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May - June, 2000

"There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is `PRESENT TRUTH' that the flock needs now." Early Writings, p 63.

Elder: robert sessler
E-mail address:  lightmin@terragon.com


     "When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand): Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes." Matthew 24:15-18.

     There are many different theories and opinions regarding what the Abomination of Desolation stands for, but to rely upon the reasonings of men is utter foolishness (Jeremiah 17:5; 1 Corinthians 1:19-20, 3:19).  The only words that we can safely rely upon today, with there being so many different "winds" of doctrines blowing, is a plain "Thus saith the Lord."  Does God plainly tell us exactly what is the Abomination of Desolation?  Yes!
     "Jesus declared to the listening disciples the judgments that were to fall upon apostate Israel, and especially the retributive vengeance that would come upon them for their rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah.  Unmistakable signs would precede the awful climax.  The dreaded hour would come suddenly and swiftly.  And the Saviour warned his followers: `When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place (whoso readeth let him understand), then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains.'  When the idolatrous standard of the Romans should be set up in the holy ground, which extended some furlongs outside the city wall, then the followers of Christ were to find safety in flight.  When the warning sign should be seen, judgment was to follow so quickly that those who would escape must make no delay.  He who chanced to be upon the housetop must not go down through his house into the street; but he must speed his way from roof to roof until he reached the city wall, and be saved `so as by fire.'  Those who were working in the fields or vineyards must not take time to return for the outer garment laid aside while they should be toiling in the heat of the day.  They must not hesitate a moment, lest they be involved in the general destruction." Spirit of Prophecy, vol 4, p 26-27.

     So the Abomination of Desolation was "the idolatrous standards of the Romans" being seen set up where it ought not to be in a place which was supposed to be holy ground.  And when this sign was seen, then Christ's true followers were to flee "as by fire" and not to remain in that place.
     We are told that this prophecy is "twofold in its meaning" (see 4SP 26).  Thus even though it was already fulfilled nearly two thousand years ago, yet it has another fulfillment.  As this is the case, then what would represent the Abomination of Desolation today?  What would represent the banner or flag of the church of Rome?  Without doubt, the banner of Roman Catholicism would be Sunday worship.  So the Abomination of Desolation today is Sunday worship, and when this banner of Roman Catholicism is seen standing where it ought not--in that which should be holy ground, then all of Christ's true followers are to separate themselves from the place in which they see it planted!  And where should SDA Christians be looking for this Abomination to be set up and planted?  In a church that would be a representation of Jerusalem today--which is their own SDA church! (see 8T 67, 133; 4T 166-167).  But will this banner of Rome--Sunday worship, ever be seen arising within the SDA church and being planted in the place of God's sacred and holy Sabbath?
     Most Seventh-day Adventists have become quite accustomed to seeing and/or hearing of SDA churches following the common Catholic practice of holding Easter Sunday church services.  These Sunday worship services in SDA churches around the world have been regularly taking place since the mid 1980's, and today bring little consternation to the minds of many SDA's.  Even though it is a church service being held to worship God on Sunday and not the Sabbath day, these reason that it is just one Sunday out of the year, and so think nothing more about it.  But what if the SDA church should hold Sunday worship services all year long?  This should awaken SDA's to the fact that there is something seriously wrong, and would surely reveal that the banner of Rome had already been planted within the SDA church!  But would such a thing ever happen?
     In the SDA church magazine of the Pacific Union Recorder, for February, 2000, on page 34-35, there is an article titled "Adventist Sunday Church".  This article proudly proclaims that the Las Vegas Mountain View SDA church is holding Sunday morning church services all year long!  They started holding these Sunday morning church services "on Easter weekend" for the supposed purpose of reaching out to the community, and will continue to worship every Sunday for the next "52-week(s)"!
     Does this worshipping of God in church on both Saturday and Sunday sound like a truly "SEVENTH-DAY" Adventist church to you?  But this is not all!  What kind of message would you think is being preached to those who attend this Adventist church on every Sunday?
     "Each Sunday (pastor Tim) Dunfield presents a clearly Adventist message..." Recorder, February, 2000, p 35.

     But this question comes up: How can a "clearly Adventist message", which upholds God's true seventh-day Sabbath as being Saturday and clearly presents Sunday worship to be the worship day of Satan in every church of Babylon, be preached in a church which chooses to worship God on every Sunday?  How can a "clearly Adventist message", which plainly shows Sunday worship to be the mark of the Beast when it becomes a law, be preached in a church which chooses to worship God on every Sunday?  It can't, and to do so would show that church to be hypocritical to say the least!  Thus a "clearly Adventist message" cannot be preached every Sunday, but a severely watered down "so much in common" message can.  And thus the truth about God's seventh-day Sabbath is cast aside by the very church which was specifically raised up by God to proclaim this vital message to the world!
     Some may wonder how regular Sunday worship in SDA churches could happen all of a sudden?  It did not.  This idea of having SDA churches worshipping on every Sunday to try and attract people from the local community, and beginning these Sunday church services with Easter Sunday, is not new at all!  Over 10 years ago this exact same scenario was attempted in another SDA church.
     "Residents in the Diamond Lake area (of Washington State):
     "Dear Friend and Neighbor,
     "We believe you are all aware of our little church....I would be there to serve you.
     "Another service I would be happy to provide is a Sunday morning worship service.....I am hereby formally inviting you to come to our Sunday morning services at 11:00 o'clock....Easter Sunday would be our first service.  March 30th.
     "Yes, I am very much aware of being different in various ways from other churches, like these other churches differ among themselves.  But let me hasten to add that as Christians we have so much in common...I would like to think of my church as a Community Church, where we can meet Sunday morning...
     "Our first service then will be on Easter Sunday at 11:00 in our humble little church." Diamond Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church, Community Letter of February 25, 1986, Fritz Martinsen--pastor.

     Although this first attempt at weekly Sunday church services in SDA churches failed, mainly because the members of that SDA church refused to allow it to happen, yet it was as seed being sown forecasting that Sunday worship services would soon become common place in SDA churches, as we are seeing taking place today.  But the fact that there is Sunday worship services taking place in SDA churches all year long should awaken every honest SDA church member that the Abomination of Desolation has taken place in the church--the banner of Rome has been planted, and the holy ground of God's Sabbath day has been desecrated!  Thus the SDA church is no longer God's property, but has been betrayed into the hands of Rome!  This reality is clearly seen by understanding the following facts.
     Sunday--the first day of the week is, according to the Bible, a common working day with no sanctity at all.  Yet the Catholic church claims the divine authority to change Sunday into a holy worship day, and to transfer God's Sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday.  In fact, Catholicism claims this act is the "mark" of her authority over all those who choose to worship on Sunday instead of the Bible Sabbath of Saturday.  The Roman Catholic church proudly states:
     "Protestants...accept Sunday rather than Saturday as the day for public worship after the Catholic Church made the change...In observing the Sunday, they are accepting the authority of the spokesman for the church, the Pope." Our Sunday Visitor, February 5, 1950.

     "It is well to remind the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and all other Christians, that the Bible does not support them anywhere in their observance of Sunday.  Sunday is an institution of the Roman Catholic Church, and those who observe the day observe a commandment of the Catholic Church." Priest Brady, in an address, reported in the Elizabeth, N.J. "News" of March 18, 1903.

     "It was the Catholic Church which...transferred this rest (Saturday as the Sabbath) to the Sunday....Thus the observance of Sunday by the Protestants is an homage they pay, in spite of themselves, to the authority of the (Catholic) Church." Monsignor Louis Segur, "Plain Talk about the Protestantism of Today," p 213.

