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January - March, 2004

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is 'PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     Warning about this subject of the Godhead:
     "In regard to the personality and prerogatives of God, where He is, and what He is, this is a subject which we are not to dare to touch.  On this theme silence is eloquence.  It is those who have no experimental knowledge of God who venture to speculate in regard to Him.  Did they know more of Him, they would have less to say about what He is.  The one who in the daily life holds closest communion with God, and who has the deepest knowledge of Him, realizes most keenly the utter inability of human beings to explain the Creator." Medical Ministry, p 92.

     To be safe, we must only believe and teach what is revealed to us in God’s inspired word-–being the Bible and the Testimony of Jesus.  If we believe or teach anything other than what has been revealed to us, we are speculating as to what our imperfect and erring mind conceives to be correct, and thus we are in danger of embracing the lies of the devil.
     So what about the doctrine of the Trinity?  In order to know what this doctrine is all about, we must have a correct definition of Trinity?
     Both Websters and Funk and Wagnalls dictionaries define the Trinity as:
     "The state or character of being three."
     "Any union of three parts or elements in one..."
     "A threefold consubstantial (sharing the same substance) personality existing in one Divine Being or substance."
     "The union of one God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three infinite persons."

     Now where did the belief of the Trinity originate from?  Did it originate from the Bible, or from somewhere else?
     –-Spiritualism teaches:
     "The terms Father, Son, and Spirit are but symbols which stand for three manifestations of God...God goes forth from Himself in the eternal Son, returning to Himself in the Eternal Spirit." Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths, by G.A. Gaskell, p 770 (this dictionary uses the philosophic sacredly held writings of all religions such as Zoroaster, Philo, Swedenborg, Buddah, Hermes, the Qabbalah, etc., in order to derive the definitions--hence the definitions given are mystical and spiritualistic).

     Who believes in the Trinity doctrine of only one God manifested in three People–or three Beings sharing the same essence or substance and making up just one God?
     -–The World Council of Churches teaches:
     "The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures and therefore seek to fulfill together their common calling to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."  So much in Common, p 33 (written by the World Council of Churches and the Seventh-day Adventist church). (In fact, all churches who are connected with the WCC had to first embrace the Trinity doctrine before being admitted).

     -–The Roman Catholic Church teaches:
     "In God there are three persons, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, equal in all perfections." The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, p 31 by Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R., Imprimatur - September 16, 1957.

     In fact: "The mystery of the Trinity is the central doctrine of Catholic faith.  Upon it are based all the other teachings of the Church."  Handbook For Today's Catholics, p 11.

     -–The Seventh-day Adventist Church teaches:
     "2. The Trinity.
     "There is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a unity of three co-eternal persons."  1986 SDA Church Manual, chapter 2, p 23 (see also Seventh-day Adventists Believe...27 Fundamental Beliefs, p 16, 22).

     So all the churches of Christendom, including the SDA church, are involved in believing and teaching the Trinity doctrine.  The Trinity doctrine again is the teaching that there is only one God which is shared between three Persons.  And remember, the basis for this Trinity belief is not founded in the Bible, but is founded in Spiritualism!  So if you want to be a spiritualist, or one who is believing Catholic doctrine, then continue to believe that there is only one God who is made up of three Persons.
     As this is true, what about the belief that there was only one God in the beginning?  Is this what the Bible teaches, or is this also what Spiritualism teaches?  Where is the origination for this belief?
     "Holy is God, the Father of all things, the One who is before the First Beginning." The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p XL, by Manly P. Hall--33rd Degree Mason (Hall is quoting Hermes or Cush who was the interpreter of the Mysteries, or basically the founder of spiritualistic Babylonian religion.  Cush was also the father of Nimrod, who founded Babylon and then based its Mystery religion upon the teachings of Cush).

     So the foundation for the mysteries of Babylon is the belief that there was only one God in the beginning, and that this one God was named the Father!
     Who else believes and teaches this spiritualistic doctrine?
     "There is one God, infinitely perfect, who exists of Himself from all eternity." The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, p 31 by Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R., Imprimatur - September 16, 1957.

     So again we see that there is a clear and firm connection between Roman Catholic Trinity belief and the religion of the mysteries of Babylon.
     But isn’t this belief of there being only one God in heaven exactly what the Bible teaches?  Lets see.
     "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1.

     Is this verse teaching that there was only one God in the beginning who created the heaven and the earth?  The Hebrew word for God used in this text is “Elohiym” (Strong’s Exhaustive Hebrew Concordance, word #430) which is the plural form of one God.  So the text correctly reads: "in the beginning, Gods created the heaven and the earth."  Hence in the very first verse of the Bible, we have the truth taught to us that there was more than just one God in the beginning who involved Themselves in creating the heaven and the earth!
     Now this true biblical belief that there is more than one God in heaven is not the Trinity doctrine.  Trinity teaches that there is only one God who split Himself into three Persons.  As soon as you understand that there is more than just one God in heaven, the Trinity doctrine is seen to be error, and its spiritualistic foundation crumbles.  And with the Trinity doctrine destroyed, then the whole foundational basis for the other doctrines of Catholicism are seen to be just a mass of spiritualistic error!  So when you understand that there is more than one God in heaven, and that the Trinity doctrine is not Biblical truth, you then are beginning to be set free from all spiritualism!
     So the Bible teaches that there is more than just one God in heaven.  But before we investigate as to how many Gods the Bible teaches there are in heaven, let us turn our attention to other beliefs connected with this spiritualistic Trinitarian doctrine of Catholicism so that we can continue to be set free from this error.

