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November - December, 2001

"There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is `PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     In this Newsletter, we will be examining the subject of the Loud Cry, specifically centering on when the loud cry is to occur, to swell, and to be sounded forth to the world.  But first, what is this loud cry message about?
     The message of the loud cry is found in Revelation 18:1-6 (see 2SM 118).  This powerful message declares that all the religious churches have become Babylon the Great and fallen forever from God's grace and favor.  Included in this amazing and startling denunciation is the call from the throne of God for all His people to break themselves away from any connection with these churches or suffer the wrath of God and lose eternal life.
     We should all understand that the message of Revelation 18:1-6, to be given "mightily" and "with a strong voice" "is to be sounded forth in the loud cry of the third angel" (Testimonies, vol 8, p 118).  So the message of Revelation 18 is inseparably connected with the third angel's message of Revelation 14:9-12, and this third angel's message brings forth the truths on the righteousness of Christ, exposing and warning against the beast, the image, the mark, etc.  But it is vital to comprehend that only giving the message of Revelation 18 alone does not signal the beginning of the loud cry.  And only giving the message of the third angel alone does not signal the beginning of the loud cry either.  Both the precious message of Revelation 18, and the precious message of the third angel--especially in the aspect of the righteousness of Christ, are to be combined together.  When these two precious messages are combined, AND THEN ATTENDED WITH THE MIGHTY CONVICTING AND CONVERTING POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, you have the beginning of the loud cry, the LAST message of mercy, the LAST and final call, for all the inhabitants of this world.
     "As these warnings (Revelation 18:1-5) join the third angel's message, it swells to a loud cry." Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 422.

     But what has sadly become attached with this message of the loud cry, is a current belief among many individuals and Ministries that the time for the loud cry message to begin to swell is not now, nor has it been time for it to occur in the past, but it will soon be time in the future.  Many believe this because they have been taught that the Sunday law will be the signal that the time has come for the loud cry to be given and that only after the Sunday law will the loud cry begin to swell and then fill the whole earth with God's glory.  Thus, when these individuals hear anyone giving the message of Revelation 18 today, they are led to believe that these individuals may very well be sincere, but they are deluded fanatics, or extremists and therefore are agents of the devil because they are giving this message prematurely and are causing needless confusion among the people.  But is the message of Revelation 18 to be held quiet until after the Sunday law is passed, or is it to be given today--before the Sunday law?  What is the message God would have His faithful and honest followers to sound forth at this time?
     "Today, as in the days of Elijah, the line of demarcation between God's commandment-keeping people and the worshippers of false gods is clearly drawn.  `How long halt ye between two opinions?' Elijah cried; `if the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, then follow him.' 1 Kings 18:21.  And the message for today is: `Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen....Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.' Rev 18:2, 4, 5.
     "The time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul.  The observance of the false Sabbath will be urged upon us." Prophets and Kings, p 187-88.

     So the message to be given today is the loud cry message of Revelation 18.  And then God clearly reveals that after giving this separation message, it would not be long before the Sunday law would be enacted and urged upon us to obey.
     As this is the truth of God, are any of His people to continue to believe that they are to wait for the Sunday law before they are to give the message of Revelation 18?  NO!  The time to give it is TODAY!  How long are we going to halt between following God's will or following our own will?  No longer should any continue to ride the fence in this issue because God Himself has spoken!  It is inaction that Satan desires of you.  He wants you to put off following God, to put off giving the message, until a later time, when the time to obey God and give the straight message is already here and now!
     But God, ever merciful and loving, continues to try and awaken His people to the importance of this issue--that the loud cry is to be given BEFORE the Sunday law!
     "The sins of Babylon will be laid open.  The fearful results of a union of Church and State, the inroads of Spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power,--all will be unmasked.  By these solemn warnings the people will be stirred.  Thousands upon thousands have never listened to words like these.  In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from Heaven.  The people go to their former teachers with the eager inquiry, Are these things so?  The ministers present fables, prophesy smooth things, to soothe their fears, and quiet the awakened conscience.  But many refuse to be satisfied with the mere authority of men, and demand a plain `Thus saith the Lord.'  The popular ministry, like the Pharisees of old, are filled with anger as their authority is questioned; they denounce the message as of Satan, and stir up the sin-loving multitudes to revile and persecute those who proclaim it.
     "As the controversy extends into new fields, and the minds of the people are called to God's down-trodden law, Satan is astir.  The power attending the message only maddens those who oppose it.  The clergy put forth almost superhuman efforts to shut away the light, lest it should shine upon their flocks.  By every means at their command they endeavor to suppress the discussion of these vital questions.  The church appeals to the strong arm of civil power, and in this work, papists are solicited to come to the help of Protestants.  The movement for Sunday enforcement becomes more bold and decided.  The law is invoked against commandment-keepers." Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 424-25 (Great Controversy, p 606-607).

     So in the testimony above, the message of the loud cry is clearly given first, and then the wicked religious elements awoke, and the Sunday law and crisis came.
     God tried again to awaken us by giving another Testimony:
     "When the earth is lighted with the glory of the angel of Revelation eighteen, the religious elements, good and evil, will awake from slumber..." SDA Bible Commentary, vol 7, p 983 (Manuscript 175, 1899).

     What message awakens both good and evil religious elements from their sleep?  The message of Revelation 18 sounded forth in the loud cry!  Now just the opposite of this would also hold true: that without the giving of the loud cry message of Revelation 18, neither the good nor the evil individuals of each religious group would awake from slumber, and thus no Sunday law could come!
     It is the preaching of the loud cry message that awakens the people of God, as well as the followers of the devil, out of their slumber; both groups then make a decision either for or against the message; and then the evil religious elements, who hate this message, will try to stop it by passing laws to hinder it from being preached.  This eventually leads to the passing and enforcement of the Sunday law.  But please understand that the Revelation 18 message of the loud cry is given first, and then the Sunday law and crisis comes!
     "We have the truth which, in its proclamation is to bring the crisis for this world's history." Last Day Events, p 190 (Letter 94, July 3, 1900).

     What is to bring the crisis for this world's history?  The proclamation of the truth.  It is by the proclamation of these messages that brings on the crisis, not the crisis signalling the time to give these messages!  So the message of the third angel, combined with the message of Revelation 18, is to be given now before the Sunday law is passed, which will then "bring the crisis for this world's history".
     As this is true, and since the Sunday law has not yet been passed, have these messages already started swelling?  Has the loud cry already begun?  Is it time now to loudly preach and swell this last message of mercy, combined with the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in latter rain power, into the loud cry?
     Please pay close attention: If all that is needed for the loud cry to swell is for both these precious messages of the third and fourth angel to be combined together and preached with the convicting and converting power of the Holy Spirit, and since this was indeed being done by a few during Ellen White's life time, then has the beginning of, and the swelling of, the loud cry already begun?  The answer is YES!
     "The third angel's message is swelling into a loud cry..." Review and Herald, March 22, 1892.

     "The time of test is just upon us, for the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ, the sin pardoning Redeemer.  This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth." Review and Herald, November 22, 1892.

