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May - June, 2002

     "There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is `PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com

     In our last Newsletter we examined reasons #1 - #8 out of the 12 most common reasons given for justification of Sunday worship by Protestants.  Now we will examine reasons #9 - #12.

Ninth Reason:

     "We are to worship God every day, not just one day a week.  So there is no need to keep only one day a week as a Sabbath day to God."

     While it is true that Christians are to worship and serve God every moment of each day, yet it is impossible that they can keep each day of the week as a Sabbath day holy to God!  God clearly states:
     "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." Exodus 20:8-11.

     There are several points which this statement and command of God shows the above belief to be in error.
     First: God commanded all His followers to observe His Sabbath by not working upon this day of worship.  So if one would try to keep each day of the week as a Sabbath worship day to God, then neither they, nor any other person connected with them, could do any work in seeking to earn a living throughout each day of each week!  If the average person would try to follow this plan, they would soon be destitute and starve to death!  So obviously, it is incorrect to believe that we are to keep each day as a Sabbath worship day to God.
     Second: God commanded all of His followers to work six days of each week, but to only keep the seventh-day Sabbath of each week as a special sacred worship day with no work to be done!  Thus if one tries to keep each day of the week as a Sabbath worship day to God, thereby refusing to work on six days of the week as God commanded, then they would be directly going against the will of the God whom they profess to serve.  This also clearly shows that Sunday, along with the other 5 days of the week, are nothing more than common work days with no sanctity whatsoever, while Saturday is the only day of the week God declares to be holy!
     Third: God clearly stated that only the seventh-day of each week was to be held sacred as His Sabbath worship day, not any other day of the week: not the first, or second, or third, etc., but only the seventh day!  Hence for any follower of God to keep any other day of the week as a Sabbath worship day to God, would be going directly against the command and will of the God whom they profess to serve!

Tenth Reason:

     "The Sabbath was part of the Old Covenant Ceremonial laws; thus was nailed to the cross when Christ died, and Sunday has taken its place in this New Covenant period (see Colossians 2:14-17)."