     What else does Spiritualism teach in relation to the belief that there is only one God who is a Father of all things?
     "Holy is God, whose will is performed and accomplished by His own powers which He hath given birth to out of Himself." Hall, quoting Hermes the founder of the Mysteries of spiritualism, p XL.

     "'...[God] can unfold His essence in a variety of existences, which, while they are His creatures as to their origin, are parts of His essence as to their contents." Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths, by G.A. Gaskell, p 317.

     So the foundation of the mysteries of the religion of Babylon is the belief that this one God, as a Father or parent, gave birth out of His own person to other parts of His essence.
     Who else believes this spiritualistic Trinity belief that the one God gave birth out of himself to other parts of His essence?
     --Masonic religion:
     "...the One [God] is the term most suitable for defining the Absolute, since the whole precedes the parts..." Hall, p XV.

     "...God as the infinite Parent of all..." Morals and Dogma, p 715, by Albert Pike--33rd Degree Mason, also The Masonic Report, p 20.

     And what parts does the spiritualistic mysteries of Babylon teach that this one God gave birth to out of Himself and shares His essence with?
     "Son of God, First-Born...the Second Logos or Higher Self,--the first emanation from the Father, the Absolute, or the First Logos." Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths, by G.A. Gaskell, p 702 (this dictionary uses the philosophic sacredly held writings of all religions such as Zoroaster, Philo, Swedenborg, Buddah, Hermes, the Qabbalah, etc., in order to derive the definitions--hence the definitions given are mystical and spiritualistic).

     "The eternal Birth or generation of the Son or Divine Word....
     "From our proper Source, that is to say, from the Father and all that which lives in Him, there shines,' says Ruysbroeck, 'an eternal Ray, the which is the Birth of the Son....We are celebrating the feast of the Eternal Birth which God the Father has borne..." Mysticism, p 146, by E. Underhill, quoted in Dictionary, p 702.

     "In the heart of the Trinity [or One God] the Creator laughs and gives birth to the child." Meister Eckhart quoted in The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, p 218-219, by Matthew Fox.

     So the mysteries of Babylon teaches the spiritualistic doctrine, which is connected with the Trinity belief, that this one God as a Father, sometime in eternity, literally gave birth or bore or produced or reproduced or cloned or split off, etc. a Son out of Himself who shares in His essence.
     This spiritualistic belief that Christ was literally birthed or born out of the Father, is the foundational basis for the belief in dualism--that God must also have female capabilities in order to give birth.  That is why spiritualists and occultists believe and teach that the universe is governed by yin-yang, positive and negative, that God is both father and mother in one being, that both good and evil must exist in order for the universe to survive and for man to achieve God-hood.

     Now who else, do you suppose, holds to this spiritualistic Babylon mystery religion that the Father God literally gave birth to His son?
     --Roman Catholicism teaches:
     "The Son proceeds from the Father by generation (and generation means the process of begetting offspring, reproduction, or giving birth to)..." The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, p 31 by Peter Geiermann, C.SS.R., Imprimatur - September 16, 1957.

     Thus for anyone to believe that at some time in eternity, this One Father God literally gave birth to, or generated, reproduced, produced, cloned, created, split off etc., a Son out of His own Being, is believing in the Trinity doctrine of Catholicism which is founded upon the mysteries of Babylon!  So whether these individuals or churches will admit this fact, or choose to ignore it altogether, they are not believing in or teaching Bible truth, but are involved in believing and teaching the spiritualistic lies from the devil himself upon which are based all of the mysteries of the religion of Babylon.
     "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3.

     What does God command all of His people to do in regards to believing any of the doctrines of Babylon, or in regards to being connected with any of the churches of Babylon?
     "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people...."

     When?  When do we become the people of God and He becomes our Father?
     "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing;..."

     So before we can become the people of God, and He becomes our Father, we must separate out of those churches holding to Babylon doctrines, and we must no longer touch or hold to their false spiritualistic doctrinal beliefs!  And what is the promise if we fulfill these conditions?
     "and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

     The Bible also tells us:
     "Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord." Isaiah 52:11.

     "Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity..." Jeremiah 51:6.

     "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Revelation 18:4.

     We are clearly admonished by God that before we can become His children, and before He can become our God, that we must separate ourselves from all known false and spiritualistic doctrine of Babylon, and also must separate ourselves from all known churches of Babylon, so that we may be clean.  It is only after we fulfill these conditions of obedience to His will, that He becomes our God and we become His children.
     Then if anyone refuses to give up this Trinitarian spiritualistic Babylonian belief of there being only one God–the Father, and that this one God gave birth, or bore, or created, or reproduced, or produced, or cloned, or split off, etc., out of His own Person a Son and other parts who share His essence, then they cannot claim to be the sons or daughters of God because they have not fulfilled the conditions necessary to be His children.  In fact, God does not even claim them as His children until they fulfill these conditions!  And if God does not claim them as His, then who does?  The one who is the author of this spiritualistic Trinitarian belief--or the father of lies himself–the devil!

     So just how many God’s does the Bible teach there are in heaven?

How Many Gods Does the Bible Teach There Are in Heaven?

     "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1.

