’s work forward in PNG and also other areas of the world. “Every opportunity to help a brother in need, or to aid the cause of God in the spread of truth, is the pearl that you can send beforehand, deposit in the bank of heaven for safe keeping. God is testing and proving you.” 3T 250....
     I hope you have fully enjoying your blessed evangelism trip to Africa. When I finished reading your mission report to Africa, just in my mind it seems like watching on a screen. I shared your news to our brethrens in few home churches and we were blessed to hear the wonderful work of the Lord progressing very well on the other side of the land. We promised to pray for the work there.
     I agreed deep from my heart with the African brethrens signing the covenant under a new name “Seventh-Day Remnant” This name must be adopted sooner around the worldwide wherever our home churches established.
     We held a big year ending camp dated 17th –– 24th Dec at ____ High School ground. Representatives from the 8 different Provinces attend the camp. It’s been a wonderful and marvelous blessings we have been experiencing during the weekdays while the preachers presenting the experience of the Exodus Movement under the main theme “Bound For The Promised Land”. 5 new souls went into the water of baptism on the Sabbath evening.
     52 lay workers and church leaders had been registered and prepared to attend the leadership and evangelism before the camp begins. 5 hours each in 4 days during the camp we met together for the special sessions which I lead the class. At the graduation, all the workers and the church leaders promised to scatter abroad sacrificially in the new areas far and near.
     Mid of this year our State is preparing for the National election. From the past’s experiences, we believe that during these political periods major destructions will be accrued such as, destroying roads and bridges, burning down houses, fighting and killing people. During such time, many Christians will be seriously affected. Satan gonna win many souls on his side in times of politics. It is our aim and desire to warn the people with the 3 angels message before such evil election begins.
     After a week rest from the ____ camp, we run another program at home and it’s a church dedication program. 3 souls baptized on the Sabbath day. This is the first church dedicated in New Year, but last year 2006 we have been dedicating 18 churches in the Highlands region alone. This is a great news because we are not doing the preaching only but building the churches also.
     May the Lord be with (you) forever my brother.
     B.K., Papua New Guinea.


Dear Bro Bob,
1 John 3:1.
     Hi! How are you? I pray that you're fine through the protection and guidance of our Lord. We too are in good condition in the hands of the Lord.
     I just sent to you the finished translation of the part 1 of "Let There Be Light"-Bible Separation. Please let me know if there's any problem or correction with it.
     Also, I just want to give you some of my testimonies regarding our tracts distribution here. Every Sabbath afternoon, we went out with my kids and those children who attended with us every Sabbath. We are giving out tracts to every houses in different barrios. The kids are so eager and happy with what we are doing. It's very encouraging for us to see them that way. Though some refused to received but majority were thankful to have it.
     Also, we went to ____ City and we also distributed the tracts there. Me and my two kids position in the area were there are lots of people passing by. ____ and his companion stand in the other corner street. We disposed all the tracts that we brought there and still not enough because there are so many people there. We had encountered a man who is a devoted catholic and he criticized our tracts. We had time to share to him our position though it seems that he already knew us and our group. He told us that he will send that tract to Vatican so that they will give right action to it. He also gave us their magazine that answers to all the questions with regards to their doctrines and faith. We are praying that God will bless all our efforts especially those people who received the tracts though we are not worthy servant.
     Till here for now. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.
      In Christ, S.B., Philippines.

(Combination of 3 letters) Dearest elder Bob,
      Hello brother! Christian greetings!
     May the love of God and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you brother. I am extending my warmest gratitude for all the support you have given financially and for every prayer offered for the work here in the Philippines.
     We’ve been in ____ where our fellowship was held attended by the brethren from ____, ____ and ____. Though only few, we’re thankful to God that in that simple gathering where we see faces of our brethren who are strong in the faith is an encouragement for all the brethren. We discussed about the giving of the Holy Spirit in the latter (rain) that it will (not) be given unless, “The great outpouring of the Spirit of God, which lightens the whole earth with His glory, will not come until we have an enlightened people, that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God. When we have entire, wholehearted consecration to the service of Christ, God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of His Spirit without measure; but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God. God cannot pour out His Spirit when selfishness and self-indulgence are so manifest; when a spirit prevails that, if put into words, would express that answer of Cain,-- "Am I my brother's keeper?"--R.&H., July 21, 1896. {CS 52.1}....
