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November - December, 2000

"There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is `PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     In our last Newsletter, we mentioned that we would next be dealing with the practical process of overcoming sin.  We have decided that we will deal with this issue two Newsletters from now (March - April, 2001).  We thank you for your patience and understanding.  In this Newsletter we have been impressed to deal with the issue of God's true church.

     For thousands of years the question of who and what constitutes God's church has raged.  Some, having studied for themselves, have comprehended the importance of this truth.  While others have either misunderstood, or have overlooked, the truth on this subject.  To comprehend this vital truth is to find freedom in Jesus Christ, but to misunderstand it is to be kept in bondage and captivity to Satan.  So it is of the utmost importance to all of God's followers that they take the time to study for themselves and understand who and what constitutes God's true church.

     As there are at least 100 different denominations today all claiming to be God's true church, and yet they all conflict with each other in belief, can they all constitute God's church?  Is only one out of them all the true church of God?  How can we know for sure?  The only way to understand this is to obtain knowledge and wisdom; but from where?  Can we depend alone upon the knowledge and wisdom from earthly sources?  No, because we would become the enemies of God (see James 4:4).  Can we then depend alone upon the knowledge and wisdom from other men?  No, because if we depend on the words of other men -- be they pope or priest, minister or elder, guru or shaman, we will be cursed (see Jeremiah 17:5.  Can we then depend alone on our own wisdom?  No, because that is foolishness (see 1 Corinthians 1:19-20, 3:19).  Then where do we obtain the knowledge and wisdom with which to understand who and what constitutes God's church?  It must be from God Himself, and He mercifully promises to grant us all the knowledge and wisdom we need to understand His truth (see James 1:5; John 7:17, 14:26).  The wisdom and knowledge which comes from God, as is found in His inspired word, must be our ONLY foundation and dependence in trying to understand the truth of this vital issue.
     "To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:20.

     "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15.

     We must search and study God's word for ourselves in order to know who and what is declared to be God's church, and we cannot allow any man, or group of men, to be our conscience or to do our study for us.  And to make sure that we obtain the correct understanding, we must go back to the basic truths as is found in God's inspired word, and thus build up a solid foundation of truth which we can stand firmly upon.

     Since there are only two different powers in this world--either good or evil, and only two different sources of doctrine -- either light or darkness, so God's word lists only two kinds of churches--the pure righteous church of God (see Revelation 12:1-5; Ephesians 5:27), or the corrupt Babylonian synagogue of Satan (see Revelation 2:9, 17:1-6).  The church of God is founded only upon God's light of truth (see 1 Timothy 3:15), because God is only the Author of light, goodness and truth (see Genesis 1:3-4; Matthew 19:17; James 1:17).  While the church of Satan is founded upon lies, for the devil is the author of all darkness, error and falsehood (see Isaiah 14:4-23; Ezekiel 28:15-17; Revelation 12:7-9; John 8:44).  So if any church holds to a mixture of truth and error, it can not be God's true church, but is part of Satan's synagogue, because Christ and Satan have no union or partnership with each other at any time (see John 14:30; 2 Corinthians 6:15).

     God's true church has only Christ as it's Head and Leader (see Ephesians 1:22, 5:23-24; Colossians 1:18).  Thus with Christ as its Leader the church will always do only those things which please God (see Psalms 92:15; John 8:29), and by so doing the gates of hell cannot prevail against it because there is nothing the Devil can find in it to use to his advantage (see John 14:30; Matthew 16:18).  Thus God's church cannot and will never fall, but will stand forever because it is founded upon the Eternal and Everlasting immovable Rock -- which is Christ Jesus (see Deuteronomy 32:4; 2 Samuel 22:32; Psalms 18:2; Matthew 7:24-25).  Whereas the church which Satan controls will put a man in the place of Christ as its head and leader (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).  Thus that church will not do those things which please God, but will do those things which please men (see Matthew 16:23).  This church cannot possibly stand, but will indeed fall and be destroyed, along with all those who remain in it, because it is founded upon the ever shifting, unstable and deceptive tiny rocks of sand -- which is fallible mortal beings (see Deuteronomy 32:31,37-39; Matthew 7:26-27; Revelation 18:2-8).

     As the above Biblical truths plainly reveal that God's true church does not deviate from good, light, and truth at any time, even by the slightest degree, the vast majority of religious people cannot comprehend this.  They declare that this Scriptural identification of God's true church is too straight and narrow to possibly be correct.  They then are further shaken by the thought that there has never yet been a denomination in the entire history of this world which has always done only those things which have pleased God at all times.  And as they cannot harmonize their thinking with the Scripture truth and this knowledge of history, they become confused, the above Scriptures are ignored, and they are led to believe that God's true church must be made up of a combination of both good and evil existing together within it.  But there does not need to be any confusion, because there is no contradiction between the Scriptures and historical facts in this issue!  You may say, how can this be so?  The whole problem lies in our understanding of who and what constitutes God's true church.
Multitudes have been taught that God's true church is made up of a building, or a denomination, which has been devoted to the worship of God.  With this understanding in mind, there is an urgent desire to find some denomination to join; but which one?  With the 100 or so denominations to choose from, and with all these declaring most positively that they are the one and only true church of God, this can be quite an unnerving and difficult task to have to decide between!  But with this idea, people have been led to believe that they must be members of, or otherwise connected to, some denomination in order to worship God, be part of His true church, and thus to have their salvation assured.  But this is not what the Scriptures teach regarding God's true church!
     Jesus, in speaking of Himself and God's true church, declared:
     "I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine....and I lay down my life for the sheep...and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." John 10:14-16.