     We found that the Hebrew word for God used in this text is "Elohiym" (Strong’s Exhaustive Hebrew Concordance, word #430) which is the plural form of one God.  So the text correctly reads: "in the beginning, Gods created the heaven and the earth."  Then how many Gods are there in heaven?  To discover how many Gods there are, let us see how many different Beings were involved in creating the heaven and the earth.
     "...God, who created all things by Jesus Christ." Ephesians 3:9.

     "(God) Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds." Hebrews 1:2.

     "For by him (Jesus Christ) were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist." Colossians 1:16-17.

     So we see that there were at least two Beings involved in creation: God–the Father and Jesus Christ His Son.  But were these the only Beings who involved Themselves in creation?
     "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Genesis 1:2.

     "By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent." Job 26:13.

     "Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth." Psalms 104:30.

     So we see that there were not just two Beings involved in creation, but there were actually three Beings: God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Bible does not reveal that there were any other Beings involved.  Hence we can now easily figure out just how many Gods Genesis 1:1 declares were involved in creation:
     "In the beginning, Gods (or God–the Father, God–the Son, and God–the Holy Spirit) created the heaven and the earth."

     Thus we can see that there were three Gods involved in creation!  To understand that there were three Gods involved in creation is not teaching the spiritualistic Trinity doctrine of Babylon.  The Trinity teaches that there is just one God who gave birth out of Himself to other parts of His essence–such as a Son and a Spirit.  But in the very first verse of the Bible is given the truth that in the beginning there were three Gods who each involved Themselves in creating the heaven and the earth.

     Yet some will still have problems understanding that the Bible teaches that there are more than just one God in heaven.  Trinitarians will find it difficult to give up their Babylonian belief that the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit together make up just one God.  And Spiritualists will find it difficult to give up their Babylonian belief that the Father is the only God, while the Son and Holy Spirit just share in His essence.
     So does the Bible back up the truth that there is more than just the Father who is God in heaven?  Does the Bible declare that Jesus Christ is a God other than God–the Father?  And does the Bible also declare that the Holy Spirit is also a God other than both the Father and the Son?  If so, and the Bible does indeed declare that Jesus Christ, as well as the Holy Spirit, are also a God Themselves, then the Trinitarian and Spiritualistic beliefs of there being only one God is clearly proven to be utter lies from the devil himself!

     This is exactly what we will examine in our next Newsletter (April - June).


     We have entered into another year, and 2003 has passed into history.  What has been recorded against our names in the ledgers of heaven during this past year?  Have you made advancements in the Christian life of overcoming sinful habits, or are you still struggling with the same sins?  Have you brought more souls to Jesus, or are you resting upon the labors and efforts from previous years?  Are you longing for and preparing for heaven, or are you resting content among the things of earth?  May we all think seriously upon these things, and then determine to put on the whole armor of God in making whole-hearted efforts to advance in both our Christian walk, as well in laboring to seek and to save the lost.
     I believe this new year will involve many of us in some tremendous events as both the camp of God and the camp of Satan advance in this battle between light and darkness, truth and error, which will continue to intensify as it swells into a great controversy.  May we be ready now to move forward in putting all our energy and efforts into following our Lord and Saviour in building up and advancing His kingdom of righteousness with precious converted souls.

     As we mentioned in our last Newsletter, we are finding it more and more difficult to get our Newsletters out on time every two months.  So beginning with this new year, we will be mailing our Newsletters out each quarter--or four times a year.  We again apologize if this adversely affects any of our readers.

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     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


Dear Brethren,
     The Lord has blessed us throughout our two-week evangelistic meetings we had at ____ here from the 6th to 20th October 2003. We had twenty-five non-Adventists who have consistently attended and are enthusiastically searching out the truths as they are presented. Everything went on smoothly until we came to the Rapture, Speaking in Tongues, and the state of the dead. Some could not accept what the Bible said about the above-mentioned subjects and were determined to try to convince the others in the class of the same. The truth from God’s word is clear and God has promised that if we truly seek we will find. (Matt. 7:7).     Most of the class are earnest seekers and despite the disruption, they continue to come and learn the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. When we presented the Sabbath, the Lord blessed us, and most were amazed that the entire world has been wronged. We invited the new students to our new home church and fifteen people kept their first Sabbath that day. What a glorious moment it was! (Editor's Note: Praise God indeed!) They are eager and enthusiastic to share what they are learning to their friends and relatives. Three of the students expressed their desire to tell others about the precious truths that they are learning. It is our hope and prayer that as the truths continue to unfold to people’s minds that many more will start keeping the Sabbath and become a part of God’s last day people who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  The total attendance was forty (40), twenty-five non-Adventists and fifteen Adventists. At the end of the meetings, we presented Bibles and some tracts and books to them. We are five in the team and we supported all our meetings ourselves.
     REQUESTS: That you send us more tracts/SOP books; That if you could sponsor some of our evangelistic meetings financially; That if you could send us a camera so that we can take photos and send to you....
     The one who is typing the translations have not yet finished them but she promise to finish it at end of this week. Please we need your prayers because we are facing oppositions from the Conference leaders.  Please always pray for our new home church and the new members.
     Our greetings to you all and God richly bless you all in all that you do to support His work. Amen! Do not forget to send us your regular newsletter. Thanks.
     Yours in the Blessed Hope, G.K., Uganda, East Africa.