     As was already noted, the seventh-day Sabbath was given to God's people at creation.  This means that the Sabbath was in existence before sin entered the world, and thus before the sacrificial and ceremonial laws were instituted.  Thus the weekly Sabbath of God could not be part of the ceremonial laws, and so could not have been nailed to the cross along with these sacrificial laws.
     Since many have trouble differentiating between the ceremonial laws written by Moses, and the Moral Law of 10 commandments spoken by God, let us examine the clear differences between the two.
     The ceremonial law is termed "the law of a carnal commandment" (Hebrews 7:16); and the moral Law of God, it is affirmed, "We know that the law is spiritual." Romans 7:14.  The one is a law of which "there was made of necessity a change" Hebrews 7:12.  The moral is that Law of which Christ says, "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." Matthew 5:18.
     The ceremonial law was a "shadow of good things to come" (Hebrews 10:1), and was only imposed "until the time of reformation" Hebrews 9:10.  But the other was a moral code, of which it is said by John, "Whosever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law." 1 John 3:4.  The one is a yoke not able to be borne (see Acts 15:10); the other is that "law of liberty" by which we shall be judged (see James 2:8-12).
     The ceremonial is that law which Christ "abolished in His flesh" (see Ephesians 2:15); the moral is that Law which He did not come to destroy (see Matthew 5:17).  The one is termed "the handwriting of ordinances" "which was contrary to us," which was nailed to the cross and taken out of the way by the death of Christ (see Colossians 2:14); the other is that Law which He came to magnify and make honorable (see Isaiah 42:21) and which James affirms is "the royal law" which is a sin to transgress (see James 2:8-12).  The one was a temporary law which was disannulled "for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof" (see Hebrews 7:18); the other is an eternal unchanging Law which cannot be made void: "Do we then make void the law through faith?  God forbid: yea, we establish the law." Romans 3:31.
     The ceremonial law is that law which was the middle wall of partition between Jews and Gentiles (see Ephesians 2:14); the other is that Law, the work of which even the Gentiles are said to have written in their hearts (see Romans 2:14-15).  The one is the law of commandments contained in ordinances (see Ephesians 2:15); the moral Law is the commandments of God, which it is the duty of all mankind to keep (see Ecclesiastes 12:13).
     This great moral Law of 10 commandments is brought to view by the message of the third angel (see Revelation 14:9-12).  This is the Law which the remnant of the seed of the woman were keeping when the dragon made war upon them (see Revelation 12:17).  This moral Law will insure, to all those who keep them, the right to enter into heaven and to eat of the tree of life (see Revelation 22:14).
     Surely, these two laws should not be confounded.  The moral Law was magnified, made honorable, established, and is holy, just, spiritual, good, and royal; while the other was carnal, shadowy, burdensome, and was abolished, broken down, taken out of the way, nailed to the cross, changed, and disannulled on account of the weakness and unprofitableness thereof.
     It is true that the precepts of the moral Law are variously interspersed throughout the books of Moses and mingled with the precepts of the ceremonial law.  But this can in no way cause them to be included as part of this ceremonial law and also done away with.  The moral Law is as eternal as God, while the ceremonial law was only in force until Christ died on the cross.  Those who rightly divide the word of truth will never confound these essentially different laws, nor will they apply to God's royal Law the language employed respecting the handwriting of ordinances.
     That the Ten Commandments are a perfect code of themselves, appears from several facts: God spoke them with His own voice; and it is said, "he added no more" (see Deuteronomy 5:22), thus showing that He had given a complete Law.  He wrote them alone on two tables of stone with His own finger, another proof that this was a complete moral code (see Deuteronomy 9:9-11).  He caused these alone to be placed under the mercy seat in the second apartment of the sanctuary (see Exodus 30:6; Hebrews 9:4-5), an evident proof that this was the Law that made an atonement necessary because it had been broken.  And God expressly calls what He thus wrote on the tables of stone, a Law and commandments (see Exodus 24:12).
     Both laws had Sabbaths, yet there were clear differences between them.  The seventh-day Sabbath originated in Eden before sin as part of God's immutable Law, and always occurred on the seventh day which we today call Saturday.  While the feast day sabbaths originated after sin as part of the ceremonial law, and could take place on any day of the week.  The seventh-day Sabbath was written on stone by God's own finger.  While the feast day sabbaths were written on cloth, or paper, or skin, by Moses' finger.  The seventh-day Sabbath, along with the 9 other commandments, was placed in the ark directly underneath the mercy seat with God's glory and presence above (see Exodus 30:6, 40:20,34), signifying that they were to be enforced permanently and were unchanging.  While the feast day sabbaths were placed in the side of the ark (see Deuteronomy 31:26), signifying that they were to be enforced only temporarily until their purpose was accomplished.  On the seventh-day Sabbath no cooking was to be done, but all food was to be prepared and cooked on the sixth day or the preparation day (see Exodus 16:23).  While on the feast day sabbaths you could prepare and cook your food (see Exodus 12:14-16).  And on the seventh-day Sabbath, no work could be done--not even sticks were to be gathered for the preparation of food (see Numbers 15:32-36).  While on the feast day sabbaths work could be done in gathering various tree branches (during the feasts of tabernacles) in order to build booths for shelters (see Leviticus 23:34-40).
     So there is a clear difference between God's unchanging fourth commandment of the moral Law to keep holy the seventh-day Sabbath, and the temporary types and shadowy feast day sabbaths of the ceremonial law.  The seventh-day Sabbath was "made for man" before he had fallen in sin; hence it could not be a type or shadow pointing forward to Christ's death and, hence, could not have been nailed to the cross, but continues pointing backward to the beginning of this earth's history and to the Creator of us all.  But the feast day sabbaths, as well as all the other types of the Jewish economy, came into existence after man had fallen and needed a Saviour; hence they were a shadow pointing forward to redemption and were indeed nailed to the cross (see Colossians 2:14).
     Paul even states that God's people are to continue keeping the Sabbath of the moral Law after Christ's death, but nowhere does he state that we need to keep the sabbaths of the ceremonial law! (see Hebrews 4:4-11).
     It should be plain to all who wish to see that the doing away with the handwriting of ordinances of the ceremonial law leaves in full force every precept of the royal Law, and also that the law of shadows pointing forward to the death of Christ expired when that event occurred.  The breaking of the moral Law was that which caused the Saviour to lay down His life to save you and me from sin.  Thus the continued and unchanging sacredness of the 10 commandments, including the fourth commandment of the seventh-day Sabbath, may be judged by the fact that God gave His only Son to take its curse upon Himself and to die for our breaking of it.