     "Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (from Saturday to Sunday) was her act.  It could not have been otherwise, as none in those days would have dreamed of doing anything in matters spiritual and religious without her, and the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters." Letter from H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons.

     So for any church to hold Sunday worship services means that they would be paying homage to the Pope, accepting the authority of the Roman Catholic church--or the Beast of Bible prophecy--over them, as well as recognizing this mark of the Beast's power to altar God's holy law.  As this is the case, then why would the SDA church leaders allow Sunday worship to take place in SDA churches?  Why would a Saturday Sabbath-keeping church choose to also worship on Sunday and thus pay homage to anti-christ and the Roman Catholic church?
     "The religion of Jesus is endangered.  It is being mingled with worldliness.  Worldly policy is taking the place of the true piety and wisdom that comes from above, and God will remove His prospering hand from the conference.  Shall the ark of the covenant be removed from this people?  Shall idols be smuggled in?  Shall false principles and false precepts be brought into the sanctuary?  Shall antichrist be respected?  Shall the true doctrines and principles given us by God, which have made us what we are, be ignored?  Shall God's instrumentality, the publishing house, become a mere political, worldly institution?  This is directly where the enemy, through blinded, unconsecrated men, is taking us....and when men begin to talk of changing these principles (the advocacy of the Sabbath), they are doing a work which it does not belong to them to do.  Like Uzzah, they are attempting to steady the ark which belongs to God, and is under His special supervision." Counsels to Writers and Editors, p 95-97.

     Dear brethren, the SDA church has indeed done exactly what they were warned above not to do.  Idols have been smuggled in for our people to worship instead of God--the very SDA church, as well as their leaders, are worshipped more than God and His truth is today (please write for the booklet, "The Golden Calf Apostasy).  Antichrist is indeed being respected by the SDA church leaders.  In fact this began long ago--especially when they gave the Pope of Rome a medallion in 1977, which "was a gold-covered symbol of the Seventh-day Adventist Church" (Review, August 11, 1977, p 23).  Thus they gave the SDA church, in symbol, into the hands of Satan's representative (see EW 219)!  The SDA church has indeed ignored and even given up the true doctrines of the three angels' messages which were given us by God and which once made the church what it was (for proof please write for the booklet, "Transmutation of the Three Angels).  What about the ark of the covenant?  Has it also been removed from the SDA church and people?
     The ark of the covenant has always been seen as a symbol of God's presence (see CW 172; Review and Herald, March 20, 1888; Spirit of Prophecy, vol 1, p 346).  Below the mercy seat on the ark were deposited the two tables of stone upon which God wrote all 10 of His commandments.  In the very bosom or center of these laws is found the Sabbath of God.  More than any other commandment, the Sabbath shines with a halo of glorious light (Early Writings, p 32-33; Testimonies, vol 1, p 76), plainly indicating that the last great final test of all mankind will be over the issue of the Sabbath (see EW 42).  Over and over again, the Sabbath and the ark are inseparably connected together (see Signs of the Times, February 3, 1888, January 8, 1894, March 12, 1896, April, 7, 1898; 4SP 273-275; EW 255; Review and Herald, December 18, 1888; Manuscript Releases, vol 4, p 402-403; 5MR 94, 10MR 280).  By God symbolically giving the ark into the possession of the SDA church signified that God was especially giving His Sabbath truth into the hands of this church, and that His presence would be with them and sustain them as long as they lived and proclaimed His Sabbath message to the world.
     But the SDA church has not lived up to her part of the covenant promise with God.  In fact, she have sought to remove this distinctive Sabbath banner and sign or seal of God, and for many years has stealthily endeavored to place God's Sabbath truth in the background and to exalt the sabbath of the man of sin.  And with the SDA church now openly holding church worship services on Sundays should plainly show to all SDA church members that the SDA church no longer has the ark of the covenant in their possession, because God has removed it.  Well might every SDA church member cry "ICHABOD!  The glory has departed"!  Why?  Because "the ark of God was removed from the church; for the holy commandments have been violated..." Review and Herald, March 28, 1893!

     With the removal of God's ark from the SDA church, because of their refusal to exalt only God's Seventh-day Sabbath, would also signify that God's glorious presence has also been removed from the church (see 8T 247-250); that the candlestick has also been removed from the church (see Review and Herald, June 7, 1887; July 16, 1895); and that the kingdom of God has been also taken away from the church--just like it was from the Jews.  Others have now been chosen to receive these blessings and to herald God's last saving message of salvation to the world! (see Upward Look, p 131; TM 300).
     No longer is the SDA corporate church God's true church in any way, shape, or form because she has proved unfaithful to her trust.  And just like the Jewish church before her, the SDA church has become divorced from God, forsaken by Him, is desolate, and is destined to be brought down to hell (see Manuscript Releases, vol 12, p 319-321; Review and Herald, August 1, 1893)!  The church no longer stands as a chosen generation and people; no longer do they represent a royal priesthood (see Manuscript Releases, vol 5, p 210).  The probation of the SDA corporate church is over, and thus the church will continue to do the apostate works of her satanic majesty until Christ descends from heaven with a shout!
     "One thing it is certain is soon to be realized,--the great apostasy, which is developing and increasing and waxing stronger, and will continue to do so until the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout." Special Testimonies, Series  B#7, p 56-57.

     And what is the main reason why the SDA church has been removed from being in any way connected with God's cause and work in these last few moments of earth's history?  Because she gave up the sacredness of God's Sabbath day; she chose to meddle with this ark intrusted her of God, and is no longer only holding forth this banner of God's truth to the world, but is also found holding forth and exalting the banner of Rome!
     "Uzzah meddled with the ark, notwithstanding the plain command of the Lord to regard it with fear and trembling, and to keep it sacred.  He had to be removed from the Lord's work.  God changes not." Review and Herald, September 14. 1905.

     All these things plainly reveal that the Abomination of Desolation has indeed been set up in the SDA church! (For more insight, please write for the booklet "The Abomination of Desolation Stands").  No longer is the SDA church a church of God, but has become an image of the Beast of Rome--or another Catholic organization and church! (For further proof, please write for the booklet "The Image of the Beast").  For those who doubt the truth of this, please allow the president of the General Conference of the SDA church to tell you!  President Neal C. Wilson plainly and boldly declared:
     "...there is another universal and truly catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church." Review, March 5, 1981, p 3.

     As the Abomination of Desolation has been set up in the SDA church, what should every SDA church member and every Historic SDA Independent do regarding their membership, connection, and/or association with the apostate SDA--Catholic church?  To separate from it, "as by fire"!  As surprising as this may be, did you know, that the SDA church's course of treason against God and His truth was clearly prophesied over two thousand years ago!
     Ezekiel 8 lists several abominations that took place in Jerusalem, and Ezekiel 9 relates the destruction which occurs because of these abominations.  It also reveals that the people of God are sighing and crying to others about these abominations, and trying to warn the people about what was occurring within the church.  And yes, these abomination are occurring "IN THE CHURCH"!
     "Those who receive the pure mark of truth, wrought in them by the power of the Holy Ghost, represented by a mark by the man in linen, are those `that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done' in the church.  Their love for purity and the honor and glory of God is such, and they have so clear a view of the exceeding sinfulness of sin, that they are represented as being in agony, even sighing and crying.  Read the ninth chapter of Ezekiel." Testimonies, vol 3, p 267.