     So this last message of mercy was indeed already "swelling into a loud cry"!  Thus the loud cry of the third angel "has already begun", and this was over 100 years ago!  Now please do not believe that I am intimating that the fullest extent of the loud cry took place at that time, because it did not, and it fullness has still not yet occurred.  But the truth is that the loud cry did indeed begin, and was already lightening some of the earth with its glory!
     "The work to be done now is that of sounding this last message of mercy to a fallen world....They (God's servants) will not be turned from the present message, which is already lightening the world with its glory." Selected Messages, book 2, p 114.

     The point to notice, is that even though the loud cry was not at its loudest point back then, or had not yet reached its greatest intensity, or was not yet at its fullest swelling, does not mean that it had not yet begun to swell!  And since the loud cry had already started back then, it clearly shows that when these precious messages of the third and fourth angel are combined together, coupled with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, you still have the swelling of the loud cry taking place even today!
     Some may ask: "How can this be?  Is it really God's will that we arise and boldly give the message of the loud cry today?"  Please read closely:
     "Every feature of the third angel's message is to be proclaimed in all parts of the world....This message is a testimony message.  Received into honest hearts, it will prove an antidote for all the world's sins and sorrows.  No conditions of climate, of poverty, of ignorance, or of prejudice can hinder its efficiency, or lessen its adaptability to the needs of mankind.
     "The proclamation of the great gospel message is the work of the disciples of Christ.  Some will labor for this in one way, and others will carry another branch of the work, as the Lord calls and directs them individually.  Not all have the same line of work, but all may unite in their efforts....
     "The message of the angel following the third is now to be given to all parts of the world." Last Day Events, p 78 (Letter 86, June 18, 1900).

     "All are to hear the last message of warning.  The prophecies in the book of Revelation, chapters 12 to 18, are being fulfilled.  In the eighteenth chapter is recorded the very last call to the churches.  This call is now to be given." Last Day Events, p 83 (Manuscript 75, September 20, 1906, Upward Look, p 277)

     "The message presented at this time is the last message of mercy for a fallen world.  Those who have the privilege of hearing this message, and persist in refusing to heed the warning, cast away their last hope of salvation.  There will be no second probation." Testimonies, vol 6, p 19.

     So it is indeed the time for all of God's followers to rise up and add their voices in loudly giving this last message of mercy to all the churches and people of the world--before the Sunday law!  The reason why we are still here today is because the SDA church turned their backs on this realization and ridiculed, criticized, slighted, and rejected these precious messages (see Selected Messages, book 1, p 234-235; Testimonies to Ministers, p 467-468).  Thus the loud cry could not continue to increase nor to swell in intensity back then.
     God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the heavenly angels, were all anxiously waiting for more Adventists to follow the Spirit of Prophecy, rise up and give this message to the world, but not enough were willing to do so in Ellen White's day and so it could not swell into a full loud cry.  The SDA church after the death of Ellen White, instead of accepting these messages and swelling the loud cry, continued to reject these precious messages--and this includes up to the present day! (For proof of this fact, please write for the booklet "Transmutation of the Three Angels" or for the book "The Abomination of Desolation and Church History).  Therefore they have been rejected by God, have been set aside, and others are being chosen to do this work without her! (see Upward Look, p 131 for the warning of this possibility).
     But the question that begs to be asked today is--Will you be one of these who will raise your voice in giving the loud cry message, and help to finish the work which the church has refused to do?  Or will you keep quiet and risk being passed by along with the corrupt and apostate church?
     God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the heavenly angels are still anxiously and patiently waiting for His people to understand that since the loud cry had already begun to swell in Ellen White's day, then we have the distinct privilege to help it to swell in our day.  This privilege will only be for those who rise up, making sure that they completely obey this message themselves (by separating from all personal sin, and by separating from all corrupt churches of Babylon fallen--including the SDA church in order to be completely pure in God's sight), and then to preach these precious messages of truth to others.  As more and more join this precious "movement symbolized by the angel" of Revelation 18 (see Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 422) it can then increase in intensity and swell more fully until all have made their decisions to stand with Jesus and His pure righteous remnant few, or to stand with Satan and his wicked corrupt majority!  And as soon as all decisions have been made for or against, probation can close and Christ can come!  So all this great controversy hinges upon God's people rising up and giving this loud cry message as soon as possible!
     That is why sister White clearly specified that the giving of the message of Revelation 18 "is now to be given" (Last Day Events, p 78; Upward Look, p 277).  That is why sister White also stated that Revelation 18 is already "the message for today" (Prophets and Kings, p 187).  Why?  Because the "loud cry of the third angel has already begun" and was already "swelling into a loud cry" and thus was "already lightening the earth with its glory"!
     My dear brothers and sisters, don't you see what time we are living in today?  We are all living in the time of the swelling of the loud cry!  Don't you see what honor God is holding out to each one of us?  The blessed honor and distinct privilege to have a part NOW in helping to swell this loud cry message into the loudest cry possible, and to NOW fill this earth with God's glory!
     "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.  And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising." Isaiah 60:1-3.

     But God cannot use a single individual among us while we are still touching or connected in any way to known sin or to any fallen Babylon churches--including the SDA church!  This is because we would not be pure by these connections, but corrupted by that touch, and thus cannot be used of God in this impure condition.  And membership in the SDA church does indeed "touch" you to that corrupt thing, and you are thus impure and are unfit to labor for a holy God!  Hence the importance of following Revelation 18:4--to not be "a partaker of her sins", and of following 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 and Isaiah 52:11--to "touch not the unclean thing", becomes paramount for us to understand and follow--if we want to be used of God in this great and final work! (For more information on this vital topic of Corporate Responsibility, please write us.)
     Why can't our people awake to the solemn reality of what is taking place right now?  Why can't they view these issues as God sees them, instead of viewing them as what other men have told them to believe?  But regardless of how many will see and understand, the messages of the third and fourth angels are going forth as sharp sickles to harvest God's people out of sin and out of the apostate Babylonian churches.  Those who awaken, study, and accept these precious messages will be harvested out, while those who awaken, but refuse to study, or who reject these messages will be past by and left in sin and in the corrupt church.  The harvest will pass them by and then come to an end, leaving them to suffer the same punishment as their harlot church (see Jeremiah 8:20; Testimonies, vol 8, p 252).  So is the loud cry call of Revelation 18 really the harvest message?
     "The message of the angel [Revelation 18] following the third is now to be given to all parts of the world.  It is to be the harvest message, and the whole earth will be lighted with the glory of God.  The Lord has this one [last] call of mercy to [give to] the world, but the perversity of men diverts the work from its true bearing, and the light has to struggle amid the darkness of men who feel themselves competent to do a work that God has not appointed them to do." Last Day Events, p 78 (Letter 86, June 18, 1900).
     Thus the messages of the loud cry--the third and fourth angels' messages, are the harvest messages for today!  So it is already harvest time!  The harvest period has already begun!  But Satan, along with all of his lying perverse agents--posing as the ministers of righteousness, are doing their utmost to keep God's people asleep, and to keep them from hearing and following these life and death messages.  Not only are these deceptive "dumb dogs" refusing to bark themselves, but are deceiving multitudes through the lie that it is not yet time to give the loud cry messages, and thus it is not time yet to obey these messages, and thus the loud cry has to struggle to be heard and received among the people!
     Whereas, the truth is that the time of harvest is now, and it is continuing to occur whenever the messages of the loud cry are clearly presented to the people under the power of the Holy Spirit.  Thus decisions are being made today either for or against these shut door messages.  The time of harvest is now and is not to be thrown onto some distant future event, such as the Sunday law, but is occurring now for those people who hear these precious messages, and then decide for life or death!
     This is a most serious time in which we all are living today!  Will you arise, accept these precious messages of the loud cry, and then loudly proclaim these to all around you so that we can go home?  This is why Satan is working so hard to keep people confused about the timing of these messages, pointing them to the future Sunday law for the time of the loud cry, when it is time now.  That is why he is so active in binding people to their apostate Babylonian churches, so that they will reject the loud cry message by not separating from her, and thus they will receive the plagues and be brought down to hell right along with their beloved harlot church.  Thus Christ's return cannot take place, and Satan has more time to secure souls to destruction!  And whether you believe it or not, the last saving message of mercy is going forth right now, and the loud cry is swelling!
     "The work to be done now is that of sounding this last message of mercy to a fallen world....The work will grow deeper and become more earnest to the very close of time.  And all who are laborers together with God will contend most earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.  They will not be turned from the present message, which is already lightening the earth with its glory.  Nothing is worth contending for but the glory of God.  The only rock that will stand is the Rock of Ages.  The truth as it is in Jesus is the refuge in these days of error." Selected Messages, book 2, p 114.