     There was a sister whose name is Christian (who) was endorsed (recommended) to me. She accepted the message through (the) internet, and she is very willing to see me and continue learning the present truth. Am very encouraged in the experience of this woman, though alone in the family, she is striving to follow the light. I have a schedule for (visiting) her this February. May God bless me and use me for her.
     I’ve been also in ____ part of ____. This place is a new field for missionary. I pray that those souls who received tracts may open their heart for the message and if God wills a church may be established there through the help of God.
     I have now a constant communication with brother ____. They extended their joy and their willingness to meet us. They were downloading materials from your web, actually they asked me if I have a book “The Abomination of Desolation and Church History”. I told them that I have no personal copy of it but if they want to have a xerox of it I will ask brethren who have a copy of that book and will let them have it even xerox copy.
     Here in ____, I am thankful to God that He is continuing to help me in my house to house work. I pray that the seed implanted in the hearts of the people may spring and bring forth fruits for our Master. Though there are a lot of trials on my way still God is there to help us stand.
     For these all, I am extending my warmest gratitude dear brother for all the help that you are continually giving me. May God bless you, your family and your ministry and all the brethren who are supporting your ministry for the spreading of the gospel. Thank you so much brother....
     I was not able to visit our brethren in ____ and communicate with these brethren in person because of other work here in ____, and my budget is limited for that travel, (also) as I am also preparing for our up coming camp meeting in ____ in ____....
     I am thankful to God that He is ever protecting me in my missionary work especially during my house to house work. I visited people who have sick and others and praying with them. Distributing tracks, Bible studies etc. I can say that in this modern times its not easy matter when you go house to house because people might suspecting you as evil man who have an evil motive especially from rich families. So thank God that even unbelievers God is using to encourage me to move forward in this work though many of them are on and off.
     I was visited by an old friend and former brother, Brother ____, who also visited other former brethren that were scattered because of the lack of harmony in the past. I am thankful for his visit as he was encouraging me also for a unity....
     I was in ____ last Sabbath and I’m happy that they are still strong in the faith.  (A) new soul was added to them, and may God’s name ever be praised. We studied about the subject of the Latter Rain, and thank God because at first though she did not understand, but in the end she was enlightened. May God bless them.
     Again thank you so much my brother, and may God always repay you with all your needed blessings!
      Your brother in Christ, B.H., Philippines.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     It is within a short time that I write that side once again, starting with a happy new year to everyone that side.
     From thence I will be going off for the camp meeting.  I will see the person who translated the True Church of God. While that side I will communicate.
     We are still putting you in our prayers for that neighbour to turn to Christ and stop his evil practices. (Editor's Note: Thank you very much, and your prayers are much appreciated.)
     This way I need financial support, the one you last (sent) is over (used up). I tried to put up a pit latrine so as to be allowed to occupy the house, but sadly the rains or the floods destroyed it. A lot was invested in that project, but natural climate could not allow me the success (at this time)....
     As I wrote in the previous communication that it is the Lord’s timing which is always the best, or in other words to accept the Holy Spirit’s guidance in every undertaking -- like in the experience of the Apostle Paul. Acts 16:6-7.      All along I had prayed that God would open up opportunities to share His glad tidings with someone or some people. I reached ____ on the 1st January/2007. Against many odds, the financial position and health disorder, I had lot’s of gas in the stomach causing a lot of groaning and constipation which gave me a lot of discomfort, (also) fearing the attitude of those around which I believe (my ailment) would be very revolting to others. Here I remembered the apostle (had problems due to sickness) still in Galatians 4:13-14...