     "These sighing, crying ones have been holding forth the words of life; they had reproved, counseled, and entreated.  Some who had been dishonoring God repented and humbled their hearts before Him.  But the glory of the Lord had departed from Israel; although many still continued the forms of religion, His power and presence were lacking....They mourn before God to see religion despised in the very homes of those who have had great light.  They lament and afflict their souls because pride, avarice, selfishness, and deception of almost every kind are in the church....
     "The abominations for which the faithful ones were sighing and crying were all that could be discerned by finite eyes, but by far the worst sins, those which provoked the jealousy of the pure and holy God, were unrevealed.  The great Searcher of hearts knoweth every sin committed in secret, by the workers of iniquity." Testimonies, vol 5, p 210-211.

     The last and greatest abomination committed, before probation closed upon the church and the individual sealing began in Ezekiel 9, was sun worship!
     "...at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about 25 men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east, and they worshipped the sun towards the east." Ezekiel 8:16.

     These 25 men, who are ministers and leaders in the temple, are supposed to be worshipping God and leading His people to follow Him and His truth.  But what are these men found to be doing?  They are found rebelling against God, turning their backs on Him and His temple, and worshipping the sun in the open air of the temple court.  As these men are openly betraying God and His people, who could these 25 individuals be that turn their backs on God and worship the sun?
     "The executive committee of this (SDA) conference shall be 25 in number..." 1901 General Conference Bulletin, p 379, col 1, paragraph 2, article 4, section 1.

     So this prophecy about 25 church leaders betraying God and openly worshipping the sun instead of only God's Sabbath day applies to the leadership of the SDA church!  Now we are not trying to read into this any more than what it states in Ezekiel, but what a startling fulfillment by the SDA General Conference leadership and church!  The Executive Committee is the power behind the General Conference, "carrying forward its work between the [General Conference] sessions" (1903 General Conference Bulletin, vol 5, #10, col 2, article 4, section 1, April 10, 1903), even advising the General Conference president how to "labor in the general interests of the Conference" (see The Constitution Bylaws and Working Policy of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, article 4, section 2, April, 1959, p 8).  So the Executive Committee, made up of 25 individuals, is the real power behind the throne of the SDA church!
     The 1903 General Conference Session did not change the 1901 plan, but indicated who would make up this Executive Committee (see 1903 Bulletin, vol 5, #10, col 3, paragraph 1, article 4, section 2, April 10, 1903).  And from 1903 until after 1959, the members of the Executive Committee was "not to exceed 25 in number" (See the Constitution Bylaws and Working Policy, article 5, section 1b, April, 1959, p 9).  But sometime after 1959, the General Conference Executive Committee was enlarged beyond the limit of 25 members; and today the number of members is somewhere near 400.

     Some people will point to the significant increase in the number of members in this General Conference Committee as proof that the group of 25 men listed in the prophecy of Ezekiel 8:16 cannot possibly apply to the SDA church today.  But is this Committee still the only power behind the throne of the SDA church?  Or, since it was enlarged, was there another Committee formed that controls the General Conference Committee--making this new Committee the real power behind the throne?
     Obviously, only the General Conference would know; so I wrote to them requesting information on its inner administrative structure, and praying all the time that God would allow whoever answered my letter to be very informative.  Praise God for answering our prayers, and revealing secrets!  The following is the very informative response that I received:
     "Here at the General Conference, the highest decision-making committee, of course, is the General Conference Committee.  There is a committee that we term `General Conference Officers' which is made up of about twenty-five or twenty-six individuals--president, secretaries, and treasurers, with a few other invited individuals.  This committee is a screening committee that determines the items that need to go to the General Conference Committee." Letter from the Office of the President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, B.E. Jacobs--Administrative Assistant to the President, November 1, 1990. (This letter contains the watermark "SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS" with 3 wavy lines crossing the "A").

     Since this General Conference Officers Committee controls the items which come before the General Conference Committee, they are in fact the real power behind the Conference Committee, and also of the SDA church!  And how many members make up this Officers Committee?  "About twenty-five or twenty-six individuals."  This is the exact same language of Ezekiel--"about 25"!
     Hence, there still is a group of "about 25" individuals which controls the entire SDA church.  From 1903 through 1959, it was the Executive Committee of "about 25" individuals.  But when it became necessary to enlarge this Committee, then the SDA church simply formed another Committee, and kept it limited to "about 25" individuals.
     This number is not a coincidence, but is one of the significant identifying marks clearly showing that the prophecy of the abominations of Ezekiel 8 applies to none other than the SDA church, and the 25 church leaders of Ezekiel 8:16, which turn their backs on the Lord and worship the sun, applies to the General Conference leadership!
     Since the SDA church has allowed the banner of Rome--Sunday worship services to take place in SDA churches, clearly showing that the Abomination of Desolation has indeed been set up and planted in the church; that the ark, God's presence, His kingdom, as well as the candlestick, have all been removed; that the SDA church has been divorced from God, is desolate, and is no longer God's chosen church; then what should every true follower of Christ do about these facts of truth?
     "But when ye shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand), then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains: And let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house, neither enter therein, to take any thing out of his house: And let him that is in the field not turn back again for to take up his garment." Mark 13:14-16.

     "Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.  For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled." Luke 21:21-22.

     Thus it is the command of Christ Himself that all of His true followers, whether they be SDA church members or historic independent SDA's, are to separate themselves completely from all membership and association with the SDA church, or they will be destroyed along with this church!
     "Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof....Slay utterly old and young...but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary." Ezekiel 9:4-6.

     "Here we see that the church--the Lord's sanctuary--was the first to feel the stroke of the wrath of God.  The ancient men, those to whom God had given great light and who had stood as guardians of the spiritual interests of the people, had betrayed their trust....they say: The Lord will not do good, neither will He do evil.  He is too merciful to visit His people in judgment.  Thus `Peace and safety' is the cry from men who will never again lift up their voice like a trumpet to show God's people their transgressions and the house of Jacob their sins.  These dumb dogs that would not bark are the ones who feel the just vengeance of an offended God....They were once faithful servants, favored with His presence and guidance; but they departed from Him and led others into error, and therefore are brought under the divine displeasure." Testimonies, vol 5, p 211-12.

     The only people to receive the seal or mark of God, and to escape the destruction of their church, are those who open their mouths and cry aloud--exposing all the abominations being committed in the sanctuary, and also who have no connection what-so-ever with the SDA church!  The leaders of the SDA people are the first to feel the wrath of God, and then the destruction continues with those who remained connected with the church which these 25 men ruled over and involved in their rebellion against God and His Sabbath.
     But some are advocating that you must remain connected with the apostate SDA church and then to sigh and cry from within in order to be sealed.  But this is a specious falsehood and lie of the devil designed to lead all who follow it down to destruction.  This is because no one will receive the seal of God while they remain connected to a corrupt and apostate church!
     "The angel is to place a mark upon the forehead of all who are separated from sin and sinners, and the destroying angel will follow, to slay utterly both old and young." Testimonies, vol 5, p 505.

     "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto heaven..." Revelation 18:4-5.