Eleventh Reason:

     "The Sabbath was only given for the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and was replaced in the Gospel Dispensation with Sunday (see Exodus 20:8-11)."

     First of all, the Seventh-day Sabbath was given by God before the Jewish people were born!
     "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.  And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made." Genesis 2:2-3.
     Also, when God led His people out of Egypt, and fed them manna in the desert, they were told to gather each morning enough manna for that day only, and any unused portion became wormy and stank.  But on the sixth day, or Friday, they were to "prepare that which they bring in and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily....And they laid it up until morning...and it did not stink...So the people rested on the seventh day." Exodus 16:5, 24, 30.  This plainly shows that the people of God had a knowledge of His seventh-day Sabbath even before the law was given on Mount Sinai!
     So God's seventh-day Sabbath was clearly in existence before Judah, before Jacob, before Abraham, and even before the flood.  Hence for over 2000 years before the first Jew walked the earth, the Sabbath was in existence!  Thus the Sabbath of God was not a Jewish institution and could not pass away when the Gospel Dispensation arrived!

Twelfth Reason:

     "John was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, which is then declared to be the first day of the week (see Revelation 1:10)."

     But we ask: On what basis can it be assumed that this proves the point it is alleged to prove?  This text, it is true, furnishes direct proof that there is a day in the gospel dispensation which the Lord claims as His; but is there one text in the Bible which testifies that the first day of the week is the Lord's day?  There is not a single one.
     Yet, there is indeed a record that God claimed a certain day as His and reserved it to Himself as His Sabbath.  "And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it; because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made" Genesis 2:3.
     "For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works....There remaineth therefore a rest (the keeping of the Sabbath) to the people of God" Hebrews 4:4, 9.
     "If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable; and shalt honor him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words: Then shalt thou delight thyself in the Lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it." Isaiah 58:13-14. (see also Exodus 16:23, 20:10; Mark 2:28).
     Then the seventh day is the true rest day which God reserved to Himself when He gave to man the other six, and this day He calls His holy day.  This is the day which the New Testament declares the Son of man to be Lord of.  There is but one day that the Bible designates as the Lord's day, and it is none other than the Sabbath of the fourth commandment--Saturday.
     At Mount Sinai God Himself came down and proclaimed His holy law--the ten commandments.  The fourth commandment, dealing with God's Sabbath day, is at the very heart or central part of this law.
     "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work...For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." Exodus 20:8-11.

     Notice that God began this commandment with the word "Remember".  This is because God knew that there would be an attempt to mislead people into forgetting to keep holy the seventh day as God's Sabbath.  But more than this.
     The Sabbath commandment contains the three things necessary to make the law of a King valid.  It contains the NAME of the lawgiver--Lord; His official POSITION--Creator; and His DOMINION--heaven and earth.  These three things are necessary in any royal seal of a King.  Thus the seventh day Sabbath contains the seal of God which He has put in His law to make it valid.  For those who keep this seventh day Sabbath holy unto God, will God place His seal in their foreheads (see Revelation 7:3), because the Sabbath is a distinguishing sign to all the world that we love and serve God and not man!  So says God Himself:
     "Moreover also I gave them my sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them....And hollow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God." Ezekiel 20:12, 20.

     Since the seventh-day Sabbath contains the seal of God, and is the distinguishing sign between God and His people, then what does the Bible call the first day of the week or Sunday, which is the day made holy by Rome?
     "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Revelation 13:16-17.