     "The messenger turned to the congregation and said, `Do you believe the prophecies?  Do you who know the truth, understand that the last message of warning is now being given to the world,--the last call of mercy is now being heard.  Do you believe that Satan has come down with great power, working with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in every place?  Do you believe that great Babylon has come up in remembrance before God, and that soon she will receive from God's hand double for all her sins and iniquities?'...If the enemy can keep workers out of the field on any pretext, he will do so." Fundamentals of Christian Education, p 362-363.

     Please do not allow the Devil to keep you out of the field of labor by holding you in a position of inaction by believing a futuristic doctrine that it is not yet time to follow or to give this last message of message; or that it is not yet time for the probation of the churches, including the SDA, to be closed; or that the beginning of the loud cry has not yet arrived or has not yet begun to swell.  If you believe any of the above, you are really working to hinder the loud cry from swelling, instead of working to further its increase in intensity.  Thus you show yourself to be a medium and agent of the devil doing his bidding, instead of working to hasten Christ's return to this earth!
     But if we recognize and follow this precious loud cry message ourselves, understanding that God is calling for His people to come together and unitedly stand upon this same platform of loud cry truth, then our united voices, combined with the mighty convicting and converting power of the Holy Spirit, can work to give a further increasing to, and intensifying of, this last message of mercy which allows it to swell more and more into a loud cry!  Oh brethren, what blessed possibilities are lovingly held out for each one of us TODAY!!  Shall we not grasp them?
     Who among us really desires to end this great controversy?  Who among us really desires to go home and be with our Saviour for eternity?  I, for one, do not want to be among those who sit down and relax waiting for the crisis to come--which will never come, because no one will give the message that will bring it!  Hasn't 100 years of waiting been enough time to prove this so?  Brethren, let us go to work, for our light has already come, and the glory of the Lord has already risen upon us.  Let us completely follow this light ourselves, and then take this light and glory and fill this earth with it!
     But we cannot do this important work while we are connected either to personal sin or to a harlot Babylon fallen church.  Neither can we give this last message of mercy if we are unwilling to plainly identify the harlot church to be Babylon fallen and boldly call others out of her.  That is because this Babylon message must be given with unmuffled boldness and without trying to bind it about through various excuses!
     "Satan has devised a state of things whereby the proclamation of the third angel's message shall be bound about.  We must beware of his plans and methods.  There must be no toning down of the truth, no muffling of the message for this time.  The third angel's message must be strengthen and confirmed.  The eighteenth chapter of Revelation reveals the importance of presenting the truth in no measured tones but with boldness and power....There has been too much beating about the bush in the proclamation of the third angel's message.  The message has not been given as clearly and distinctly as it should have been." Evangelism, p 230.

     God did not use the word "Babylon" in this last message of mercy to have it reasoned away as being too blunt for sensitive ears to hear, or only to be spoken behind the scenes in private, or completely set aside and other words used in its place!  God purposely put the word "Babylon" in this last message of mercy so that all who will listen may awaken at its sharp sound, and then begin to inquire "are these things so?"
     Not only are the righteous awakened by this powerful message, but the wicked are awakened as well by this loud cry message calling their beloved church to be Babylon fallen, and these expose themselves to be among the children of the devil by their efforts to fight against this message!  So I hope that you can begin to realize the importance of this "Babylon is the church" message of Revelation 18, because it is the very message which clearly identifies who are the chosen vessels and followers of God from those who are the agents and followers of the devil!
     "The Lord is soon to come; there must be a refining, winnowing process in every church, for there are among us wicked men who do not love the truth.  There is need of a transformation of character.  Will the church arise and put on her beautiful garments, the righteousness of Christ?  It is soon to be seen who are vessels unto honor.  'And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.  And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.' 'Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not.  For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble; and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.  But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings.'
     "Here are brought plainly to view those who will be vessels unto honor; for they will receive the latter rain.  Every soul that continues in sin in the face of the light now shining upon our pathway, will be blinded and accept the delusions of Satan.  We are now nearing the close of this world's history.  Where are the faithful watchmen on the walls of Zion, who will not slumber, but faithfully declare the time of night?" Review and Herald, March 19, 1895 (vol 3, p 239).

     So it is this Babylon message of Revelation 18 which allows all to clearly determine who are really following and working for God, versus who are really following and working for the devil.  As this is true, where are you in this scenario?  Are you working for God by plainly and boldly giving the message that "Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from heaven"?  If not, may God fully awaken you out of sleep to realize your dire situation in these last few moments of earth's history, and grant you the courage to stand up for God and be counted on his side, through your life and the message you bear!
     If you really desire to go home to heaven and be with our blessed Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ, then it's time to accept, to act upon, to live, and raise your voices today in boldly giving the last saving message of the loud cry--the righteousness of Christ, and separation from all corrupt churches of Babylon to be with Christ.  It is time to give this complete and harmonious gospel truth with unmuffled boldness and power, with no toning down, which will swell the loud cry, which will then bring on the Sunday law, and the crisis, and the second coming of Christ, and the ending of this whole great controversy, to the glory of God.
     Some are giving this loud cry message right now!  Will you unite with and join your voices with us?  May God help us all to clearly understand the seriousness of the times in which we NOW live in, and then to come up "to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty" and avoid receiving the curse of Meroz!