     This is plainly revealed when examining the history dealing with the first planting of the Abomination of Desolation.  There was a man who ran up and down the streets of Jerusalem trying to warn the people that destruction was about to occur (see 4SP 31; GC 30).  He warned the people for seven years, but was also destroyed along with Jerusalem.  Why?  Because he refused to obey Christ's command to flee after the Abomination of Desolation was set up.  He had warned the people of Jerusalem for over three and a half years.  Then the Abomination of Desolation was planted, and instead of separating himself from his church and fleeing as Christ had commanded him to do, he decided to stay in and continue to warn the people.  But his message did not change one bit.  He continued to preach about the abominations and the judgments that were to come upon Jerusalem, but he refused to preach to the people that separation out of the church to Jesus--their professed Master and Leader--was an absolute necessity for their salvation because the Abomination of Desolation had already been planted.  And even though he stayed and continued to warned the people that destruction was about to occur, there is no evidence that anyone heeded his message and was saved by fleeing Jerusalem.  So even though he disobeyed Christ and stayed to warn the people, it did no good.  Why?  Because how much effect can your message of doom and gloom towards the apostate church have upon others when they see you remaining in that doomed church yourself?
     Those who stayed within all perished along with their beloved apostate church.  This plainly revealed that their probation basically closed at their decision to disobey Christ and remain within, even though destruction occurred over three years later.  Their probation basically closed the same way as it did in Noah's time, in the broad daylight, and without a cloud of destruction in sight.  Please note this:  The planting of the Abomination of Desolation signaled that the corporate probation of the church was already closed, and that now individual probation was closing depending on how they treated the message to separate in obedience to Christ!  Because this man stayed instead of separating, many followed his example in disobedience to Christ's explicit command, and they also remained in the corrupt and apostate church.
     Now it is interesting to note that this man's name was also called Jesus! (See Jerusalem and Rome: The Writings of Josephus, p 162 (War VI, 5:3)).  But he was proven to be a false Christ.  His message consisted of warning the people about the abominations and corruptions that were occurring in the church, and that judgment was about to fall, yet he refused to give to the people the only message which could have saved their eternal lives--which was to completely separate from the church.  Are we not hearing these same false messages today?  Most Definitely!  We are indeed hearing many of these false christs presenting this same deceiving message.  And these, along with their followers, will go down with their beloved idol-church.
Truly, as God through Ezekiel has already warned us of the apostasy of the SDA church:
     "There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls...Her priests have violated My law, and have profaned Mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from My sabbaths, and I am profaned among them." Ezekiel 22:25-26.

     My brethren, it is time to stand up and be counted for God.  It is not time to remain connected with the corrupt church and become "partakers of her sins."  We are corporately responsible for all the sins of the church by just remaining a part of this corrupt system (see principle in Jeremiah 26:11-15; Revelation 18:1-4: 3T 265 & 269, or write for the booklet "Why Are We Held Responsible, for Personal, Social, and Corporate Sins?").
     We must come out and be separate and stand for our God, and warn our brothers and sisters to do the same thing.  We can't follow that man of Jerusalem, whose name was also Jesus, who decided that after the Abomination of Desolation was planted, that he would not obey his Lord and flee Jerusalem.  He reasoned that he would stay within so as to try and warn more people of what was going on.  But he lost his eternal life by his disobedience, and there was not one soul reportedly saved, even though he remained and continued to warn them for many years!  So he died in vain, when he could have obeyed His Lord and separated, thereby showing by his example of obedience the way of life for others to take heed and to follow.  But all were given ample opportunity to escape, and all made their decisions to leave or stay.
     This same situation is now taking place today!  Sunday exaltation and worship has begun by the SDA church.  Ezekiel 9 is beginning to occur, the sealing is starting, probation is closing and what is your decision going to be?  Are you going to follow our Lord out (see Hebrews 13:12-13)?  Are you going to follow His commands and flee the apostate SDA church, coming out and looking solely to Jesus for all your light, knowledge, and understanding, instead of being under that corrupt system and looking to man?  It was only those Christians who proved themselves wise, who left at the command of Christ, when they noticed and realized that the Abomination of Desolation had been planted, that had their lives saved (see 4SP 31).  The rest of the professed Christians remained.  These chose and took a different path than what Christ had commanded them to take, and they stayed and were destroyed.  The man, who was also named Jesus, remained too because he reasoned that he could try to warn more people by staying.  And all their probation basically closed at their decision to disobey Christ by remaining!  Are we are not seeing this exact same sad history being repeated among our people today?
     The Abomination of Desolation stands!  It's time to awake.  It's time to get rid of every sin in your life.  It's time to "prepare to meet thy God".  It's time to obey Christ's command and to "go out of the camp" in order to be with Jesus outside of the church, for our Saviour is coming to claim only those who have proved their obedience to Him and Him alone!  Probation is individually closing now--dear people--upon those who reject the last and final message of mercy (see 6T 19)!
     I warn you all in the Holy name of our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to break off the shackles that bind you to a godless church.  Cast them off, get rid of that idol church that you have allowed to reign in your heart, and join Christ instead.  Join the procession.  Come out, be counted for, and stand with Christ; prove that you are a true follower of God, and are not yoked together with the wicked.  Please follow our Saviour out, and be not cut off in her iniquity.
     "Before the destruction of Sodom, God sent a message to Lot, `Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.'  The same voice of warning was heard by the disciples of Christ before the destruction of Jerusalem...They must not tarry to secure anything from their possessions, but must make the most of the opportunity to escape.
     "There was a coming out, a decided separation from the wicked, an escape for life.  So it was in the days of Noah,; so with Lot; so with the disciples prior to the destruction of Jerusalem; and so it will be in the last days.  Again the voice of God is heard in a message of warning, bidding His people separate themselves from the prevailing iniquity." Patriarchs and Prophets, p 166.


     The Lord has graciously allowed this Ministry to reach another mile-stone in our publishing work!  We have surpassed the 7,000,000 page mark!!!  That is right, over 7 million pages of Present Truth have so far been published by this Ministry (7,051,750 pages current total)!!!  Please join with us in praising God for allowing us to print so many pages of Present Truth for His glory!  And pray that God will allow us to continue printing so that many more precious souls can be garnered into His kingdom of righteousness.  Also realize that this above mile-stone could not have been reached without your constant prayers and loving support.  Please continue to remember us, and also remember to keep these silent preachers of the printed page in your prayers for God to multiply and send them into the farthest reaches of this world so that His coming can be hastened and we can go home soon.
     This Ministry, in union with Warning! Last Call Ministries, are sponsoring a Mini Camp-meeting this June 2-4.  We are looking forward to fellowshipping with many of our brothers and sisters whom we have not seen for quite some time.  We are also excited to be able to meet other brethren whom we have not had the privilege of yet seeing in person.  We have already had Camp-meeting applications sent to us, and some from as far away as North Carolina and Missouri.  We are sincerely praying that God will prepare the hearts of those whom He is drawing to attend, so that all will be receptive to the rich blessings of His Spirit of grace which He has prepared to give us (see TM 506-512).  We also solicit your prayers as well that God's blessings will be received, and especially that Jesus will be uplifted ever higher in the eyes of all who attend.
     The Lord is also continuing to bless our Web Site more than we could ever imagine.  But first we have a correction to make regarding the Web Site figures given for the Month of February.  Due to a mix-up in the calculation, the figures for the last week of February were counted twice.  This problem has been solved, and the Generated Report program fixed.  The corrected figures for the Month of February are 4,139 hits, generated by 620 visitors, with 121,395,000 bits of information transferred.  We humbly ask your forgiveness for this error.  But, considering that this was the first full month our Web Site was on line, it is still a great blessing from God for the amount of visitors, and especially for the amount of information downloaded from our Site!  And God's blessings continued to be showered upon the Web site for the month of March and especially for April.
     In the month of March, we had 4,678 hits, which were generated by 808 visitors, who stayed an average of 11:29 minutes each.  In these Visitor Sessions, 1098 documents of present truth were viewed.  While most of these visitors were from America, we also had visitors from 10 different Countries which included Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.  All our visitors downloaded over 4000 files, which totalled 130,148,000 bits of information!  But as impressive as these figures are, the month of April surpassed them all!
     In April, we had 6,052 hits, which were generated by 1,237 visitors, who stayed an average of 14:00 minutes each!  In these Visitor Sessions, 1,440 documents of present truth were viewed.  We had visitors from 13 different Countries, which included Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom!  5,500 files were downloaded from our Web Site, which totaled a staggering amount of 173,172,000 bits of information!  So over 173 million bits of information was taken from our Web Site in just the month of April!  This brought a combined total for the months of March and April of over 300 million bits of information being downloaded from our Web Site of Present Truth materials by those who visited!  Brethren, MAY GOD BE PRAISED!!
     Again we mention that there is no way in which we could have personally given, or even mailed, this amount of Present Truth information to these individuals from around the world in such a short time!  Truly, the Web Site is a great evangelistic tool in reaching out worldwide to our fellow men with God's Present Truth Gospel of salvation in Christ!  Please join with us in praying that the hearts of all who read or downloaded these materials of Present Truth will be led to give their hearts fully to Jesus, give up their errors, separate from sin and sinners, and unite with the third angel in living and spreading this precious truth to all around them.  May our Great Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ continue to be uplifted and exalted in the eyes of all peoples so that many more can be harvested out of Satan's kingdom of Babylon and into God's kingdom of righteousness to gain eternal life!  And may God continue to lead honest seekers for truth from around the world to visit our Web Site, as well as our united partner Ministry's Web Site at www.warninglastcall.com, so that they may become enraptured with the dazzling beauty of God's pure message of truth.  For those who have not yet visited the Web Site of Warning! Last Call Ministries of brother Gary and sister Elizabeth Cain, we encourage you to do so and to gain the spiritual blessing there waiting for you.
     TO OUR READERS AND SUPPORTERS: "Let There Be Light" Ministries is not concerned with using your prayers and donations to build itself into a kingdom, but is concerned with getting the Present Truth into the hands of the common people quickly, effectively, and wisely.  Instead of working towards acquiring expensive video and T.V. production equipment, satellite or shortwave facilities, we would rather use the Lord's money in supporting many full-time ministers and workers from around the world who have proven themselves to be reliable and stable.  With their monthly support supplied, these ministers and workers then have the ability to more effectively spread the truth, establish our people in the Present Truth, and carry this precious truth into the homes of those who sit in darkness.  This is how the Loud Cry will be spread, and is now being spread!  If the Lord so impresses you to help in this endeavor, your donations will be greatly appreciated--not just by this Ministry, but by many others as well!  MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!