     History shows conclusively that the Roman Catholic church is this Beast power listed in Revelation 13:1-10, as well as the Little Horn power of Daniel 7.  This Little Horn power was prophesied to think to change God's law (see Daniel 7:25)!  So what is this mark of Roman Catholicism or the Beast?  As the seal and sign of God is the keeping holy of His seventh-day Sabbath, then the mark of the Beast must be the keeping holy of Sunday after you know that it is not God's worship day!  And Rome plainly admits this!
     "Sunday is our mark of authority...the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact." Catholic Record of London, Ontario, Canada, September 1, 1923.

     "Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday worship) was her act....And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things." H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons.

     Therefore, any Christian who knowingly continues to worship on Sunday--the first day, while they know that the Bible Sabbath of the Lord is on Saturday--the seventh day, thereby show that they love a follow a lie of man, instead of loving and following the truth of God!  They also show that they are content to serve, worship, and bow down to the authority of the Pope of Catholicism, and not to the Lord God of the Bible.  Thus they are in grave danger of receiving the mark of the Beast and being lost, instead of receiving the seal of the living God and gaining everlasting life!  And why will they be lost?  Because they are following a commandment of the Roman Catholic church, and not the commandment of God; they are following the word of men founded in tradition, and not the word of God founded in the Scriptures!  And Rome clearly understands this.
     The Roman Catholic church blatantly challenges all Protestant peoples to either give up Sunday, go back to the Bible alone as their authority and thereby keep the seventh-day or Saturday holy, or give up the Bible as their sole foundation for doctrinal truth, and come fully back to their mother Roman Catholic Church!
     "Sunday is founded, not of scripture, but on tradition, and is distinctly a Catholic institution.  As there is no scripture for the transfer of the day of rest from the last to the first day of the week, Protestants ought to keep their Sabbath on Saturday and thus leave Catholics in full possession of Sunday." Catholic Record, September 17, 1893.

     "Regarding the change from the observance of the Jewish Sabbath to the Christian Sunday, I wish to draw your attention to the facts:
     "1) That Protestants, who accept the Bible as the only rule of faith and religion, should by all means go back to the observance of the Sabbath.  The fact that they do not, but on the contrary observe the Sunday, stultifies them in the eyes of every thinking man.
     "2) We Catholics do not accept the Bible as the only rule of faith.  Besides the Bible we have the living Church, the authority of the Church, as a rule to guide us.  We say, this Church, instituted by Christ to teach and guide man through life, has the right to change the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament and hence, we accept her change of the Sabbath to Sunday.  We frankly say, yes, the Church made this change, made this law, as she made many other laws, for instance, the Friday abstinence, the unmarried priesthood, the laws concerning mixed marriages, the regulation of Catholic marriages and a thousand other laws....
     "It is always somewhat laughable, to see the Protestant churches, in pulpit and legislation, demand the observance of Sunday, of which there is nothing in their Bible." Peter R. Kraemer, Catholic Church Extension Magazine, USA (1975), Chicago, Illinois, "Under the blessing of the Pope Pius XI"

     "The arguments...are firmly grounded on the word of God, and having been closely studied with the Bible in hand, leave no escape for the conscientious Protestant except the abandonment of Sunday worship and the return to Saturday, commanded by their teacher, the Bible, or, unwilling to abandon the tradition of the Catholic Church, which enjoins the keeping of Sunday, and which they have accepted in direct opposition to their teacher, the Bible, consistently accept her (the Catholic Church) in all her teachings.  Reason and common sense demand the acceptance of one or the other of these alternatives: either Protestantism and the keeping holy of Saturday, or Catholicism and the keeping holy of Sunday.  Compromise is impossible." James Cardinal Gibbons, in Catholic Mirror, December 23, 1893.

     Now the question is for you to settle: Do you want to be a candidate to receive the mark of Catholicism by following the lie of worshipping on Sunday--the first day of the week and lose eternal life?  Or do you want to be a candidate to receive the seal and sign of God by following the truth and worshipping only on Saturday--the seventh-day Sabbath and gain everlasting life through Jesus Christ?  This great solemn decision is now up to you to make, and praise God that you have such a choice!

     But when all the reasoning, theories, and excuses for keeping Sunday holy instead of the Sabbath of the Bible are thoroughly examined, the following Scriptures plainly declare what God's people are to do in this great controversy:
     "We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29.