Dear Bro Sessler,
     Greetings in Jesus holy name.  Thanks very much for sending those books for me.  I don't like to write, but I always remember the Ministry.
     Please pray for me.  I can truly say Jesus is wonderful and merciful, but the battle is also great and we need one another.  Prayer, unity of spirit--far or near, in Jesus....
     Love in Jesus' name, S.V., Trinidad, West Indies.

Dear brother in Christ,
     Greetings to you in the Holy and Righteous name of our saviour Jesus Christ.
     I am Seventh–Day Adventist doing a self supporting work for the Lord in a village (MH 154). I was disfellowship from SDA Church structure in 1998. Because I took a firm stand on the platform of truth. Since then I have been working for the Lord and God is so faithful to me.
     Brethren, I can across a booklet from your ministry "History of Separation, part two" Is a wonderful book, good for our Brethren that still remain in the structural body of SDA Church. I seize this opportunity to request from your ministry booklets and books of such kind. Please, support me with books that I will use to work more for the Lord in this part of the world to prepare people for Jesus second coming. If the Holy Spirit of God impress your mind to help me here is my postal address and email....
     Please, communicate me in order for me to know if you have seem mail. I send my picture and a letter of disfellowship. May God help us all to faithfully to our call to the end and we shall see face to face at feed of Jesus our Bless Redeemer the captain of our salvation.  Keep in touch.
     S.A., Nigeria, West Africa.



(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Bro Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     May I once again greet you in his wonderful name and may his peace, love and joy be with you always.
     I have found our representative in the ____ city are in the West in ____, a very strong sister in Christ and she has been spending two weeks now in ____ with me in training. She is a health worker and a very strong sister in spreading out literatures and booklets and etc. in that area she will be going back home on Sunday, and she will take with her all the necessary literatures to spread out in the ____ area. I really enjoy working with her and we are giving her all the help we can, she has the heart to help others to see the light and the truth in these last days and the same time she heals sick people too.
     The booklet "Why are Protestants Bowing to the Pope" will be printed this coming week and the cost of printing is going up again...The people are now just waiting for this booklet, not only the S.D.A but the other denominations too. We would like this booklet to be in the peoples hands before anything about the Sunday Laws comes, and I am praying for that to happen. The translations on "Will You Answer Christ's Prayer" is progressing well.
     Home to home visitation is still going on and more invitations are coming on my way to visit more people. The places visited this month are ____ City, ____ Town, ____ Town, ____ and ____ Towns.
     Bro, thank you very much for the support and the money for the printing of the booklet and also thank you for your prayers...
     Thank you very much for those cartons of tracts which I received from you last work. Forgive me the delay in sending this report to you as I was away in the Western side of Fiji. Last friday, arriving home late just before the Sabbath.
     I received more requests from the Western Side for the booklet "The True Church of God" in Fijian. And I am sending a carton this morning to ____ by distributed there, and also requests came from the Northern post of Fiji for the same booklets. I also received letters and telephone requests for the above booklet translation of the booklet "Will You Answer Christ Prayer" is still progressing.
     May I take this opportunity to thank you very sincerely indeed for the writing up of this booklet "The Latter Rain and the Loud Cry of the Angel of Revelation 18." It is very important booklet of this time and may (God) bless you richly so that you may continue to be His source of inspirations in years to come. This is the next booklet to be translated....
     The work in Fiji is progressing well and a lot of people are looking to the Ministries for further truth and lights. It is very encouraging indeed to see the work here progressing well and I praise God for it. They are looking forward to the next translated booklet in Fijian. We visited ____, ____ towns and also ____, ____ and ____ City. Thousands of booklets pamphlets and tracts were distributed out in these places....
     Fiji is well aware of us now and a lot of people are asking for more Fijian booklet. Bro, please if you could send us some small Bibles (k.j.v) small size, people are asking for it all the time. House to house visitations is still going on and a lot of people are coming home for more books and booklets. May God be praised. I hope the new year will bring us closer and we will lighten the whole world with his truth for these last days.
     May Gods continue to bless you and keeps you my brother.
     Yours Servant in Christ, B.A., Fiji Islands.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     I salute you in the precious name of our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ. May His grace work more mightily in you as per His call unto you.
     Thank you for the dozen of Abomination of Desolation books. I believe these shall be good eye opener messengers unto our benighted S.D.A. brethren. Thank you also for the continued support in this work.
     God is working in His people, and we should be confident in His strong hand. Few days ago I had gone to answer a call from our co-workers in ____ city in the camp meeting. All the ministers were in work here and God blessed us. At the end nearly a score of persons was baptized. More than this, there came a testing situation in the camp and most stood it. Our ____ co-worker had been in correspondence with a certain couple in your country. This couple was visiting Africa during this camp time and they visited us. It is sad to say that, these visitors were given a chance to stand before the church, though we were not sure of their faith stand separationist or wriggling independents. With these came the test to the ____ church.
     With promises to help build a meeting house, supply Swahili bibles, Steps to Christ texts and willing to support general ministerial work he stood before us that day. But soon after a short speech he proved his stand to be built on the sand. He said he would not work with SDA Conference Church for it was in apostasy yet he asked, "How many of you here believe that the SDA church has become Babylon?"  Nearly every hand was up. He was sorrowfully disappointed he said after that. Further he asked for Scripture support of that position which we gave. And (as we gave him reference after reference) this made him nearly mad that he started even cursing!
     To cut short the story, his big promises were a temptation to our poor condition, but God worked that most of those in the gathering stood for truth in this present day. (Editor's Note: Praise God for your determination to stand for the truth regardless of what bribes were offered to be silent!)  We chose to refuse the great promises of this self-sent Pharisee that we may carry the truth as unpopular and startling to the most SDAs, though poor as we are. Good news is favorable to the poor.
     Brother Bob pray for the work here in Kenya. The work is greatly growing and the demanding calls so many that we are not able to answer them. The poor condition is strikingly high, that Satan is trying to buy souls with money.  Pray for these our poor souls to always stand even without gold and silver but with the truth of God....
     Thank you very much for this quarters Newsletter. It strikes on the nail’s head of the greatest obstacle that has delayed our Lord's return. If not there, here in Africa, especially in Kenya where I have practical experience--family disunity ranges....Even our United Brethren are affected, may God save us. More material on this would do good God willing.
     At the same time God is wonderfully working here. Medical line are proving to be a great blessing to the work, getting us to those we would never otherwise get to....
     May God's grace be sufficient to us in His service.
     In the service of faith, P.M., Kenya.
Dear Brother Bob,
     Receive my greetings from here Kenya. I am okay doing God's service in His power and will.
     It has taken time since I communicated to you, this is because of being busy. The camp meeting of ____ was finished successfully where we saw the hand of God working in ____.  (____) is my centre of work, I am very happy that the good God help the centre very much, 17 souls were baptized into Christ. ____ being a city, life is so high, we spent a lot of money being our first camp meeting we did.  These camp brought great arousement, many were moved to have testimonies from the servants of Christ and promised that soon they are going to join.
     The camp which started on 13th October ended on 19th and on the same date we had UBM Meeting seeing the progress of the ministry.
     On 21st October I moved out of ____ to ____ District where the new centre has been opened. I transferred my family there in change of the climate. There two members have joined both from Adventist, very happy for this new light. The problem facing the centre is that we have not yet got a place for worship but we are conducting it indoors. I have tried to meet leaders to give us place of worship, pray for us, God is going to open a way soon. Besides that they need Bibles in vernacular "Kimaasai", these will help them greatly. For your information these tribe is the one which behind as far as the word of God is concern. They believe in many herds of cattle (more) than anything else. When they hear about God they want to read their own language, so whosoever is ready to assist, let him/her give it, it will be of great help to these brothers and sisters who are in darkness.
     May God help, let there be light Ministry for the great light which is shedding to the world.
     Yours Eleventh hour servant, S.O., Kenya.