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     But we have some sad news.  Due to a decrease of donations to this Ministry, we were not able to support all of our workers for the month of September, and were only able to send about 1/2 support to them for the month of October.  This has, of course, caused several problems and heartaches for our workers, and has ultimately affected the spreading of the present truth in these Countries.  We prayerfully ask our readers to help in this area with their donations so that the work can move steadily ahead in reaching out to SDA's and non-SDA's with the whole Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and not be hindered or slowed down through a lack of funds.

     TO OUR READERS AND SUPPORTERS: Please know that "Let There Be Light" Ministries is not concerned with using your prayers and donations to build itself into a kingdom, but is concerned with getting the Present Truth into the hands of the common people quickly, effectively, and wisely.  Instead of working towards acquiring expensive video and T.V. production equipment, satellite or shortwave facilities, we would rather use the Lord's money in printing up and mailing materials which give the full present truth gospel, as well as supporting many full-time foreign ministers and workers from various countries around the world who have proven themselves to be reliable and stable.  With their monthly support and present truth materials supplied them, these ministers and workers then have the ability to more effectively spread the spoken and printed truth, establish the people in it, and carry this precious truth into the very homes of those who sit in darkness.  This is how the Loud Cry of the third angel will be spread, and is now being spread!  If the Lord so impresses you to help in these endeavors, your donations will be greatly appreciated--not just by this Ministry, but by many others as well!  MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is devoted to the spreading of the full present truth gospel message worldwide, and has been doing so since 1986.  This Ministry has operating expenses covering the areas of: printing, publishing, and writing of present truth books, booklets, tracts, and other literature; video and audio taping, production, and distribution; supporting several ministers/workers in foreign Countries; mail order--both domestic and foreign; traveling to hold meetings--both locally, nationally, and internationally; answering correspondence and questions regarding the message of truth; ongoing National and International Bible studies; sending free present truth literature to contacts in many poor Countries; etc.
     The Lord's blessings and guidance, along with your gracious prayers and support, is greatly appreciated and needed.  Without such, this Ministry could not continue to reach out worldwide with the precious message of Revelation 14:6-12 & 18:1-5.
     May our God and Saviour continue to lead and guide all those who have helped this Ministry reach out to souls who sit in darkness with the precious light of gospel truth.  May our supporters remember that they share in each and every soul who has been reached by this Ministry and converted to the Lord and His present truth!


     We are currently supporting several workers in many different Countries on a monthly basis.  We check into the economy of each area and supply a base support which is adequate depending on their situation, but not extravagant.  This base support is to ensure that the monthly needs of each worker and family is adequately met for that month so that the worker may devote full time to the ministry work.  In addition to this, we are sending extra materials for evangelism, and money for printing, publishing, holding meetings, traveling, and other necessary areas in spreading the Present Truth in their Country.  And as the work extends, especially will the expenses for evangelism expand.  Whatever you can send to help in this necessary and vital area is greatly appreciated.
     The work of spreading God's present truth is not to be limited, but must extend world-wide, to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before our Saviour can come (Matthew 24:14).  What better way of spreading the present truth gospel than by having workers who speak the native language, who reside in that particular Country, who can live and preach the truth and visit the interests in their homes, and spread the printed truth translated into their common language!  Please financially help us to continue consistently supporting our current ministers and workers, so that the spreading of the truth can quickly lighten this dark world with the glory of God.


FIJI Islands:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Fiji.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Fiji--about $100 monthly.
     M Study Bible and 3 Volumes of Spirit of Prophecy--$250.

     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to India.
     M Second hand van--$2500
     M Color T.V. set and video player/recorder for evangelism--$650.
     M Printing our booklets in India--$1450 for 10,000 copies (less than $0.15 per booklet!)
     M Printing press to print materials there and save on time and money--$6000.

KENYA, East Africa:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
     M Cost to print 10,000 of each of our booklets in Kenya, only costs $2000 US per booklet (or $1000 for 4,000 booklets).
     M Projector, screen, and evangelistic film for non-SDA outreach.
     M Color T.V. set and video player/recorder for evangelism--$650.
     M Several different herbs, plus shipping--for our medical missionary worker there--$250.

     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Hong Kong.
     M Purchasing of Chinese Bibles--$7. each.

NAMIBIA, Southern Africa:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Namibia.
     M Good transportation vehicle ($8000 - $10,000)--Note, $7000 has already been raised in Namibia, so only $1000 - $3000 still remains to be raised.

     M Several boxes of 1884 Great Controversy books for non-SDA outreach--$500.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Togo.

TOGO, West Africa:
     M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books in French.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Togo.
     M Printing expenses in Togo--about $100 each month.

UGANDA, East Africa:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Uganda.
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Uganda--about $100 each month.
     M A good PA System for meetings--$600.
     M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books to purchase and mail.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
     M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zambia.
     M Portable generator for evangelistic meetings--$650.
     M Computer for translation work--$600.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


Dear Elder Sessler,
     How are you and your family, and the spiritual family in Christ Jesus.  I hope all is well.  What is not well, you do not have to worry about that, that is and will be taken care of by our loving Saviour Jesus Christ.
     I am not too well.  I have pains in my legs and knees and shoulder, but I am being taken care of by our great Physician, King Jesus.  All will be well with me very soon.
     My reason for writing to you now is very special.  I am thanking you for answering my letter by contacting sister ____ for me, locating her, and finder her for me.  I thank you so much, so very, very much that tongue is not enough....She wrote me and told me how you read my letter to you to her....I thought I may only have heard or seen her in heaven one day.  But I prayed and ask Jesus that if she is still alive to let me hear from her, and Jesus answered my prayer....
     Thank you again.
Your sister in Christ Jesus, E.H., Trinidad.

Dear brother Sessler,
     Thank you for the Newsletter which contains many spiritual blessings.  ____ & I are having home church at ____ home.  We enjoy your video very much.  I am currently reading Early Writings, so your video was right on.  I am certain that there is a direct parallel to the pioneers of the 7th Adventist to the present day Adventist church.  Many so called historic Adventists are indifferent to the separation message.  I am glad God called me out of the Adventist church.  I pray that the Lord would help me to be faithful....
     May the Lord bless you & your family.
In Jesus, A.U., CA.

Dear Elder Sessler,
     Thank you for your faithfulness.  I truly enjoy reading your present truth message.  I do believe that the Adventist-remnant church will be triumphant at last.  We are amalgamated with every worldly attraction alright, however, a true-converted Christian should not bow down to all worldly attractions....we should stand steadfast with an upright direction as Daniel and his companions, for Jesus will be with us always.  There are many golden images surrounding us, but one can be victorious through faith in Jesus, our solid Rock.
     Let us continue to be a light of this world and be of good courage no matter how dark the world is getting into.  The tempest is raging alright, as everyone gets into the experience of walking along the Red Sea.  One thing is sure, Jesus is our Pilot--soon we shall reach ashore.  Hallelujah!
     God bless....
Sincerely yours, L.D., Canada.

Dear Bro Sessler,
     Please put us on your mailing list....God bless, we're almost home.
Maranatha, R.C., Puerto Rico.