     First of all, Jesus stated that God only has "one fold" or one true church -- not many!  So this Scriptural truth debunks the idea that all the denominations collectively make up God's church.  The word "fold" translates the same as "flock" (see Strong's Concordance, #4167).  So who or what makes up this identity of God's true church -- His "one fold" or "one flock"?  People have been taught that God's one and only true fold or church is a denomination -- such as the Catholic church.  But is God's one flock any particular denomination?
     "And ye are my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the Lord God." Ezekiel 34:31.

     Thus God's one true church, His one fold, His one flock of today is not a denomination -- no matter how exalted their name, or how loudly they profess, because God's one true church is made up of people.  We must understand this vital point of truth, that God's church is made up of people and not a denomination, in order to be free in Jesus and not continue to remain in bondage and captivity to men!
     Even in Christ's time this battle of denominationalism was raging.  Various church followers were battling with each other for converts and the right to declare themselves the one and only church of God.  Each denomination was declaring that only they had the truth, and only in their church could God be truly worshipped.  But did Christ sanction this belief?  Did Christ choose one denomination over another for His people to worship God in?  One person directly asked Christ this very question, and please read carefully what answer He gave:
     "The woman (of Samaria) saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.  Our fathers worshipped in this mountain (the temple at Mount Gerizim); and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.  Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.  Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for (the message of) salvation is of (was committed to) the Jews.  But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." John 4:19-24.

     Therefore God's true church is not made up of this denomination or that denomination, but is made up of individuals who worship God in spirit and truth.  So you do not need to find any denomination in order to worship God, but you can worship Him in your very homes -- just like the disciples and followers of Christ chose to do (see Romans 16:5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15; Philemon 2;).  This beautiful knowledge that God's church is made up of people and not any denomination is what sets you free in Jesus, and leads you to correctly understand other related issues regarding God's church.  Whereas, the belief that God's true church is a denomination, will leave you in bondage to men, and to misunderstand other related issues regarding God's church.

     Some may still be having problems in seeing the difference between these two understandings, so let us briefly examine the following related scenarios from both perspectives which will help to show the difference between the two issues, and it should become clearer why one leads to freedom in Christ, while the other leads to bondage of men.
     The Bible teaches that God is offering rest for all who are weary (see Isaiah 28:12, 30:15; Jeremiah 6:16).  With the understanding that God's church is made up of people, then we would individually find our rest only by going directly to Jesus (see Psalms 37:7; Matthew 11:28-30), and if we choose to leave Him, then we lose our rest and salvation.  Whereas with the understanding that God's church is a denomination, then we would find our rest only by going directly to the denomination, and if we choose to leave the denomination, then we believe that we have forsaken our rest and are lost.
     The Bible also teaches that God's church is the body of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12:27; Ephesians 1:23, 5:30).  So in understanding that God's true church is made up of people, then we individually become part of Christ's body by joining Christ Himself and are baptized (see Galatians 3:27-29; Matthew 12:30; Romans 12:5; Mark 16:16).  And if we should choose to break away from Christ, then we would no longer be part of His body or church and are lost.  Whereas with the understanding that God's church is a denomination, then we would become part of Christ's body by joining the denomination through baptism.  And if we should choose to break away from, or should be cast out of, the denomination, then we would believe that we are no longer part of the body of Christ and are lost.
     The Bible teaches that God's people will obtain immortality or eternal life (see Romans 2:7).  With the understanding that God's church is made up of people, then we would find eternal life only through Jesus (see 1 Timothy 1:16-17; 1 John 1:1-2; John 1:1-4, 14:6), and by disconnecting ourselves from Jesus, we have no chance for eternal life and salvation.  Whereas with the understanding that God's church is a denomination, then we would find eternal life through the denomination, and by disconnecting ourselves from the denomination we believe we have no chance for eternal life or of salvation.
     As you can see, all these scenarios involve the issue of our salvation!  The Bible does indeed teach that we must be saved (see 1 Timothy 2:3-4).  With the understanding that God's church is made up of people, then we would individually find our salvation by connecting ourselves directly to Jesus Christ (see John 3:17; Isaiah 45:22; Acts 2:21, 4:10-12, 15:11, 16:30-31; Romans 5:9-10) and in separating ourselves from Christ, we are lost.  Whereas with the understanding that God's church is a denomination, then we find our salvation by connecting ourselves to the denomination, and in separating ourselves from the denomination, we believe we are lost.