     "Let There Be Light" Ministries is devoted to the spreading of the full Present Truth Gospel message worldwide, and has been doing so since 1986.  This Ministry has operating expenses covering the areas of: printing, publishing, and writing of present truth books, booklets, tracts, and other literature; video and audio production, and distribution; Web Site production and evangelistic outreach; supporting several ministers/workers in foreign Countries; mail order--both domestic and foreign; holding meetings; answering correspondence and questions regarding the message of truth; ongoing Bible Correspondence studies; sending free Present Truth literature to contacts in many poor Countries; etc.
     We greatly appreciate, and continue to need, the Lord's blessings and guidance, along with your gracious prayers and support.  Without such, this Ministry could not continue to reach out worldwide with the precious message of Revelation 14:6-12 & 18:1-5.
     May our God and Saviour continue to lead and guide all those who have helped this Ministry reach out to souls who sit in darkness with the precious light of gospel truth.  May our supporters remember that they share in each and every soul who has been reached by this Ministry and converted to the Lord and His present truth!


     We are currently supporting several workers in many different Countries on a monthly basis.  We check into the economy of each area and supply a base support which is adequate depending on their situation, but not extravagant.  This base support is to ensure that the monthly needs of each worker and family is adequately met for that month so that the worker may devote full time to the ministry work.  In addition to this, we are sending extra materials for evangelism, and money for printing, publishing, holding meetings, traveling, and other necessary areas in spreading the Present Truth in their Country.  And as the work extends, especially will the expenses for evangelism expand.  Whatever you can send to help in this necessary and vital area is greatly appreciated.
     The work of spreading God's present truth is not to be limited, but must extend world-wide, to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before our Saviour can come (Matthew 24:14).  What better way of spreading the present truth gospel than by having workers who speak the native language, who reside in that particular Country, who can live and preach the truth and visit the interests in their homes, and spread the printed truth translated into their common language!  Please financially help us to continue consistently supporting our current ministers and workers, so that the spreading of the truth can quickly lighten this dark world with the glory of God.


FIJI Islands:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Fiji.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Fiji--about $100 monthly.
M Study Bible and 3 Volumes of Spirit of Prophecy and shipping--$250.
M Computer and printer to help speed up translation work there--$750.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to India.
M Second hand van--$2500
M Color T.V. set and video player/recorder for evangelism--$650.
M Printing our booklets in India--$1450 for 10,000 copies (less than $0.15 per booklet!)

KENYA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Kenya.
M Cost to print 10,000 of each of our booklets in Kenya, only costs $2000 US per booklet (or $1000 for 4,000 booklets).
M Projector, screen, and evangelistic film for non-SDA outreach.
M Color T.V. set and video player/recorder for evangelism--$650.
M Several different herbs, plus shipping--for our medical missionary worker there--$250.
M Second hand vehicle to help speed up work--$3000.

M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Malaysia.
M Purchasing of Chinese Bibles--$7. each.

NAMIBIA, South Africa:
M Computer and needed accessories for Sanitarium and Ministry work--$2000.
M Good transportation vehicle--$7000.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Namibia.

M Several boxes of 1884 Great Controversy books for non-SDA outreach--$500.
M Monthly printing expenses for tracts and booklets--$200.

TOGO, West Africa:
M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books in French.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Togo.
M Printing expenses in Togo--about $100 each month.

UGANDA, East Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Uganda.
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts in Uganda--about $100 each month.
M A good PA System for meetings--$600.
M Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books to purchase and mail.

ZAMBIA, Central Africa:
M Printing and mailing expenses for booklets and tracts to Zambia.
M Portable generator for evangelistic meetings--$650.
M Used computer for translating tracts and booklets in local languages--$500.

     Please be sure to mark all donated monies for any of the above Ministry or Foreign Mission needs.  100% of all donated monies will go where specified.  Unspecified donations will go where needed.  Thank you very much for making this evangelistic work possible, and may God's richest blessings attend you and yours.


Dear brother Sessler and family,
     3 John 2!
     We have actually reached the year 2000!
     Sometimes the clock of time seems to move a bit slow.  But Christ says, "Surely, I come quickly."  And He will come as a thief.  May He find us watching and ready.
     We don't know what this year will bring.  We must be aware of our opportunities to be witnesses for Him and hasten His coming.  It seems like He's opening doors everywhere, but we don't know how long they will stay open.  May the Lord give us wisdom and courage to do our part, and may we be found ready and faithful when He comes....
     May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.  Isa. 65:24; 1 Tim. 1:17; Eph. 1:2,3; Ps 55:22, 16, 17.
In Christian love, E.H., CA.

Dear Elder Sessler,
     Christian greetings!
     Thanks again for your spiritual help and information.  May God richly bless your ministry....
In Christ, J.E., MD.

Hi, brother Bob!
     I am glad to be back in New York.  Thank God.  I went to Cancun, Mexico with my sister ____, my husband ____, and my 3 children in June.  My husband and myself are here in New York, and ____ and my children are still in Mexico....(Are) there any home churches in Cancun, because we had a hard time worshipping with other people, they don't believe what we do, they said we are extremers, and we live by principles.  But praise God, for being different, that is the purpose to be a peculiar people and be separated. (NOTE: I do not know of any other home churches there.  It would be good to start one though!)....
     My father is the one that bought the land (in Mexico) for us....and if we don't (make improvements on the land) we would lose it.  So if you have anybody that want to live in the land, to grow a garden or anything to just (help us) get started...that they would no take it from us.  Please put it in your prayers, that someone would help us with the land....
     We pray for you always....
     Thank you so much and God bless you.
Your sister in Christ, S.C., NY.