     "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.  For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." Revelation 22:14-15.

     "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.  For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." Ecclesiastes 12:13-14.

     May God help us with the grace, strength, and courage to keep His commandments thereby showing our allegiance solely to God's authority in serving and worshiping only Him.  May God help us not to follow a lie, nor to give our allegiance and service to the authority of any church, nor to the Pope, nor to any other man, in the place of God.


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Let There Be Light,
     Always a blessing to get your letters.
     I was blessed today as I saw Ps. 68:11, went to get my Bible to mark the verse & already had it marked but had forgotten.  What a blessing to those who send out the blessed word. (Editor's note: and you are also included in this blessing for helping the word to spread!)
     R.L., AR.

Dear Bro. Sessler,
     Greetings in the name of the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ....
     I do hope to write to you soon.  I need a mail order for certain books for distribution to the public....Please pray for me as I am having a difficult time with...sickness in various forms...
     Sis E.H., Trinidad, West Indies.

Dear Brother, Sister Sessler & family,
     Thank you again for the studies on the Wheat & Tares and the 10 Virgins.  I have been thinking of these studies.  May the Lord help us to be on the upward course nearer to heaven each day....
     Thank you again for coming & giving us the study we really need.  Bless you all.
     In Jesus, A.U., CA.



(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Bro Bob,
     1 John 3:1....
     May peace and love of God the Father be with you and also from our Lord Jesus Christ.
     As I have told you in my last report that the work in Fiji is moving forward, for this reason we need more booklets...Thank you very much for the tracts namely the "Two Laws" and the "Secret Rapture".  Most of this tracts are now distributed to our ____ and ____ Branch and also I have received visitors from the Northern part (of) the country in ____ to come home and request from tracts and booklets and Spirit of Prophecy books.  As a result we have now established a branch in ____ town in ____....
     The second week was spent on the visitation of all hospitals in the ____ City area....All this places were visited and tracts, booklets and pamphlets were given out.  The third week was spent in the western side of the country (visiting all the hospitals there).  Last week I was in the Gold Mine town in ____, ____ and ____ Town.  Thousands of tracts and booklets were given out....
     I have visited our ____ Home Churches (and) are giving them tracts, booklets and magazines and also some Spirit of Prophecy books to equip them.  I encourage them and shared with them present truth.  I also visited our Home Church in the wilderness in the interior of ____.  They were very glad that I came.  I have also visited ____ Home Church and also ____ village...Translation on booklet "The True Church of God" is progressing now and it won't be long now we will finish it soon...
     Thank you very much for your messages and also the support and money for printing of the Golden Calf Apostasy booklet.  We will be printing a thousand copy and balance of the money will be kept for the printing of the booklet The True Church of God.
     I would like a favour to fly this morning to my Islands in the ____ to go and bury my mother who just passed away. (Editor's note: I am so very sorry to hear this.  I send sincere condolences to you and the other members of your family).  I may be there for a week, whilst there I will be preaching and witnessing to the people regarding the truth for this time.  I shall be helping my elder brothers there in the work they are doing.
     Salutation from all of us here and may God continue to bless you my dear Bro.
     Your servant in Christ, B.A., Fiji.


(Combinations of 3 letters) Dear elder sessler,
     1 John 3:1.
     Last Sabbath after sundown worship, we were called by a Roman Catholic family from a near by area.  Myself and my family took our guitar and song books and went to their house.  All of they sat with us (and) listen (to) the message of (the) Lord.  They enjoyed (a) lot the truth and asked us to visit them often.  Please pray for this family.  In ____ town many souls are listening (to) our messages.  We need the gospel outreach tracts and booklets and Steps to Christ in Indian languages....
     Some days back a young man came to our home church, while I was delivering my message and quoting the verse from Bible (about) one who is taking sword will die by sword.  This young man was a great accused of murder of ten men.  He is born Christian and SDA member.  He agreed (to) our message and submitted himself to Jesus.  To day he has stopped all his abominations and attending our home church regularly....Thank God for this wonderful witness to the power of God unto salvation Romans 1:16.  Please pray for this soul.  This young man's two uncles are the pastors, and one among is a professor in SDA college in India.  They have never done this work so far to this poor soul.  Now he is reading Bible every morning and praying....
     From my home town of ____ SDA church I got an information that my sister in law's son ____ has delivered a message in ____ church by calling me and other separators back to the SDA church.  When the message came to me, I sent him the strong reason for my separation from SDA church, and gave the evidences from the SOP books and our booklets proving that the SDA church is become Babylon.  And also I have sent the documental evidences of the WCC and Easter participation and many more to him.  I pray God for His Spirit may work in his heart to understand the great need of the separation from the body of SDA....I close it now.
     Brother D.S., India.