     Now let us put all of these points together.  With the understanding that God's church is made up of people, then we would individually find our rest, become part of Christ's body and true church, find our eternal life and salvation, by going directly to, and becoming connected directly with, Jesus.  Thus our eyes are directed upward, and our attention becomes centered and focused upon Jesus.  He becomes the object of our love, adoration and praise.  Jesus becomes our All-in-All, His life becomes our best and all absorbing theme to contemplate on.  Hence our desire to please Him becomes paramount, and His will and commands become our delight to follow and obey.  And by continuing to behold Jesus day after day, our very lives and characters are more and more changed into His perfect image, and our desire to lead others to also join with Jesus and find salvation in Him enlarges more each day.  But by leaving, separating, disconnecting and breaking ourselves away from Christ, then we no longer have any rest; we are no longer part of His body or true church; we no longer have any assurance of salvation or hope for eternal life; which means that we are lost.
     But with the understanding that God's church is a denomination, then we would find our rest, become part of Christ's body and true church, find our eternal life and salvation, by going directly to, and becoming connected directly with, the denomination.  Thus our eyes are directed downward, and our attention becomes centered and focused upon the denomination.  It becomes the object of our love, adoration and praise.  The denomination becomes our all-in-all, it's history becomes our best and all absorbing theme to contemplate on, and our desire to please the denomination becomes paramount.  The will and commands of the denominational leaders becomes our delight to follow and obey.  And by continuing to behold the denomination, our very lives and characters are more and more changed into the imperfect image it reveals, and our desire to lead others to join with us in the denomination grows more each day.  But by leaving, separating, disconnecting and breaking ourselves away from the denomination, then we believe we will no longer have any rest; we believe we are no longer part of Christ's body or true church; and we believe we no longer have any assurance of salvation or hope for eternal life; which means we believe we are lost.
     The most serious consequence to those who believe this way, is that their denominational leaders can be as corrupt and wicked as the devil himself, their denomination can even apostatize from the truths of the Bible and exchange these for the doctrines of hell, and yet it would not matter one bit!  Why?  Because you believe that your denomination is the true church of God.  So even if you can be shown evidence that reveals your church to be controlled by the Devil himself, it would not shake your blind faith in the denomination in the least!  Why?  Because you believe that your church is going through to heaven, and that by your remaining connected to it your ticket to heaven is thus assured, but if you would be separated from it, you would be lost!
     I earnestly pray that you can clearly discern the stark difference between these two ideologies and the pathway which it leads you to follow.  One leads to complete liberty and freedom in Christ, the other leads to complete bondage and captivity to men!  The one is the gospel truth of the Bible which centers in Jesus, the other is the heinous falsehood of Catholicism which centers in Satan!  I sincerely hope that you can clearly understand that if you believe that God's true church is a denomination, that you are in bondage to the men who control that church.  And, more importantly, that Christ has been robbed from you as your Saviour because the denomination has taken His place--it has become the object of your worship and source of your salvation!
     This sad scenario, of the denominational church being made into the object of worship instead of Christ, is exactly what the Jewish people were led into.  And what is even more disheartening, is that the majority of religious people today are being led to believe the very same thing.
     The Jewish people accused Stephen of speaking "blasphemous words against this holy place" or against their temple (see Acts 6:13).  And what were Stephen's words?
     "But Solomon built him (God) an house.  Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what is the place of my rest?  Hath not my hands made all these things?" Acts 7:47-50.

     Stephen was basically telling all the Jewish church members that in this New Covenant period, God does not dwell in literal buildings, but desires to dwell in the individual hearts of His people through Jesus Christ.  In other words, Stephen was telling them that any who desired to worship God must worship Him in spirit and truth, that no one needed to belong to the denominational church or to visit any temple in order to worship God.  This of course meant that no one needed to remain subject to the authority of the corrupt priests or needed to remain connected to their apostate church any longer, but could find perfect rest and lasting freedom in Jesus Christ!  The Testimony of Jesus makes it very plain:
     "He (Stephen) referred to the history of the temple and declared that God dwelleth not in temples made with hands.  The Jews worshipped the temple and were filled with greater indignation at anything spoken against that building than if it had been spoken against God." Early Writings, p 198.

     The temple worshipping Jews became very angry that such words were spoken against their church and authority.  And instead of recognizing this truth, taking their love and worship from the temple and placing it instead upon Jesus, they rejected Christ, rejected His truth, and stoned Stephen to death.  But what is even more amazing, is that in this New Covenant period, this exact same evil spirit, which rises up in angry defiance against anyone who speaks against their denomination, is still rankling in the hearts of many today.  When any words are spoken which expose the corruption in their church, or touches upon the false doctrines which their denomination upholds, even if these words are the truth, instead of examining the points brought forth to see if it is indeed true, they rise up in angry defiance against the messenger and want him silenced immediately.  This is just an evident token that their denominational leaders have successfully supplanted Christ from their hearts and put the denomination in His place, and have led these individuals to worship their denomination instead of God alone.  May these deceived individuals wake up before it is too late, because if they do not exchange their denominational church for Jesus Christ, then they will also be led to fight in any underhanded way against any who dare speak a word against their beloved church-idol, even to the point of murder as did the Jews, and yet all the time blindly believing that they are doing God service!