Dear Bro Bob & Church Family,
     Good night.
     This is just a short note to let you all know that our heart have been saddened by the recent disaster that took place in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.  Me and my family are devastated.  I hope none of our church family was caught in the crisis (and hurt).
     Thanks very much Bro Bob for making the book Last Day Events, available to download from Let There Be Light Ministries web site.  I read the chapter #3 (The Cities) Letter 43, March 19, 1902 1st paragraph.
     May God have mercy upon us.
     Please pray for me & family as we are doing the same for you and church family.  Bro. Bob, me and my family must leave the city. (Editor's note: amen!)
Your sister in Christ, J.V., Canada.

Dear Bob and family,
     How are you doing?...
     On the political scene things are going from bad to worse.  In the SDA church it is going worse.  Our ministry is doing quite well.  Recently a lecturer from a Pentecostal ministerial college phoned me.  He had read the "Conflict of the Ages" books and was most impressed.  He said to me, "Brother ____, why did the Lord not reveal these truths to us before?"  He requested 30 copies of GC to study with his fourth year students!...
     A year ago a...man phones me and needed literature--I sent him some good stuff.  Recently he phoned me and told me he and four men are going to team up and preach the gospel.  He never was an SDA, but...he fully accepts the Adventist message (but not the church!)...
Christian greetings, E.B., South Africa.



(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Brother Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     May I once again greet you in His wonderful name and may love and peace be upon you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
     Thank you very much for the books Last Day Events and the Abomination of Desolation and Church History, the booklets and tracts, I have received them all.  Thank you also for the support money....
     In the month of August every year, the General Conference of the Methodist Church and also the Assemblies of God Church are held here in ____.  The tracts which you sent me came just in time to be distributed to thousands of people who came from every part of the Islands.  We spent two solid weeks in distributing tracts, booklets and other pamphlets to a lot (of) people and we had even gone right up to the steps of their Churches on that Sunday.
     About three weeks ago I was invited by Women Group in ____ to give them the present truth.  I spent the whole day with the ladies, and last week on the Sabbath day, 2 of them from the group have joined up with us.  I have just received a call this morning from the same group requesting me to give them another study next week.
     Brother ____'s 3 elder sons out of 7 who did not want to join their father all came to Church last Sabbath together with their wives and children.  It was a good Sabbath where ____ Church came all the way to join us in the ____ Church for fellowship.  A lot had happened on that Sabbath day, we praise God together, we shared the words and studied together and some people gave their testimonies experiencing for the first time the atmosphere when they met with their real brothers and sisters.  They open their hearts to them and feeling that as if they knew each other before and talked freely with each other.  I know the Holy Spirit was with us and we praise God for it.  We closed the Sabbath together and I was looking at them and can see how the work of God is spreading in Fiji, and count myself lucky to be a part of it and instrumental in His work.  Oh! yes brother, what a gracious God we serve.  Please pray for the work here in Fiji.
     Home to home visitation is going on and also visiting people who invite me even though I have to travel for miles for it.  I will be traveling to ____ towards the end of next week to distribute more tracts and others.  Please advise me if we (you) have received the Wheat and Tares and also the Jeremiah in Fijian which was sent to you...? (Editor's note: Yes, we received them, and already have them in the new web site soon to be up.  Thank you!)  The translation of the Golden Calf Apostasy is going well.  With God for us who can be against us?...
     It is terrible indeed what happened in New York and Washington.  It is horrible and no word can express it as we saw in the TV.  Our sympathies and condolences goes to the relatives of the victims and also to the people of America as a whole.  Praise God that you are far away from all that....
     Last week the Annual Conference for the SDA Church was held in ____ from Wednesday to Sabbath.  Tracts, pamphlets, booklets in English and Fijian were distributed to the people.  One of my friends inside the conference (meetings) told me that on Saturday afternoon, discussions regarding the various self-supporting Ministries came up and especially the Let There Be Light Ministries and our booklet.  Some said that the booklets were too straight and too strong, but most said that they like it.  And praise God for that....
     I have just received the booklet, Bible History of Separation, part one with another carton of tracts.  Thank you very much for this....
     Thank you very much for the support money, a half a loaf is better than none. (Editor's note: we could only send him 1/2 support)...We are praying for you and the Ministries days and nights here in Fiji and we shall continue to do so all the time....
     The translations of the booklet "The Golden Calf Apostasy" is now completed and I am just checking it out properly before being typed.  Please remember us for the printing of the very important booklet. (Editor's note: it costs @ $.40 per booklet to print it there in Fiji.)  I am sure the Lord will provide....
     The Lord will bless you richly and the Ministries around the world, may His peace, strength and encouragement be with you, my brother, in this time of need.
     Salutations from all of us here with our prayers.
Your servant in His service, V.A., Fiji.


Dear Elder Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     Greetings from Hong Kong.  I'm still waiting and anxious looking for a computer to start in-putting the booklet "Transmutation of 3 Angels' Messages".  Any good news so far of getting one sent to me?  While still waiting for it, I'm now translating another important booklet "Our Most Important Need Today". (Editor's note: will not one, or several, of our readers help with the needed donations to purchase this computer and software for the work?  $1100 is needed.)
     I did look for part-time jobs here, but because of high unemployment rate and having difficulties to keep the Sabbath, it's hard to find one.  I had denied an offer by a SDA high school which invited me to be a school chaplain.  I think I had made the right choice to work for the Lord's side.
     How is the Chinese web page going?  When can it be done?  Regarding sister ____, she is new in the present truth, but is spending every effort to download materials from your web site to share the truth with her friends and a few relatives.  I should say that most of her friends are still in the apostate church.  It is not that easy to convince them to totally separate from her.  Please pray for these precious soul and the work we started here.
     May the Lord's wonderful grace and blessings be with you and your family and your Ministry too.
Your co-worker in Christ, V., Hong Kong.