Dear brother Bob,
     Greetings to you in Jesus' precious name....
     Our home church group have been richly blessed (by the video tapes you sent).  I've shared the tape with my Grandfather.  He had a very hard time dealing with my exit I took from the (SDA) structure.  Because of his arthritis he cannot attend the corporate structure for about 7 or 8 years now, but he had believed once (that) I should not have separated.  He watched the Parable of the 10 Virgins Friday evening.  I watched it with him also, and Praise the Lord, he accepted my stand.  Our Home Church worshipped with him on Sabbath, he confessed that he does not have a problem with us anymore.  He's compared what we are doing with Isaiah 8:20.  I'll be sharing the Parable of the Wheat and Tares with him this coming Friday evening....
     Bye for now.
God bless, J.V., Canada.

Dear Bro. Bob,
     We continue to enjoy and share previously sent videos, also very much appreciate Newsletters (your's and the Cains).  Truth is like a deep breath of fresh air.
     Please use our offerings in whatever capacity needed.
Yours, in the blessed hope, B.,R., & C.K., CA.

Dear Bob,
     Only a few lines to let you know how much we do appreciate your Newsletters.  We are happy to hear the work is going ahead.  We are praying for you...God bless you.
Your Brother & Sister in Christ, L. & M.K., Canada.



(Combination of 3 letters) Dear Bro. Bob,
     1 John 3:1.
     May I greet you once again in His wonderful name, and may His peace and love be with you and everyone in the Ministries as a whole always.
     The translations for the first two booklets have been posted to you by Registered Air mail....They are the translations of the "Jeremiah" and "Identifying and Escaping Laodicea"...We are now starting with the other two booklets.  Please forgive me for the delay, because we were having problems with the computer and the typings.  However we have got that under control now, and we should have no problem later....
     Home visitations and the distributions of tracts, booklets, etc., is still going on and visitations of our home churches and teaching them with the present truth....
     Thank you very much for your prayers, and also thank you for the truth shown in your video tapes as I am going through it.  It is an eye-opener.  It has given me more (insight) and strengthen me too....
     I am almost halfway into the translation of the Last Message of Mercy.  This message is getting more clearer every time I turn the pages while I am doing the translating.  It is one of the best message for the people of today, especially if it could be translated in other tongues....
     I still preach at the bus station every Sunday; the message of the loud cry and separation are being preached here....We are praying for you and the Ministry.
     May God's richest blessings be upon you and yours.
Your servant in Christ, V.A., Fiji.


(Combination of 6 letters) Dear elder Sessler,
     1 John 3:1.
     Two days back, my sister's husband, a retired pastor of S.D.A. church, visited me and accepted our message.  He has worked all over this ____.  Today I am sending 500 copies of our Tamil booklets (to him) for distribution....May the Lord lead us to establish a good home church with honest souls who can not be brought or sold....
     On coming 22nd I am visiting ____ town for camp-meeting, from there to ____ and ____ for next Camp-meetings.  I am sending 500 booklets to brother ____ ____.  He has gathered seven S.D.A. churches in his area.  Oppositions are there from SDA camp.  Please pray for the meetings.  As you wished, the present truth is started ablazing in India.  After I finish these Camp-meetings we could gather for a major Camp-meeting at ____....
     I received current issue of Newsletter and went through the contents.  The first article of our LTBL Newsletter is copied and published in our Newsletter here....we are praying for protection for our workers--those who are abroad....
     The people who were staying with SDA Reform Movement are approaching me in the same separation spirit but not knowing any doctrinal reason for (separating) from the SDA church.  Because they have been taught by the SDARM only about the 1914 world war.  When I am explaining...(to them) the doctrinal error difference between SDA church and our Ministry, they are wondering and listening (to) our messages.  The SDARM is failure to teach their members here about the issue of nature of Christ and the Lord's day of Revelation 1:10 (being Saturday) and else.  Our message is started stirring the SDA people here better than the SDARM (has done)....
     I thank God for my safest and successful returning back from my cottage Camp-meetings...I went directly to ____, from there to ____.  In this place brother ____ arranged for a meeting at his school campus.  By God's grace I could answer all the questions asked by SDA members regarding the separation and other doctrinal errors of SDA church.  Brother ____ submitted his resignation from his basic membership in SDA church as well as (from) the Committee of North Tamil Conference of SDA church.  This brother ____ has established seven churches in his area with his lay ministry.  Now among these, three churches are turned back (separated from the SDA church) to start their home church.  I could answer them for all their questions regarding the separation and other wrong doctrines of SDA.  I took solidly 4 1/2 hours to answer this people....
     From there we proceeded to ____ , there he could conduct meeting for non-Adventist as well as Adventist there.  There also for the Adventist people I answered their questions for more than 3 1/2 hours.  There is a layman named brother ____, he has accepted our message, through him we can do great work there, please pray for him....
     Indeed, the SDA leaders are very much disturbed because of our work here.  I believe that this (is) the God's work and no man can hinder it.  The separation (message) we insist is Biblical-based and it is for the sanctification safety.
     The India is a huge country to which the present truth must be proclaimed fastly....Please pray for the meetings we are going to arrange....
     Today, this Sabbath morning, I received a phone call from bro. ____.  He said that yesterday on 12th evening the SDA church members came to his house and scolded him with filthy words, and also threatened him that they will beat him and me hereafter if any camp-meeting is conducted there.  Tonight bro. ____ is starting from his residence and visiting my home tomorrow morning.  He cried lot when he phoned me.  The only living God is our Strength.  Please ask other brethren to pray for us.  With any sacrifice the present truth must be presented to this Indians....
Bro. D.S., India.


Hello brother Sessler,
     The peace of God the Father and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.
     Be encouraged in the work though the going be tough.  In fact, I have come to realize that the tougher the going the better for God's trusting and faithful people.  The devil will never once let go an opportunity to hinder in one way or another the work of God.  But God being before, behind and above us all the time, we have nothing to fear.
     When I read the papers, I see as if the work is ending in a little moment, yet looking at the state of people, there seems nothing to stir them out of their man-made luxury stupor.  Even so, these are more indications of the Lord's coming.  Recently we had two ghastly road accidents on our roads where a total of above one hundred souls perished as in a moment.  O how the course of things can change!  In Uganda, a fanatical group ended up in a tragedy in which quite a number of souls were lost.  I wonder if this was a conspiracy of the kind of Waco, Texas to facilitate the passing of a law to purportedly take care of "fanatical" groupings of a religious character.
     Anyhow, be it as it may, we are sure of one thing: The Lord is sooner coming...
     Our Golden Calf Apostasy (translated) in Kiswahili is now almost ready, hopefully before the end of Camp-meeting it will be ready.  We are now proof-reading for the last time The Will which will also be out in a few weeks.  We have also been able to put out a Kiswahili tract on the commandments of God versus the man of sin.  Also we have tried to get this Newsletter and tract to assist (and) get in touch with those that we can not reach personally on a regular basis--if it will be successful, we hope the Lord will open a way for its funding, especially in postage.  At the same time, we have had a Kiswahili booklet on: Obedience to God or Man, already completed only lying on the shelf (for lack of funds to print).  As I mentioned before, The Glorious Everlasting Gospel is complete; The Protestant History is (in) progress, together with The Wheat and Tares....
     We have had now two people requesting for Bible Courses (Correspondence) on prophecy.  We have the material but can not put in print for them due to scarcity of funds.
     Pass greetings to all.
In Christ Jesus, O.O., Kenya.