     But friends, the Bible truth is that we are no longer under the Old Covenant system where God's presence dwelt in the literal temple building in the Most Holy Place directly above the 2 tables of stone upon which God wrote His 10 commandments, and which temple the people had to resort in order to worship God.  But we are the people of the New Covenant system, where God's presence can dwell our the body temple, where God desires to write His law in our heart or mind!
     "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts, and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people." Hebrews 8:10.

     "...for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." 2 Corinthians 6:16.

     So the Bible is very clear that God's true church is not made up of any denomination--no matter how exalted their name, no matter how much Bible truth they may claim to believe or to have followed for decades, no matter how loudly they may proclaim to be God's chosen, because what constitutes God's true church is individual people.  Praise God for this true understanding!  Now individuals no longer have to remain in bondage to a corrupt priesthood or to an apostate church, but they can find true freedom in Jesus Christ!  Yet this correct understanding of who and what constitutes God's true church leads us to ask another vitally important question: What must we do to individually become part of God's true church on earth?  And how can we remain part of God's true church so that our salvation can be assured?  This is exactly the issue we will be discussing in our next Newsletter (January - February, 2001).


     As some of you may know, about half of our current outreach efforts are directed towards reaching out to non-SDA's with the present truth message of Revelation 14 and 18!  This outreach is not only through tracts and booklets, but through personal communication.  Three or more nights each week are devoted to witnessing to people.  Of course, most of this personal outreach is planting seeds of truth which will sprout later, yet these seeds must be planted before an harvest can take place!  As a result of this, God has worked a mighty miracle and has opened a door for us to broadcast our messages over the Internet Radio on a worldwide basis!  So instead of having to supply huge amounts of money for air time on Short Wave which would only reach a portion of the world, we are able to get the present truth out over the Radio on Internet for just a small fraction of the cost!  We are in the process of recording several of our sermons into MP3 format, and then sending these to be broadcasted throughout the world over the Internet.  We will let you know the URL address so that you can listen to these sermons as soon as it is established.
     Please praise God with us for His great mercy in opening this door to further spread His message, and to help swell this dark world with His glorious truth!  Please keep all of our evangelistic efforts in your prayers, as well as the evangelistic efforts of our missionary co-workers around the world and of our united Ministry partners -- Gary and Elizabeth Cain of Warning! Last Call Ministries.  Also see what you and the Lord can do to spread more seeds of truth in your area, so that our Lord's return can be hastened.

     Our co-worker in Togo has translated three of our booklets into French.  These booklets are: "Protestant History: 1840 - 1844 and Beyond",  "The Glorious Everlasting Gospel", and "The Character of God".  He is finishing up the translation of 2 more of our booklets!  Please keep all of our co-workers, and especially this vitally important translation and publishing work, in your prayers.  These silent messengers are indeed helping to accomplish a great work for God and the upbuilding of His kingdom of righteousness!

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FIJI Islands:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Fiji.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Fiji--about $100 monthly.
M Study Bible and 3 Volumes of Spirit of Prophecy and shipping--$250.
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M PA Sound System for evangelistic meetings--$300. (THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET.  THANK   YOU SO VERY MUCH!)

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M Second hand van--$2500
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M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
M Printing our booklets in Kenya--$1000 for 5,000 copies ($0.20 per booklet!).
M Color T.V. set and video player/recorder for evangelism--$650.
M Several different herbs, plus shipping--for our medical missionary worker there--$250.
M Second hand vehicle to help speed up work--$3000.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Malaysia.
M Purchasing of Chinese Bibles--$7. each.

NAMIBIA, South Africa:
M Computer and needed accessories for Sanitarium and Ministry work--$2000.
M Good transportation vehicle--$7000.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Namibia.

M Several boxes of 1884 Great Controversy books for non-SDA outreach--$500.
M Monthly printing expenses for tracts and booklets--$200.

TOGO, West Africa:
M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books in French.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Togo.

UGANDA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Uganda.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Uganda--about $100 each month.
M A good PA System for meetings--$600.
M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books to purchase and mail.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zambia.
M Portable generator for evangelistic meetings--$650.
M Used computer for translating tracts and booklets in local languages--$500.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


Dear Bro. Bob:
     I'm glad to have this another time to correspond with you, although it took me quite some time to write you through e-mail.  Thank you for the Newsletter you sent.  We appreciate how you're trying to extend to us the extent of the work in this world especially those people who continually visit your web site to gather such important informations....
     Our plan in translating some of your booklets was not yet materialized due to some circumstances.  We will be glad to let you know once we have finished this witnessing project.  Also some of the youths have gone here in ____ to train them for missionary, now they are almost two months in their training.  Once they were finished they will prove an added blessing to our church to help spread the gospel tidings of present truth....
     Give our warmest regards to our dear brethren there.
Godspeed, J. & S.G., Philippines.