Dear bro. Sessler,
     Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name. I hope you are kept in the hollow of His mighty Hand of care. We are fine too, with work through opposition. Yet the things once unthought of in the conference church are now commonplace that many are forced to reconsider the fact and the word of God. Glory to God in the highest, and peace and good will toward men on earth, amen.
     We shall never tire to praise God for supporting His own work here through such servants as He has given the heart to support it....
     We're finishing the First Campmeeting in ____ and we've experienced the truth that God sustains them that rely on Him for all things. Truth simply spoken and lived is a power that none can resist. We have also seen the truth that: to stand for truth and righteousness when champions are few, that will be our test." 5T 136. Thank you for your constant prayers; we also do for you.
     Pass our special greetings to all our brothers and sisters. God bless you.
     Heb 10:37, I.O., Kenya.

Dear Bob,
     General christian greetings with much hopes that the Lord is sustaining you well. Surely the Lord God does nothing except he revealeth it to His servants. This scripture stands sure that if we are God's true children nothing shall be hide from us that we shall not know....
     I am writing from ____ where we have a one week camp which is ending tomorrow 18th of this month. The camp is so productive. The Hope International people came with gifts to let us unite with them by accepting that the SDA church is becoming Babylon and not Babylon itself, but we could not accept their inducements and immediately they went out of the camp and we continued our camp as normal.
     The work is getting on here well and the banner of truth is being lifted up, we are not ready to repudiate the present truth because of presents.  Remember the man of God at the time of Jeroboam who was given free food and a Donkey, but he died for God did not send him for such gifts. It is not Great things we need, but to stand by the truth for that is the work we were called for. Thank you very much for your letter I received. It is good to write for we feel so encouraged.
     Thanks also for the support of the gospel ministry. God bless you and all our fellow workers. We are not ready (willing) to unite in the platform of error, but in the platform of truth.
     Your brother in Christ's work, N.G., Kenya.

Dear fellow laborer,
     1 John 3:1.  I hope you are well there the same thing applies to us here. Thanks for the letter which you sent...which is encouraging. In fact it is privilege and honour to be in God's work with other workers for the field is big.
     God's hand is doing wonders in the side of the sick.
     (MEDICAL REPORT:) A person with swollen feet with pains and unable to walk has been healed within a day. He was deep into hot water and then into kerosene, herbal extract internally, sweat bath, then I covered a swollen area with plantain leaves then the case was gone. (Other cases): Arteriosclerosis - 2 people; back pain - 7 people; bed wetting - 3 people; typhoid - 2 people; headaches - 7 people; edema - 3 people; cough - 4 people; skin diseases - 5; otitis - 2 people; gynecological problems - 1 person; blood pressure - 1; eczema - 4 people; tonsillitis - 1 person; gingivitis - 1 person; and ulcers - one.
     "It is the guilt of those who stand as leaders and teachers of the people to instruct church members how to labour in mission lines, and then to set in operation the great, grand work of proclaiming widely this message that must arouse every unworked city before the crisis come, when through the working of satanic agencies, the doors now open to the message of the third angel shall be closed....
     "The righteous judgements of God, with their weight of final decision, are coming upon the land. Do not hover over the churches repeat over and over again the same truths to the people, while the cities are left in ignorance and sin, unwarned and unlaboured for. Soon the way will be hedged up and these cities will be closed to the gospel message. Please read with me 7T 34-36.
     May God continue to bless you and yours.
     The servant of the Lord, P.N., Kenya.