(Combinations of 5 letters) Dear elder sessler,
     1 John 3:1.
     I noted your questions and answering hereunder....
     With the amount you sent last time for printing, I have printed the Hindi language booklets of "The Last Message of Mercy" in 5000 copies; and the 5000 copies of the "Golden Calf Apostasy" in Tamil, as the demand is more for this booklets.  The Hindi booklets are finished and started sending to the Hindi regions.  The "Golden Calf Apostasy" in Tamil is remaining with little works of proof corrections as I was in hospital (and) could not complete this work.  It will be completed soon and distributed.
     The Karnataka language work is with brother ____.  Soon he will be finishing his work also...
     May the Lord help us to carry this Ministry...Satan is attacking our Ministry from various sides.  But we are not giving room to think Satan that my Jesus is inferior to him.  Thank God for the strengthening of my faith and family's faith in Jesus...The closing time is very near it seems.  The earth quake (in India), and wars and rumors of war, pestilence and all other signs are passing before ourselves to strengthen our faith in the second coming of our Saviour Jesus.  What a joy it will be when we meet our Jesus face to face and stay with Him in heaven!  Let us prepare our belongings to have our eternal journey...
     Let us thank God for the new Home Church we have started in ____ state ____ with six separated members from SDA church. (Editor's note: let us praise God indeed!)  Brother ____...is looking after the home church there...He is doing the translation work fastly.
     Yesterday the English and Bible teacher of ____ asked (for) our booklets.  He is a SDA member.  He is interestingly going through the booklets of ours.  He may be visiting me soon.  I pray God that He must give at least one true soul in this new place of ____....
     I must be thankful to God for His introduction of (a) new brother from SDA church, brother ____.  This brother was working with me in (a) SDA service (meeting for SDA's).  We all were along with brother ____ (and) opposing the wrong stand of SDA church.  I gave our booklets to this new brother ____.  Now he has turned to our Ministry and joined with us. (Editor's note: may God be praised for His merciful kindness to the work in India!)  He is an SDA seminary graduate and M.A.B.E. graduate, as well as a good driver and a enthusiastic evangelist.  He has worked in 10 villages in this ____ area and never handed over (interests) to SDA church so far.  Now he has introduced all this ministerial contacts to us!  He is helping me in all my sickness by working for the Ministry and all our printing and dispatching works.
     Along with brother ____, you can add this brother's name also for our appointing workers (for support)....I am planning to appoint ten workers and (help) speed up the work.  Let us appoint 5 workers to ____ (area) and 5 workers to ____.  Among these three workers are (already willing) to go to the field of ____....The remaining seven workers I am searching prayerfully.  The Lord will bring them surely.  The Lord of heaven will help and speak into the hearts of the sponsor (any of our readers) to support this (these) poor workers to sustain them with salary.  When this project of Ministry is executed the work will be fastened in India.  Please help us to execute this plan.... (Editor's note: only $40 each month can support one full-time gospel worker in India!).
     I close it now.
Psalms 104, S.D., India.


Dear Sir,
     General Christian greetings in Jesus name.
     "We are living in times full of importance to each one.  Light is shining in clear, steady rays around us.  If this light is rightly received and appreciated, it will be a blessing to us and to others; but if we trust in our own wisdom and strength, or in the wisdom and strength of our fellow men, it will be turned into poison." TM 385.
     "Everything in our world is in a agitation.  Coming events cast their shadows before.  The signs of the times are ominous indeed.  There is assurance in nothing that is human or earthly.  The winds are held in the four angels; a moment of respite has been graciously given us of God.  Every power lent us of God, whether physical, mental, or moral is to be sacredly cherished to do the work assigned us for our fellow men....There must be no delay." TM 364....
     Last Monday I was in ____ and we received the amount (of support) which we found there though they (the amount of support) were not as previous.  From there I went to ____ on Tuesday.  Now I am writing from ____ after coming from ____ camp-meeting...
     The camp there was successful, for the Lord is opening people eyes to see what is going on.  The great problem there is Satan's efforts of hinderance of unity due to fanaticism.  But the Lord is helping many to see their error.  Pray for them.
     May God keep His work in perfect order.  Pray for us as we do for you.
Says Bro N.O., Kenya.

Dearest brother Sessler,
     1 John 3:1.
     I am hoping that you received the reply about the message you sent...On 7th Sunday, Oct. 2001, it shall be an effort at ____...
     Medical report - Asthma (1), Bronchitis (1), Phlegm (1), Breathing problem (1), Pneumonia (1), Dizziness (1), Fatigue (1), Constipation (1), Ulcer (1), Senility (1), Endurance (1), Counseling (1), Shock (2), Blood pressure (2), Stomach cramps (2), Lumbago (1), Colitis (1), Night sweat (1), Nightmares (1), Menstrual cramps/scanty (1), Headache (1), Malaria (2).
     I have received the Abomination of Desolation Stands, two boxes.  Thanks, may the Lord bless you in the work that you are doing.
Bro. S., Kenya.

(Combination of 2 letters) Sorry, Dear brother,
     1 John 3:1.
     I have read with horror of what happened there in New York and Washington.  Are you all safe? (Editor's note: yes, praise God!)  I hope our Great God took care of His people according to His promises.  We were stunned, startled and bewildered.
     Lives being sacrificed without a moment's notice!  We share with you this grief and may God comfort you that soon we shall be at home.  All those that died in the holocaust were not anymore sinners than we are; but this serves to warn all of the impending trouble and the great day of the Lord.  Oh!  How prophecy can come to pass!
     May God comfort you all and arouse the rest of what it is to reject Christ (Lk 13:1-5)...
     We are busy here.  We have recently been going the tedious exercise of proof-reading and correcting the typeset of the translation work.  You know we have since 1999 been having a simple Lesson Study Guide.  The past one week ____ and myself have been busy seeing its completion (in being translated) and in the two commonly used languages.  This is now through (finished).
     As you may notice on our schedule for 2001, there is an effort in ____...We have as yet not received any communication from you concerning our travel support (Editor's note: I am sorry, but there has not been enough to send).
     We are, however, set for the endeavor although it will be rather a tight rope to walk on.  God being above all we will nevertheless walk out in faith and confidence hoping to see the hand of God in the work....
     May God bless you.
2 Corinthians 13:11. I., Kenya.


Dear Brother Bob,
     Greetings with Lamentations 5:1-9.
     I praise the Lord for His care and strength.  Our departure (if we depart) from the Lord carries with it a lot of weight for the generation that follows.  Seeing this verse (above), I feel very heavy at heart that we battle with sin, both our sins and (the tendencies that we inherit from) our parents.  Yet, I am hopeful that it will come to pass that our sorrows will be turned around to serve God in honesty....
     Br. Bob, it had been a long time since our request (for various things for the Lord's work) was placed in the Newsletter.  This time it was responded to...Brother ____, had responded to the computer request for the Sanitarium in ____.  We ask for the Lord for His blessing over this tool to do His work in honesty and to distribute this work before it is too late....
     Having the situation that, all things are becoming very difficult as  you once said that if we cannot do the work now we will do it in the most difficult times, and this I have seen already taking place here.  I mention this because the work is being hedged on in many ways especially on the cross border missionary (those workers crossing through the borders); the fees for traveling are going high every day and this is becoming an obstacle already....I think it is time we stand up to the truth we have and it will lift us up.  By the grace of God let us not fear this world, but rather fear the Lord and Him only to be our dread.
     Brother Bob, I believe the Lord has answered our request as far as the requests put in the Newsletter are concerned for Namibia, though not all.  We thank the Lord for the offer of a small Toyota Corolla which brother ____ has offered...(Editor's note: praise God!)
     The next problem that we are facing is that the (SDA) pastors and other church elders who do not want the truth, have started with a very deceptive measure to tell their laity that...there is no difference (between those who leave the church, versus) when one remains in the church--it makes no difference...(They are working) to break (down) the wall of separation between truth and error.  This is one of the dangerous snares that I have seen and many are lulled to sleep by these sleeping preachers, while the sealing angel is passing by.
     The other occurrence is that: "The church pastors have been informed that there is no one who must operate (hold public meetings) in the area without a letter from the local civil authorities and signed by the local pastor in that area before one can bring his truth to the people.  This is pastor ____ who revealed this to one brother who was distributing some literature in his area in ____.  The same thing happened to Br. ____ in one place called ____.  When the church leaders saw him distributing the pamphlets and booklets he was called and told it was not the right church he came to and they don't allow such literature to be given to SDA's; this was the message from their pastor....but I tell you, even in that state (situation) others came and took the booklets (anyway)!...The use of threats to take one to the police is now heard from these pastors.
L.A., Namibia.