Dear Bro Bob,
     Romans 1:9.  Greetings to you and the lovable ministry in Jesus' mighty name....Thank you for the book "Last Day Events".  I have so many things confirmed through God's word, HALLELUJAH!  And God bless you for your tireless efforts, without which I would not be so armed with God's truth.
     We had the first coup in 1987.  Then I was still outside the faith; this time I am in it (the faith).  And things are so clearly shown through this experience (latest coup) of what would happen in the time of trouble approaching.  My priority this time is to acquire a piece of land from which to work and plant own food, eg, during the strike by labour unions, food supplies were affected besides other necessary things.  I could visibly see what the Lord is saying....
     But things (as bad as they were) did not deter me from taking the message around through booklets, tracts, and medical missions apart from my personal studies...Did I tell you about my witnessing to one of the coup leaders security men?  A good experience, but when I saw the guns, it was scary, but God gave me strength.  God bless you and the Ministry.
Sister in Christ, R.B., Fiji.

Dear bro. Bob,
     Ez 44:23, Jas 3:13.
     We pray that our heavenly Father is guiding you in all that you do.
     Thank you for all your support and work you do for the Lord.  May God bless you abundantly as you do your part (Phil 4:19)....It is a blessing to be a partner with you in the Lord's work (Same here brother!!).
Your bro. in the Lord's work, G.C., CA.

Dear pastor Sessler,
     We appreciate the work you are doing in sharing God's last message of mercy to the world.  May God richly bless you and your staff a hundred fold....
     Thank you again for sharing these booklets on separation.  We have been so blessed by God as we have been sharing it with others.
Love always in Christ, L., P. & J., NH.

Dear Bob,
     Only a line this morning to let you know that we got your letter...Thank you so much.  Its so good to see the work of God going ahead.  May God give you spiritual strength to stand in these last days.  Its getting so corrupt, I wonder at times how long could this go on, until our Saviour is going to say it is finished or it is done.
     People don't want to hear or see (the truth), especially those in the (SDA) church.  Its too bad, they think the church is going to save them....
     May God bless you all, and please pray for us.
As ever, yours in Christ, M. & L.K., Canada.

We hope all is well.  Please keep us in your prayers.
J.L. & J.J., CA.

Dear Brother Sessler and family,
     3 John 2!
     Trust all is well with all of you.
     You may have heard ____ job was terminated the 31st, along (with) 1199 other employees.  So now he's job hunting.  We would appreciate your prayers...
     May we all be faithful and do our part to hasten Christ's coming.
     The Lord bless and keep you all.  Num 6:24-26; Titus 2:13; Rev 22:20.
With love to all, E.H., CA.

Keep up the wonderful work for the Lord!  You and the Ministry are in my prayers.
J., AZ.

Dear Bro. Sessler,
     Our group is trying to get more books into Mexico before it is too late.  Please pray for Mexico.
     The Conference is giving the workers there no books or papers to give to the people.  The work is fast closing.  I pray that each Ministry can have victory with the help of heavenly angels.  We have a nice printing press in ____ home.  Wish you could see the nice work they do.
     May rich blessings be on each there.
B.L., AR.

Dear pastor Sessler,
     Thank you so very much for the information on Bacchiocchi.  I appreciate it greatly; it makes a significant contribution to my fairly substantial file of SDA-papal involvements.  Ever since I became aware of the denomination's association with Rome, which was probably early 1991, I have tried to obtain all the documentation about it I heard and read about from ministries.  On several occasions I put copies of selected documents together into a packet, attached a front sheet listing each item, and gave the packet to various individuals so they could see with their own eyes that their beloved church definitely is, and has been, associated with Rome.  I didn't accomplish anything by this, of course, because SDAs are in their Laodicean coma, tragically.  Nothing seems to get their attention....(Editor's note: for those who would like to have a copy of this excellent packet on SDA-Rome connection, please write me and I will be glad to forward your letter on to this sister.)
     I sent copies of the Bacchiocchi info to my friend, whom I had mentioned to you.  I doubt that she will ever mention them...(although) it sounds as if things are not as they should be in the church she attends, as it sounds as if the pastor is gradually moving the church back into the celebration mode.  All she has done for a number of years is make up one excuse after another for continuing church attendance.  Some time ago she commented that Ellen White wrote that the church will never become Babylon.  I didn't have the heart to put her on the spot and ask her for the reference, which I'm very sure does not exist. (Editor's note: you are absolutely right!  There is no such statement in all of Ellen White writings which declares that the SDA denominational church will never become Babylon)...Also, as open as Ellen White was about revealing wrongs in the church, I am very sure she would never write that it would never become Babylon; she made a number of statements saying that if certain conditions existed it would become Babylon. (Editor's note: You are absolutely right again!  To read these statements, as well as for more information on this issue, please write this Ministry for the booklet "Controversy Over Revelation 18).  My friend, and most SDAs -- even some Ministries -- are in denial!
     Again, thank you very much for the copies of Bacchiocchi info.
     God bless you all at Let There Be Light Ministries.  I pray for all of you each day.
In Christ, E.S., OH.