Elder Bob,
     General Christian greetings with much hopes that the Lord is sustaining you well.
     I am so thankful to the Lord for what He is doing for us.  He has opened the way for the present truth to penetrate everywhere.  Apostasy in Adventism is opening the eyes of many and encouraging many to see the enemies hidden agenda in that church.  Especially (in) this (SDA Church's) Quarters Lesson on Lesson 10 of June 1st thro' June 7th, especially on Thursday and Friday where they deny that 666 has no connection with the name as Vicarius Filii Dei (and that it) does not apply to the papacy...This has brought a great demand of the booklet Transmutation of the Three Angels.
     Thank you for sending the booklet which we have missed for so long -- Protestant History, and the tracts -- Secret Rapture, What Must I Do and the Two Laws.
     The work here is extending greatly though the enemy is trying to hinder it, the time has come that the light which illuminates in the darkness must shine and none can hinder it.
     May God bless His work and workers that the work might go forward (with) God speed.
     Grace and peace be with you all.  God bless you.
     N.G., Kenya.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dear brother Bob,
     John 1:12.  Grace and Peace be unto you brother.  Thanks a lot for the support and the Newsletter.  God is working to restore His people to His original plan of love and sanctification.  Though the devil is far ahead (in seeking to) destroy the plan.  The centre which was opened at ____ as I told you last time, four people were baptized on 30th of March, 2000....Last on 13th - 17th of this month we had a camp meeting at our home centre (in) ____.  It was a good one for the spirit of unity and love dominated.
     (But) there is dissension in ____'s local church.  The general council (in Kenya) was appointed as according to the order of the Spirit of Prophecy in Acts of Apostles, p 96 which says that "In the companies of believers, though scattered over a large territory, were all members of one body.  All moved in concert and harmony with one another.  When dissension arose in the local church, as later it did arise in Antioch and elsewhere, and the believers were unable to arrive at an agreement among themselves, such matters were not permitted to create division in the church, but were referred to a general council of the entire body of believers, made up of appointed delegates from the various local churches, with the apostles and elders in positions of leading responsibility."  So we chose 15 men to solve the matter on 22nd of May, 2002....
     So to the quotation (above), I want to tell you something that ____ leader or worker of Banner of Truth Ministries in Kenya is not co-operating with us.  That is to say he has separated from our group.  He did not attend the camp meeting.  God is preparing a people whom He will give one heart....
     We had an (evangelistic) effort at ____...It was done effectively by the care of our Lord Almighty.  As we left ____, we started another one (effort) at ____ (on) the following week....In the two places I was teaching the Health Reform message.  At ____, the S.D.A. members teared (up) the booklets which we offered their people, but some of them received the message gladly.  After ____, we went to ____ for another effort....
     Medical report: Stomach disorders - 15 people.  Ulcers - 2. Blood pressure - 2.  Asthma - 2.  Dizziness - 2.  Amenorrhigia - 2.  Nervousness - 2.  Prostate gland - 2.  Inflammation - 2.  Urination - 2.  Catarrahs - 2.  Liver - 2.  Menstrual cramps - 3.  Boils - 3.  Stomach cramps - 3.  Stomatitis - 3.  Bronchitis - 3.  Lumbago - 3.  Pneumonia - 3.  Painful joints - 3.  Allergy - 3....
     The dissension in ____ local church which I told you last time, got finished well....The Holy Spirit made the believers able to come to an agreement among themselves.  Satan wants to part God's people, but the hand of the Almighty is strong enough to invite....
     Yours in service, P.N., Kenya.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear bro. Bob,
     UL 315!
     I am so glad to hear from you again!  It always (is) so good and so encouraging to hear from you....
     Translating tracts might be the thing for me.  I will try it.  I have been busy with editing my studies and giving them to people we have visited and to our brethren too.  They liked the study on Organizational Structure of the SDA Church and also the compilation "On Personal Injuries."  I also printed out a compilation of Bible texts on predestination (for Baptists), Ministers and Health Reform (for those who have been deceived into believing that it is ok for ministers to eat flesh food), and The True Christian Sabbath (touching on the "sunset to sunset" keeping and a bit on how to observe it)....
