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Abide With Me (Variation)    (mp3)
Amazing Grace    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)
Blessed Assurance (Duet)    (mp3)    (mp3)
Blessed Assurance (Duet-Variation)    (mp3)
Draw Me Nearer (Variation)    (mp3)
God Be With You (Variation)    (mp3)
I Am    (mp3)
I Need Thee (Extended for Parents)    (mp3)
In Times Like These (Different)   (mp3)
In Times Like These (Variation)    (mp3)
Jesus Is Coming Again (Variation)    (mp3)    (mp3)
Lord I'm Coming Home  (Variation)   (mp3)
Love Divine (Different tune)    (mp3)
More Like The Master (Different tune)   (mp3)
O Solemn Thought (Different tune)    (mp3)
Open My Eyes    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)
Open My Eyes, Dear Saviour    (mp3)
Pass Me Not (Variation)    (mp3)
Under His Wings    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)    (mp3)
Where Are The Reapers    (mp3)