Dear Bro. Bob & Staff.
     Greeting in Jesus precious name.  I firmly believe that the Spirit of God have led you thus far.  I have viewed quite a few other (Ministry) Web Sites, and found access to information restricted, but not your Web Site Bro. Bob, and why?  Because you choose to share all the truth that you are aware of with others.  It's clearly not about financial profit that your Ministry is about, but spreading the gospel to the world.  Well I have reaped the benefits of the tremendous effort put forth by your Ministry (Let There Be Light).  Enclosed please find ____ Canadian for my tithes. (Editor's note: Thank you, and praise God for His truth that can be freely offered to all who will read and accept it!  It is indeed as Matthew 10:7-8 and Isaiah 55:1-2 state.)
     May the good Lord bless and keep you always.
J.V., Canada.



(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Bro. Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     Love and peace be upon them from God the Father and also from our Lord Jesus Christ, and hope that you will continue to grow forward in His strength.  Thank you for the cartons of tracts and booklets you send to me and also your message...
     Our first camp-meeting here in Fiji will take place at the ____ in the ____ in ____ this year.  Four members of home church there are here in ____ for discussions and plans.  We are planning to have the camp-meeting for about 2 weeks, and I will be going there to preach and give Bible studies...
     I have a...brothers, who are older than me.  One of them is ____ who is also in ____ at the moment for the annual Methodist Conference, and he has been staying with me for the past 3 weeks....(so) for the past 3 weeks I have been showing him the truth and giving Bible studies.  He is now convicted and fully agreed with me, and he will be living with our eldest brother to the same Island next week where I will follow them later in ____ to baptize them together with my elderly mother and another 2 elder sisters.  Like they always say "Church begins at home", please pray for the work in Fiji....
     I received a call last two weeks ago, from a brother from the SDA, and he wish if I could visit him (at his) home.  I went there early (the) next day to see him, his wife and son were also present.  I showed them the truth from the Bible and Present truth.  They were very happy to hear the truth and they told me that they have stopped going to the church about three months back since they received the booklet from me.  They are now fellowshipping (at) home and do not want to have anything to do with SDA (church) anymore.
     Fiji translation for the "Last Message of Mercy" will be coming out (from the press) next week, and a lot of Fijian speaking brethren from SDA and others are looking forward to see(ing) it.
     Because the annual Methodist Conference, the work this month is concentrated mostly in the ____ area.  Thousands of people from all over Fiji are in ____ on this occasion every year, and it is the best time to give them the truth by giving out tracts and preaching to them.  I spent three days last week, and three days the week before last, in preaching and giving thousands of tracts in the streets of ____.
     Home to home visitation is still going (on) and I have been sharing and witnessing to a lot of people everyday in groups or individually.  I praise God that the work in Fiji is moving forward....
     While I am writing this report, the printing press rang me up to say they will be delivering to me this afternoon the Last Message of Mercy booklet, and I should be sending you a copy this week.  Meanwhile a translation of The Wheat and Tares is going forward and I should be advising you when it will be finished.
     Praise God that the work in prison is going well, but not without opposition.  The SDA is trying its best to stop us from getting inside the prison compound.  Prisoners are enjoying and are blessed by our booklets, tracts, and magazines, etc.  They are requesting for more Bibles too.  Please pray for these ones my brother....
     My son ____ has just returned to ____ where he is working with ____.  He came to invite me if I could come to the tourist ____ and talk to the people of every denominations there, because they want to know the truth.  The SDA no longer has any church there...but there are some members of the church who are still there (who) have not been looked after for many years.  I am now waiting...Sharing the truth with everyone I come to contact with is one of my hobbies, individually or in group, in private or in public places, I will be witnessing Jesus Christ....
     Please pray for the work in Fiji.  May God bless you richly and yours always.
Your servant in Christ, V.A., Fiji.


(Combination of 5 letters) Dear elder Sessler,
     1 John 3:1.
     I thank God for He made me to meet a old man in last week, who is a retired British embassy officer brother ____.  I could give him the present truth and righteousness by faith messages....Let us pray God for this precious souls acceptance of the present truth....
     Moreover for the printing of newly translated booklets in Indian language and the 22 lessons for gospel out reach, we need fund so that work can be carried forward quickly.  I believe these 22 lessons are the effective instrument for the non-Adventist as entering wedge....
     As the separatists from SDA are increasing every day, the worship place problem arises.  Here the poor people's houses will be very compact and small.  When the numbers of attendees are increasing, we have to provide them a worship place for rent.  The local church offering collected in home churches apart from tithe is not sufficient for their rent payment.  As per instruction of SOP the tithe money should not be utilized for church building rent.  So I have instructed the home churches to increase the local church offering.  Even though we (will probably) have to pay at least 50% of their worship place rent....In ____ home church 50% of the SDA members have come out.  They need a worship place immediately.  Brother ____ group is gathering under a tree....(Please) try your best to explain (to) our brethren in USA to donate more for Indian ministry....
     How is the work going on there?  Here the laymen are coming to me for enquiring the last message we have got.  The SDA leaders are going all these places and asking the laymen who are coming to us to join in their Global Mission work for salary.  The separation message we have brought into the India is really shaking the whole congregation of SDA.  The true sheep will hear the true shepherd's voice.  But I wonder for one thing, the SDA people (church members) are considering the separation (from the church) as a greatest sin (even more) than the abomination they are doing!...
     I thank God for returning me safely, and (a) good harvest in ____.  Some of the leading church members of SDA church turned to our home church.  One leading elder a 70 years old man brother ____ has taken his stand with us.  He read your booklets the Abomination and Last Message of Mercy and turned back (from the church, to the Home Church) completely.  To all this places the SDA leaders are visiting to set back this members, but such strong members are not turning back to SDA.  Let us thank God for finding such true souls....
brother, D.S., India.