Dear Elder Bob,
     1 Jn 3:1.
     Thanks for your email message....
Regarding the booklet, "Why Are We Held Responsible...", I'm pleased to inform you that the input had been successfully finished despite file corruption on and off for a few days, especially finishing the last 2 pages.  Praise God for His wonderful glory, guidance and your prayers too that I can have this translation work finished.  This also marked the start of translation of another booklet, please continue to remember my work in your daily prayers.
     Besides translation work, once or twice each week I mailed out booklets to old and new friends, pastors.  May the gospel seeds sown in different areas would have its great effect in the last harvest that is soon to come.  Keep up the good work.  Your Ministries are well remembered in my daily prayers!
Rom. 12:11, V., Malaysia.


Dear Bro Bob,
     3 Jn 2.
     Thank you for your e-message and for your warm welcome...
     Our camp-meeting has just finished and was successful.  It was a very blessed camp-meeting.  We are so grateful that God really worked on this kind of gathering.  Three souls decided to accept Christ as their personal Saviour through baptism.  Praise Him for His wonderful work and for the Holy Spirit that He showered during the camp-meeting.  All went home refreshed and very blessed by the message received.
     It is also good to know that some youth decided to undertake training to become a missionary and worker in the Lord's vineyard.  I know they will be in a great help and a great blessing for spreading the gospel.  They will be trained hoping this coming ____.  So, we're hoping that they were fully convinced and converted to enter this sacred work.  We are praying that God help us in helping out these youth to be trained as a great missionary.  And also praying that God will provide us the needs.  Please pray for this too....
     I hope and pray that God (will) continue showered you and your ministry (with) His blessings so you can continue helping others.  Please pray that the money you will send will be a big help for the work here in the Philippines, that many will be reached of the everlasting gospel.
     Again thank you for all your prayers and help.  May God continue (to) guide and bless us in all our efforts.
In Christ, S.P., Philippines.


(Combination of 3 letters) Dear elder Sessler,
     Greetings to the entire family in the Lord.  How are you doing elder Sessler?
     For some weeks now, I have not written to you.  I did not even visit the communication centre to check mails.  In fact, since the beginning of this month, I have not had a little rest.  On the evening about 7p.m., my daughter ____ 14 years old complained of headache and all of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain at the heart.  That was the beginning of trouble.  At the hospital nothing could be done to receive the pain.  Injection upon injection, yet the pain persisted.  The x-ray revealed nothing either.  And during that same moment I had scheduled some visits with booklets.  Finally, we decided to bring the young girl home.  Prayers were offered by brethren.  Then I tried some water therapy.  This was continued for some days till we began to see some change....I am able to take up my programs again.
     So far, the booklets are doing a great work among the brethren.  Those who have separated are rejoicing as they see their decision confirmed.  The word in Ghana is also taking up roots....
     On Wednesday...I received more boxes of booklets.  There were 6 boxes of (French) "Golden Calf", 2 boxes of "Abomination", in French, and 1 box of English Jeremiah.  In fact, the coming of "Abomination" is a real joy.  Together with Golden Calf, the pace is set before French S.D.A. members, to hear present truth as they have not yet seen.
     The "Abomination" is the booklet that contained not even a single typing error.  It was just a perfect achievement.  I could remember the Spirit that motivated me to start the work in this booklet.  And that was the very night my child died on the 3rd of June, 1999.  This booklet is truly a consolation to me.  Whenever I take up this booklet, I feel like a reward for the loss of my dear child.
     URGENT CALL.  Dear Bob, I need your immediate help to clear the minds of many Separated brethren over the issue of the S.D.A. Church being called "Babylon".  Of recent, a member...is quickly diffusing doubt among few who are not strongly established.  The Sabbath past, they all gathered in the Mission House to discuss this issue....But since you are far away and a white man, they will like to hear from you.  Please do this as quickly as possible, even before next Sabbath...
     I know you had waited to hear from me since you sent in passages in S.D.A. as Babylon.  In fact, I had already, and on several occasions, repeated these passages before the members.  You see, there is a particular man among the groups.  This man is very active in the work of Reform (present truth).  He is considered among them as a potential leader in the work.  But I was of a different opinion.  Because I always put a distinction between living faith and temporal excite(ment).  And this exactly what I saw in this man.  He has made up his mind that should he fail to secure a leading position, he work hard to return the whole membership into the S.D.A. organization.  He carefully sought out passages favoring the S.D.A. church.  In my absence, he will intensely read them before members, urging the necessity to reunite with the rotten organization.  For sometimes, I was in total disarray, perplexed over the work.  I saw only failure ahead as almost all the members were taking sides with this man.  Already, plan(s) were laid to meet with the district S.D.A. pastor to negotiate the return.  I found myself sorely distressed.  Even my wife took position against me.
The following Sabbath, I was led to consider the radiation (extent of influence) of this man together with the men who sided with him.  I was urged on by those who remained faithful.  Then an idea occurred to me.  I shall face them squarely with the Spirit of Prophecy declaration, considering the year to year history of the S.D.A. Church.  That Sabbath morning I put on my best suit with a red tie ready to battle.  The previous night, that is Friday night, I happen to take the book "Abomination of Desolation and Church History" second and enlarged edition.  I read it, opened up pages in a bid to find string arguments.  Then I came to the chapter, "Possibility of Revelation 18:2", I exclaimed, "Yes, I have found it".  I closed the book and went to sleep.
     From 9:45 a.m. the Sabbath morning found the church eagerly waiting.  Some were expecting this man to win with his return to S.D.A. arguments.  I made it clearly known to the members the history of the S.D.A. between 1844 and 1893.  Then I read to them that "With the testimonies nothing is to be rejected, but TIME and place must be considered".  From page 53 of the book through 80, I read and translated (into French) intensely.  I spoke even to the extent my voice began to fail.  We had a break for an hour.  I went to the house and prayed for the Spirit of God to intervene.  The meeting reopened and lasted till sundown.  The man became restless.  He was unable to sit down till the meeting ended.  The entire group members spoke against any move to return to S.D.A.  A firm and resolute decision was taken to severe all relationship with the Church.  The man (the agitator) finally stood up and talked "things are made clearer today", he said.  It was very hard for him to acknowledge his subversive activities....
     Now the entire group greatly desired one thing.  This they would plead with "Let There Be Light" Ministries.  Do you guess what they want?  The entire "Abomination of Desolation and Church History" translated into French....I also personally believe this book is a powerful year to year documentation to arrest the attention of members....
     You will soon receive pictures and some achievements so far I have made.
I am yours in the battle. S.C., Togo.