     We held a series of studies with some people in ____...and ____ and other medical missionaries held free clinics there too.  That was from Wednesday last week up to the Sabbath.  The brethren in ____ who separated from the SDA Reform Church arranged this because they felt the burden of sharing what they have learned with others.  There were about 30 people last Thursday and Friday (not counting those who came for their ailments).  I got to speak to them last Friday.  Mornings were scheduled for study and afternoons for medical missionary work.  Around 50 people or more attended last Sabbath -- including some of our brethren and workers.  The Lord blessed the meetings and the people were happy to accept the gospel message. (Editors Note: Praise God!)  I also gave out booklets to them.  Our brethren were so happy too about this meeting.  Everyone was blessed.  Praise God!
     I hope to hear from you soon.  God bless you!!!
     Gal. 5:1! B., Philippines.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Bro Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     "Grace be unto you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ"
     We apologize if we're not able to write you for a long time....We became busy for we transferred from the house we were renting....But we're not stopping from our duty, we make sure that we do our work.  Anyway, we just came back from ____ City, from attending our camp meeting there.  We...went there hoping to meet all our brethren there in ____ region.  Brethren from ____, ____, ____ province were there and some brethren from ____ and ____ were also there.  We met also those brethren who were with Grover's group before, but went back to the fold (of the true church) because they have seen those errors and false doctrines that Grover's (group) are teaching.
     The place was nice for we were near from the beach near from the mountain.  Again the Holy Spirit convicted another two souls and decided to be baptized there at the end of the camp meeting.  From the start of the meetings there's a Bible studies every night for the unbelievers who live in that place and regular session for us members of the home church during the day.  On early Friday morning, our youth and some brethren climbed up to the mountain to see the beauty of God's creation.  And during Sabbath all of us heard God's precious message.  We part ways on Sunday and go to our perspective home refreshed and happy....
     Anyway, me is still doing translation work and still learning the basic of computer.  I have here finished translated material and I will send it to you this coming days.  Thank you for all your prayers and support and for all the materials you've sent....we are still here in ____, giving out and distributing those tracts and pamphlets...This coming Sabbath afternoon, we will again distribute those materials to Adventists with our brother who are newly baptized.  We hope that this will be a success not for our own glory but for the glory of Lord. (Editors note: Amen.)
     We have so many plans for the coming days.  We hope and pray that God will continue to be with us that this plan will not have any hindrance for this is His work and we are just His instruments.  We are planning to travel town to town to distribute those pamphlets and tracts, and to spread the gospel to those cities and villages that did not yet heard the last message of mercy.  We will invite some of our youth and even other older brethren who are willing to help spread the gospel.
     Also, there is a plan that was being agreed (with) last camp meeting with all the brethren and with God's providence and help to build a training school for those youth who are sincere and devoted and really want to enter in the work.  We pray that God will bless all these plans....
     Till here for now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  God bless!...
     F.B., Philippines.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     One more time precious greetings from James 1:17...
     I do apologize for late reporting.  We have had precious moments and joy of sharing the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  In tracts and sharing a few words of encouragement, warning and hope.  From 9th March, 2002 every Sabbath late afternoon, to 13th April we have been giving out tracts.  It has been a blessing to work this way, for we get to places and homes which are closed from the Gospel of Salvation.  The good side of all this labours (is that) people have been receiving the tracts (and) very few have rejected the offer.  Some have promised to be gathering with us in worship.  We believe God will (work) upon their hearts to heed the message of true Witness.