Dear Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     From those who see the light and truth, the message must go forth with a power that they do not have and do not feel it essential that they should have.  (The problem is that) they do not take hold upon the might One by living faith.  When the truth to them (becomes) a living reality, then they will see a work done that at the present they do not dream of.
     "Be glad, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God, for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain and the latter rain in the first month." Joel 2:23.
     We shall have a 2 weeks effort as from 8-22 ____ at ____ area.  Pray for us.  Our first lesson is to learn the will of God even though we pass through trying circumstances, and then knowing His will, to obey unquestioningly.  We shall be rewarded.
     Below are the (medical missionary) cases that I have dealt with in the Month of September.  Stomach cramps --3.  Morning sickness --2.  Toothache -- 1.  Colic -- 2.  Gas -- 2.  Heart burn -- 3.  Muscle pains -- 2.  Nausea -- 3. Flu -- 8.  Fever -- 7.  Colds -- 8.  Sore throat -- 6.  Hemorrhage -- 2.  Lungs/emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia -- 4.  Infection -- 4.  Mucous -- 4.  Allergy -- 5.  Bronchitis -- 4.  Ulcers -- 1.  Colitis -- 1.  Colon -- 1.  (For a total of 74 different men, women, and children treated.)
     Tell the desponding ones who have gone astray from straight paths, that they need not despair.  There is healing, (and) cleansing for every soul who will come to Christ.  There is a balm in Gilead, there is a Physician there.
Yours in service, P.S., Kenya.

Hello Elder Bob,
     General Christian greetings in Jesus Name.
     I thank God greatly whom I serve with a pure conscience that He is able to maintain and sustain His word amid the last days sophistries.
     The Lord is looking for the Nehemiah's of today who will stand firm for the course of the Lord and refuse to take heed to the many calls from here and there from the enemies of the truth desiring the Lord's work to stand (still) so that the workers may engage in the work of compromising the truth -- Neh. 6:3.
     The book of Nehemiah is a book of great comfort to those who will be repairers of the trodden down foundations of many generations.  Especially at these days when threats are from everywhere, Nehemiah 6:11-12 should encourage us to stand for the truth.
     I am from ____ where we had an effort of two weeks...The effort was very successful, and now I am heading to ____ where I shall stay for two weeks while ____ and ____ and others will be in another effort of two weeks in ____.
     May God help you and your co-workers there to go forward in the proclamation of the truth....
Yours in the Lord's vineyard, O.G., Kenya.


Dear Elder Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     Greetings from Malaysia.  How is the Chinese web page going on?  I do know that putting web page into Chinese is quite a challenging task, because most softwares do not support well enough for the English software.  May His abundant grace grant you His wisdom to guide you safely to have this job done as soon as possible. (Editors Note: still having problems, but believe I have found a solution.)
     I'm pleased to tell you that I had mailed to you 2 floppy disks of (Chinese translations of) "Wheat and Tares" and "Why Are We Held Responsible?" and printout copies yesterday.  Hopefully you will receive them by next week.  Input of "Bible Studies" is in progress.  I'm sorry for the delay of posting.  When I wanted to print out the copies, there were some characters in every page turned out to be weird symbols or different characters for the booklet "Why Are We Held Responsible?"  I could do nothing but to retype the characters concerned for every page.  I was frustrated but thank God for His grace and guidance that I was able to have it done at last, despite these unexpected problems. (Editors note: I sure do understand what you are going through with these unexpected problems!!)  Hope this kind of problem will not discourage me in any ways.  Please pray for my work to have His will done to hasten the work before us!
     Thanks for your prayer and may our gracious Lord continue to bless your Ministry too, that very soon we will have our present truth in Chinese on our Web site!  Amen!
Pilgrim on earth, V., Malaysia.