(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Sessler,
     Greetings from Uganda, amidst the troubles that happened a few weeks ago that is the mass murder by Ex-Catholic cult, "Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments" at Kanungu South Western Uganda.  This is the biggest ever in world, the number rosen to over 1000 souls, after multiple murders and the inferno on the 17th-03-2000.  This has triggered voices from some political leaders in different capacities calling for the ban of all other religious groups save (except) the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and the Muslims.  This is a matter which calls for a wise generalship, soon we shall be forced to seek a refuge in desolate and solitary places...homes in secluded places among the mountains....
     We still bear constitutional rights, for how long it is only known by our Heavenly Father.  This is most irreligious act, that nearly went unnoticed until people were torched.  The only remains were Wooden Crosses, Rosaries, and Idols of Mary and other so-called Saints.  They held tightly the doctrine of Immortality of the Soul, (and) it's to this that the poor souls were hurled to death.  "The mystery of iniquity doth already work" 2 Thess 2:7.  "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth" Rev. 17:5.  This is Satan's plot to take away our religious liberties.
     This cult started way back in 1987 after leadership wrangles in the Catholic church, the so-called faithful followers broke off.  The leader faked death in 1990.  He wanted to tell the followers that he, like Jesus, overcame the grave after 3 days, but police were tipped and they found him in the roof of his house.  (He) preached time prophecies that the end of the world was 31st Dec-1999 at mid-night.  Cheated members (out of) all their belongings by twisting Acts 5:1-10, etc....
     Thanks for the Newsletter and Bob Jones University information which clearly spells what is in the religious and political men of our day to take away our religious freedom....
     On Sabbath we got sad news that brother ____ lost his only son.  We went to conduct the funeral service deep in the village in ____ district.
     On 14th ____ was given 20 copies of the "last Message of Mercy" (and) 10 copies (of) Fanaticism to give to interested people in ____....
     On the Sabbath...we carried our worship service, (and) then (in) the late afternoon we were visited by so many people that I was nearly unable to hold (contain) them.  Most of them came for booklets and tracts, save I had to run out of money to photo copy the booklets.  I promised them to check later which I receive some moneys.  They were 12 souls....On 31st, (I) helped a boy name ____, he is in primary 5, 12 years (old).  He lost both parents and he stands as a mother and father to his young brother and sisters,.  Both (parents) were lost due to AIDS.  At the moment famine is looming in the Eastern part of our country.  I bought him a few kilograms of cassava flour, some time back I assisted him (to) plant beans and maize, but the harvest is weeks to come.  Elder, I humbly request for assistance in regards to help this young boy and others who have similar problems....
     (The) Ministry (work) is getting tough because of the incidents that happened (with) the killing and torching at Kanungu.  The Government is vigilant in matters of religious practice, they want to know every step you take, i.e. what you believe, Church account, Assets and future plans of the Church.  Thus calling (for the) registration of all churches from those who operate from the sub-country level to the National level.  By this they may be able to monitor and evaluate whether you are pro-development or anti it....This is exactly what our Government wants (and) any church without development plans may not be given Certificate of Operation....We are getting classed with those who murdered and torched people, and yet our practice is far from theirs.  They are more Roman Catholics than any Protestant faith.  This surely (is) Satan's plan to make (a) super church through Jesuitic schemes.  We need your counsel and prayers, the atmosphere is poisoned.
     On the 4th...____ took tracts for evangelism.  On 5th ____ visited (and) I talked on the last day events, more on the apostasy of the SDA church.  On 8th in evening hours, 3 students (visited) from Uganda College of Commerce (because) they had received a few tracts from our Mission.  Now they wanted more knowledge about the Ministry.  They were given booklets and tracts to supply to their fellow students....
     On the 11th we were called to attend (a) Non-government Organization Forum.  (The) matters (which were discussed) were those of nearly bring(ing) all the Churches together (in unity) and the known/recognized churches (were) to help Government to crack-down on cults.  Mostly the new churches which are just coming up and (along with) those with Certificates were to sign a Companies Act (become a business corporation) to make them legal entities that can sue and be sued....
     On the Sabbath of 29th we were attacked by our neighbour, he belongs to the Muslim faith, telling us that we should remove our church from near their homes, for the people have talked alot about our presence in that place.
     As per the happenings, I am of the view that we buy some place (land) in the Country side and put up shelter for a time, this will be more safe....
     Looking forward to hearing from you.  May our heavenly Father bless your good labours.
Your co-worker in the Lord's vineyard, K.I., Uganda.


Dear Bob,
     Sorry for delaying my reports.  The other reason being that I am operating far away from where our faxing centre is.  Thank you God and you for the support of this work and my family.
     The work here is going off well, but with great opposition.  So much that without your prayers, and other (of) God's workers, one may even give away (up) cause of the great opposition going on.
     Elder, be informed that during these two months I have been attending to many of our new converts of this place here I am operating from.  Praise God we have a good number of those who have come to understand this truth of separation messages.  Thank you for those video tapes you sent.  These tapes are really doing the work.
     My elder brother, Elder ____, is also now busy working together with bro ____ in ____.  They are even visiting home churches all around them.  Here in ____, God willing, I will soon be reporting to you that more than 10 homes will soon be practicing home church!  The only war hindering these or some of the SDA's is the leadership which has even reached the extent of taking me to court.
     Recently two families have been terminated from employment as headmaster and teacher because of distribution (of) our materials around this SDA secondary school in ____.  Praise God they have been employed by one of our close sisters who has a private school.  This sister is working independently too.  Pray for these two families.
     May I also report to you that you need to pray hard for Br. ____ and Elder ____ in ____, for they may soon (be) attending some police trials of the accusation of burning the SDA church (down).  But God is really with them cause this is just something to threaten them from continuing spreading the messages....
God bless, E.K., Zambia.

(Combination of 2 letters) Dear Elder Bob,
     Truly the Lord is my Shepherd because He leadeth me in green pastures.  If ever I have been in time of crisis in my life, this fifth one was my young brother, the third born in our family.  Of course I am the first born.  This was really hard for me because this brother passed away while my wife, ____, was in hospital due to Malaria sickness.  Due to these problems I was forced to move up and down.  Praise God because even when these things were upon me I could move carrying free literature for distribution and of course wherever I had to go S.D.A. members could come and ask more questions.  Lastly speaking over these problems God had a way for me and at least I am a bit freed from the physical ones and still continuing in these spiritual wars.
     Elder Bob, a tragic thing has taken place here; our former church with Elder ____ and every property of the (SDA church) building which was inside was on fire.  Now according to the information going around some of these people or members are saying Elder ____ family and mine could be the organizers of their tragic (tragedy).
     My Elder, can you see how the devil is working to hinder God's message from going forward?  So far so bad one member of this very church mentioned it to me that Elder ____ and I were some of the first suspects.  Please pray for us.  As I am speaking arrangements of taking me to the Police Office are in process.  This (false accusations must be) over the correct truth which most of their members are getting from us through the booklets and video tapes messages.
     Please pray for us as we are about to enter another trial to defend God's truth.  No regardless of all these trials Psalms 125:1,2,and 3 has strengthening words for me and so God Himself will do His will....
     Thank you for your support and great prayers you had offered and your are still offering.  I have just come back from ____ in Malawi where I have been for almost a month.  The brethren there send their greetings.  The trip was good and God blessed me with a good health.  I had a series of Bible Studies and sermons in three home churches and two big congregations which involved more than six Home Church members (in attendance), other four Church leaders of Sunday-keepers.  Praise God, because He could speak through me and the people got these separation messages.  More (many of the) errors taking place in all the churches were exposed and the correct way (teachings) of the Bible was presented before the people.
     Alternatively, two brethren whom I have been sending materials to come (came) to see me and appreciated (thanked me) for (sending them) these truths in the booklets.  One of them, Elder ____ who is quite an olderly man, called me to his office and he really confessed saying he has now found the truth which he was looking for...Elder Bob, may I fully present this truth to you that this Elder...thought (that I) the ____ (man) who was sending or working this work is an elderly person, but to his surprise, he is a young man.  The Elder has now been grounded with this truth and he needs more materials for his SDA members.
     Be informed also that pastor ____ (separated home church pastor) and some few standing Home Church members and I have come up with a training Institute named SOUTH-EAST AFRICAN MEDICAL MISSIONARY AND EVANGELISM TRAINING INSTITUTE, to train up some Gospel workers with all the pure messages which include Health lessons.  So far so good is training the first term who will be Gospel workers within 4 months, and then send them in the field....More information on this will be faxed to you soon....
Your Brother in the same faith, S.M., Zambia.