     Began to minister the next day on the issue of evangelizing, taking Paul as our example.  Met brothers and sister I had not met before in this place, shared on our greatest duty today which is sharing the good news (to) the perishing world, as it was in Paul’s day. Talked on the organization, the gospel order which is a need for the growth of the work Titus 1:5 “set in order the things that remain and appoint elders”. This laid the foundation for the next issue which was concerning the name to be used, and many the banner issue which were the subjects of your two previous Newsletters. They become great resource material in this matters. Then come the issue of registration, which most of those who attended full time appreciated save for a few who prayed that we give it time (to study out) which time was suggested to be around April of this year. For this issues raised many questions. The place was chosen to be (at) Brother ____ place, we call for your earnest prayers so that God may help us resolve many issues that will help the work go forward.
     I visited ____ from this place (and) met ____ and Brother ____ who is running a simple Herbal Sanitarium which has gained influence because many persons who have been drug addicted by the order of the world. Jeremiah 46:11 says “Go up into Gilead, and take balm O virgin daughter of Egypt; In vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured”. But in this humble place a lot of victory has been won by the very things that Spirit of Prophecy stipulates. The Lord has healed Cancers, Diabetes, heart troubles and many other complications that trained doctors have given up (on). Most of this diseases are brought upon the race by eating disorder and the abuse of drugs. Here the principles of Health Reform are the foundation of treatment given to the patients, and rapturous recovery is obtained. (Editor's Note: Praise God!) O! What a blessed arrangement has the Lord in mercy laid for us in the writings of Ellen. G. White!
     In this humble place every 9:00 pm they hold fellowship services to 10:00 pm, it is a blessed moment. Opportunity was given me to share with the hopeless people whom the world has given up for death, but are precious in the sight of our Lord Jesus Christ. They come from varying places, but more so from the ruling tribe in our land who are the wealthiest, so most suffer from the rich man’s diseases.
     Jesus is the Lord of both the rich and poor of this world and loves them both with the same measure of love, and more love those who are suffering. (I) built their faith in the healing Jesus, these dear folks whom the path of this life has become a mist because almost all the patients in this Sanitarium are those that have FAILED the doctors or medical science.  Cases from South Africa, India and international hospitals are the clients in this herbal Sanitarium and are the ones recovering in this place. Every other day new friends are made for Christ Jesus.
     As we coming to end of the camp meeting, while having morning devotion, a Lady rushed in our class and straight away asked (for) the person (who was the) ministering Pastor. (She said) "I want you to help me, I have a burning problem." It was a family problem...I moved out with her (and) counseled her (and) invited her to join us in the devotion, which she did.  We prayed with her and continued counseling and guidance.  She went back, picked (up) the child with Joy unspeakable and began on new life in Christ Jesus....Once again I can praise the Lord....
     We had tract evangelism around suburbs of town, and visited the hospital with Brother ____.
     Made two (other) journeys to ____.  Ministered (there) in word and shared the experience (that) we have been brought to go thorough as we minister for our loving Saviour. It (is) as God told the Jews in Deut 8:2. That a very trial is to test us (to see) if we shall be faithful in all matters of faith.
     Thanks for the support, it was long in coming, it is only the Lord who knows what experience we go thorough with this help. More appreciation for the two M-bags with the booklets, and the support on the construction. This help has changed many things at the site. May the good Lord bless the hands that give!
     Thanks once more for your earnest prayers for the ministry and the minister. The Lord is still keeping us well. We are looking forward to meeting on the name issue in April. It is our prayers that the brothers agree for the good of the work this side....
     Wishing you all heavens choicest blessings.
     I remain yours in Christ Jesus. H.K., Uganda.


(Combination of 2 letters) Elder Bob,
     May the Almighty God be with you and all the brethren with you.
     Greetings from your brethren in Zambia, and indeed from the palace (of the chief).
     From the November to December last year the Lord had given me another strategy to plan and see how it can work out in the coming year 2007. I had to start some new contacts for new areas for work there. I praise the Lord that the year 2006 was a great challenging year because of how the Lord has blessed us with the World or International Camp Meeting which has you left a very big way to start working. By the grace of God Br. ____ and I came together to see how we could work in 2007, and in these months the very last materials we had was distributed, and so we have calls from different places within Zambia and outside the country.