     Thanks a lot for the M-bags I have received 6 to date (since last letter).  More thanks for the support and work funds.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those of the house of faith, and those who love (the) 2nd coming of our blessed Redeemer....
     On Sabbath of 27th April, 2002 I visited ____ where our heavenly Father took us in Feb. to begin a home church.  The most interesting part of this was the testimony (of) an elderly man by the names of ____.  He never appeared at the crusade ground but from (his) home he was hearing and taking notes of the presentations, hence convicted by the Holy Spirit and he is now part of the winning team....
     On 5th May, (we) left for ____ to go and conduct a crusade.  We hired (rented a) public address system but on reaching that side we failed to access power and I had run out of funds...we used a very small radio which could not take our voices very far.  The average attendance was 10 to 20 souls every evening for 2 weeks.  When we reached the three angels' messages we were threatened to be stoned for calling the papacy the beast (of) Rev. 13 and the little horn of Daniel 7.  We thank our heavenly Father (that) no hurt was inflicted upon us.  People presented their burning problems (and) we prayed with them, we believe for positive answers from our loving Saviour.  One soul was ready for baptism, and seven others promised to be fellowshipping with the...____ church.
     However, thanks for eleven (more) m-bags sent, (which are) still at the post office.  God willing I will withdraw them this evening.  Lastly thanks a lot for all your sacrifice, prayers and efforts towards finishing the work of (our) blessed Redeemer.
     I am yours in loving Christ, H.I., Uganda.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Greetings to you and all the brethren with you in the dear name Jesus Christ.
     Thank you for the continuous flow of our support to help us do what we can before it gets dark.
     The distribution of booklets "Abomination of Desolation" is going on in the ____ Province especially in ____ and ____....Thank you, for the medical missionary knowledge that is being imparted in me.  This work is going on well especially that it includes both physical and spiritual healings.  Many people are now getting these messages through this way.
     The correspondence school is also doing fine though a bit costly because of photocopying of these lessons every time....
     The work in ____ is going on through distributions of our tracts and booklets.  I (am) thankful for the 14 m-bags you sent, all have reached me.  More other materials have gone to ____ home church in ____.
     I also want to let you know that elders ____, ____ and ____ are busy in ____ going round to drill our new members in these truths....We had a one week revival at ____ home church with elder ____....After this one, another one week at ____ in ____ area again.  Here we had (a) group of about 82 attendants.  This place is a Roman (Catholic) area.  We appreciate for your prayers.  Our meetings ended in peace and love of God leaving another new home church of about 55 members. (Editors note: praise God!)...
     Looking at that this man (who is traveling and speaking with us in meetings) elder ____ is doing, ____ and I have thought (about) recommending him (to you) for the (full) time gospel worker with us.  Hence we are sharing our income from you (with him) as this man is now in the field (full time with us).  Praise God, elder ____ is also coming up with the same work and as for now he is with me here in ____ for translations.
     I request (that) those who are supporting this work to help us very much in funds to help this work advance as I see that this is the last message of mercy, and (that) Jesus is about to come. (Editors note: if the Lord impresses, it only costs $150 per month to support a worker full time in Zambia)....
     God be with us all.
     W.M., Zambia.

Dearest Elder Bob,
     Eph. 1:2-3, 2 John 2,3.
     I humbly greet you and all the staff at the Ministry in Jesus' name.  We are also fine and the work of the Lord is going well.  We really appreciate for your prayers....
     Dear Elder, I would like to let you know that at the moment...I am studying printing and computer type setting for a couple of months which at the end I would like to bring (fuse) those skills into the Lord's work as we hope and wait upon the Lord to praise (bless) us with any of this equipment....
     I received all the 5 mail bags containing booklets (Separation II) and Rapture tracts.  They were like a drop into an ocean.  They went so fast here in ____ city in offices, public stations, learning industries, prisons, hospitals, etc., the tracts are preaching there....We therefore request you to just remember us into your prayers and please send us more...
     In ending, the Lord of money be with you...
     Your brother, E.K., Zambia.