Dear bro. Bob,
     It is so good to hear from you again!  I spent last Sabbath here in ____ and Bro. ____ brought somebody with him to study with us.  He is an SDA whom I have met once before.  He attended our worship...The following day we received a message telling us that his brother ____ decided to accept the message of separation....
     I have received 4 boxes of booklets and 2 boxes of tracts last week, and got one more box ("Let There Be Light") today.  The previous ones, I have already divided among the brethren of ____, ____, and ____.  Our brethren are very happy to have this great blessing.  It is always good to share these booklets with others.  Thank you so much for satisfying the needs of our brethren here in the Lord's work....
     I have seen that the video  tapes are very effective too.  We were amazed at how one brother who doesn't speak much English understood the message (on the video) clearly!  Yes, it is the Holy Spirit's working!
     The medical missionary work in ____ is going strong now.  Many people are now open to Bible studies after seeing the great benefits of health reform in their lives.  I had the privilege of meeting some of them and giving them a short Bible study.  I can see that the Lord is really blessing the efforts of our honest and humble brethren here.
     Brother ____ met an accident several weeks ago...He is having a hard time.  He...can't work...but he still went on with the project of establishing this wellness center in ____.  Right now he can only give lectures and has to hire other people to handle the manual part of the work.  I hope you can also help him.  He is renting a house where they put up this center and this is also where most of our brethren meet during Sabbath.  He really needs help since other brethren and workers in that area depend on him too....He is also a good gospel minister and have been instrumental in establishing brethren in the pillars of our faith.  I hope our kind brethren there can help him along this line.  I assure you he is a self-sacrificing worker and is willing to spend and be spent for the Lord's work.
     We have seen and heard the news of what happened in the U.S.  The enemy of souls is surely harvesting quite a number of souls.  Our Saviour is soon to some!
     I hope to hear from you again soon, my brother!
God bless!!! L.D., Philippines.

Dear Bro Bob,
     Thank God that we were able to write you.  It's more than a month that we did not write you because we decided to look and buy for a computer so that we can report to you what happened to the money you've sent that was for the computer.  We have already bought a computer, it is now more than a week with us.  We got it for $33,950 (pesos) or $680 (U.S.)...It's all brand new.  (Editor's note: praise God, and may He bless it wonderfully for this work!)  Thanks God that He guided us in buying of this computer.  I hope that this will help me to be more effective in God's work.  A very big thanks to you, to your Ministry and to all of your supporters for providing all the needs of the Philippine work.
     We also received all the boxes of pamphlets and tracts you've sent.  We distributed and divided it already to our fellow workers all throughout the Philippines....
     Anyways, I finished the translation of the Golden Calf, but I am starting to type it in the computer because I just wrote it in the paper.  Also I will try to begin translating the tracts, some of our brethren are suggesting to translate those in Tagalog, because we need it very much in our work to the unbelievers or Non-SDA.
     Till here for now.  I will write to you again soon and will send you the translated booklet of the Golden Calf.  God bless.
In Christ, S.B., Philippines.

Dear Bro Bob,
     Grace be unto you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
     Hi!  How are you now?  I'm giving out tracts house-to-house.  I'm also giving out those booklets to SDA's.  Every Sabbath (at) noon, I went to the front of SDA church waiting for the people to come out from inside the church and for the opportunity to share to them our stand through those booklets.  One Sabbath there's a man (who is an Adventist) who came from the province and we shared to them our position.  He is very interested and he is non-practicing and trying to keep the Sabbath on (in) his house.
     One of our brethren in ____ recommended to us (to visit) his nephew who is living here in ____....He is a Roman Catholic.  I call him and we met together.  I invited him to attend our fellowship in ____ and he agree to go with me.  At the time he gave testimonies in front that he feels that the Holy Spirit is in that meeting and proved that the truth is in us.  Since that time he regularly attended our Sabbath worship.  He is now practicing vegetarianism.  (Editor's note: Praise God!)  He is a fast learner and is very interested and studious in learning what is truth....We are praying that God continue to guide, comfort, and encourage this guy to continue learning what is truth and to continue to leave the dark world and spend and live his life serving the Lord.
     Just till here for now.  May our Lord continue to guide and to lead us ever closer to Him.  God bless.
Your brother in Christ, B.F., Philippines.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Received your long awaited message.  Thank you for at last been freed a bit to write back.  Thanks also for the funds on the two booklets....
     Now, I received the package of the booklet "Our Most Important Need Today."  I am beginning the translation.  About other material you wrote about, toward non-Adventists, please, send them to me by e-mail if you have them already on computer....I am living very far away from the ____ city.  This has lessened my visits among the churches....(But) there is a good reason I return to the city.  This time, not to ____, but to ____ of the ____...The SDA church has grown these recent times because of the strong English speaking colonies established there.  In fact, about 60% of the SDA church there are English speaking.  Also to the east of Benin there is the giant of Africa, Nigeria (140 millions), English speaking.  My aim is to share these booklets among these SDA brethren and leave them to decide....
     As soon as I receive your wise counsels and suggestions, I shall make arrangements to relocate to ____.  Then you can send both French and English materials and they shall be easily distributed....Keep on the work.
Your brother and friend, S.B., Togo.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Greetings from Uganda....Thanks for the 3 M-bags with "WCC & S.D.A." "Jeremiah."
     On 1st of July, 2001, we had a meeting with the following brothers ____, ____, ____, and ____.  The main purpose was to draw work plan for outreach and outline the important needs of the church.  Already we have found favour with the Lord.
     From 22nd to 29 July, 2001, we had open air meetings.  These meetings were held at ____ a place near brother ____, and the Lord blessed these labours with 19 persons who gave their lives to Jesus and are studying to prepare for baptism under the leadership of ____....All thanks to the Father of all flesh and spirit who gave stamina and victory through Jesus Christ, Amen....
     It is running to another month since I last made a report.  We left for ____ on the 13th, Sept., 2001.  We laboured to bring clear knowledge to the people of that area.  As we were finishing, there arose an uproar.  They wanted to beat us for telling them the truth on Sunday and Sabbath question.  Our heavenly Father gave us great freedom to expose the Little Horn, the Whore of Revelation 17.  As the Scripture says "when they heard this, they were infuriated and they ground their teeth at him" Acts 7:54.  We were kept from the designs of the devil by some whom I believe "but, Michael, one of the Chief princes came to my (our) help". Dan. 10:13.  Our blessed Redeemer stood with us by moving upon some who checked the upraising, by holding (back) those with human strength.  I thank our friends who are making it a point to pray for us (as) it could not have been possible without your earnest prayers.  One soul promised to be fellowship with the church at ____.
     After the above effort, I visited the prisoners, gave out booklets.  In this visit, after 3 weeks (to the) one person (who) I gave (a) Steps to Life (Christ) book, came and testified of his encounter with Jesus through this book, and his (subsequent) release (from jail) which he counts it on Jesus.  He was formerly given to booze and indecent behaviour, but all these have bowed down to the power in his new found Friend.  Amen.
     With the small balance of money, I have taken this young man back to school so that after his ordinary level he may join a technical school or any other profession....
     Once again thanks for the 2 (more) M-bags sents, "The Abomination of Desolation"....I understand financial recession, "Even unto this present hour we both hunger and thirst and are buffeted and have no certain dwelling place." 1 Cor 4:11.  "But godliness with contentment is great gain" 1 Timothy 6:6.
     During the passage of the month of October and to date I have made home to home visitation and in this errands one young man by the names of ____ ____ has started fellowshiping with us, and ____, who's one side of the body is invalid (paralysed) is fellowship with us.  The most painful experience is that the mother is lame, both legs are unusable from her birth.  It is my earnest prayer that if funds are got in the future, a bicycle (wheelchair) for the lame be purchased for both to easy their movements and allow them (to) share the small comforts of this life.
     I was called to conduct funeral services, where by the spiritual leaders/clergy refused to conduct the service.  Reason being that they have not been regular members (of the church), hence liabilities to the church.  Unfit for a religious funeral ceremony.  One was held at ____, and another at ____.  Vantage ground was (thus) given us to (be able to) expose the lies (of) "where are the dead", etc....
     Elder, God-willing, I will be visiting ____ from 11th to 18th of this month.  Thereafter we have planned to have multi efforts at the end of this month and through December and January.  It will depend on our finances.  The television set (for showing video sermons) got spoilt due to power faults.
     Hoping for your co-operations.
Yours in Blessed Saviour, K.I., Uganda.