     Looking at this big request we have decentralized our work which was mostly based in ____. Br. ____ and I went to ____ for a leader's meeting where we told our brethren from ____ that we are now to leave them in the operations of our missionary work, since that place was now grounded with experienced workers and truths which are there, and so we are to shift to the ____ province of Zambia where (we) are entering the unentered areas. This is the second populated province in Zambia and so we really need a lot of materials for the new field. The brethren in ____ are now going to start working in that area while we concentrate mostly in this province where we are. Besides we are to work together in the same union. Pray for this work, especially that it is in towns where few are ready for our truths.
      Moreover, I have received a call from Sr. ____ in Malawi that I need to go there early February 2007, as she has pulled her name from the SDA church rolls and she has start a home church that needs a lot of encouragements and studies with her family and others whom she has preached too. Please I pray that this coming support, may include that traveling support.  If the support for these costs will be enough we are planning to go the two of us with br. ____. Pray for us also that we may be strengthened to do the work as before. We have problems with our accommodations (rental house) so pray with us that the Lord with help us have our houses (safely arranged) for us to work freely. So far we are looking for another house to shift to in March, as that house is already sold.
     Moreover, we are also facing another issue of the certificate for our ministry as I told you earlier. This year the Government is very serious with those churches or groups who do not have certificates to stop meeting in houses. Please help us on this issue for us to work well. Many souls are requesting for our separation messages, but others says we need to be (meeting out in the) open....
     Thank you, for the two mail bags you send together with my Bible.  God bless you. We still need more materials like Separation 1 & 2....
     This year the Lord has opened so many fields to work in and my programme is full booked till month end of September 2007. Pray with me that all (will) be accomplished. I will give you my schedule soon after am back from Malawi....
     To God be the glory.
     Your br. in faith, B.W., Zambia.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dearest Brother Sessler,
     I would like to thank you for receiving my first allotment of the support money....
     I shall begin translation work right away with tracts that I do have which are THE TWO LAWS, THE CURSE OF THE LAW, 100 POINTS ON THE SABBATH AND SUNDAY....
     Its now a long time since I last communicated with you my brother. But its my pleasure to highlight you on the developments that are taking place here in Zimbabwe as regards to gospel work.
     As we had not in earnest put gospel order in action here in Zimbabwe, it has dawned to me as my obligation to make repeated calls for unity among the brethren. Already I can begin to feel how hard and difficult it is to organize separated believers into one body. Under this move, I managed to arrange for a one ever delegation meeting from our home churches to discuss and plan for the forthcoming regional camp meeting to be held in Zimbabwe in ____ this year. Two delegates from each home church attended this meeting which was held at ____ School on the 3rd of March. We had also the privilege of the company of the newly established home church which by the Grace of God I was given ability to raise. This home church shall soon be having the baptismal ordinance to add to her fellowship five more members, of which two of these are from the fallen SDA church and the others are from the various denominational churches. I have also begun together with my wife to do a humble work in door to door evangelism including welfare ministry to the poor and the less fortunate in our community.
     Furthermore, I have so far completed translating three famous tracts namely WHAT SHALL I DO TO BE SAVED, THE CURSE OF THE LAW, THE TWO LAWS, and now am about to begin the 100 POINTS ON THE SUNDAY AND THE SABBATH. Remember this work and please pray for me and the ongoing work here in Zimbabwe. I should have sent some of these completed tracts to you, but my brother, please bear with me. I have no money to do this kind of work currently on the computers (and on internet) as I did not get enough for my support even when after I changed the money not with a better rate....But, if all goes well with you my brother try to send me together with my support money, the extra that you promised me earlier to cater for the transport expenses, printing, holding seminars, etc. that this work may not be crippled for lack of means....In the mean time, I will continue the translation work until I get enough money to send you the completed work.
     Let me hear from you soon, and may the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry as we continue to enlighten the whole world with the glory of the Lord.
     Yours fellow labourer in Christ, K.N., Zimbabwe.