(Combination of 3 letters) My Dear Br. Bob
     I praise God for the time of writing to you once more.  I hope you are still keeping the battle on.  We are doing fine....
     One of our brethren ____ wrote a letter to one of the local pastors ____ to look at the issue that deals with (the) explanation of what constitutes Babylon.  In his response he asked the br. to stay away from him for he cannot influence him with his rebellious message, and will not allow this message to come into the church he is pastoring....(Editor's note: please go first to the church members, and not to the pastors who are leading the flock astray.  That way the sheep get the first chance to hear and accept the message before the pastors can prejudice the people against the message and thereby close the doors of the church to it.  We are told: "I saw that our message was not to the shepherds who have led the flock astray, but to the poor hungry, scattered sheep." Review and Herald, vol 1, p 11, col 3)....
     We listened to TV-3 News (Sept 27).  There it is mentioned that there will be the rule of "law and order" (4SOP 409) (discussed) at the Millennium Summit of the United Nations.  Time is fast passing, events are taking place very quickly!  Are we ready for these events?
     Back home...for the very first time in our Country to have the Pope's Diplomatic Representative.  He was welcomed by the president Sam Nujoma.  The reporter asked him how will he do it?  He said: On his coming here, (Namibia) is to monitor religious persecution on church level and the channel is through diplomatic channels.
     This was an eye opener and this time I think all things will soon go out of hand....We don't know what changes will follow this move in Namibia.
     Thank you very much for all you have done.  The booklets of Golden Calf Apostasy, SDA & WCC, we received and ties well with the planned camp-meeting in ____.  More of these will be distributed then to all who will come to the camp-meeting to (from) their various places, Country wide.  Pray for this camp-meeting to be a success....
     The question of laboring on the Sabbath has sprung up with two families in ____.  The one is br. ____ at his work place, he is on a heavy (work) load, (and has) been requested to attend all the ____ activities that are done on the Sabbath.  Secondly the family of ____ also are threatened especially the wife that she must work on Sabbath as all the workers of that company will be working on the Sabbath and rest on Sunday.  Plans are even in the way to demote her from the position she holds to a lower position.  She has firmly resisted this, (and) all their plans on whether they push her out, she (is) not going to give up.  Please remember them in your prayers, that they may vindicate the truth and remain true to God....
     Br. Bob, greet all the brethren and God bless you as you continue to labour.
Your Br in Christ, A.L., Namibia.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear bro. Bob,
     Hello!  How are you doing?
     Just wanted to drop a few lines for you.  I spent last Sabbath morning with a couple (my friends) (in the) next town whom I have visited a couple of times before, and I'm so glad their response was so good!  They want booklets to share with friends and they're inviting some of their friends next Sabbath to listen to studies.  And they know some people who are aware of the corruption inside the SDA church whom we could visit too.  I pray that God will prosper these openings for His names glory....
     I'm seriously contemplating on translating booklets.  I talked with some people about it and they think I can do it, but I still have to pray more about it.  I will be needing a Cebuano Bible; an English-Cebuano Dictionary; some Cebuano SOP books available here; and maybe someday a computer (computer rental here costs P30/hr (about $0.75/hr US) so I can't afford to stay long in front of one).  I'll let you know as soon as I decide to take up such responsibility....
     I just want you to know that I received the booklets you sent yesterday.  Thanks!  But I really need more booklets to hand out to new interests....The work here is going (to) ablaze again.  Praise God!...
     The new converts (in the) next town want me to visit them again.  They were glad when I told them you put them in your mailing list.  (I will be) spending the Sabbath with them tomorrow to get them to be more established in the present truth.
     The situation in our Country is getting worse.  The price of oil has gone up again and most people are complaining.  This gives God's message a better opportunity, I'm sure.  People usually remember to call upon God in times like these.
     Well, got to move on now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  God bless you.
Ps. 27:4! D.D., Philippines.


Dear Elder Sessler,
     Thank you for writing.  How is it with you?  Thanks too for the funds!  Of course, I asked to see the History of Separation (part) 1 for proof reading.  French language is such that a mistake or serious omission can destroy the force of the booklet.  And these booklets are so dear to me that I am taking extra care to make them a real success....
     When the separation work began at my new location, there was a particular man who opposed my work.  He refused to hear any thing said of separation.  When separation finally took place (several people embraced the message and left), the S.D.A. leaders promoted him to the post of elder for his strong stand against separation.  Three weeks ago, this man fell seriously sick.  All treatment at hospital failed...I was called in...and there he died in the night of 8 October.  His last words just before he died were regrets for not accepting the truth.  "Pastor, pastor, pastor, pastor", he cried, and died.  He will be laid to rest on Friday.  How foolish it is to reject truth when it comes to us!
     I shall write you on developments in the field and the responses coming in about the booklets....
B.S., Togo.


Dear Elder Sessler,
     Greetings from Psalms 147:2 "The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel."
     On 12th ____, 2000 (I) had seven visitors from ____ to ask on the question of separation.  Talked with them, after(wards) they were given the few copies of the booklets that I have (left on) this side.
     On the 22nd, brother ____ visited.  His purpose was that they wanted assistance in hiring (renting) of a place of worship.  He was given tracts for to be supplied that side.
     For nearly a month I have been having some Bible class with people who are on and off, but by and by they are picking (up) steady interest in matters of heavenly things.
     Brother ____ and others have hinted of having a camp-meeting, but we are still monitoring and praying if all is well, you (will) be informed....
     Lastly, thanks for the support and work funds....
Yours in the Lord's service, K.I., Uganda.