Dear Elder Robert...
     Firstly and forestart, may the grace of God be unto you and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I appreciate your prayers and support to allow this gospel to reach the unreached.  In the month of August, I was very busy trying to communicate to all those who were preparing to attend the camp meeting in ____....
     Praise God, He gave us the first week of September (for the camp-meeting).  We were blessed with another Elder from ____, Elder ____, the closest companion to Br. ____.  This meeting surprised almost every one who attended it, because the message which was flowing from the throne of God which touched each attendant.  Due to new people in the group, lessons like (on) Church Organization was presented at its fullest.  At the end of the day people appreciated and praised the Lord.  Moreover, this was the first camp-meeting for the Home Churches in ____ Province of Zambia.
     Towards the closing day, the Lord blessed us with five Home Churche Elders whom we presented to God for ordination.  These are Elder ____, ____, ____, ____, and ____, 3 Deacons: ____, ____, & ____.  In addition we had 3 Deaconess too.  These are the ____ Home Churches Officers.  Moreover, God blessed us with about 41 souls who were baptized and rebaptized as according to Ev 375, EW 99.  It was a good challenge because even these two Elders: ____ and ____ got rebaptized.  On the final day we had the Lord's Supper which seemed to be a big blessing to all of us.
     Moreover, about 200+ people attended this first camp-meeting and we praise God it was at ____, ____.  For this we up lifted His name and we also thank you for the booklets which came at the very right time when we were still at the camp.  This was good because even the Sabbath tracts were there and the distributions were done and are still going on by the brethren in ____.
     After all this, we so that we had some little failures in few things like: Tilar Lamp, we only had one, transport system--we hired a very small van,... (and) some people wanted booklets in local language (of) Kaonde (but we had some computer problems).
     Elder Robert, allow me to make a correction to the last past Newsletter which indicated that we have a second hand Generator.  The word was supposed to be "unfortunately" (we do not have) and not fortunately (we have).
     Elder, the work in ____ is growing very fast and we have a very big number of membership in ____, hence the people there are requesting for a small Clinic at which we need to teach good health reform and gardening.
     More blessed power do I request from the mighty God for this closing work.
In the blessed hope do I end up (this letter), S.M., Zambia.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dearest elder Bob,
     May the grace of our Lord be with you, your family members, brothers and sisters working at the Ministry--grace of God be with them.
     I, your brother, received the first mail bag that contained 2 types of booklets "Message of Jeremiah"...and "WCC & SDA"--in the month of July.  By then we had a crusade going on conducted by my co-worker (Elder ____) who was disfellowshipped together with his family.  We had a good time and a blessing in distributing these booklets to thirsty Adventists who took them all in less than 21 days.  Right now I am writing you, I have received the other mail bag containing "Transmutation" booklets.
     We are praying God's grace to sustain us to enter other territories in Zambia together with my brethren ____, ____, ____ and now with Elder ____, all these + their families.  In my area we have several requests of Bible studies on the condition of the church.  And it's interesting to see thirsty Adventists reading these wonderful booklets containing God's everlasting truth.  Especially on Sabbath, its when we have more people (attending our home church) about 25 and more....
     By the way, the set of videos you sent me are working in my brother's home in ____; that in ____ we have also increased in number.  I thought we request you to send us another set so that I will cover/reach many timid Adventist homes....
     I would want to share with you the influence of the booklets.  First I appreciate for the mail bags that I received and this is what happened; 1/2 of the Sabbath tracts remained in the hands of the Main Post Office workers.  The man who gave me the bags asked me if I could give him something from the bags.  I opened the one with the Sabbath tracts, he was glad and amazed to read 100 Facts About Sabbath.  I added some booklets like Jeremiah to that.  Soon his friends demanded the tracts and Jeremiah booklets, and soon I counted more than 400 people in ____ town people who got the tracts.  This was only in 2 hrs time!
     I took the rest of material and shared it among 3 other towns to brethren in faith.  This is with the help of elder ____ whom I work with.  At the moment we have 3 established home churches with membership of 42 people besides children.  So many Adventists are requesting the booklets and the tracts in 3 towns....I am praising the Lord to see people realizing the apostasy amidst Adventism...
     I really thank you elder Bob from my deepmost heart for the work you are doing for the same of not one (but many) African persons who need Jesus as their Saviour and salvation.
     At the moment I am concentrating (working) in large cities because of high demand of literature, but however, we still visit our remote areas for evangelism.  It's so wonderful and marvelous here.  So the first booklets to go out were "Jeremiah", "WCC", "Sabbath" tracts, 100%, "The Church".  And am yet to get a report about the other booklets, how they went out from my brethren.  (Cities of) ____, ____, ____, ____ are on fire!
     Please we sincerely request you to pray for us as we have many threats from Adventist pastors to arrest/and cease the movement....
     I know you be very busy and that's true, we just wish you good health, and God's care which we are sure of.
     On behalf of my brothers and sisters, we all say God be with you, all your ways and shine upon you forever and ever.  Nice to hear from you.  Thanks.
Your's Sincerely in Him, K.E., Zambia.