Dear Elder Bob,
     2 Cor 1:20
     Greetings from Malaysia. First pack of (Chinese translated) tracts will be mailed to you in a few days time. I'm happy to tell you that I have learnt a new input method which suits the readers of both mainland China, and Hong Kong, plus Taiwan, -- actually for the Chinese worldwide. Of course, I started with very slow speed but now I gain speed, thanks God and praise His name!...
     May God continue to richly bless your ministry!
     In His Service, V., Malaysia.


(Combination of 3 letters) My dearest Elder Bob,
     1 John 3:1
     "Watch, pray, work--these are the Christian's watchwords. Let none excuse themselves from labor for the salvation of souls. Let none deceive themselves into the belief that nothing is required of them. No less is required of any than was expected of the man with one talent." {OHC 302.4}
     I thank God as His Spirit continue to instill into our heart the burden of souls. The pen of Inspiration further admonishes us to take the work of rescuing souls from the pit of degradation serious in the following statement. "It is ours to make the record which we desire to meet hereafter. Would we have its pages filled with the history of earnest work for God and humanity? Let us follow in the footsteps of Him who declared, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." John 9:4." {OHC 302.6}
     For this reason, we have given ourselves wholeheartedly once again this month to the work and the Lord in His infinite mercy has blessed us with 19 souls currently studying both Bible and Health correspondence course with us. We also received 8 lesson booklets returned for grading while couple of the old students asked some vital questions as a result of their study concerning some tracts we sent to them. This is quite commendable as it shows that they are really doing their homework.
     You will find below one such students, who happened to be a pastor and ministry leader that teaches prophecy but doesn't know much about 70 weeks and 2300 day/year prophecy. Others have asked questions about clean and unclean meats while the true biblical day of worship was raised as well.
     We praise God that His work is moving forward and many souls are being prepared for the second coming of Christ. We are not worthy but thank God that Jesus Christ is worthy and He takes all the credits for this wonderful miracles.
     I want to use this medium again to say thank you for your moral and financial support in assisting us to reach precious souls that Christ died for. May our heavenly Father reward you abundantly....
     The Bible studies are coming along fine and the Lord is enlarging our coast. As I am writing you now, I have some Bible correspondence lesson booklets (30 lessons each) and 2 health correspondence answer-sheets (one is 13 lessons and the other is 42 lessons each) to mark/grade and return back to the respective students as soon as possible. In addition to this, there are 10 letters (who knows how many will come next) from our students that needs replying. By God's Grace, I am going to take care of these alone because those that are working with me are not around in the ministry. I thank the Lord for providing funds in good time to post these materials back to those students, because the high cost of postage is of great concern, so I praise His Holy Name for meeting us at our points of needs. He has promised that before we call, He will answer.
     Concerning the materials you sent....I have received so far a handful of health tracts (8 laws of health) and the packages on BIBLE HISTORY OF SEPARATION and TRANSMUTATION OF THE THREE ANGELS MESSAGE. I have since distributed them and many of our former brethren (over 50) that have gone back to the structure of apostate SDA are being agitated on this issue. If the Lord wills it, they may separate and come back to join me in this work as it appears. They have read BIBLE HISTORY OF SEPARATION part one and are looking forward to receiving part two. You only sent about 10 copies of part two or should I say I received 10 copies because it may have gotten stolen by the post men, which have made it insufficient anyway....
     I am writing to let you know that I have just returned from the visit I paid my brethren and sisters in the North. We had a nice camp meeting together. It was such a joy to see many of them reaffirming their position to separate from sin and sinners. I have the privilege of studying with them the issue of separation, how we are held accountable for personal, social and corporate sin, 10 virgin parable and the issue of wheat and tares.
     Prior to my leaving, I went to browse your website to download more booklets, printed them and made photocopies of each subject (20 set of each). They’re widely distributed among them. Although we spent a week studying together but we could not finished the entire different subjects. I counseled them to study those that we were unable to study together and endeavor to share them with those that refused to attend because of preconceived opinions.
     I praise God that we are having more than 40 brothers and sisters that are standing in the truth there now. Those who have gone back to the structure of SDA will not come back no matter the amount of prayer and persuasions we engaged in on their behalf. I believe the history is repeating right before us as we consider the experience our pioneer went through during the tarrying time and midnight cry....
     Below is a report of the meeting the group wanted me to send to you. They are really looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. It is high time for you to plan a visit or send Brethren Gary and Jim to come down to meet this group.
     Unfortunately, I could not make the visit to the East of the country, where I was invited by the little group that just separated, along with their pastor, from the Structure of SDA. I hope you still remember that I shared some of his emails to me in my last mail to you. The ten days visit to the North has really drained all the funds with me. God willing and by His Grace, I plan to go soon.
     The Good Lord is blessing our efforts in the area of Bible and Health correspondence courses as well. We received 35 requests last month and I thanked the Lord for strengthened me to reply all just before we left on December 1st to the North. We also graded more than 11 lesson studies booklets and 4 health lesson studies and sent them back to the owners. I believe we have received more than 100 requests so far this year. By God’s grace, I would have their names and addresses collated and send them to you in first week of January. I am so thankful to the Lord that the work is progressing as He takes the reign into His Hands. May we continue to render praises to God as we see the loud cry getting louder and is filling more of this earth with the glory of God! Very soon, we shall be blessed with the power of the Later Rain to finish the work.
     I certainly hope that this mail finds you and yours in good health. Please extend my regards to all that are actively engage in the work. May we all keep looking up from whence cometh our strength and help, and may God continue to bless you in all things for His glory and name's sake.
     Happy Sabbath, A.S., Nigeria.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear brother Bob,
     I am very thankful to the Lord for all the blessings He has bestowed, and also in using you as an agency for helping us continue working in His great harvest field, for your unselfish devotion for His cause specially by supporting us and by sharing to others blessing received by you.
     I’m still working at this time to bridge up the calls for my work, which has been neglected in the past, if they are still open for me to visit them. My first missionary travel under or being supported by your ministry (let there be light) was when I travel with my wife to comfort our sorrowing brethren in ____ region and in helping them to continue in the faith by encouraging them to lift up the Lord’s counsel in gospel order so that the cause of trouble in the church may be removed, though we do not expect that troubles will not arise again because Satan is still working to dishearten the church and if possible to deceive the very elect. I always remember the study about “Fires and Plagues of Fanaticisms” likes waves; the waves sometimes are great and sometimes small but it never stops waving so likewise in the church....
     When we were arrived at home, I’m about to leave for my next call when our sister sent me a message that our brother in ____, ____ (the one I told you) died, so immediately I went there to help and comfort them in their bereavement, almost all our brethren in ____ went there. He was buried after a week. But I know that God has a purpose of letting things to come to pass. I was given an opportunity to speak to the visitors about the faith of the late brother, why he firmly holds his faith till his death. I saw many listeners at that time were being convinced that their condition apart from the Lord have no hope so I brought to them the good news how Jesus made a way for us to have a new hope through faith in Him, may those message heard will sooner or later spring in their hearts before the appearing or our Lord Jesus Christ....
     After that, I did set the time for me with the other brother for our missionary work in ____. I am very thankful, for the Lord has blessed us in our work there. I arrived there Wednesday. I was given a time to share and answer their arising questions why we did separate from the organization or denomination of SDA Church. At first I was only given a time to share in the house of their head elder with other elders as well and limited members who want to listen. Our study (presentation and question and answer) lasted till midnight, praise God! He opened their hearts and mind to investigate what is truth. That was Friday evening. At morning of the Sabbath service, the head elder ask the church if they will allow us to speak in the congregation, so they allowed us to share in the afternoon in the pulpit. Many members were there listening and their questions has been answered with plain thus saith the Lord through the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit. May the truth that has been shared to them will not only truth in their ears but also in their lives as well. I went also in other places in ____ recommended by our brethren but sadly they closed their hearts to reason. We still were looking the opportunity to follow up the work there.
     Brother Bob, I want to thank you for helping me continue my work and enabling me to respond to the calls, which at time past being neglected (because of lack of means). Please extend also my heartfelt gratitude for our brethren who are helping the Lord’s cause here in the Philippines....
     We have just arrived from our camp meeting held last December 23-27, 2003 in ____ Park in ____. I'm thankful that the Lord has protected us in all our travels till we came back. Brethren from different parts of ---- attended the camp meeting, especially youths who were sent first by their parents. Though not all of our brethren attended because of their financial incapacity but still the Lord has blessed our work and we believed that God has poured out the Holy Spirit in that place for the added strength of His church.
     I'm also happy that the Lord has blessed the work here in the Philippines to make it progressive. In the Lord's providences God added unto our church 2 more churches in ----, there are about twenty souls who have received the message of present truth only in one church. They attended our camp meeting and are very happy about the faith, which they are holding now. May the Lord help to make them establish in the truth so that they also may be used into His service in spreading the last message of mercy to a fallen world. The brethren are happy upon your greeting and are longing to see you in the future.
     We held a meeting at the last night of the gathering to discussed things about our work specially in spreading the present truth far and wide. We also gave attention to talk about having a ministry name for general. Because here in the Philippines, there are many different kinds of separated brethren from the main stream Seventh-day Adventist Church and most of the separated brethren have identified themselves as "Homechurch" despite the fact that each has a various position and teachings. There are time setters, fanatic health reformers, non-vegetarian Home churches, etc. All these called themselves "Homechurch" and the result is confusion among our new converts and even among Adventist who are listening to our message because they wonder that there are also home churches but not one of us. There are also brethren who asking a name of our church because they are confused how to answer whenever this question arises. Here we see the necessity of having a name or a ministry name for general, only for identity purposes, and a distinction from other home churches who are not holding a right or a sound doctrine and also to protect the interest of our brethren here in the Philippines.
     We have agreed to adopt the name "United Brethren Under John 17, Philippines", so that confusion among our brethren and outside of our church may be avoided. But we have no plan to register it with the SEC. Still we do not believe that name could bring us into favor with God, because the Spirit of Prophecy and Bible says that name cannot save a tree to destruction if there's no fruit could be found in it. This is only for identity and distinction from other separated movements specially those who do not believed that the church is Babylon....
     I'll start here in ____, we have distributed our tracts in the park and many have received, one of them is a pastor of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ. While distributing he called me and asked about the tracts "last message of Mercy" with "what must I Do to be saved". He asked for my address and we agreed to study. Your know bro. Bob he is very open for our message in fact we have many subjects that have been studied. We are establishing our friendship now. I appealed to his brethren in front of that pastor that if they allow me I would like to share to them series of study about our faith. You know they are willing to listen and to study, their pastor as well. May God bless this work for them; hopefully this week is our series of study. Please include this in your prayer that these humble souls may be won to Christ, in the true message of salvation.
     Actually we have agreed to study last week but there is a call from Adventist brethren that need not to be delayed. God blessed us, we have a new convert one family an elder of SDA Church in ____ accepted this message of reformation. In fact he accompanied me for our one week of labor in that said area. That elder made a recorded voice in the tape appealing to his brethren in his area that before they pass judgment he invited them to listen to this message first. And the fruit is 5 souls accepted our message in one area with his assistant elder, still other souls are open in ____ who accommodated us when we stayed in her house for one night, the Lord used this sister so that the tape may be heard by other Adventist because we left the tape to her while working in ____. Many responded and are willing to listen....
     So till here for now, sorry for my delayed news because I just arrived yesterday for one week of labor outside this town. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family!
     Your brother in Christ, B.H., Philippines.

Dear Bro. Bob,
     3 John 2; 1 John 3:1.
     Hi! How are you doin'? I am very sorry for the delay of my response. You know, up to now our computer is still have defects and was not available to use. We need to buy a new hard disk, memory and some other things for the computer. It got some virus and can't repair the damage that is why we needed to buy a new hard disk. I am asking for an apology if it affects my work and cant able to send you the translated materials for several weeks now. I've got to go to Internet cafe just to type and send you some of the tracts that i've already finished.
     Yes, all the files that were there in my old disk were deleted already including all the materials that I translated and the EG White writings and some other important files. I just sent you a minute ago the translations of the tracts entitled "God's temple needs cleansing" and "God's sanctuary and dwelling place". (Editor's Note: We received it in good condition, and thank you.) I need to type it outside, in the internet cafe here....
     Bro. Bob, hope you will understand if (I) ask you (for) some help. Can you please provide me the CD of EG White Writings and the Strongs Concordance, and some other files that I need to install in my computer, if you have available? Is it all okay with you?...      Till here for now. May God richly bless you and your ministry....
     In Christ, S.B., Philippines.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Precious greetings in the saving name of our Blessed Redeemer. Thanks a lot for the M. bags received, to date I have six with tracts which cover different subjects.
     In the 1st week of September 2003 I made a visit to ____ town. I visited, the out casts of the town where we met with our family, whom Christ was shared in depth. The same month I made many evangelistic visitation with the silent messengers to ____ and nearby places. On the other hand I thank God, for the people visiting with questions after receiving the tracts and other booklets with present truth, this gives me opportunity to share other wonderful subjects that cover the preparation needed in order for us to obtain heaven and shun hell, the height of apostasy in the churches of the land.
     In the recent times that is around mid of last year 2002, some student Pastors at ____ Adventist University separated from the mother church under very argument which are prophesied by Ellen G. White, disbelief of the sanctuary messages reason being that there is no such apartment in heaven and yet the scripture are plain concerning this subject....
     On 5th October 2003 visited ____ were we visited homes with brother ____, prayed for the sick and other home problems that the people face in that area. On 8th Brother ____ from ____ visited he took tracts and booklets which he was take a national trade fair in ____. On 10th to 12th we visited ____ with Brother ____, the brothers and sisters that side had waited for long.
     The Lord gave us the understanding of His word which we share in the lives of the Gospel order, separation and the answering of the prayer of our blessed redeemer in John 17 that we may be one and many other important doctrines, the meat in due season.
     I have done what the Lord hath given me grace to do, the past month, I have visited near by places, shared the word of life with those who have been receptive, tracks have been given out and booklets. Never the less I had some troubles with housing Issue which the Lord saw it fit that He solved. We are planning a two year camp-meeting that is from 28th December 2003 to 3rd January 2004. We beseech your earnest prayers for the success of this work among us. Thanks for the M-bags received this side. I got more six bags.
     Respectively submitted, H.K., Uganda.


Elder Bob,
     Greetings to you in Jesus's name.
     The past two months have been so good for how work here. Praise God for the tool (br. ____) who is with us since the campmeeting. I am work hand in hand with him here in ____. We had good times with him in THE MASSIVE DISTRIBUTION of our tracts and booklets also the bibles. This has been in two districts near ____; ____ AND ____ and also within ____.
     We had a good experience of meeting the catholics and SDA members who some of them still need our visit.
     I pray that the Lord will give good health and life again so that after the South Africa Trip on 12.12.03, we may again go there next year. I have been very busy with this work and by the grace of God two young men have joined our home church and we are together in all the sabbath gatherings. Yesterday I was at ____ home church area were I took more materials for more distributions. Also was distributing on my way 100km, it was real hard for me cause it was raining and was using a motor bike so got soaked and was in great fever when I went back home. Just feeling tired now.
     May the Lord increase our supporters to see us through as we are using public transport when taking these materials and much is being spent. On sacrifices can do in this work.
     God bless, W.M., Zambia.